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  1. Wow, another feather in the cap for crime fighter Big Joke.
  2. Great idea. Where can I buy some points?
  3. Counterfeit SD flash memory cards

    Since this "largest online seller" is now partly owned by a Chinese company, expect more and more such cases.
  4. Yeah, still relying on traditional mail delivery - mostly using brown envelopes there.
  5. Almost there now. Yaya needs a bit of work though.
  6. Still in the 1st phase here. 1. Photo-op & press release 2. Half-hearted implementation of half-baked measures 3. Body count, denial (optional), & self-praise
  7. Looking for bananas to eat, or a female to mate with, no doubt.
  8. Woman in bathtub waylays drug suspect

    Be careful all of you asking for photos. It could be the usual undercover cop. Here's something to jog the memory.
  9. So, need to wait for World Ya Ba day for that free check?
  10. And, he knows everything about double deckers.
  11. I've had my whistle blown a few times, and I can tell you it definitely wasn't free.
  12. There's rice in the fields, there are fish in the streams, and there's ya ba in the system. Life goes on.