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  1. They're fully capable of spawning lots of bar stewards without the marriage.
  2. Darcula

    Hundreds of Runners Caught Cheating During Marathon in China

    Skipping? That's gotta be more tiring than running.
  3. Because, he always brings up the rear at every parade?
  4. These Indians seem to have got off quite cheaply, as marriages go. Just sayin'.
  5. A long nose, blue eyes and a beard......yes, just blending in.
  6. Hmmm. What does Bahrain have that Thailand wants?
  7. Haven't you heard of his twin.....he's the CEO of Kleenex - Arthur Chew?
  8. Clearly, an early riser.. this fella.
  9. Let's hope the interviews have a happy ending.
  10. The Abominable Snowman or Godzilla should be along shortly to post bail.
  11. If gold, frankincense and myrrh doesn't work this time, they gonna be back in Bethlehem before Christmas.
  12. One kilometre......no problem, we'll be there in 2 milliseconds.