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  1. Their resources would be really stretched when Lao, Burmese or Khmers attack at the same time as a yellow/red shirt rally. Deploy submarines to Ratchadamnoen or Vientiane?
  2. It's not pad thai because streetside flecks of dog poop garnish is the missing magic ingredient.
  3. Darcula

    Thailand's Phuket smartens up to bring tourists back

    This gadget will help you get a Dortor in case of an emergency.....
  4. It was a special deal of 2 black eyes, 1 broken nose and 5 swollen joints. All for $ 199.
  5. Had me in stitches, that one.
  6. The big news is that anyone is actually paying to fly TG first.
  7. I'm guessing he wanted to wipe his hands on the chequered flag.
  8. I think it says Focus On White Matters.....but I could be wrong.
  9. It must be. His last fortune cookie read "Every Great Wall No Need Grafitti - Pay One Million Baht To Nice Man In Brown Costume".
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Lee.... from Liverpool.
  11. On the bright side, uncle Somchai got an order for another vinyl board. Chai-yo weibo!
  12. Darcula

    Tourism chiefs tap Big Data to boost arrivals

    Mostly, everyone in the world calls it a google search.
  13. I'm guessing the tiger penis soup and bear bile stew fad is well and truly over now.
  14. Aviation experts call them runways. Yes, a shopping mall with a couple of runways. Retail space for rent. That's the whole idea. Very foxy indeed.