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  1. Brown envelopes, like gravity, are capable of bending the fabric of space-time. Somchai could easily have traveled back in time to present himself at the police station.
  2. When this story hits the newswires back home, he's going to lose his MCC membership.
  3. Perhaps someone with knowledge of such things could confirm whether ladyboy bar floors are usually made of hardwood.
  4. The smart talent quota visa-holders for the Eastern Economic Corridor?
  5. What this idea and its floater needs is a good flush.
  6. Darcula

    Phatthanakan road tunnel to be completed in Oct

    To reduce impact on the environment they had to go very deep, but delays we caused when they hit the foundations of buildings in China.
  7. They could tell the watchman was on duty when they heard the sound of flowing wine.
  8. The panther penis soup remedy worked.
  9. Dog owners in my area love their dogs so much, they set them free daily spreading the love around. Some people are so lucky they even step into some of the love around the village.
  10. This scam must have started affecting the foreigner 500 baht collection going on inside.
  11. The moral is Keep Clam And Curry On eating.
  12. The last time so may aussie bums filled a carpark, it was outside a Midnight Oil concert.
  13. Easy, all the rest are just quacks.