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  1. He does get around, this man.
  2. Hope this friend has also left the island.
  3. I'm guessing he went for a bypass when mere angioplasty would suffice.
  4. Is it possible that it also cures watch fatigue........
  5. If that is a sign of mental disorder, I'd like to report 70 million patients.
  6. Note to self - Never ever again leave a seminar early to avoid the elevator rush or queue at the concierge for stamp on parking ticket.
  7. Inflation has caught up with everything these days. Used to be 500 baht and a wai in the good old days.
  8. An orgy without nakedness. What's next.....a 20-on-1 streetfight without thainess?
  9. I suggest everyone keep themselves free for voting on February 30th.
  10. There aren't enought mental institutions for all the people that livestream their bizarre behaviour on FB.
  11. You should visit the Amazon once. There's clean air, no dead dogs in the river, and no one defecates on the streets.