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  1. 2 weeks seems to be the norm, I actually got mine back in 10 days
  2. Thanks, this is useful info. How many TV you have already and what happened at the airport when you arrived in Thailand?
  3. If an immigration officer asked to see 20K, could you show the money on the K Bank app? Being realistic, the IO can see your entry/exit history so it's pointless trying to play the tourist.
  4. What are the requirements for Savannaket?
  5. Kota Bharu will ask for bank statements. Do you know how the minimum balance required?
  6. I need 2 more TV's before I qualify for a retirement visa. I have 3 TV's in my passport since 2016 - Savanaket, Penang & Vientiane, all extended plus 2 VE entries. First option: Go back to Penang but what are the risks of a red stamp there now? If I got a red stamp, would I have trouble getting a TV from Vientiane. Second option: Only 2 TV's from Laos, I guess I would have no problem at Vientiane, then go to Penang. What are the risks of a red stamp from Vientiane? I assume this would also increase the risk of a red stamp from Penang. Finally. apart from renewing passport, what are the TV options with red stamp?
  7. I want to take the ferry from Langkawi to Satun. Can I get a 30 day visa exemption on arrival at Satun? Are there any issues there like wanting to see 20k etc?
  8. For an extension based on marriage to a Thai, the requirements are 400k in the bank or a monthly income of 40k. Am I correct in thinking it can be a combination of both? If so, how does one calculate the amount required in the bank when the monthly income is less than 40k?
  9. Thanks for the replies. So just to clarify - the only requirements are to be over 65 and drawing a UK state pension?. Is there some limit to the number of times they will issue this visa? I intend to return to the UK annually for a holiday. Can I apply for new visa on each visit to the UK rather than do the extension to stay in Thailand with 800k baht in the bank etc.
  10. Hi, what are the actual requirements for a visa based on UK state pension and how do you apply?
  11. Has anybody got a tourist visa from Kota Bharu recently? Are they looking for onward flights etc? How about the border crossing at Sungai Kolok - any requirement to show money?
  12. Seen reports of people being asked to show 20k at Pedang Besar. Is this at the train station or the land crossing up the hill (or both)?
  13. Hi. I want to go to Khota Bharu for a TV - are they asking proof of funds and a ticket for onward travel? Is Sungai Kolok safe to stay overnight? Any other useful info or tips welcome. I don't want to go to Penang.
  14. Gadget insurance

    Insurance for loss and damage etc - mobile phones and cameras etc. Is this possible in Thailand?