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  1. If I'm staying in a hotel and want to extend my tourist visa, what documents are required from the hotel? This will be Phuket or Pattaya.
  2. torrow

    KL, Penang, or exempt?

    Kota Bharu Kota Bharu is fine. It's a Muslim town so don't expect any bars. The border town of Sungai Kolok is where the problems start. I travel regularly to there and wander round without issue but armed soldiers on the train are a sign it's not all good. They're not interested in Westerners but there is always the risk of getting caught up in bomb blast or something. Someone shot at the train a few weeks ago. The consulate at Kota Bhuru requires ticket out, hotel booking and bank statements for a TV.
  3. If I pick up a red stamp with a tourist visa, will that affect any other type of visa application such as a Non O?
  4. I have 4 tourist visas already from Laos, 2 from each consulate. My last was from Savannakhet. I need 1 more (hopefully my last). Which consulate would be better for me to get another tousrist visa, Savannakhet or Vientiane?
  5. Is Patong Beach immigration office open? Last time I went, it was closed for renovation
  6. The plane ticket is non negotiable according to friends who've recently been. The border at Sungai Kolok seems strict but fair, the last time I went through they were picky about my entry card. Usual rules - be ready to show B20k. You will have to buy an air ticket out and book some hotel accommodation.... why not just fly to Udon Thani and cross to Vientiane? From your place via DMK you can be there leisurely by late afternoon. There you will only need to show a passport.
  7. Kota Bharu is ok. You will need a bank statement, plane ticket out of Thailand and hotel booking. The consulate is very quiet and you should dress properly. There are no bars in Kota Bharu but you can buy beer at some restos in China town. It's not far from the border, there are plenty of taxis that will take you directly to the consulate or there is a regular bus into town. The consulate is within easy walking distance of the bus station. From Surat Thani you could take a train almost to the border.
  8. Thanks for the info. Yes, I can print this before I leave but that will be a couple of days before I arrive at the consulate. Wasn't sure if that was acceptable.
  9. Are you saying they don't actually require a printed copy and just seeing a screen shot on your phone is sufficient.?
  10. What's the best way to show 20k at Savanakhet? How up to date does it need to be? Does the place near the consulate print bank statements?