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  1. 1. I said apparently, and that's because from what friends in RTP say, black Africans are generally over-represented according to their statistics. And we are talking statistics that mean if there are 100 people from 1 country and 10 of them commit crimes then you have 1/10 compared to if there are 1,000 people from 1 country and 10 commit crimes then you have 1/100. This is why now everyone from African countries needs a police clearance certificate before they can extend their visas, including white South Africans! 2. Last year in this school district, almost all foreign teachers lost their jobs, we were 10 westerners, 8 from Africa and a bunch of Filipinos. All of us almost lost our jobs but by a final decision of the school area, only black teachers were banned. This is because over the period of a year 9 teachers had been arrested: 1 European arrested for drunk driving and 8 Africans arrested (2 got sentenced to jail) for various reason. And back to the statistics... that leave us a 10% possibility for Westerners and 100% possibility for Africans committing crimes according to the statistics! 3 Filipino teachers lost their jobs too, not because they had done anything wrong but because the agency they worked for got banned because the Africans were hired via those agencies. To add to this, I know that at least 2 provinces here in Thailand don't allow public schools to hire Cameroonians as foreign teachers because they have had so many problems with Cameroonians over the years! Just look at the statistics over foreigners in Thailand and you see that there is no African country in the top 25 and still, the Thai police are rounding up black Africans every week for anything from overstaying their visa to... This is all I can say without starting to offend people but I would guess that you are either African/black, delirious or an alcoholic.
  2. The problem is that black Africans are apparently overrepresented among foreigners that commit crimes in Thailand so then all people that are black and/or from Africa get a problem with the police/immigration, no matter if they are white South Africans or a black Americans they will suffer because people from Nigerian and Ghana are over-represented among those who commit crimes. In the district where I live they don't allow black teachers anymore, that is after all (8) African (black) teachers working in the area ended up in the slammer at least once last year, and it was for anything from drunk driving to aggravated assault and "sleeping" with students... So don't blame the cops, blame the people that give people of color a bad name!!!
  3. One way to get around the dual pricing at national parks.... Last time (a long time ago) I went to a national park I handed the lady 40Baht as the sign said ๔๐ บาท and when she started saying that the fee was 200 Baht I just started ranting in Thai the then why did the sign say that the price was 40 Baht... in the end I paid 40 Baht! :)
  4. 25-35 Baht for the same dish here out in the province or 4-50 in BKK... so 150 Baht is really, REALLY overcharging!
  5. Shunned psoriasis sufferer warmed by rays of hope

    I have been living with Psoriasis for more than 30 years, and as so many already have said... the UV rays from the sun usually help. BUT, I have realized that many Thais' either don't care or don't understand about being sick... My Thai coworker (teacher) has psoriasis like me but she refuses to be out in the sun because it gives her a tan, she also has diabetes too but eats more sweats than me... she uses 5 times as much insulin as my father that is 20 years older than her and have been on insulin for the past 10 years!? Her sister (pharmacist) was diagnosed with a stage II lymphoma but instead of getting treatment in the hospital she went to the temple and got herbs blessed by the monks... now she is in the hospital with a stage IV lymphoma!!! For those who wonder, Psoriasis is basically a genetical disorder that is affected by such things as food, alcohol, stress, and environment.
  6. Thailand 4.0... make everything digital and then it will work better... even animal husbandry/science that I teach!? At the moment we got directive that we need to use: Smart classrooms (1 out of our 40 classrooms is digitalized...) All record taking of presence needs to be recorded on the school server (we don't have school-wide internet/WiFi... not even a server) Blended learning and have all courses digitalized (but no directive on what platform to use... ) And so on... And how will the students become better when the teachers don't try to get better?! Every month I take 1 or 2 courses on my free time to learn more and I try to read as much as I can so I at least know what is happening out there... almost none of my Thai coworkers does that!!!
  7. You have to go to a True shop. I had to go 100km to get to an AIS store, AIS promised a 2-300 Baht bonus for registering but I have not seen anything since I registered already a month ago...
  8. Prawit caught red-handed? More watch photos emerge

    I have a TAG Heuer, it was priced at 250,000 Baht in the store so I bought a really nice 1,000 Baht copy of it instead...
  9. They can't move until they have the new skytrain up and running or they need to lower the price of bus tickets for what you would have to pay for the extra 20-30 km by taxi. Same now, when you have to take a taxi to or from BTS/MRT as it's not close by... sure there are buses but they have a tendency to take up to 40 minutes while a taxi takes less than 10 minutes.
  10. So, my +200 hour training is about 10x more training than what most of these people doing "rescue work" have, still I feel that I would not actively search for accidents to work on like they do...
  11. I went to one of these places with a Michelin star back home, paid a small fortune for a 5-course meal... and went to McDonald's after because I was still hungry!
  12. If this means that US citizens living/working around the world will be more heavily targeted after this, then they can only blame themselves for putting a buffoon in charge...
  13. That's because the buffoon signing papers and treats the world as his private playground is a NOOOOOOO BRAINER...
  14. I have met two 2 Thai veterans from the American war, one fought for the communists and the other was with the Americans. After the war, the communist became as a teacher, to spread his knowledge to the next generation to nod do the same mistakes and the one fighting on the American side has been a monk, to get absolution for all the sins he committed during the war since he came back!
  15. One of my Thai friends rented out her house to 2 French guys working as French teachers in a university. One month they didn't deposit the rent (200km from the house to where my friend live) on time so my friend called but no answer so she asked if I (translator) could go there with her and her husband ... the house was totally trashed and the Frenchmen had gone back to France (kicked out from the university because of misbehaviour), it did cost my friends around 300,000 Baht to repair and they lost 3 months rent (it took them 2 months to repair). So not only agents are a problem but renting to people, in general, can turn to a big problem!