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  1. Hmm. they have 4 different programs as his faculty... so i don't know how much he really knows about reality... 1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management (Double Degree) 2. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Communication Design (Double Degree) 3. Master of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management (Double Degree) 4. Master of Business Administration in International Business And it's not only my opinion on this guy, my friends (professors at several different universities) who have seen more of the world then most Thais and teach both MA and PhD in international business and other disciplines, they all say that this should be good for Thailand but it can be too little, too late.
  2. The problem is that there is a standard set by the ministry of education on what the students should learn but for many subjects there are just no books, the teachers have to basically write the books for the students by themselves so different teachers don't only have different knowledge or approach, they also have different teaching materials. Just comparing 2 teachers here where I work, one with a BA in education and the other with a PhD. in biochemistry... and they are supposed to be teaching the same subjects! For me personally this means that I have books for 2 English subjects but for the other 7 subjects I teach everything is made from scratch as there are just no books to buy here in Thailand, neither in Thai nor English.
  3. They should ban the "songtawe" pickups too as there are no real seats or seatbelts so it's as lethal to ride in the back of those as it is in the back of a private pickup. I also hope they will apply this to all school buses and vans as many of them don't even have seats, so no seatbelts and are usually over crowded with over 20 children in a van or in the back of a pickup!
  4. My guess goes to the 3 most common reasons for accidents in Thailand... drunk driver, drugged driver or just plain stupid.
  5. This should be reported to FAA, asking them to revoke Uniteds operating license as a commercial airline because this is not how you treat customers!!! Let them handle cargo but people... no way in hell!
  6. Report the "finder" to the police for steeling the Iphone as it was not hers to take from the 7-11 store in the first place! They should also add extortion or what ever it should be as she refuse to give it back even when offered a 1000 Baht "finders fee" and maybe they should add fencing too as she is basically trying to sell stolen goods!
  7. He is suing because they have a patented delivery system that AFO has copied. With you logic its OK to sell Ray-Ban copies because sunglasses has been around for a long time!
  8. Thai people should refuse to follow the new traffic laws about traveling on pickups until he is convicted and in jail so that the Thai police and Justice show that all people must follow the law.
  9. So now 90% of the poor families that has a 2 door pickup will have to buy new cars!? Will the government/police hand out new 4 door pickups to all those people affected by this new law!? It is not OK to kick on the average people and then let the rich and powerful do what they want!!! I understand that they want to get the death tools in traffic down but first they must access the cars that are on the roads and how they are used. For example will more than 50% maybe even as much as 80-90% of all school buses/vans/trucks be illegal to use with these new laws and if they say that they ar exempted then this show even more stupidity from the law makers, just like the move to keep Song Taws out of this new law, the Song Taws should really be exchanged with vans if they really want to work for public safety!
  10. And US and UK museums should give back all that they have stolen from around the world; I did see an estimation that somewhere between 50 and 90% of all foreign artifacts in The Smithsonian Institute and The British Museum are basically stolen, one example of that are all of the Egyptian artifacts. On the other hand maybe those German families that lost their art, land and so on to the banks during the depression can sue the families of the owners of the banks that took their belongings too if this goes trough; but that might be a problem with that... In the pre-1930's Berlin about 80% of the banks were owned and operated by Jews. That's also one of the reasons that the hate for Jews could grow so quickly in Germany after Hitler came to power.
  11. I know it was for April 1st but I would actually like one part of it if it was implemented and that's if they have an assortment like the Swedish system bolaget. they have the largest selection of beer, wine, Whiskey and other alcoholic drinks in the world. They have everything from standard Swedish beer to small artisan brewers from around the world and You can find from the cheapest vodka to single barrel whiskey in their assortment. But what I don't like about system bolaget is the price as everything is heavily taxed.
  12. Let's see, it's the world's largest outdoor car show and last year people from more than 40 countries came there with their cars, some people even shipped over their cars from US to be a part of it. It's also the largest rolling car show, it's a little different to have 10-20,000 classic cars cruising around the city whit all the fun stuff like burn outs, impromptu drag races and alot of partying compared those American shows that are larger where they keep the cars indoors and not even start the engines! And as the name "Power Meet" insinuates it's mainly for classic American V8's... even my parent's use to join up with their 1958 Pontiac Sheifthan! But, you can get away with other classic cars too such as a Swedish Volvo P1800.
  13. The Pattaya version of a classic car meeting/show is a little smaller than the Swedish version...
  14. So what, is you IQ still below average, average or over average?! I know that I'm above average but I usually don't boast about it and I mentioned it in my post just as a comparison between me, my coworkers and my students. And yes, 10 years ago I was scoring 143-145 on the tests and now I'm scoring 138-140 on the tests, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or if it's environmental?! I only studied until I got my BA degree because I had to start working while comparing to my coworkers here, over 25 having their MA and 5 have PhD.'s my education is quite low. But then you compare me and what I do with my coworkers you see another side, I'm teaching: animal science, animal feed, animal raising, feed crop production, occupational safety, principles of agriculture, computer, marketing, accounting, mechatronics and so on in English, while 90% of my coworkers can't even teach anything outside their field of studies, they even have problem comprehend anything outside their field of studies even if I give them the information or have the discussion in Thai! One example is that last year CP gave us 200 geese, in the end they all died because the teacher who was set to take care of them didn't know what to do... he has a MA in poultry raising and still didn't know what to do or where/how to find the information needed from either a book or internet!?
  15. They arranged IQ tests here in school... out of my 35 students (MEP students) 8 scored in the 70-89 range (borderline to below average), the rest of them scored 80-109 (low average to average)... so I now have no need to wonder why they have problem learning any of the subjects that they are studying! Among the 50 teachers only 3 scored over 120 and I was the only one over 130 with my 138... my IQ has dropped 5 points sin's I moved to Thailand!?!?