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  1. What can you expect when you have an educational system that does not allow a teacher to give failing grades to the students? While I was teaching in a high school I had the grades changed by someone higher up the chain because they thought the grades were too low, I also had parents threatening me for giving their children low grades. Students and parents have offered me; money, things, and sex for higher grades but my answer to those offers has always been: "STUDY, that is the only thing you can do for higher grades!". Now I am teaching in vocational college and actually have some students that really want to learn. Why? Because if they get good grades and can retain the knowledge, then they have several opportunities to apply for either to go abroad for studies or internships or they can choose dual education and work with some of the largest companies here in Thailand!
  2. It's easy, if UK doesn't want to pay then just put a 300% import tax on everything from the UK to EU until the debt is paid.... UK's industries and farmers will be happy and we can see what will happen as it will be like the car industry where they are investing in EU countries but not in the UK because of the coming Brexit!
  3. First rule if you are breaking the law is to stay under the radar.... In all countries!!!! If you are stupid enough to do public stunts and keep being in the spotlight then be sure you are wearing bout belt and suspenders!!
  4. These are not fighter jets... they are training jets!
  5. If they were any good hitmen then they would have torched the place to clear any possibility of evidence and it's a waste with handcuffs, cable ties are easier, faster and cheaper. Anyway R.I.P. for the family and I hope any surviving members that were not present at the time stay safe!!!
  6. I like looking at waterfalls... from beneath as I know that it's dangerous climbing on wet rocks! Good that he has an insurance that will pay but still an idiot in my eyes for being reckless. The same goes for those people that go on these giant inflated hot dogs, rock climbing or even rent a motorcycle and then have accidents... if you wouldn't do it back home, then don't do it in Thailand as there are even fewer safety measures here!
  7. So when those who have studied to be teachers for 5 years asked to lower the standard for English knowledge then it was OK but when the Teacher Council say that the 5-year education is not making better teachers then it's wrong?! The problem is that most universities didn't add more contents into their teacher educations, they just stretched what they were teaching before to fit into a 5-year education and then charged their students another year of tuitions.
  8. The rubber farmers should understand as they produce more and more rubber to an international market that is already flooded with rubber thanks to a low oil price making it cheaper to make tires from synthetic rubber than from natural rubber and so on is not Prajuts fault... it's actually their own fault! Even my students can understand that and they are studying to become farmers!
  9. I went to Sukhothai Historical Park, one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Thailand and said to be the first capital of Thailand and here were many many people that could speak English and they had books and brochures in English about the place so no problem there. Then I went to Tak city and walked into the TAT office, one could speak English and they had no written tourist information in English. From there I went to Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, another UNESCO heritage site. And again no one could speak English and they had no written tourist information in English. As I least has learned some Thai I have ended up helping people/tourists more than 1 time, this is because there are not many English speaking Thais around when you get outside the main tourist areas. Last time there were a couple of Spanish women that started talking with me on the bus, it turned out that they were on the wrong bus and I could help them so they got to the right city. At the ticket counter, they could not understand them clearly so they had sold them tickets to Sawankhalok instead of Phitsanulok... the names both ends with lok! So is there a need for foreign guides and people who can speak English and other languages?! YES, at least from my own experiences from living and traveling here in Thailand. Luckily for me I at least understand Thai enough to get around but what about all those people that just come as tourists?!
  10. One of my Thai friends has a pig farm, he used to have 10 Myanmar workers as he could not find any local Thais that want to work for 300 Baht a day even if they do not have a job or a steady income from something else... I guess he will have to close his farm now as he can not do all the job himself.
  11. Yeah, look who is talking... Saudi Arabia, home country of Bin Laden and has been proven to be a proud sponsor of Al Queda and ISIS in the past!
  12. I went to one school where they have had foreign teachers working sins 1994 and still the Thais teaching English there can not even have an easy conversation in English, so what does that say about the Thai teachers and what does it say about us foreigners teaching here in Thailand?! For me it is just a proof that the Thai educational system has actually collapsed. Another good example is where I work, teachers in animal science, plant science and agro-industry are better in using the English language than the Thais who are actually teaching English!?
  13. I have students that have passed TOEIC with scores in the 500-600 range while the highest score among the Thais teaching English here in the college was 350 when they had to take the TOEIC last year, all 3 Thai teachers have master degrees in teaching English!!! And before any grammar police starts barking... I am not an English teacher, I teach agricultural subjects in English, mostly animal husbandry and the class I will have tomorrow morning is about the anatomy of poultry.
  14. Convicted paedophiles should not be allowed to leave their home country. Hell, they should be given 3 options to chose themselves; castration +10 years in prison, life in prison or death.
  15. Its the same thing over and over again. when farmer A earn a lot 1 year then farmer B and C follow and plant the same the following year... then comes farmer D, E, F, G, H and I the 2nd year and the 3rd year its farmer A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z growing the same crop that 3 years earlier was working well for farmer A when he was the only one growing it.... that is sadly how/why so many businesses fails here in Thailand.