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  1. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Keep up the good work boys. Jail then deport.
  2. I don't know why when they catch him red handed they allow him to cover his face??? Expose the thieving bas......
  3. Russian tourist arrested over iPhone theft

    I am happy to see this. Deport and ban from further visits.
  4. When working in Cuba a few years ago one of our welders kept a large stack of CUC's, like dollars, in a safe. He noticed that money was slowly going missing and he was sure it was not him when he was drunk so he set up a CCTV and caught one of the cleaning guys taking a few bills red handed. The Cubans did nothing even with the evidence. I also think that 300,000 is a little excessive for a holiday to Thailand since these Arabs were surely muslims and of course did not drink or partake of female company which would be against the koran??
  5. Diplomatic immunity is bullshit. The p..k should be charged and deported as Persona non Grata.
  6. I was told the same by the Colonel who got me my gun. He told me to empty the gun into any intruder as he did not want to have to come to my house with an intruder who was still alive.
  7. Nigerians arrested over alleged romance scam

    Good idea. The airports would be a good start, turn them back to where they came from.
  8. 81 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Maybe you come from a country that is overrun by illegal immigrants so you think it is fine because you just don't know any better. Why don't you move down to south Pattaya??
  9. 81 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    I for one who lived in Thailand for 30+ years legally and obeyed the law I am happy to see these postings of illegals getting caught. I wish there were more of these Immigration Police so they could really nail these illegals and deport them with bans for a very long time. The ones who can't prove how they got into the country need to go to jail.
  10. Excuse me BUT, riding around Thailand at 4:00am on a scooter when probably 90% of the drivers are either drunk or on ya ba???? When I lived and worked in Thailand we were advised, by whom I will not say, if you hit something at night shut off your lights and drive like hell because if you stop the person you may have hit, wearing black and walking down the middle of the road, will have more relatives come out of the work and you will never be able to pay them all. Also another trick the Thais used to pull and we were told never to stop at night. The Thais would wait for us leaving Map Ta Phut if we had to work overtime and into the night they would drive up behind our trucks and hit us to make us stop. I guess a few stopped and were beaten and robbed and some lost their company trucks. Night time is dangerous in Thailand.
  11. In my opinion...deport them and blackball them from ever returning to Thailand. I worked in Thailand and my company had to do backflips to get me a Work Permit. I lived in Thailand and did everything they asked regarding to keep my various Visas current. I respect the Thais and their desire to rid their country of those who do not follow the rules. I am now doing the same in the Philippines. Need to respect the rules of the Country you are in. Never mind telling me about how the Thai police don't treat everyone the same. Tough s.. . If you don't like it leave.
  12. Foraging??? My guess is poaching......
  13. I agree with most. Why would you drive around Pattaya during this time, are you stupid? I didn't even walk around when I lived in Bang Lamung for 11 years.