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  1. If she does not do what her husband commands she will be beaten and maybe even killed. Most of the stupid countries that have allowed muslims to invade rarely prosecute "honor killings" and if they do the guy gets a slap on the wrist.
  2. "Volunteer" another scam by foreigners to stay in Thailand without following Visa rules. NGO's??? The same NGO's dragging Africans to Europe? The same NGO's coaching illegal immigrants in Mexico how to lie about getting "asylum"? On and on.
  3. Sorry to all the dogooders out there but what do you think about a muslim terrorists that goes around beheading people and then pleads "innocent".???? I have no problem with torture and water boarding to get this animal to talk.
  4. taipan1949

    Five loan-shark gangs busted in Krabi raids

    Been there and done that. Thai banks are totally useless.
  5. taipan1949

    Dead dugong found off Phang Nga

    This a crying shame. There are so few of them left. I hope they do an autopsy and find out what killed it.
  6. taipan1949

    Top Ten tips for riding a motorbike in Thailand

    I lived the last ten years of my life in Thailand in Pattaya and was lucky to have the baht bus system in place. I lived in Bang Lamung within walking distance to a baht bus route to the beach and everywhere else. I never had any problem and then if needed I could rent one for the day for long trips and was inexpensive. I never needed to drive a mc although I did drive a truck when I worked in Map Ta Phut as it was given to me. I love Baht Buses.
  7. I agree with all illegals not having any constitutional rights. They are illegal and non citizens therefore why the hell should they have rights???
  8. The problem is that the bas.....d NGO's in Mexico tutor them all on how to lie their asses off and ask for asylum. If they are illegal then deport them all and let them come through legal border crossings but even then the Americans have a tough time dealing with the liars who have been coached.
  9. Please, long jail sentence and then deportation and banned for life. Thailand does not need this trash.
  10. taipan1949

    Fishing boat operators issue ultimatum to govt

    Chinese owners???
  11. Just last week. One woman shot and killed along with a child, lots of wounded, legal muslim immigrant. Young man beaten and had shoes stolen by Somali muslims. Lets not forget the child molester at West Edmonton Mall swimming pool who was let off by a stupid Judge, another muslim immigrant. The problem is not immigrants, the problem is muslim immigrants. Canada was a wonderful country and one of the least dangerous in the world and that all changed with muslim immigrants.
  12. What I am saying here fool is that the guy took a trained stance to aim and kill, not the usual "gangster" idiot with the gun on it's side and blasting away. Why don't you grow a brain and look what the RCMP said about the battle with this guy? They had never faced an enemy with so much ability.
  13. As a Marine I looked at his stance and this B...ard had training, not mentally ill.
  14. Yes it is sad that Canadians will soon not remember what a beautiful peaceful place it once was before muslims...