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  1. That is funny as we here in Bislig City, Mindanao, Philippines just had a very rare sighting of a crocodile just outside our little port pier a week ago.
  2. After 30 years in Thailand I moved to the Philippines and with my ACR-1 Card I can legally apply for Government Medical Coverage for about $350 USD a year.
  3. taipan1949

    Chinese boy killed at Pattaya temple

    And what country do you live in?????? I came from Canada and they don't use "spotters".
  4. It is a great shame that most young people in Europe and Britain will never know the beauty of their countries BM....before muslims.
  5. taipan1949

    Chinese boy killed at Pattaya temple

    I lived in Shanghai and they have to have police at crosswalks to stop people from crossing when the light turns red. Not a bright bunch when it comes to traffic and moving vehicles. I imagine the bus had backup lights which the kid obviously did not pay attention to but I agree with most commentators, parents fault.
  6. Amnesty International would have child rapists sitting in jail eating three meals a day and watching TV.
  7. 2004 until now living on tax payers money. Why does it take so long to kill a murderer? Please don't give me the "appeals" BS. When no doubt is there then kill them. Push the child molesters to the front of the list.
  8. Just a word about Thai "Captains". A very good Brit friend of mine, actually my best friend, had a few fishing boats that he used to take guys out fishing out of his bar on Soi Six ad of course he needed a "Captain". Of the many he had he only had one, Ting, who was any good and he eventually went to drugs and booze and ended up as useless as the rest. It seemed to me any swinging dick could call himself a "Captain". In the Philippines where I now live after 30 years in Thailand they have Marine Schools where people are actually taught about being a seaman. It is no wonder that about 90% of the merchant seamen in the world are Filippinos.
  9. The way things have been going lately the Chinese won't be lonely when they get to jail.
  10. I find it funny that the Thais have not figured out that pigeon is good to eat especially the baby squab. Very expensive in some restaurants.
  11. How about the farangs riding their bicycles down beach road "walkway"? I have almost been hit a dozen times while walking down there. The road is for bicycles.
  12. taipan1949

    Italy shuts out another migrant rescue ship

  13. taipan1949

    Italy shuts out another migrant rescue ship

    I have read that these NGOs have been charged for human trafficking.
  14. taipan1949

    Elderly Bike Driver Dies in Hit and Run

    When I worked in Map Ta Phut many years ago the expats were told if you hit anything or anyone at night do like the Thais, shut off your lights and keep going. Company did not want to pay all the "relatives" and "dependents" coming out of the woodwork seeking compensation.
  15. Two questions, were the life vests of the same quality as Thai motorcycle helmets? Did anyone make sure that the people had the life vest on properly??