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  1. Thirty odd years ago when I wandered the mountains of Chiang Mai I often ran into people from the "world" who did not want to be found. A few made me promise that I would not talk about meeting them. They probably used false names anyways. For thirty two years I lived in Thailand and considered it "home". I am in the PI now but miss Thailand every day but a "good life is a happy wife". Semper Fi.
  2. Wait a minute. What in the hell are they doing in Thailand with no Visa? I don't do it now but for 32 years I jumped through all the immigration hoops and checked in when I was supposed to, made the expensive trips to Laos from Pattaya to get my next 90 days. I am fortunate that I married a Filippina and now get a one year "Visa" upon passing immigration called a Balikbayan. Why are the Thai Authorities not deporting these people? They have been broadcasting to all us Expats the penalties for going "overstay" including deportation and banning for different periods of time. This just does not seem fair to all the Expat Friends I left in Thailand.
  3. Beat you. Thirty two. I don't like crowds. Bang Lamung got too crowded so moved to Philippines.
  4. After 30 years in Thailand I now live in Philippines. Easier Visa and can actually get Phil Med, a medical plan, it does not cover 100% but it helps.
  5. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    Me and my many friends from USA, England, Canada etc. lived and worked in Thailand for 30+ years and never had one bit of trouble. As I have worked in China, Thailand and Cuba there is always a chance to cross the line which will put you under the microscope of the local authorities so I am always skeptical when these people claim no drugs right through the trials even when caught with the drugs strapped to their bodies. Will have to see how this plays out. Maybe he just he thought he was in Edmonton and could just head down 118 Ave. pick up a young girl and a bag of pot........I lived in Edmonton so I know what I am talking about.
  6. Sorry for this but this is the time I would like to see five to one odds and them getting the shit beat out of them. I love Thailand and was my home for 32 years so you <deleted> with my home I am gong to bust your ass. They got off easy and they should be happy I was not there, a Marine could cause them serious pain and the Thais would not give a shit if they got a beating.
  7. I lived for four years in one of the most beautiful spots in China if not the world, when me and the GF would do our weekly shopping it would have been rare not to see live animals of all kinds, including cats and dogs in cages waiting to be bought and slaughtered right there. The way it was done you hit the live stuff first and made your choice, mine was usually just chicken and duck, you finished your shopping and passed back around the meat section and picked up your freshly killed dinner?? That is just the way it is. And what about the Issan? I saw lots of dogs being eaten there????
  8. And why don't go shine a pole?
  9. I don't like to answer a lot of this shit but you have no f...ing idea about what you are talking about and should rent a place down on Walking Street. I lived for 30 years in Thailand and nudity is NOT CULTURALLY ACCEPTABLE. You are an idiot. I have been in communal well clean ups at the end of a day and never seen a patch of skin and how many working girls keep the towel around themselves. Go back to the shit....e you come from.
  10. When do you stop being a "daft fool" and start answering for your mistakes? You are the problem of the world today, people acknowledged for failing, thieves released with no penalty?, killing with being released (illegal immigrant murders girl in San Francisco). Where exactly do you draw the line? By the sound of you and your "daft fools" you are English....look at the mess your country is in when you don't have any Law or people who answer for breaking the law. The muslims crap all over you and your Laws to no avail. Real people need to stand up for what is right and wrong and these two were WRONG. They should continue their holiday around America where there is no culture and respect is a long gone commodity.
  11. I lived for 30 years in Thailand with never a problem and loved the place and these disrespectful faggots should have gone to jail.
  12. Sorry for all you bleeding heart Liberals from California, the land of fruits and nuts but I was praying for a very long jail sentence for these ba444444$. I guess I didn't pray hard enough then again Trump got the thieves in China released???? Still can't figure that one out? Will never figure out how these two bare assed bas$$$$ got out of here.
  13. Turn them all back at airport and all points of entry. Put a ban on all of them. You need Trump to tell you what you need to do to keep skum out of Thailand or at least try. If they can't figure out who to turn back start with the black ones.
  14. In Singapore it is called getting the Cane and I have heard it really deters crime and other things. Can't imagine that kind of pain??
  15. I am not a smoker but have lived in China where every MAN that I met in five years smoked steady, I really did not see that many Thai's smoking in my 30 years there. On construction sites in Canada where I made my living, me as a non smoker was rare and lucky that smokers had their own lunchrooms so I could enjoy my food without the stink. I recently moved to the Philippines from Bang Lamung, Thailand and find very few Filippinos I encounter smoke and the nearest big city to where I live, Davao City, has had a Smoking Ordinance for quite some time so I never see anyone smoking when I am there and when you do they are congregated in small smoking "areas" like what you would find on a construction site in Canada. They do say that 86,000 Filippinos die every year from tobacco related diseases. http://focusfeature.mb.com.ph/2017/03/19/smoke-at-your-own-risk-the-davao-city-model/