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  1. I went into the 3BB shop and told them I wanted the faster speed, they then sold me a wireless router!!! and the guys installed it in 3 days, same monthly price
  2. Just got back from the office in Phetchabun, brand new retirement extension, great service, all done in less than one hour, including repeat 90 day reports, smiling faces all round, see them again next year!!!
  3. Are there any telecoms companies selling packages available for home internet and mobile phone (2 SIM cards) all on the same bill?
  4. Worthy of a chance in the photo contest!
  5. I live just outside Phetchabun, but there just now, still grafting in the Middle East
  6. Couple of half decent bars going down the soi from Robinsons / hospital side, past the jap bars, both on corners, don't remember the names
  7. Lots of guys looking for work just now, I finished in Qatar, like lots of others. early this year and nothing since. Got to ride it out and drink more beer!!!
  8. I have this one too. If you want B&W prints just replace the black ink as required, leave the colour cartridge empty or out, it still works
  9. Heat and cold, to improve blood flow to the area, which in turn may help the healing process.
  10. I have been to Phetchabun this week for a first one year licence, had full UK licence, no translations needed, but after the eyesight tests was pointed to the classroom next door where I had to do the whole test, 4 hours video, afternoon E-test and the next day driving test, took two whole days up. They explained the rules are changing, no 'gimmes' for anyone, the test room had cameras supposedly linked to Bangkok
  11. I have a M8 4 core Android box from the UK, all set-up to receive UK TV, films and sports from around the world, works great with 3BB 13Gb copper (
  12. Acronis is the one for me, clean image and easy re-install if the poo hits the ventilation, no matter what replacement drive you use