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  1. Tried http://transferwise.com they have good rates and fast transfers
  2. Sri Racha

    Couple of bars around 'Sri Racha Place' condo block for Farangs, and some decent restaurants around the town too Unless you like raw fish and Karaoke most places in town are out of bounds, even to the point of notices on the doors 'Japanese only' of some bars and clubs (in English)
  3. Motorcycle Poster

    Though this is worth sharing
  4. Very cool live webcam on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

    working great, thanks
  5. Internet

    I went into the 3BB shop and told them I wanted the faster speed, they then sold me a wireless router!!! and the guys installed it in 3 days, same monthly price
  6. Just got back from the office in Phetchabun, brand new retirement extension, great service, all done in less than one hour, including repeat 90 day reports, smiling faces all round, see them again next year!!!
  7. Are there any telecoms companies selling packages available for home internet and mobile phone (2 SIM cards) all on the same bill?