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  1. This is a sideshow to distract voters from Friday's WikiLeaks release of Mrs Clinton's transcripts, wherein she privately gloats to Wall Street about her duplicity. Most people have made lewd comments some time in their lives, but few have acted them out in the Oval Office on taxpayer funded mistresses, and left the clean up to their wife, who destroyed those poor women with taxpayer funded FBI and IRS agents.
  2. We married and live in Thailand. I asked my wife to keep her maiden name, because I couldn't see any advantages to taking my name; and suspected there might be some roadblocks if she took my name (for example: problems buying property; or paying two-tier prices because of a farang last name). When I applied for a marriage visa, however, the Immigration officer advised her to change her last name, and get a new ID card. Each year she nodded in agreement, and then ignored them until several years later I was old enough to qualify for a retirement visa - at which point her name was no longer a consideration. When our children were born, the hospital asked which last name to put on their birth certificates. And I have no problems getting her long-term multiple entry visas to the US. In summary, I've been happy with this arrangement.
  3. BKK7 - I don't think it's a good idea to take them to your new place. I babysat the neighbor's dog for a few days, and ended up with dog ticks in my apartment. Based on recommendations from another thread in ThaiVisa, I had an exterminator lay a heavy spray around the apartment, but it still took three months before I saw the end of the dog ticks, and it took regular searches along the baseboards; behind pictures; headboards; curtains; etc., over which we collected over 200 dog ticks. (Clearly the neighbor's dog left at least one pregnant one!) We don't have any house pets, so they seem to survive a while without a host.