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  1. Another day in Paradise , these people are heading back to poverty.
  2. His quotes has been used out of context he was refering to the police soi cowboy visit , yes they were all over everthing there ( except the policework.
  3. It doesnt matter what colour your skin is when your test turns purple these people are crooks screw them.
  4. Well done will these idiots wake up , government will be paid while the people will starve.
  5. When is public land going to be for the public
  6. I dont see what is wrong with this picture well done its a shame you couldnt catch a few more of these gutless Thais , .
  7. This is why i invest in the west , these people are all to common in Thailand.
  8. I expected no less from a government minister, since when is it not all sugar and spice , the truth is slightly different , the economy may grow in that quarter but it will sink early next year. then what talk will not fix the elephant in the room.
  9. What could we really expect , we can all rest assured there will be many more empty promises and maybe a committee but the stat as quo will not change.
  10. shirtless

    Obama urges leaders to open hearts to refugees

    Yes that would be great if it was reciprocated , but look at the current examples , Germany no thanks.
  11. shirtless

    Protests over latest fatal shootings by US police

    Black lives matter all lives matter, Do the crime and suffer i cant understand why an officer would shoot an unarmed man.
  12. Have you not heard of cronyism, these guys are laughable , no your position had no sway in the awarding of these army contracts 555, go back to school.
  13. This sums up the rich in Thailand. all that money but stealing land
  14. This just goes to show how gutless all the on lookers are , and what a <deleted> can do in public, Thais have nothing but shame .
  15. It doesnt matter how long they have lived in your country they will never like you.