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  1. I'm very surprised with this, after living 2 years in Bangkok I feel incredibly safe here and have never felt threatened. Of course if the stats take into account how likely you are hit by some idiot driver then I can understand. Having lived a decade in arab thug-infested Brussels, Bangkok feels like such as nice and safe place at any time of the day. I remember when spending my youth in Brussels, almost every time we went out to town at night someone got attacked by this scum. Healthcare is excellent too in Bangkok, both public and private.
  2. Drivers like this should be executed
  3. Sad to see the 4sshole cops have nothing better to do. Weren't they supposed to decriminalise it a while back?
  4. I have a DeLonghi ESAM4000B fully automatic espresso machine and I'm very happy with it. Of course you won't get as tasty coffee as from a coffee shop, but most importantly it can make strong enough coffee for my taste, which is often a problem with some of the cheaper machines. This one cost only €300 with similar machines costing as much as THB 50,000 in Central. Be aware that these are often ridiculously overpriced in Thailand, so get one with you when you visit Farangland and bring it with you. I got my coffee machine its very own luggage, kept the styrofoam around it and it arrived in checked luggage without damage.
  5. I used to eat a whole chicken for lunch almost every day. The best ones are from your local shop around the corner.. at least for taste. I once went to a famous local restaurant with a Thai guy and ordered a grilled chicken. I was very disappointed, as it was mostly just bone and skin. I asked the guy, <deleted> is this? He explained to me that this is actually the high quality chicken because it's not filled with hormones like those fat ones. Any thoughts?
  6. UK student loan payments

    Yes, it's probably right that they will try their best to get as much money from you as possible. However, since they rely on evindence provided by yourself, there is not much to argue if you illustrate your residency with appropriate proof. On top of this, they don't really have much leverage on someone staying outside of the UK with no plans to return. In any case I think I will just submit them the appropriate evidence and claim Thailand as my residency, as I'm actually doing so for tax purposes. What just annoys me is the low income treshold for Thailand, it will be quite a big chunk of income lost every month.
  7. Actually we had this same thing in our previous condo. The fire alarm went off there was no sound, but a security guy was very quickly knocking on our door. 2nd floor with pool under, easy to jump out
  8. Hey guys, We just bought a newly built 2-bedroom condo on Sukhumvit 64 with my girlfriend and have been happy so far. We are just having some concerns about the fire safety of our condo.. we have a total of 4 fire alarms inside our unit: a regular one in each room + a different (heat detecting, I guess?) in our kitchen/living room. One night I was vaping with my electric cigarette in my room as usual, which seems to have set off the fire alarm, although normally they shouldn't do this with most fire detectors since there is no smoke or heat. So basically it set off an alarm in the condo's reception instead of my room. I recall hearing something ringing for a moment quietly, had no idea what it was and went to bed. Our condo reception staff leave at around 7pm. The next morning our condo staff came to inform us that your fire alarm went off. Nice, so imagine if there was a real fire they would have informed us in the morning? Since this little incident, it happened again because of someone else in the building in the middle of the night. The fire alarm was ringing in all corridoors, took me maybe 15min to wake up to hear it (I sleep with ear plugs). Went to check there was no fire and back to bed.. After this the condo management distributed leaflets to each unit with instructions how to disable the fire alarm from the reception if it goes off at night. I know TiT.... but is this normal in condominiums? Why aren't the fire alarms making any noise in the unit itself? Probably should invest in a few of those regular battery operated ones from homepro, so if there is a fire at least we'll hear it when it's on - instead of building staff coming to tell us next morning that sorry your unit burned last night.
  9. UK student loan payments

    I am also in the situation of having to start paying back the student loan and not entirely sure yet what to do. The income treshold for Thailand is indeed ridiculously low and it seems they have mostly pulled these numbers out of a hat. Take Hong Kong for example, they have a £14,225.00 treshold compared to UK £17,775.00. Hong Kong is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in - think it was actually ranked 1st for 2016. Of course debts should be paid back as it's what we signed up for, but with residency in Thailand I would have to start paying +5k THB per month, that is not really motivating. I was also quite disappointed of the UK University system overall, which seems just an entirely commercial, money-making scheme. One thing to note is that the treshold is based on "Country of residence". It could be argued that whilst living in Thailand and working, most of us are not resident here as we are on non-immigrant visas. Therefore if you still have permanent residency in another country, say in Europe, wouldn't the treshold be based on this country?
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend affordable yoga classes near Sukhumvit 64? The ones I find from Google are too expensive, closer to 500 baht per time or a monthly membership. I want to go to Yoga one time per week, so those 10/20 time cards don't really work out either as they expire too quick. So really looking for some place that has an affordable one time fee in this area - perhaps a local place who doesn't have a website / know how to rank on Google. I already have a gym membership for an excellent gym that I use 5 times a week (but no classes available) so I don't want to pay for another membership. I would be going with the gf so if it's in Thai language that's not an issue. Prefer indoors rather than in a park, but no air con needed. I don't know about the different types of Yoga, but I really need to improve my flexibility. Perhaps hot yoga? I have been training bodybuilding / powerlifting for 7 years and stupid I was, only started warming up and stretching properly in the last 3 years or so. This has resulted in terrible inflexibility, I can barely wipe my own arse :) . This has also resulted in injuries with my knee tendons and lower back. Now I do a 20min warm up each time, foam rolling and stretching a few hours after my workouts, but I feel that a proper yoga session weekly could make an improvement. This has been recommended to me by several physotherapists and professional athletes. Any tips?
  11. I know how low T feels like, as I had very low levels for a year after suffering testicular cancer at the age of 18. Since I started TRT feeling so much better. Self-injecting to the glutes is very easy - after a while I actually prefer it rather than someone else sticking needles in me. I recommend Nebido in particular, that can be injected at 8-12 week intervals so it's quite convenient. (although I recommend injecting it more often for more stable levels, by dividing the dosage in two). As you were worried about PSA levels, I must say I have had issues with prostate enlargement since starting TRT. However, this wasn't caused by the testosterone itself but by excessive estradiol levels, that I now control with an aromatase inhibitor (Exemestane). All problems are gone. Unfortunately this is an area of medicine where doctors still have little knowledge, and many refuse to prescribe anti-estrogens even when necessary. Now of course in Thailand, you don't need prescriptions but in Europe this is a big problem. It seems that some people react more easily to external T and have excess estrogen as a result.
  12. Yes you are right, I read the OP a bit too fast. I am young and don't have experience / knowledge about how older age affects diet and training. By the way, for OP, if you feel that it's easy to gain fat but hard to add muscle, I recommend to get your testosterone levels checked. If deficient, this can play a big part in the results (can say from experience).
  13. I'm a very enthusiastic bodybuilder / weightlifter and here is my advice: Take one day and measure how much you eat. You can use a food scale and a site like myfitnesspal.com to calculate your calories and macronutrients for free. Firstly, try to eat at least 2g of protein per kg of body weight, then check the amount of fat and carbs you eat. Try to eat around 100g of high quality fats per day, making the rest of your diet from carbs. Once you are eating enough protein and fats, start to increase the amount of carbs in your diet slowly until you start to gain weight. 0.5kg per week increase in bodyweight is a good target for bulking up. I have seen many times skinny people with the ectomorph body type saying that they cannot gain weight even when eating lots of food. Often the fact is, that they are not really eating that much! For example I had a tall friend who already weighed 90kg but was skinny and said he just cannot gain muscle despite eating a ton of food. After I calculated his calories, it was only around 2800 calories he was eating. Just for comparison, I weigh 80kg and if I eat 2800 per day I lose weight. Once he upped his calories to 4000 he increased his weight to 105kg in a few months and his strenght exploded, with minimal fat gain. ps. even if you do cycling, don't forget to train your legs with weights. Heavy workouts on the legs are important as they encourage your body to produce more growth hormone in response to the stress, leading into more muscle gains in your body overall.
  14. Why is it that in almost every Thai building water pressure is very low? I have had this experience in a Bangkok Town house, various Chiang Mai and Bangkok condiminiums / hotels (ranging from 2-17th floor) and almost every time there water pressure is very low in taps and showers compared to Europe. I had almost forgotten what a proper shower feels like until visiting Finland for holidays, where every shower and tap has a lot of water coming out. I realise the systems are a little different here as instead of a central boiler they use just a cold water pipe and electric shower, but this itself shouldn't be causing low pressure. We recently bought a newly built condo on Sukhumvit 64 and when inspecting the unit, already found the water pressure was quite low in the shower. We asked the construction manager / building staff about this and they told us that the water is running at low pressure until the project is finished. Suprise surprise, it is exactly the same as before. We have opened the valve to the max from the closet in the corridor but no help. This is on floor 2 so the height shouldn't be causing any issues. A nice morning shower is one little important thing in my life for properly waking up along with a freshly brewed double espresso.. Why is this and is there any DIY way to improve it? Maybe some additional pump installed somewhere?
  15. Best gym weight lifting in Sukhumvit

    @OP I realise Muscle Factory is a bit far for your location. There is also a small and very cheap gym called Tony's Gym near Asoke that has all the equipment you need. Or check out another one called Balance Health Club, it's quite big, a nice and affordable gym with plenty of equipment, located between Phrom Phong and Thong Lor.