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  1. 200 baht tea money was what I meant with "fine".. better than wasting time at a police station.
  2. If any of you actually ride bikes in Thailand you may have noticed how dangerous the checkpoints can be sometimes, particularly the illegal ones. I saw one under Don Mueang tollway, they had set up one the side of the 3-lane road and jumping in the middle of the road between cars. Only saw them maybe 20 meters before because of the traffic and had to do brake hard to not hit one of the idiots. Another time there was a checkpoint at Sunthon Kosa Rd near Khlong Toey, the first 2 lanes were blocked mainly by trucks and I was riding the outer lane within the speed limit at around 80km/h, until suddenly a cop jumped in front of me from behind a truck to stop me. Had to brake really hard to not hit him (thank god I had ABS). The <deleted> even fined me for "riding on the right lane" even though the other lanes were blocked with traffic. Both good examples of dangerous checkpoints on straight roads and in these cases they weren't visible until maybe 20 meters before.
  3. "Normal" nightclubs in Pattaya

    I already gave my recommendation earlier (below), my reply was meant to those messages recommending the walking street clubs, as I assume OP specifically wanted something else :) ps. I've also been to Noir Pattaya. It's a cool night club but mostly people in their own tables etc. and not as social unless you go in a bigger group. Gets going only after 2-3am, around midnight completely empty.
  4. "Normal" nightclubs in Pattaya

    The walking street clubs and walking street in general is fun to show to your tourist friends visiting Thailand first time etc. but the girls in those clubs are mostly 90%+ prostitutes. In the Thai style clubs it's nice to meet "normal" locals and girls. Of course it helps if you can speak Thai and don't look like a tourist.
  5. "Normal" nightclubs in Pattaya

    Check out BONE Pattaya. Been there twice, only with one friend and it was really fun. We were probably the only farangs there but people were really friendly. Both times some random groups invited us to join them. I'm not sure if it's a night club that's always open or events only.
  6. Similar think happened to me.. was maybe 9 years old and found a PDA "pocket computer" on the street in Belgium. Those were expensive things and popular before smartphones arrived. I found the owners number on it and called him so he came to pick it up. He said he was going to give me a reward and looked at his wallet, he "only" had 10 and 20€ bills and said he would give me a reward later. Never heard of him since, what a <deleted>. Should have kept the PDA!
  7. Noted thanks, that is good advice. So far nobody has ever opened my bags when I've brought stuff from Europe. I think the idea in theory is that if stuff is used, it should be considered as a personal belonging. Another time I brought a Delonghi automatic espresso machine, so I took it out of the pack, made a few coffees, left it as dirty as possible with coffee beans inside. So if somebody asks, it's my old coffee machine from home.
  8. My friend just brought me over £1200 worth of new parts for repairing my KTM 690 SMC-R via Suvarnabhumi, because these parts are not available in Thailand and would cost 3 x more. The luggage wasn't X-rayed though so I'm not sure what would have happened in that case. I told my friend to take everything out of the packages and say that they are used in case anyone asks. In you case, I really doubt that you'd have trouble since your parts seem to really be used. Perhaps you could make some "bill of sale" showing that you bought them second hand for a very low price just in case they check and you have to pay taxes. A friend of mine brought a full Austin Racing exhaust system with him in his luggage for a BMW s1000rr and it was x-rayed. He told them it was used and they let him go.. perhaps lucky? I always bring my luggage full of stuff from Europe for certain products that are ridiculously overpriced here, but always make them "used" first so they cannot be valued as new products.
  9. Can you get a re-entry permit for a 60 day SETV? I've got a friend who just arrrived to Thailand from Finland (Finnish passport holder) on a SETV and we're going to Vietnam for a 1-week trip. Can he get a re-entry permit for this at the Suvarnabhumi airport, or will the visa be automatically void and he has to get a new visa in Hanoi?
  10. Absolutely disgusting. Are they actually charging you for the possession and use, or importation? I will send you PM, would be very interested to hear the outcome.
  11. I really hope the arrest was for other reasons than the e-cigarette - such as being drunk in which case she deserves to be jailed. In the below video a high-ranking police from Bangkok clearly states that importation and sales of e-cigs are illegal, but usage and possession is NOT. I have yet to see anyone officially charged for possession or use of e-cigarettes. As I vape myself, it is starting to look quite crazy with the laws in this country. Can someone tag/quote me here if there is any follow up to what charge she gets?
  12. Thanks, makes sense. Yeah we haven't used any salt yet in the dishwasher but all glasses are a bit white after washing so figured out it was important. True about the UK!
  13. What is the approximate Water Hardness level in Bangkok for tap water? I'm trying to set up the water softener on my Electrolux dishwasher. They have a table with various different units but I cannot find any info about this from Google, except this The surface water sources are considered to be low in minerals which can be considered moderately soft. The hardness is not an issue for MWA public water supply. Hardness of drinking water under WHO 2008-recommendation must be less than 300 mg/l. whereas the hardness of MWA public water supply is in average of 70 mg/l during 2000-2010. That would convert to 9.8 German degrees so I'd set the water softener level to 2. Does this sound correct?
  14. It is possible to get a work permit if you work in Thailand for foreign clients in software / web development or IT, by using a local umbrella company to sponsor a work permit and appropriate visa (but yes, it's correct as you said that you indeed need the WP from a local company). However, someone like OP this is not really needed if they only stay a couple of months - more relevant for people staying longer term. Interesting story by the way and nice to see that they were so reasonable in that situation.
  15. Haha I actually know this guy. He's from my old gym. Normally nice and humble looking guy and he is in pretty good shape, used to always bring his little boy to the gym with him.