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  1. Still struggling with this issue.. It's been just a couple of months and the rotary fan is full of mould. The air coming out from there smells pretty terrible.. If anyone can recommend a proper cleaning service in BKK please let me know. I'm wondering if these GREE units are just crap overall, or defective. Also getting a regular water leak from one of the units that my condo's technicians need to fix every couple of months. I don't know how much you've followed this thread but I clean them regularly and 3 different companies I've used, none of them have properly cleaned the rotary fan.
  2. These headlines are always so misleading, and tiring to see such as "AirBnB is illegal" , "UBER is illegal" - no, they are not illegal, just platforms used to provide certain services. What is illegal is the actual illegal activities done using these platforms, such as breaking the Hotel Act or driving a taxi without appropriate licences. Is anyone stopping a residence with the appropriate hotel licences using AirBnB as a platform to find customers? Is UBER illegal if the driver has the appropriate taxi licences? The answers is most likely NO in all cases. I totally understand the hassles caused by AirBnB in condominiums though, with tourists going to reception asking for towels to the pool and where is the best elephant trip..
  3. Of course I am not complaining about the specific officers following their orders (indeed just doing their jobs), but about the silliness of such "urine test raids" being organised in the first place.
  4. Are you serious.. harassing people enjoying their nights out with some urine tests, whilst the cops are deep in the drug business themselves. Only reason being someone too low on the tea money.. Ok I must admit, they can catch real criminals too like these weapon suppliers.
  5. I have a problem with my left elbow. I broke it when I was 4 years old and due to neglicence from the hospital in Finland (lack of proper follow up checks), the fracture recovered in a way that the radius bone is a few centimeters off where it was supposed to be. This hasn't caused me any issues during the past 20 years apart of slightly reduced motion, e.g. cannot touch my shoulder with my left hand. However, last year I was grabbing my phone in bed from under my gf and my arm went into an unnatural position. The radius bone dislocated and I had a lot of pain, completely unable to turn my hand left. I went to the Phra Ram 9 hospital the next day for some x-rays and saw an experienced, US-educated doctor. He told me that I should do nothing and just wait a week or so, then get back to the gym and "it will go back on it's own". I recovered for a week and one day heard a crack and it was back in it's place. No problems for a long while, lifting heavy weights at the gym as usual for the past months. In the past weeks I've had issues with it again as it has started popping out in random occasions, just slightly e.g. when I was riding and reaching for my driving licence in my pocket. This time a bit of movement and it was back in it's place in 5 minutes. However, yesterday it popped out badly again at the gym just warming up with 2.5kg weights. Terrible pain last night but today I'm up again and it's back in it's place? Really odd one. Now the problem is that although I have very good insurance (ACS), it's an existing condition so surely will not be covered. I'm looking for guidance on a specialists to see about this issue that isn't too expensive. Hopefully with some physiotherapy and strenghtening of certain ligaments / muscles I could get it to stay in place without requiring any surgery.
  6. Iglu is looking for a Salesforce Developer and an Administrator. 1. Salesforce Developer Job Description – Work with business analysts, project managers and other developers to translate business requirements into solutions. – Provide project estimates and contribute to developing project plans. – Plan, design, develop, test and deploy solutions within an agile SDLC framework. – Produce technical documentation to support the solution. – Participate in code reviews and solution testing. – Provide thought leadership, technical guidance and coaching to junior team members. Skills and Experience – High level English skills. – Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering and a related field. – Proficiency in at least one object orientated programming language – 2+ year’s work experience in a similar role – 1+ year’s work experience with Salesforce CRM – Salesforce CRM training/qualifications – Proficient in writing clean, solid, readable code – Productive, self-motivated, self-managing team player – Excellent problem solving abilities – Ability to work meet deadlines This position is open to both, Thai and Foreign nationals (visa/work permits provided). Salary is up to THB 70,000 per month based on experience. Please apply through this link: https://iglu.net/job/salesforce-developers/ 2. Salesforce Administrator Job Description – Configuration of solutions for new and existing clients – Monitor and resolve service calls to meet end user expectations – Coordinate support work with IT admins – Timely resolution of issues/bugs as part of Salesforce application support – Facilitate change management activities around releases and functional enhancements – Assist in testing & QA of development work completed – Helping end users with queries relating to functional usage of the CRM – Conduct ad hoc training and development sessions with end users Skills and Experience – High level English skills. – Bachelor’s degree or higher in an IT or business related field – Strong Interpersonal and communication skills dealing with end users – At least 2 – 3 years experience in a similar role supporting Salesforce Application including Workflows, Validation Rules, Approval Process, Process Builder/Flows skills – Ability to manage and prioritise multiple assignments with minimal supervision – Productive, self-motivated, self-managing team player – Excellent problem solving abilities – Ability to work meet deadlines For this position, a Thai national is preferred. Salary is up to THB 50,000 per month based on experience. Please apply through this link: https://iglu.net/job/salesforce-administrator/ **Do not apply unless you have the required experience with Salesforce.
  7. We are looking for Full Stack Javascript/Ruby Engineers to join our team to build responsive, high performance education applications. You will work closely with the technical lead and remote team to improve and build new features. This is a opportunity to join a small team of engineers that are currently making a big impact in the education marketplace. Basic Qualifications Minimum of 2 year experience developing React and Rails applications Minimum of 4 years overall software development experience Highly proficient in Javascript Excellent understanding of PostgreSQL Strong Computer Science fundamentals in object oriented design, data structures, networking, concurrency Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent professional software development experience Preferred Qualities Experience developing with APIs (OAuth, XML, JSON, REST, etc.) Understanding of the HTTP protocol Quick learner, with passion for new technologies Passion in building beautiful, easy to use web applications. This position is open for foreign nationals and visas / work permits are provided. Please apply through this link: https://iglu.net/job/senior-react-rails-engineer/
  8. SS1

    Lizards in home

    I also started having them in my condo. I don't really mind them as they take care of removing insects, but they shit all over the walls.
  9. I didn't mean that I'd expect the "auto clean" or "X-fan" function to actually clean it, but it seems an useful function to help preventing the build-up of mould (once I've got it clean first!). It lets the fan roll and dry the unit for a few minutes after you switch it off. I think this could work since the condensation is propably caused by the big temperature change as the AC is left freezing cold inside while the room temperature gets to +30 as I leave the bedroom window open. If anyone can recommend a cleaning service who will take the blower wheel out, let me know as well.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys. My AC units are GREE models like on the photo, one like that in my bedroom, one in my office room and a bigger one in the living room. The one in the livingroom has the least mould, but I use that one rarely. In contrast, I use the one in my bedroom every night at 23 degrees and the one in my office room daily at 26 degrees. I'm from Finland and my genes are for surviving arctic weather - not the heat of Bangkok so unfortunately not using them is not an option for me. So far I have sprayed the blower wheel with a special AC spray, isopropyl alcohol and diluted bleach today. However, this doesn't get rid of the stuff as spraying is not enough - I'd need to wipe the thick layer of mould off with something. It's thick solid pieces of mould on the wheel (see photo of cotton bud) and they won't come off unless properly wiped off. The gap is narrow so it's really difficult to reach it with anything to clean it properly. I'm wondering if the units are somehow defective with moisture building inside.. one of them started leaking but was fixed by the condo maintenance staff. I found a cool function on the units though that I'll definitely use from now on to reduce moisture. "X-Fan or Auto Clean function is standard on all GREE Ductless split series. This function allows the cross fan to run continuously after the cooling cycle to dry off the coil and help inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew."
  11. I had the units cleaned a month ago or so and when inspecting with a flashlight, the blower wheel and it's surroundings are pretty much full of mould again. I'm coughing while I sleep and when I wake up as a result. Last time the units were cleaned my gf told them to clean the blower wheel properly but if I understood correctly, they said it cannot be removed in this model (GREE AC units). I emailed GREE about removing the wheel and they just replied to me in broken English to only have their certified mechanic do it. I also had a look at my friends units who lives in the same condo since around 2 months and his were completely clean inside (he has never cleaned them since moving in). I'm thinking that could my units be defective with moisture building inside?
  12. Thanks for the info, also interested in this.
  13. SS1

    Are you worried about skin cancer?

    Sunbathing is for crazy people who want to get cancer. Got some friends who got melanoma and died mid-aged, after sunburning a lot when they were younger.. I never leave the house without being covered in SPF50 sunscreen
  14. SS1

    Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    It's the same thing in Bangkok, riding with some noise is much safer than a completely quiet bike. I have two bikes, one 690cc KTM with an Akrapovic Exhaust (muffler in) and a Yamaha Aerox with stock exhaust. I ride both bikes in Bangkok and have had so many more near misses with the Aerox because it's completely quiet, for example when filtering in between traffic. With the KTM I rarely have this problem as people hear me coming. Don't get me wrong though, too loud is definitely too loud. Those 125-150cc bikes with cheap open pipes sound ear-destroying and are the most annoying. I put the muffler back into my exhaust because even if I love the sound of a 690cc single cylinder, have to consider other people.
  15. Thanks for the advice. He is going to Vientiane by Air. However I asked also in one Facebook group where a known, knowledgeable member said: "nope, won't make any difference at all. Just present both passports when he goes to stamp out of the country. they'll stamp him out on the new one and that's the one he uses from then on."