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  1. But they don't have unlimited 4G plans yet in Thailand as far as I know, so something like that is not very practical for full time use. I'm currently using my phone as a hotspot and getting under 10 mb/s download speed with AIS 4G. It's alright to get work done whilst waiting for proper internet.
  2. Hey guys, I just moved to a new lowrise condo on Sukhumvit 64 that my girlfriend bought. The condo is brand new and they are just finishing up the last bits. We are actually the first ones to move in. Before we did the transfer of ownership, we checked with AIS who told us that we can have AIS Fiber there. After moving in, AIS called that they cannot do it! Now after my gf has been talking with the building manager, he is saying that they will make a deal with TRUE for the building. What a nightmare - I believe TRUE is the worst of all of them. When we came to see the condo before moving in, the staff told us that there would be True and TOT internet which I'm OK with.. but it doesn't seem to be the case at least yet. I work mostly from home and have to use VPS's based in the US, so having a fast internet is a must. I also play online games on my free time.. I have only heard bad things about True internet on Thaivisa, Facebook and my colleagues who all work in IT/dev jobs. How does it typically work - does a condo building decide which provider they take, and then the provider comes to install the cables? Is there anything we can do, perhaps try to ask the building manager to consider choosing a more reliable provider? Or do the providers themselves decide which areas they will and will not cover?
  3. Hi guys, I am doing a project on independent BMW part dealers and garages in Bangkok. I have have visited over 10 already but need to find more. Do any of you know any particular independent garages that specialise in BMW cars in Bangkok? Thanks in advance.
  4. Knowing him from a popular biker Facebook group, Christian had been trying to sell his bike for a while already...
  5. I don't really get this. On the video I can see the rider stops and goes to check what happened. After this, the video is cut and continues showing the guy leaving, once the road seems to be clear already. Am I missing something?
  6. 1.5 years and the condo was new when we moved in. Yeah, most of the damages are reasonable wear and tear except for the stains in the kitchen walls. Personally if I was a landlord I would make the tenant pay for these. I would prefer to get it sorted beforehand though, as landlords are known to make a profit on these works in Bangkok. I hope I can find some effective way to clean them to a reasonable condition.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys, I thought it was more simple than it is. I wonder if it's possible to find any cleaning product to clean stains off walls, such as black marks from shoes and coffee stains in the ceiling? The gf decided to do a "coffee shake" with my protein shaker that had the lid open, so you can imagine how the ceiling looks like.
  8. I have no idea to be honest, was just assuming I will leave the condo in a similar condition as when moved in (new).
  9. Oh yes, you are totally right. Did not mean it in a legal way, but rather in a practical way that you don't really need much teaching to be able to use one on open waters (comparing to e.g. car or motorcycle). On the other hand in Finland, where everything else is super strict, the law says that if you are under 15 year old you cannot drive a boat with more than 20 horsepower alone. If you are older, you can drive a boat of any size as long as its not commercial. Accidents are minimal and there are a lot of boats in Finland! Most accidents happen to drunk people. Well, the point of jet skis is that they go fast, otherwise can rent a sea kayak or a paddle duck :)
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend a service in Bangkok that can do both, or separately for each job: 1. One time deep cleaning of a condo, as we are moving out and want our deposit back. 2. Re-painting of walls The condo was new when we moved in, but with some wall marks from shoes, luggage and a little coffee shake incident by my gf the walls probably need re-painting. My girlfriend had a look at some painting services, but they were priced starting at 10k THB. Something doesn't quite add up, if a can of paint costs 1000 baht and construction workers get around 300 baht per day. So looking for someone with more reasonable prices.. Also if you don't know anyone, would be interesting to hear what would be appropriate prices to pay for these jobs for a 1-bedroom 39m3 condo? Thanks in advance.
  11. You definitely don't need a licence for a jet ski.. even a 6 year old can ride one. They should just have a proper training session beforehand with clear rules to keep a certain distance from others. What I observed from a little more developed country (Croatia) where I was allowed to ride one at 10 years old, was that they had a remote control system that could be used to shut the engine in a second from the beach. So if you went too far, too near to the beach or too near to others they would shut the engine as a warning. You would restart and then continue, if you keep messing around they would shut the engine and come bring you back.
  12. Can anyone advise what I need to do to get the pink ID card? I have a work permit, but I've understood that this is not enough to get it. Currently I am renting a condo but next month my girlfriend is buying one and I'm moving there. If she puts me into the house book, does this mean I can get the ID?
  13. An aftermarket exhaust definitely makes a difference when you are riding in the city. I agree with some of the above comments though, for low cc bikes those exhausts designed to just make more noise is just retarded. On the other hand with bigger CC bikes, they can be quiet at low RPM so you can ride quietly when needed, but will make more noise of course when you are riding hard. Why do you need them in the first place? Well, nowadays the manufacturers fit most bikes with shitty exhausts to meet noise and emission regulations. An aftermarket exhaust will typically increase performance and make the engine run better. For safety on the motorway, it probably doesn't make a difference as the sound does indeed go backwards.. but in Bangkok you can definitely hear it when a a big bike comes from behind and know to watch out. I've had some near misses with too quiet big bikes - you look in your mirror and just see a small dot, then suddenly it's already there because you cannot estimate how fast these things accelerate. With some sound, you know to watch out!
  14. I would define fitness food as clean food that provides you the appropriate macros to support your training. Cooked without excessive fat, sugar, msg or other crap. It does not have to be chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli, as you can make almost any meal into healthy if you know how to cook. Wonder why is it so hard for some to understand that some people just train hard and take their diets to the extreme because they simply love it? For me I enjoy every bit of my training and lifestyle, keeping my body in shape and eating quality food. Not everyone who trains seriously is a narcissistic freak staring at themselves in the mirror every day. This is also why I didn't write "serious bodybuilder" in the OP because I also train for power and not at all interested in actual bodybuilding competitions or such. It seems to be the jealous overweight couch potatoes who cannot understand this..
  15. Thanks for the helpful and not-so-helpful comments. It seems some people have no idea about the protein needs of someone who trains seriously. Cooking myself is definitely a good option. I like cooking a lot and been doing so for the past 5 years. It's actually quite amazing what delicious dishes you can come up with whilst still sticking to your macronutrient requirements. Used to always cook some huge batches of Thai or European food then freeze half of them so I'd be sorted for a week. Only downside is eating the same thing again and again.. Another reason why I no longer cook myself is lack of time. Trying to manage a job, my own business as well as a masters degree simultaneously currently leaves me very little time for cooking. There are some very good services in Bangkok for food deliveries, fitness is starting to become a trend here too. Just hoping to try something new!