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  1. watch that beach seller walking away in the background carrying the plastic rings. he never sells anything. he is a police spy.
  2. nasty lady from the nasty party.
  3. now maybe she will realise that the special relationship is not a relationship at all. it all about the trident missiles she leases from america. why can england not make its own missiles like france? (that is assuming that the uk must have the bomb.)
  4. is work. wow! must learn how to be stupid to survive. not easy.
  5. stop teasing this poor man. he needs help. how would you feel in the same situation.?
  6. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    i love lazada. they are no problem.
  7. kim jung ill the great leader does not develop anything. he makes shopping trips to macao where everything is available. looks like he has unboxed a teller ullman nuclear device. so far so good but he still needs a reentry vehicle like the type 4a built at aldermaston in england and copied by the americans. you won't find that in macao. the world can breathe a bit longer. such a beautiful country with such beautiful people deserve better than this but unlike east germany there is no sign of a regime change.
  8. Laptop battery not charging

    unplug from the mains. remove the battery. hold down the start button for 30 seconds. replace the battery and try again. i have a faulty old asus netbook and i do this all the time. you do have a fault but this will reset the bios. do not flash the bios. that is just asking for trouble.
  9. i had a german girlfriend in london who was an ex of danny the red. even further off topic.
  10. last time i was in turkey a soldier at a roadblock pointed a loaded rifle at me. keep out of turkey.
  11. all drugs should be legalised and the money saved used to treat addicts. those that want illegal drugs obtain them regardless. in the meantime obey the law. avoid all middle east transit airports. remember the one about the girl transiting through dubai who was arrested and imprisoned for some poppy seeds from a bun she had purchased at heathrow airport (london).
  12. there is a desperate shortage of paedophiles and so ngo's send pretty small children into the tourist areas in the hope of a catch. ngo's rely on paedophiles to support their new lifestyles. ever noticed tables of children in the tourist restaurants? surely this should stop.
  13. the prophet mohamed was a beautiful man. jesus christ was a beautiful man. However what they said and did has been lost to us. Instead we have a turkish interpretation which is very different.
  14. you must read the book "sapiens" as recommended by bill gates. europeans are homo sapiens with a dash of neanderthal. chinese/thai are homo sapiens with a dash of erectus. thai people are not neanderthal. europeans are. also neanderthals were a cultured species with medicine and art.
  15. i find the burqa very sexy. i would like to wear one. then the facial recognition cameras would not work.