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  1. Bank Book machine magnetic error EVERY time!

    keep your telephone well away from all magnetic strips. (different pockets.)
  2. stay safe. keep out of go go bars. ever watched the thugs spoiling for a fight who hide behind the sexy ladies standing outside?
  3. New Rama X Banknotes Unveiled

    what about the one, two, five and ten baht notes?
  4. in thailand it is only the ngo's who punch elderly people in the face.
  5. so why are there so many of them?
  6. i was there on Monday. there were 2000 migrant workers being marshaled about. it was 9am. and there was hardly standing room anywhere and massive queues everywhere. i gave up and waited 4 hours at CW instead.
  7. 90 day report Chonburi Immigration

    there were 2000 jungle bunnies at imperial world lad phrao on monday so this bunny went to CW instead and waited 4 hours to do a 90 days.
  8. I'm charged with money laundering?

    I have never traded in bitcoins but I have investigated the system. Unlike a normal currency exchange there is no central bank that you can buy from and sell to. So somebody has to sell you their bitcoins or somebody has to buy your bitcoins. The problem is you don't know who. It could be anybody. In this case it was between you and a criminal. So you become responsible for whatever the criminal is accused of. Since the transactions are supposed to be anonymous how did the police find out? It cannot be as anonymous as all that.
  9. Things to Volunteer for

    gang stalking anybody?
  10. Tics in furniture

    cockroaches love to eat tics,
  11. Wine and beer price

    you need to be drinking monte verde and not montclare. have been able to find monte verde in cambodia. monte verde literally green mountain is a wine from a small island off the coast of africa. try it if you can find it. you will like it.
  12. America has 800 military bases world wide. of these 200 are in Britain. Britain leases trident missiles from America which it carries in its vanguard submarines. France has the M4 missile which is similar to the trident missile 'cos America helped France to design it. the difference is that France owns the M4 missile. so the solution is for Britain to build its own missiles. it already builds its own atomic bombs and submarines. that is assuming that Britain needs to have atomic bombs. then Britain could respectfully ask America to remove its 200 military bases. this will never happen 'cos America never withdraws from a country once it is established. the special relationship is very one sided and causes a lot of grief to Britain particularly Britain's involvement in all of the many small American wars like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. this involvement causes terrorist retaliation on the streets of Britain. end of rant.
  13. In Cambodia:- Prime Minister Hun Sen has instructed the Interior Ministry to investigate the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) and potentially close it “because they follow foreigners”, appearing to link the rights group to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party's purported “revolution”. The CNRP - the country's largest opposition party - was dissolved by the Supreme Court in a widely condemned decision earlier this month over accusations it was engaging in a foreign-backed “lotus revolution”. The party's former president, Kem Sokha, is currently jailed awaiting trial on “treason” charges after telling supporters he received advice from the US. Sokha founded CCHR in 2002, and Hun Sen this morning suggested that he had attempted to conceal foreign influence in the NGO, telling a gathering of garment workers that CCHR “must close because they follow foreigners”. http://www.phnompenhpost.com/national-politics/breaking-pm-says-prominent-human-rights-ngo-must-close How long will it be before the the NGO's that follow foreigners in Thailand are also closed?