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  1. In Cambodia:- Prime Minister Hun Sen has instructed the Interior Ministry to investigate the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) and potentially close it “because they follow foreigners”, appearing to link the rights group to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party's purported “revolution”. The CNRP - the country's largest opposition party - was dissolved by the Supreme Court in a widely condemned decision earlier this month over accusations it was engaging in a foreign-backed “lotus revolution”. The party's former president, Kem Sokha, is currently jailed awaiting trial on “treason” charges after telling supporters he received advice from the US. Sokha founded CCHR in 2002, and Hun Sen this morning suggested that he had attempted to conceal foreign influence in the NGO, telling a gathering of garment workers that CCHR “must close because they follow foreigners”. http://www.phnompenhpost.com/national-politics/breaking-pm-says-prominent-human-rights-ngo-must-close How long will it be before the the NGO's that follow foreigners in Thailand are also closed?
  2. always rent a deck chair and the attendant will watch you and your stuff if you go swimming. unless of course it is a wednesday.
  3. are you one of them by any chance? the quote is out of context.
  4. sort of crucifixion. death is from being unable to breath. death is very slow and very painful. crucifixion is a christian obsession in a christian country. disgusting isn't it.
  5. All jewels from Paris Ritz heist recovered - source

    i don't own any gold or diamonds. beautiful though they are the risk of stealing is too great.
  6. Kampot police catch American paedophile

    now perhaps they will leave the rest of us alone.
  7. Thank goodness we have Trump as US president

    i love trump. he is the only president to stand up to the cia and the military industrial complex that america has become. he wants to restore democracy and the constitution to america. i wish him all the luck. if he succeeds america will once again become the seat of freedom and the envy of the world. unfortunately the cia are out to stop him.
  8. getting to chantaburi is ok it may be faster than going to trat 'cos the bus may take a more direct route. don't confuse chantaburi with chonburi. if you get to chantaburi there are many minibuses for trat leaving from the bus station. the fare is 60 THB . once again the driver will ask you if you are going to koh chang since most foreigners do. he will put you off at the pickup place for minibuses to laem ngop.
  9. take the big bus to trat (pronounced as in tart and not as in rat or you may get taken to khorat (happened to me once)) several of which leave bangkok ekamai early every morning and which then stops on sukhumvit road pattaya at the intersection with pattaya klang or central pattaya road (the road where is foodland). cross over sukhumvit road. there is a motor cycle taxi rank and a cafe which displays all the bus times. the driver will always ask you if you want to go to koh chang as most foreigners do. it is along 6 hour bus journey. the driver will put you off before the bus reaches trat at a garage where there are many mini buses to the ferry at laem ngop,
  10. well said or better still remove posts where someone writes a long essay and then somebody else quotes the whole essay and then adds a one word comment at the bottom like "agreed".
  11. Medical face masks

    wearing a face mask makes it more difficult for an ngo to recognize a targeted individual.
  12. can anybody identify the location? it looks like it is behind a department store but not harrods or that would be the ecuador embassy in hans crescent with julian assange and loads of police.. methinks maybe behind derry and toms on sloane square.
  13. yes exit 3. the bus is number 52 from morchit bts to chang wattana. it travels in a loop so you can get the same bus back again. relax and enjoy an all day session at CW. it seems to be full of chinese tourists. watch out for those taxis. i had one fiddling the meter which went to 50 THB after 100 meters up the road. most of the taxis are very safe and reliable. one day the bts will reach beyond morchit out to chang wattana. you can see it under construction.
  14. sounds like the ngo's from world vision with a dispute about their overtime payments.