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  1. the cat calling the kettle black. ngo's accusing others of twisting the facts. twisting the facts is how ngo's do their fund raising.
  2. ngo's like world vision assault and threaten to kill people all the time. this incident is just normal.
  3. isn't it a bit too late to be buying bitcoin. the last time i looked a bitcoin was 89,000 THB far more than a baht of gold at about 20,000 THB. after this astronomical rise can bitcoin go any higher or even keep its value.
  4. legalise it.
  5. the entrance fees go to sokimex owned by a friend of hun sen. the restoration and maintenance work is done by apsara which depends on foreign donations. i have been there twice a long time ago and would not want to go there now because of the crowds. but if you have never seen it you must go there once in your life despite all of the politics.
  6. before they built the bus station in pattaya the bus from bangkok arrived at the north end of beach road. since this is no longer allowed how can these tourist buses be allowed to do this.
  7. it is very dangerous to parachute when there is a big wind.
  8. i thought that it had to do with the amount of sugar in the blood. mosquitos like sugar don't they? when i come from the west mosquitos love me but after some time i don't smell so good and they leave me alone.
  9. another paradise lost and it used to be so cheap. now some things like bus fares are more than thailand.
  10. yes i remember now that i had a lao visa from bangkok when i took the boat. that was fun.
  11. it is a long time since i visited nong kai and laos. since the bridge was built can you no longer take a ferry boat across the mekong river? or has that service stopped? last time i did have to use the new bridge and take an overloaded cramped bus across. never again will i travel on that bus. it was the worse 5 minutes of my life.
  12. rather depends on the definitions of trafficked and children. the women are there to make money to alleviate their appalling poverty the like of which you and i will never experience. if you widen the definition of trafficked and increase the age of a child sufficiently then anybody can be called trafficked children.
  13. nowhere in the nursery rhyme does it state that Humpty Dumpty is an egg.
  14. isn't that man in the foreground our old friend Mr. Seila SAMLEANG Director, Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) - Cambodia he does get around.
  15. don't kangaroos do something similar? the joey is held back until a suitable time or maybe never.