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  1. Why does the second son have a different surname?
  2. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Feel free to replace the king with elderly person, importnt politician, the prince, or any other non king person. Or any other person who you deem to worthy of being taught manners and improved according to your standards And then you might realise how ridiculous you sound. I hope you don't go to Japan. There is like 150 million noodle slurpers that need to be taught manners by farangs like you (feel free to remove the Japanese president out of your criteria too)
  3. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    I hope for your sake your head doesn't explode
  4. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Geez. You're totally missing the point. I hope you re just trying to antagonise for the sake of it. So if the king was sitting on your table and chewing with his mouth open. Are you going to open your sophisticated classy farang mouth and kick him off. Please......
  5. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    As retarded as it sounds it's no different to a hindu coming to America and telling everyone who eats a big mac or whopper that it's wrong and blasphemy. Theyd get laughed out of the country. Yet certain types of people are "improving" and "educating" the Thais with their class and wisdom Laughable
  6. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    I don't claim to be a qualified recognised Thai culture expert but many of the posts here make me laugh, such as "it's unacceptable for someone to chew with their mouths open for me, so I get on my high horse and try and teach everyone around me what is wrong and right" So many losers here...... Like I previously said. Why don't you go to. Japan and tell people off for slurping their noodles?
  7. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Geez I live in a country where the culture is to wear shoes in the house where you are the president or not. I must live in a country with 100million savages. I'm grateful I have farang with young Thai wives to teach me and them bettter:)
  8. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Well a culture and educated and tolerant human being will understand the difference between a rude person vs a cultural practice or habit Only the losers and those with a chip on their shoulder or with 'short man syndrome' will crap on about teaching the Thais on manners or to improve their behaviour
  9. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    My Caucasian gf wears shoes in the house. In my culture we take our shoes off. Should I teach her. Her parents. Her friends. Her family some manners and tell them it's unacceptable to wear shoes in the house??? /sarcasm
  10. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Thank you sir. You have just proved my point to a pin
  11. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    And this is what's wrong with farangs The think they can go to a foreign country and teach them what's better!. They think they are better. No wonder they are looked down upon. Do you go to Japan and tell everyone from child to elderly that slurping your noodles is wrong and you need to be taught different? I doubt it. So what's the difference
  12. I'm not really a Ronan Keating fan to be honest. Never have
  13. Side Effects of Marrying a Much Older Man

    Oh boy.... Thai money doesn't buy you a visa in foreign countries unless it's billions
  14. Side Effects of Marrying a Much Older Man

    shes not forced to marry him, she made a choice certain choices have consequences, she cant cry foul for being with an old guy