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  1. I read somewhere that the chinese do spend just as much as western tourists, but in different areas, eg tours, food and hotels and less on sex, but dont quote me on that, if they make thailand too unattractive for tourists eventually the industry will suffer and the thais will only have themselves to blame, its easy to get complaceant and cocky when everything is going fine, but you do really have to plan in advance, something probably asians arent that good at.
  2. nope, would never have joined in, I read most stuff, in case I can learn something these forums have taught me heaps, and I dont even in Thailand, nor do I have a thai partner
  3. Because it shouldnt be like that.... a tourist should feel safe and not have to negotiate on using a metered service, and to get ripped off, whether its $1 or $10 Call me naive, but thats my view, too many tourists get ripped off, and they'll stop coming, so dont bite the hand that feeds you
  4. <deleted> guys, I m not even old and I needed an aspirin trying to work out who was quoting who What are you guys even arguing about, I gave up after two lines
  5. depends on what comission rate the taxi company takes off the meter, I know what it is in a few other countries but not Thailand
  6. The Mother in law

    A bigger tax deduction? :):):)
  7. You dont need a phd to work at 7 11 or be a house keeper
  8. Yet theyre are thousands of drivers who were happy to take me on my 75 baht trip of which they probsbly lose 15 to 40% in fees via the meter. And yet some greedy drivers want 200 baht of which theyll pocket all for themselves. Eventually if it got so ridiculous people would simply change jobs or industries. Thats the law of economics . Then the tsxi authority will havr to take action
  9. Just like all the prostitutes who say they have no choice but that line of work and they dont get paid enough Yet next door there is a person working for 50 baht an hour at the 7 11
  10. This is where because you are dealing with a non first world country whose cost of livinf is less than your original is. Andis also an arrogant mindset Lets turn the tablrs and say that you were the japnese tourist in this article http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/venice-restaurant-bill-charge-meal-tourists-police-osteria-da-luca-st-marks-square-a8172426.html%3Famp&ved=2ahUKEwiw0s_i7MXZAhUMWbwKHTvvC2oQFjAAegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw2i1d5PAL2he7NNFzYq1Wz-&ampcf=1 Are you going to lat the restaurnt owner on the back and give him the thumbs up brcahse he might be struggling to pay the rent? Or cant afford to put trufffles on his family dinner table?
  11. I agree . In many significant historical cases. Eg allowing black people ti catch the same bus as a white person. It took a couple of brave people to break the law and make a stand. History would have condemed them at the time but later theyre treated like heros However taxi drives are doing it for pure greed and personal benefit. No aspect of honour at all.
  12. of course, but be prepared to cop abuse too
  13. Was there a few weeks ago, and yes I experienced what you are referring to, simply went to the end of the soi, and found a metered taxi on the second go, he was perfectly content to take me whereever I wanted to go on the meter, tipped him well to and thanked him. doubt the drivers 50meters down the road were too scared to turn the meter on, they were simply too greedy or more opporuntunitsc
  14. so if a driver accepts a customer and says "no meter, meter broken , 300 baht" hes going to get a thumbs up from his fellow drivers or the local mafia boss and if he says "yes meter is fine" hes going to get his knee caps broken.. geez, funniest thing ive read all day, thank you
  15. The Mother in law

    I assume its a bit hard to not buy them a house after gloating to them how much of a go getter you are on your pension.