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  1. LPG Gas Heater

    Does anyone know where to buy a LPG gas heater in Thailand ?.
  2. Do you have any info on this ubonjoe ?.
  3. Can a long term expat give some advice please. Friends of mine have just completed their 30 year lease contract on a piece of land in Essan. He and his wife are both foreigners and his name is now on the land title. He now intends to build a house on this land. The questions that I need answered so I can advise him are. 1. Can he register the house in his name as the lease holder, or does it have to be registered in the Land owners name ?. 2. basically the same questions for water and electric connections.
  4. Kraft Miracle Whip

    I have it now confirmed that they are no longer importing into Thailand. The only way to get it will be to import it ourselves.
  5. It says on the UK government site that you have to send your old passport. Surely thats not a good idea.