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  1. mirage

    Mutual Fund

    OK had a meeting at the branch today. They did guarantee 4,000 baht p.m. And showed me a Linked account with 57,000 baht in. What I didn't realise, that it was my money being moved not profit. Oh well it's only money ha ha. Now that I know that I am gambling it will be more fun. I do live by the rule of not putting more money into a country than I am prepared to loose. Thanks for your comments guy's.
  2. mirage

    Mutual Fund

    The fund is with SCB bank.
  3. I was persuaded to put money from my savings account into a mutual fund last year. I made it clear that I did not want to risk the principal amount. It has lost 60,000 baht. It seems it must have been put into a high risk account. I was only hoping to get a return of 3% but it's lost 6%. Question should I pull it out and take the loss or let it ride another year. Anyone have experience with mutual funds. Knowledgeable advice would be appreciated.
  4. mirage

    Kraft Miracle Whip

    Anyone interested I have just found Miracle Whip at Topps market zeer Rangsit. 8 tubs left yesterday :-)