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  1. Sorry to inform you but effect 1 Apri 2019 Bangkok Bank will only accept International ACH. I asked my bank in the US about it and they inform me they will not be doing international ACH transactions. You should check with your bank on this. Read this fro Bangkok Bank: EXPAND ALL PRINT Advice to senders using US bank internet banking services If you have a U.S. bank account, you can conveniently transfer funds to a recipient's bank account at Bangkok Bank in Thailand via the internet by completing the steps described below for an international ACH transaction (IAT). International ACH payments are processed in accordance with operating rules and formats developed by the Electronic Payments Association (NACHA). The IAT is a special code (a Standard Entry Class or “SEC” Code) for ACH payments that enables financial institutions such as Bangkok Bank to identify and monitor international ACH payments and to perform screening to ensure compliance with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC, U.S. Department of the Treasury) requirements. The NACHA rules require Bangkok Bank’s New York Branch which serves as intermediary, to ensure that payments that are transmitted to account of beneficiary in other country are appropriately classified as IATs and contain information as described below. Bangkok Bank, New York Branch, is required to receive the ACH transactions in the required IAT format. This means that we must require that senders who wish to transmit funds to recipients at Bangkok Bank in Thailand to provide certain identifying information. Instructions To initiate a such an international transaction , using internet banking when you log on to your bank in U.S. website, please select the International ACH and provide the following information to your bank: Your name and physical address in Thailand Your bank account number and the name and address of your Bangkok Bank Branch in Thailand The 9-digit routing number 026008691 of Bangkok Bank New York Branch, which acts as intermediary in the transaction. Important Note: As some bank in U.S. may not provide the International ACH thorough their internet banking, please contact your bank on how to process your transfer. Once Bangkok Bank’s New York branch receives the payment with the appropriate IAT format, they will process your payment to Bangkok Bank in Thailand for further credit to a recipient's bank account at Bangkok Bank in Thailand. With effective from April 1, 2019, New York branch only process ACH with appropriate IAT format and all non-IAT transactions will be returned. Bangkok Bank in Thailand will be able to credit the recipient’s account in Thailand only when the name and account number of the recipient in your transfer instruction from the banks in the U.S. matches the recipient’s name and account number at Bangkok Bank. If you wish to inquire more information, please contact Bangkok Bank, New York on (1-212) 422-8200 or e-mail [email protected]
  2. Of course, it is an international transfer. As long as the money comes from my bank in American into my bank in Thailand. You people read to much into this stuff.
  3. It doesn't matter. It is my money that was transferred from my bank in the US and was deposited in My Bank in Thailand. Baht or dollars it is still my money and it still comes here from New York to Bangkok and that makes it International and TI isn't going to care less about it.
  4. My American Bank Statement shows the money was paid to Transwise and was deposited in my Bangkok Bank Account, Bank Code FTT. I received a SMS that Bangkok Bank received an international transfer of $_____ on such and such a date. My money was sent from an American Bank and put in a Thai Bank to me that is an international transfer.
  5. I used TW this week to test it. The money was withdrawn and paid to TW on my bank's transaction. TW receipt shows the money was transferred to Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Bank statement in my Saving Account Book shows an international transfer. I don't know what your problem is but I can do that 12 times a year with more than 65,000 baht with no problem. It seems only those who got a Retirement or Marriage Visa knew the rules but didn't play the game right and now they are crying about it. All along it was always 65,000 baht a month but people try to play games and not follow the rules. So blame it the the Embassy or TI and not you. It's just too damn bad.
  6. Wait until they see the new requirements and health insurance cost along with the diving baht. It will be number 100 soon.