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  1. Or to put it another way around:- Farangs scream outrage as many Thais want to "rip off" farang!
  2. (p.s. go for a Mac) b.s. Love your sense of humour!
  3. PM is not showing any interest in the types of "problems" (and many others) you have noted. Just another empty/meaningless announcement for political purposes. No action plan but, who would have guessed?
  4. Use a real computer then there is no trawling from your SIM card. But then again I guess some people are "wedded" to their phones. So sad, too bad, never mind.
  5. When they flip flop and "pull the plug" 'tis a pity that a few idiots don't go down the drain at the same time!
  6. lvr181

    What will Bitcoin bring in 2019?

    What will happen? Just more speculation and exaggerated claims.
  7. "the perpetrators of which must be captured and prosecuted..." And the RTA have never been able to do that either or have no idea how to go about achieving that! So long as your butt or mine points to the ground, Thai leaders never will recognise or try to understand something as simple as Einstein's quote! A 'cultural problem' of big fish in a small pond? A distinct lack of lateral thinking? There must be a building (or two) full of people on "inactive posts" - send them down south to sort out the problem amicably or 'you will never return from there during your natural life'!
  8. Really? You gotta be kidding.
  9. Jeeze................. Condolences to his family and friends.
  10. New broom sweeps clean. I did it my way..............(with apologies to Frank Sinatra).
  11. Ummmm..........why not immediately?