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  1. NO, you are realistic and understanding of those who are intellectually challenged.
  2. lvr181

    Pedophile Swiss expat arrested by Thai police

    "they" had shut them down? All on their own? And now "closing in on some of the people...."? Perhaps some of us critics have been too harsh on the RTP comparing them to the Keystone cops? Mmmmm..........
  3. There are no (plural) "virgins". There is only one (not 72) awaiting them and she is 72!
  4. lvr181

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    Trainer jet crashes onto Tak golf course, one dead, one badly hurt; Wthat makes Thailand so unique? Just my lateral sense of humour when reading the headlines.
  5. Condo in Bangkok? Sinking fund is appropriate. Slightly OT
  6. I can understand the "protesters" concerns but, not a smart move because it will give the PM the opportunity to once again delay the 'much vaunted, regularly promised' elections. UNLESS, hidden behind these protestors and egging them on is a group wanting the current regime not to change?!
  7. More of an interesting place to visit for varying lengths of stay.
  8. NOBODY of authority in the kingdom will take "ownership" of problems, it seems. It is a game, called - 'Pass the buck'.
  9. It seems they buy all uniforms from same shop and you can just choose your accessories also.
  10. They do burn quickly because of the way they are built.
  11. I think not - probably a frustrated comment. The kingdom is hardly a paragon of safety, of any sort.
  12. NOT beyond repair - totally missing!
  13. I thought the PM outlawed the 'parading' of suspects? Ref: "2016 (Sept) - PM has ordered the parading of suspects at Police press conferences be scrappd [sic] to guard against violations of humans rights.............The order will be given to the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for security affairs and to the police."
  14. lvr181

    VPNs and BBC iPlayer

    He may be winding you (or any other 'responder') up?
  15. Oh, spare me...................... BTW - I am neither British or American.