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  1. May I poetically expand? Nationalism is for the poor and needy. A rich man's tool for the greedy!
  2. "I just wanted to entertain people from my lengthy talk.” Perhaps the lengthy talk could be kept succinct and then no confusion?
  3. So, the PM thinks that the media are not generating enough public fawning, bowing, scrapping and adulation of his ministers (some of who are inept)? Yeah right! Respect is earned NOT demanded, Mr PM (unless you are part of a feudal hierarchy system).
  4. I understand the racing terminology. But 'stagger' is rife on Thai roads - stagger(ing) imbeciles, drunks, drug affected drivers and too many 'single cell brain' drivers. I have friend, who is a school teacher and before the days of popular political correctness, she always said that "thick" (substitute with uneducated) people breed "thick" kids.
  5. "In fact it's a nice change not to have a government blatantly participating in corruption." That was your 'qualifying' statement. Contains the word "not"!
  6. "............due to a technicality ?" NO, due to large brown envelopes! And the PM thinks he has stopped corruption? Next joke please.
  7. Duh? Can anything be more 'blatant' than police corruption (although there are many decent police)? Prayut has done some things but stopping corruption is NOT one of them. Some lip service to stopping corruption yes, but that does not mean that the government is not participating in corruption! Off with the rose coloured spectacles.
  8. "And Prayut wants to reform the police to be more effective?" (my italics) I love your sense of humour.
  9. "The race cars I was involved with were USAC midgets and sprints, neither had transmissions at all." (my italics) Even easier to drive than an auto and far easier than a manual (aside from the driving conditions)
  10. Yup. Probably because the Pattaya Police have all the money producing scams tied up anyway?
  11. A time worn tale (first time I've seen a video version of it) but does seem to fit the circumstances, 'do as big daddy tells you'.
  12. I hope they quickly find the 'missing'. Doesn't sound like a good scenario. So, now the USN is at war with merchant ships? Hope Donald T Rump doesn't take his country into a real war
  13. Are you planning to drive into a waterway? Better brush up on your driving skills perhaps?
  14. Wrong - last change of brake pads was at 114000kms! I gave up on manual transmissions 38 years ago. When you do a lot of driving in traffic or having to stop and start on uphill grades, autos are better. And for the 28 years before that I drove manual transmission cars, (at which time I was also racing them) but then I decided to drive smarter not harder and used auto transmissions.