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  1. He should take his foot out of his mouth - as a starter!
  2. Back to Pattaya we go, Mr Crusoe

    "....or if he really wanted to be rescued." OMG. Really? Maybe the reporter is practising to be a fiction writer.
  3. Windows 10 Update to 1709

    This may help about backing up current Win 10 BEFORE updates. Seems that mny have had problems using the advice from MS (error messages). www.windowscentral.com/how-make-full-backup-windows-10 HTH
  4. Totally agree. Just I sometimes wonder whether they are actually from Mars 555
  5. 555 Neither actually. But a regular visitor over many years pre and post coup. Starting at Korat airforce base during Vietnam war.
  6. Same same? Oooops......Mars would at least be dry but style of Government probably same There isn't any (effective) Government on Mars? Then it is the same! 555
  7. 1) "Maybe..." I would doubt very much that the current regime would even allow any form of class action But hey, maybe you meant that as a joke 2) Fully agree but there is no or very little will to deal with the problem. Billions of baht on armanents seems to be more important (guarantees the military's strength in the event of future likely coups - under the guise of 'protection' for the country against external threats)! A 'me' fixation for those at the top of the feudal social class. I follow your train of thought though.
  8. You have an insurance policy and you do not know what it says? Incredible.
  9. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    Do you mean that it is all in the UNKNOWN TO ANYONE plan?
  10. "....12 months of point duty for the police driver." AND his/her immediate superior for allowing this to happen. It's called 'responsibility'!
  11. Seven arrested, assets seized in fraud probe

    Unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does! Stupid = greed/y?
  12. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    Of course there is no 'quick fix' but a proven successful ongoing mitigation program would be helpful! Just that it seems that no-one wants to commence that because they have no real idea what to do and are unable to accept 'specialist advice'. Lucky amulets and praying to the weather gods is not going to help. Cut out the wailing, wringing of hands, crying, weeping, moaning, sobbing (acknowledging klauskunkel) and excuses and in the words of Nike - "Just Do It". Mr PM, stop stating the obvious, stop with procrastination (you have been "in charge" since 2014) and get started! There must be enough people in the "inactive post" department to provide the labour required to help with the mitigation solution? Filling sandbags and delivering would be a starter.
  13. Only if you let them..................