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  1. lvr181

    Travel isurance

    I have completed some 5 or 6 bungee jumps, the last one being in my 60's. If your Dr was ok with something like that - DO IT. There was an elderly lady (102 yrs young) who recently completed a tandem sky diving jump (in Australia?)! Whatever is on your bucket list, go fo it. And there is probably no 'safer' place than NZ to take a 'risk'. Better to be hospitalised in NZ (from whatever cause) than Thailand. Ultimately we all die.
  2. lvr181

    Travel isurance

    So you are going bungee jumping then?
  3. I doubt if it would have made any difference. Elderly driver = reflexes probably very very slow.
  4. That says much about the culture of the RTP!
  5. Sad situation - BUT that's the way the "Mercedes Benzds". R.I.P those killed.
  6. Has he already removed his foot from his mouth? I thought his "foot in mouth" was a permanent fixture. R.I.P frenchy, sadly you ran foul of an armed, idiot Government employee.
  7. Understand what you are inferring BUT why would you carry someone elses luggage, in this day and age?
  8. He must have worked in Government - coming up with a typical idiotic statement to justify the unjustifiable! Telling lies (to save face?) seems to be second nature to some. DISGUSTING!
  9. That would get rid of a lot of the criminal element and maybe some rich and powerful also (but they will "protect" themselves with large brown envelopes)?
  10. lvr181

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    I think some powerful interests would like that.
  11. He has nothing to worry about. Perhaps he should but, being a Deputy PM and high ranking Army officer....................
  12. lvr181

    AIS Fibre Internet Speed Upgrades

    Really? Well it does for comparison purposes.