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  1. AKA - I not understand or this is not up for discussion?
  2. That a terrible thing to happen - he bought an iPhone. Oh.....that reminds me, hope the shop assistant is okay and sues the a rse off the d head!
  3. Not going to happen! Never will be Thai 4.0, despite announcements from Government authorities! I didn't think that they had achieved Thai 1.0 yet.
  4. "but just letting you know that there is no such thing as 30+30." So long as you live? In perpetuity?
  5. Slightly off topic but speaking of Ferraris - the reason I don't have tattoos is, you wouldn't put bumper stickers on a Ferrari.
  6. They are the "seeds" and from these seeds a mighty Oak (Pattaya) will grow. And did. (Paraphrased)
  7. If you are correct (about the coronation) then that will be a legitimate reason to further delay any election.
  8. Never let the "truth" get in the way of a good story. He is only just out of nappies himself. And still a boy.
  9. lvr181

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    Agreed but, I think some "big infrastructure" needs to be considered to mitigate the continual flooding. Just doesn't seem to be on the mind of central Government! They would rather "bash" kids into submission because it is easier? Or talk (incessantly - without successful action) about the road toll.
  10. Will politicians be able to criticize the NCPO? Doesn't matter Will there be campaign rallies? Under what specific circumstances? Hope so. Will there be street rallies? Hopefully without violence. Will there be a 'caretaker' PM? Doesn't matter. Will the Junta try to ban the PTP? Hope not - otherwise it is hardly "democratic". (I am not a PTP supporter) Will the military keep its nose out of things? NEVER!!!! Will the Bureaucracy be allowed to be neutral? Is it neutral now and without corruption? ??????????????????????? There are numerous questions that need to be answered before any sort of celebration can be held. REMEMBER the PM spoke about Thai "democracy" NOT western style democracy - don't get them mixed up! P.S. My bold.
  11. lvr181

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    No no no - that is not fair - must always be fault of 'farang'. They not understand.