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  1. Wow, the PM is such a warm, retiring and modest person isn't he?
  2. "Mr PM are you listening ?" Nah! For gods sake man, he is a General - they give orders not listen.
  3. “Various measures have been implemented in the past 20 years to boost road safety but they weren’t so successful because Thais know what actions break the law but do them anyway as they have become conceited after not getting caught,” Taejing said. OMG, 20 years and the 'authorities' still have not learned anything! Proof, IMHO, that they have no idea what to do (a lack of high order critical thinking?). Now proposing dashboard cameras! I can already see the thousands of motorcyclists (who probably are the poorer classes of society) and who probably make up the greatest number of road trauma statistics having the baht to fit them subsidised or not. And that probably goes for a large number of motor cars, vans and trucks also. "...Thais know what actions break the law but do them anyway as they have become conceited after not getting caught,” Taejing said." Now playing the blame game - just trying to deflect from the real issues! One being the lack of will or inability (for any number of reasons) of the the RTP to enforce the laws! "Until Thailand takes steps to enforce road safety, the unspeakable carnage will no doubt continue unabated." (Gecko123 & my bold). I agree wholeheartedly and history would certainly support that. All these ideas and 'extra' laws are merely window dressing (AKA papering over the cracks in the wall) and not addressing any of the real fundamental issues - enforcement and education. And those of us who have learned to drive/ride defensively (drive/ride according to the road conditions and always expect the unexpected) have merely increased our odds of survival among too many idiot road users.
  4. Snakes

    Only after they have been bitten? Keep calm, it's just a joke.
  5. Let us not knock (or mock) the boy's dreams.
  6. Gen Prawit: Don’t worry I can clarify

    The dog took one bite, found the human to be distasteful and ate the receipt instead.
  7. The 'democratic soldier' will probably allow at least two days. No time then for the standard bloody street riots of the past.
  8. Snakes

    I understand that in Australia they have 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world! Some 100 Australian snakes are venomous. Life is good in Thailand.
  9. Feudal society is alive and well, no doubt about that. 'People' must not have the temerity to question the ruling class!
  10. Wow - loss of face? PM going from big fish in small pond to little fish in big pond.
  11. It's the gold forks that will hook Thai buyers
  12. Thais not yet in the habit of driving safely

    "I do have a problem with people riding with their children on the back of their bike without a helmet, this is where the law should step in.." Did I read correctly that you are 'not interested in people wearing helmets, its their life and they know the potential dangers, let them do as they wish.'? Following along your line of thought, its their life, its their children and they know the potential dangers? And I agree that the children should be wearing helmets THE SAME AS THE ADULTS! Children learn from adults. Hospital beds do not need to be taken up with people who do not make an effort to stay out of them otherwise it is to the detriment of those who need the hospital beds and resources for many illnesses, apart from the huge financial drain on resources that could be better used elsewhere e.g. education.
  13. How much energy needed by RTP to arrest an airhead wet rag? ROFL. Any touching would have been more than enough - no wonder she squealing like a stuck pig (for the benefit of her followers and publicity of course). Ho hum.
  14. I can respect Buddhism but not some of it's robed practitioners.
  15. But really, is having half a million Facebook followers "find her important" important? Not in my book. Just another "media tart" in the big circle of the media who, in turn, love back slapping themselves to gain attention thinking they're important. I am not anti social media, it is a part of our media landscape nowadays. It gives some their "15 minutes of fame" but, important?