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  1. Insurance law maybe different? Is common law that different? In what country is this "common law"? When I was involved in insurance, burglary was the forcible entry to premises whereas theft was NOT FORCIBLE entry (premises unlocked, theft as a servant etc.). Daytime or nighttime was no different.
  2. Transferred? Creative thinking to transfer the problem - NOT. How about busting them down to the lowest rank, separate them and transfer each of them to other areas?
  3. And science and medicine are continually working to increase our life span - that's pretty scary!
  4. "Just in case, you might want to buy an inexpensive, but refundable, ticket out of Thailand during the 30-day period." An airline ticket from Phuket to KL can usually be purchased for a low throwaway price.
  5. Go home to Mum and cry you big baby. No one really gives a s**t (except for the stupid people who believe the world is gray/grey and not black and white)!
  6. Huh? What is inteligance? And you offer a sarcastic comment in English?
  7. Not just blinded by a windfall, but gullible victims of their own greed.
  8. Love your humour
  9. I totally agree and education could be the answer (among other badly needed changes) BUT after spending billions(?) of baht on a submarine there is little chance of improving educational standards in Thailand that may lead to a future improvement in the cultural values of so many Thai peoples, particularly the values of human life and the responsibilities of parenthood. Does a major mainstream belief system (Buddhism) not teach morality (I am not deeply versed in the teachings of Buddha)? Or, same as Roman Catholicism and maybe other religions, is it perfectly acceptable to commit an atrocity and then ask for and expect a "pardon" for your crime from your religious or belief system? Change starts from the top but when self-aggrandisement, lack of accountability and responsibility is seemingly paramount in much of Thai (but not limited to Thailand) society can there be real change? To a casual observer, life is cheap in Thailand, sadly.
  10. OIC, so you are looking for a promotion from the ranks then?
  11. Kobkarn has been shafted and no one remember to tell her?
  12. They are members of a society of high order critical thinking? No way! When there is a fast baht to be made, critical thinking dies!