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  1. Unfortunately the people are totally unaware of what is going on because their leader/s do not allow them to know any different apart from the official line. Hmmm....I wonder if any other country is moving long the same or similar lines?
  2. "There should be some form of World Court that can do something about ridiculous sentences." As long as your butt points to the ground, a World Court order is not about to happen or be enforceable.
  3. It is flexible - allows corruption so long as it is not corruption of the national strategy.
  4. Land of accountability and responsibility NOT! Could the reconstruction funds have been subverted?
  5. Yup, deprivation of oxygen is a good result.
  6. The one in the front middle sure looks like she has 'enhanced' boobs!
  7. It is a Thai Navy experimental sea plane. Still experimenting? Yup, that didn't work.
  8. "How is this guy going to fill in 8 hours every day ?" Maybe he could consider solving crimes? Or is that idea too radical?
  9. I may not agree with his thinking but I do understand it. There has to be a better way of punishment than a monetary fine. Perhaps taking the motorcycle off them for a week (increasing weeks for repeat offenders)? And/or many many hours of community work? Perhaps the state could find some way of subsidising cost of helmets to make them affordable to the lower paid citizens? If this could be an answer and they didn't wear them, then a draconian punishment should be expected.
  10. To paraphrase Forrest Gump - crazy is as crazy does And is likely to happen again because who is learning.
  11. With handbag?
  12. "... it often backfires, and makes the police look silly." Or do you really mean 'sillier'?
  13. A preventable accident. 'Nanny states' are not that bad after all. Condolences to families and friends.
  14. Gotcha. I only pointed out that they DID invade a sovereign nation. That is a fact, not recognised by you. Nice to have a chat with you.