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  1. I quoted you WRONG! I now think it was yellowboat who made the original quote? Report if you will. Or am I wrong again and it was you? Now I am confused!
  2. I think one of the big problems is that Mr P still relies on powerful allies to keep his position. And he dare not upset them, otherwise he could, perhaps, reform Government corruption and a myriad of other problems. What good has the little "orangutan looking creature" done for the good of the country? NOTHING!!
  3. Buying time to negotiate a monetary 'not guilty' stance, perhaps? IMHO.
  4. How do you know that? Your unquestionable reliable source is? If they were not forced to go, did they have the opportunity/freedom to decide about their work and work 'conditions'? Your comment (yet again) is made while wearing blinkers or looking through rose coloured spectacles. Just try and grasp the 'big picture' for once.
  5. 5.7% = all of the 'elite class'?
  6. This topic is not about what other countries laws or socially accepted norms may be!
  7. NO. You need to grow your own "low mentality'! Tattoos are common among pacific islanders - it is part of their culture. Try expanding your knowledge horizons. Could be a new experience for you? P.S. And no, I do not have tattoos.
  8. Much "urging" but very little action, as usual. What does a Governor do (apart from "urging")? Sit around and just collect monies? Leadership starts at the top - Mr Governor!!
  9. I think I understand what you saying - there seems to be a general usage, probably (as you say) by news media, that any any 'group' of motorcyclists is referred to as a gang. Just sensationalism by the media! "Gang" normally infers some sort of criminal activity or association. Therefore, ipso facto, a 'motorcycle club' would not be a group of 'criminal minded persons', but a 'gang' would be. It seems to me that those who are claiming that the gangs (or members) are not necessarily 'criminal', are just trying to hide or minimise this criminal association.
  10. Probably a difference between 'clubs' (or groups) and 'gangs' (being the criminal mind ones).
  11. I have one also "Miss" but if I am voting (election before blekfast) then it actually says "Mississippi"! 5555
  12. Help police catch this thief!

    And those ones as well