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  1. where to buy crash helmet on Samui

    You can buy Real Helmets at the Kawasaki shop in Namuang at the ring road
  2. Health department warns of cockroaches eating

    The bugs they sell on the insect food market are not cockroaches. These are swimmer beetles. That's a totally different kind of beetle. Enjoy.....
  3. Receiving post in samui

    I have a P.O. box since 2003 at the Maenam Post Office. It was never free of charge. But at that time it was only 150 Baht. Now we have to pay 500 Baht per year.
  4. Very easy, just pick it up and sqash it, whenever you see one. That way you can keep them at bay.... Good luck
  5. Budweiser beer in family mart

    I also saw the Budweiser here at the Family Mart in Samui. I bought a bottle to try it. But after drinking half of it I poured the rest down the drain. It tastes really disgusting. The real Budweiser from the Czech brewery is very nice however. But unfortunately you can not find it here.
  6. You would probably need to reactivate the Win 10 OS. After such heavy hardware upgrades the OS will not recognise your new hardware and will ask for a new license key. It presumes that it is a new computer. You will have to call MS support and tell them that you have upgraded your old machine. Then they should issue a new license key for you free of charge. Good luck Cheers
  7. P.O. boxes & bank safety deposit boxes in Samui

    Now at Maenam branch. Before they closed down the Bangrak branch, I had it there.
  8. Good Coffee Beans Shop

    Yes, the redcliff coffee from Chiang Rai is excellent. Since more than 6 months I order all my coffee beans from them online. They only sell pure Arabica beans which are freshly toasted after receiving your order and then sent right away to you by EMS. After 2 or 3 days they arrive here in Samui. You can choose your toasting grade according to your liking. This coffee is highly recommended. Cheers, Carlos
  9. P.O. boxes & bank safety deposit boxes in Samui

    You can try the Tanachart Bank for safety deposit boxes. I have one there since more than 7 years. Good luck Cheers, Carlos
  10. It seems that nowadays it takes a few working days for them to process the paperwork. And during that time they keep your passport at the office. You only get a printed number tag as receipt. Last year we got our extension within 1 1/2 hours. This time it took us 5 days...
  11. Bicycle Mechanic Needed

    Sorry post went out prematurely. After the bend it is about 30 metres more and then on the right side. There is even a green sign there that ssys mtb mechanic. His name is Dit and he speaks English qwite well. He is also a very good mtb racer. Good luck Carlos
  12. Bicycle Mechanic Needed

    There is a good mtb mechanic in Bangrak at the airport road on the way to the arrival terminal. His shop is just after the small gas station. There is a sharp right bend and after that it is about 30 metres
  13. Slow Down Samui

    Well, according to my calendar the 30th of March is a Thursday and not a Saturday.... So when will it be now? Cheers, Carlos