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  1. Have you ever wondered why the US has such a huge deficit with every other country? It is greedy, most of it's major manufacturers have moved out of country and nobody else in the world wants crappy US cars, overpriced drugs and medicines and food full of fructose (designed to keep you on those expensive medicines all your life). Nobody needs to buy American (or wants to), but the US NEEDS to buy from the rest of the world. If they build a wall then US citizens will pay for it as they will pay the burden on any tariffs or trade adjustments the US impose on Mexico. Trump has you on the road to nowhere.
  2. You set a very low bar for Heads of State. The issue is what Trump is actually saying. With his current batch of lies comes evidence of obstruction of justice and also conspiracy (that's collusion for the uneducated). Trump will go down, the question is will it be on his own or how many American lives will he take with him when he predictably tries to call on his base and incite violence in his last desperate throws to save himself and his three little piggies.
  3. How much time do you spend reading QAnon? Have you got a T-Shirt yet? Trump is destroying himself and unfortunately the rest of the once great USA in the process. What will be interesting is how the party of Law and Order - the Republicans will react when all of Trumps crimes are actually revealed. Will it be "Lock him up", or "Well tax evasion and Grand Fraud really isn't so much of a crime"'. The mightier you are, the harder the fall (that's the USA not Trump).
  4. I think before you concern yourself with MS13 ya'll need to get a grip on solving the problems with the Bloods, Crips, Mongols, Aryan Brotherhood, Gangster Disciples, Vagos, Trinitarios etc etc. But American thugs good, foreign thugs bad, Shootings by white christian Americans OK, shootings by an American muslim - Jihad. Please, build the wall, I will donate to a crowd funding page, I will even start it, but just go all the way around.
  5. Oh, it's coming. Justice has no expiry date.
  6. The last twenty five indictments were post-faced with the words that these indictments do not include any involvement by Americans. I expect that this will be the last time we will hear this statement and the next round of indictments will include Americans and possibly some of the President's inner circle and immediate family. It could be one reason that the DOJ has not yet indicted those individuals as it will cause extreme anger in Trump and he will immediately sharpen his pardon pencil and the put in motion the firing of Mueller and Rosenstein! For the record that is not my quote, nor would those words ever come out of my mouth. That was stated by Bushdoctor.
  7. The coverage on Fox of the Russians who have been indicted is absolutely disgusting. This is painful to watch. We actually have these people defending the Russians and making this out to be nothing. This is what the USA has come to. It is an utter disgrace. This is how the Trump supporters are enabling the down fall of a once great nation. Traitors.
  8. You are completely disingenuous just like the Congressmen (it is an embarrassment they hold that title) who displayed themselves yesterday as utter fools lacking even the slightest integrity at the Congressional hearing. Learn and watch with Strzok what a real American Patriot is. He has done more to protect his country and the American people than anyone on here ever will.
  9. Well n the same vein neither is Weinstein But we all know he is going down. Neither is Hillary Clinton but you all call her a criminal. Trump will end up being guilty of a list of crimes as long as your arm and the Republican party - the "law and order party" will try and give him a free pass, because..............well just because............ What was it in the Military "God, Country, Corps" Current Republican Party . "God, Party, Country" Did someone mention traitors before?......I think they were bang on the money.
  10. So here is a really really interesting development. The two latest people to be poisoned (the woman died) had a bottle containing the nerve agent in their home. Me thinks the surviving man has some serious explaining to do. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6774123/salisbury-poisoning-novichok-amesbury-home-victim-charlie-rowley/ Now this could prove to be fairly significant. Are these two the people that poisoned the Russian and his daughter? Ouch! We may get some answers after all and it is unlikely to be as straight forward as everybody (The British Government) first thought.
  11. Ooooh LOOK. a nothing burger ! https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/13/politics/russia-investigation-indictments/index.html Now then, timing is perfect. If Trump smiles and backslaps Putin he should be impeached immediately. The nemesis is coming Trump supporters. A witch hunt eh! I am quite sure by tonight Rachel Maddow will have all the names and be making all the links between Russians and Americans. Popcorn!!!!
  12. A brilliant piece by the great columnist of the Irish Times, Fintan O'Toole. I have always enjoyed reading his articles but this hits the nail on the head (or is that the hammer on the nail - for one of our dear members ? ). Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and even the slightest propensity for rational thinking should enjoy this thought provoking piece. Lengthy but worth it. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/fintan-o-toole-trial-runs-for-fascism-are-in-full-flow-1.3543375
  13. Well of course it is ready to bust 25 000. It is not so long ago that it busted 26 000 and what happened. Tax cuts and trade wars and the Dow lost over 1000 points. Nice. Since the start of the financial recovery by Obama not even Obama managed to lose 1000 points on the index. Trump just keeps on winning. Careful with your 401K, Trump will see the Dow at 15 000 before he is jailed. Mark my words. Nope. He said, if you don't do as I say I am taking my ball home. So everyone said Ok because they were mature enough to do what is best for the team. Europe will meet their two percent obligations and in the mean time you have 20 world leaders hoping Trump's next s**t is a hedgehog, and one world leader - Putin who wants Trump to have his babies. You will see if its the 'result that counts' the next time the USA want a coalition of the willing and nobody is willing.
  14. Can you point me to your posts criticizing Jeff Sessions and others for refusing to answer questions claiming 'Executive Privilege' where absolutely non existed. In the video, Trey Gowdy is a true representative of trump, he is a grade A a_sshole. Strzok has quietly, unassumingly done more for the protection of the USA and it's people than Gowdy or Jordan could do in a hundred lifetimes.
  15. I commend all of you that have not been lobotomized by the Trump Organization to really dig into the story and background of Peter Strzok, the guy currently going through a congressional hearing over his tweets about Trump. This guy is a thoroughbred true blue American Hero, if you cut him in half there would be Stars and Stripes in the middle. The counter Insurgency and counter spy Ops that this man has conducted and led are the stuff of novels. Yes he wrote "F*** Trump", "we will stop him" (also on the end of that which they cut out "we can stop anything") . He wrote these texts during the Republican Convention when then candidate Trump was on stage and had just attacked the Immigrant Gold Star parents. There was nothing political in it. As Strzok says, it was 'disgusting' behavior and worthy of being criticized using expletives whoever would have done/said what Trump did. If you don't want to google and read just watch the clips below. One by Maddow giving the background to this amazing patriot, and the other is when Strzok responds to Trey Gowdy at the congressional hearing (i have started the vid near the end watch the whole thing if you want to see how disgusting Gowdy is). Strzok is epic!