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  1. What were you saying about ungentlemanly conduct a few posts ago?
  2. I personally think sending his daughter was beyond pathetic, and I would question Merkel also for doing so. First lady - ok, but his daughter? A woman who has been given all the opportunities for business on the back of blank cheques from Daddy? Many of us could be on the way to being billionaires with that type of backing. Meanwhile her 'husband' - that's the man who has been given every main job in the administration that would normally occupy 20 people full-time has still not been heard to utter a word. A seemingly cuckold husband in the middle of a very weird Father Daughter relationship.
  3. Funny, it was an audience full of women.
  4. Ego was determined from your egotistical response concerning Oud. Suddenly you are an Alpha male that 'even you only wear it sparingly'. Save us please, do you wear pheromones as well to pull in the women? Trump is not deliberately vague or meandering, he IS vague and meandering. Running a country like he runs his business will never work. Trump never works with a contractor twice, he hooks them in uses their money and resources and then screws them over big time - hence the 4000 class actions currently against him. You cannot do your business with your allies like that now can you? Or do you think it is ok? Forget it don't reply, I know your answer.
  5. It is your hypocrisy that is stunning. Trump won over his voter base by saying he was bringing jobs back to America and going to punish those companies that did not. Yet here we are, with his daughter (and HIMSELF) with businesses in China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, paying their workers a pittance, while claiming everyone else is bad for doing so. AND YOU DEFEND HIM!! And where do we start with this? That is NOT what Trump won on is it? It is NOT what he claims will make America great - again! So why support a man whose argument is the antithesis of this? By the way, stop mentioning Clinton in your posts, it is both pathetic and boring. Trump's performance (or lack of it) is NOTHING to do with Clinton. If Trump started serving 'crap' filled sandwiches in his restaurants you would come up with a good defence for him doing so (and probably say how delicious they are yourself). When you argue your campaign on work for US citizens, Jobs for Americans, punishing companies who take their work overseas - and then do it ALL yourself with no remorse, apology or change in operations then you deserve everything that is coming - Impeachment - Jail!
  6. Nimitz class have a displacement of 100K tons, almost double that of the Chinese effort. The Chinese have a long way to go yet.
  7. Oud clearly also imparts on it's host a sense of Ego. - Bigly. No wonder you support the Donald.
  8. ^^^ Well the thing is also that it is not quite winter anymore ! So what is his excuse next? The Spring Whitehouse? the Summer Whitehouse? He is taking the American people for complete idiots, and the response is they continue to let him. Trump may well be impeached, but everyone in congress and the Senate must hang their heads in shame for years to come as they stood by and let him continue. 100 days - my God!
  9. USA take note. This shows how critical good governance is. Venezuela is a country that has enormous resources, it is naturally incredibly wealthy, BUT when you have corrupt clowns running it, it does not matter what resources you have, it will all go down hill very quickly. Venezuela was never brilliant under Chavez but people lived a good standard of life. Browse the tube and see the utter dire straits they are in now. It is all very bad. It is impossible to even consider doing business there now and so the downward spiral will gather even more momentum.
  10. I see where you are going but Trump wants those very 'Thugs' to be the ones that help him and sort out Kim Jong. What have we come to when the USA wants China to broker a diplomatic solution on its behalf? It is pathetic and leaves the USA where it must tread as if on broken glass when down in the S China Sea. The whole notion that the USA is now relying on the Chinese President is staggering. Just what did China offer Trump in terms of business deals for Trump to make such a U-Turn on China? Hopefully whatever it is, Trump and his 3 little piggies cannot spend it when they are doing 50 years in a supermax.
  11. Well there are intel rumours that Iran had discussions with N Korea to continue 'its' nuclear research program. A match made in heaven really. If Iran paid N Korea to do the work that the UN will not allow it (Iran) to do and as a result stopped the sanctions, thereby releasing billions of dollars in oil revenues. In 5 years or so, N Korea gives whatever Iran paid for and boom! All eyes on Iran so it cannot continue research but does so through N Korea who nobody will bother with. Both countries hate the US with a passion. So yes Midas, if you are right then its time to stock up on rice, canned fish and bottled water
  12. That would be most likely with the 'Armada' providing close air support. I hope they have a lot more of those MOAB's with them to take care of the rumoured 80+ tunnels the N Koreans have dug into S Korea. Imagine the hellish chaos of 100K N Korean troops popping up in the middle of population centres in S Korea.
  13. transam HeroKK is displaying the same knowledge of military strategy as Trump. What can possibly go wrong in the next few days/months?
  14. If he were sane and had a strong knowledgeable Sec of State who could reign in the gun ho Generals (for whom Trump is a dream come true), at the security meetings, I would believe you. But he isn't and he doesn't have, so I think we are in for trouble that the world does not need. Buy your Raytheon shares quick!
  15. I would be shocked, but not surprised if we see some kind of attack on N Korea before Saturday. It is a sure fire way of getting Trumps defence budget, wall, healthcare and anything else he wants done by the 100 day mark approved. Trump needs a war fast and I believe he thinks this will be easier than taking on more of ISIS.