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  1. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    All in good time, it's coming,no need to rush, the popcorn factories are working overtime to cope with forthcoming demand.
  2. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    But Capone still went down for the deed. Trump has lots of others do his dirty work for him but ultimately he will still be held responsible and one can only hope that the judicial system will hold him accountable.
  3. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    The only person saying they are not fact is Trump. The FACT is that both revelations are from written testimony 10 years ago and with "Stormy" there is an independent witness. The FACTS for Trump doing this far outweigh the alternative facts for him not doing it. But like a good Trumpster you will find any excuse possible to cover up any wrong doing of his, even if it is criminal. it is Just Weird.
  4. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    And Al Capone never did any of his own tax returns and payments but.........................
  5. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    Instead of just blatantly lying that she cared for the disenfranchised poor ?
  6. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    Exactly! Throughout Trumps history he has always been known for NOT paying anybody anything. That is why he has over 4000 outstanding law suits against him from contractors. What are the chances that Trump would allow 280 000 USD of money that he WILL be held accountable for by the 'donors' (even if it is just in favours in kind) to be spent on two women he implies are nothing more than attention, money seeking whores. And by the way all these stories are out without either of these women currently making a dime off them.
  7. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    Well at least twice apparently according to the substantial evidence now appearing in the media. Or do you live in Trumps alternative facts Universe? The only evidence against is Trump saying "more fake news". But like the ostrich with it's head in the sand - the lion will sure enough still come and bite its ass off. Someone soon is going to produce images/video. The Republicans have some soul searching to do. In support of this man they have sacrificed their patriotism, their fiscal conservatism and their family values. Funny how the GOP wants zero abortion rights for women but it is ok for their top representative to go screwing around with impunity without wearing condoms.
  8. Do Americans want to work in Mara Lago? It seems they have a lot of vacancies every year and only employ cheap foreign labour. How about you start with making Trump start paying decent wages.
  9. Well actually it is not really that hypothetical is it. There have been 20 school shootings already in 2018 in the USA and as of 15 February, with New year Holidays and weekends I reckon there have been 32 school days since the beginning of the year, so we are currently running at 1 school shooting every 1.5 days and guess what, despite being so close to your (hardly) hypothetical situation, nothing is changing and you are correct - nothing will change. An inconvenient truth if ever there was one.
  10. You mean the old man who said on TV and at a public rally "You think I would have gone with that woman, take a look at her seriously" , when accused by someone of sexual harassment, the old man who has called women 'ugly, or fat,or liars' since he has been POTUS. The old man that mocked a disabled reporter (and he DID), you mean mocking that old man is not a good and tolerant thing to do? THAT old man deserves to be mocked and ridiculed 1000 times more than he is currently being mocked. He deserves shaming, he deserves criticism (the perp walk will do it - after he has had the prison haircut), in fact he deserves everything that karma is going to dish up on a silver platter and a lot more besides. Do I hate and despise him - yes! Am I a bigoted and hateful person - No! Do I care one iota if that is what you think of me - No!
  11. Does what anybody else has done exonerate Trump of Federal and state crimes that he commits/committed himself? Just asking'. The funny issue is that people say that the money laundering crime is nothing to do with the Russia investigation (Manafort being a nice example), but when the Feds are looking at you for one thing, if they discover another crime they will not just say "oh nothing to do with our investigation", they will follow up and bang you up. Trump is facing serious jail time along with some family members and then Trump will get what he is always striving for...top ratings on the networks...boy oh boy has he got some record breaking ratings to come. His inauguration was not the most watched inauguration ever, but his sentencing will be the most watched ever, danger, I will have all 11 TVs on in the house.
  12. There will be no sperm stain on a blue dress but maybe a urine stain on a Russian mattress.
  13. The Senate will have a hard job acquitting someone of money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, obstruction of justice and treason. But it will be entertaining from a non US perspective to watch.....Mmmmmm popcorn!
  14. There will be no 'settle', any other President would be given that privilege but Trump, his family and his enablers will be jailed. Does anyone think after recent events the intelligence service and DOJ are not going to throw the book at the whole swamp stinking crowd of them. The person that will get the "deal" will be the oncoming President that takes over. If it is Pence, he will be given a 'deal' and in return will issue no pardons.