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  1. I will show this to a particular friend of mine, it will make him laugh (well not really). I was out for a beer with him once about 15 years ago it was just before his 40th birthday. It was that night he broke down and off loaded years of unbelievable stress. As a boy he went to a Roman Catholic school for boys, he was a full time boarder. One of the priests used to come into his room that he shared with another boy every night. He would make them lie on the floor face down naked while he rubbed his dick on their butts. He would then ejaculate over them saying that they were doing Gods wish by making him - Gods Priest, happy. If they ever told anyone the secret they would be excommunicated. He was 10 years old. By the age of 12 another Priest 2 nights a week would anally rape him. Same deal, all Gods work. I was the first living soul he had told in all these years. When I asked why, he spoke of the shame. When he was young there was the fear - an absolute eternal life in hell for being excommunicated, then when he was older and realised all that was crap, there was the shame, endless endless amounts of shame. He was a rough tough military guy when he told me and even then to see tears pouring down his face I personally realised the grief this man had carried for 30 years. "No court documents, no trials", he would not be able to bear the shame of his children knowing the truth. These women had fear as young girls. At a time when a woman's place was still firmly expected to be in the kitchen and that they were dealing with a man who wielded unimaginable power to them, the fear of speaking out and to be ostracised was too much. They DID speak to their immediate family and closest of friends. With the years of silence came the shame, and they were right to be fearful of that. Even now when they tell their story, the very people that should be taking them in their arms and caring for them - the Christians - are ridiculing these women on national TV. Do you think they have subjected themselves to that for 5K ? These women have had a story to tell, some of them for 40 years, and it was only due to thorough investigative journalism that the story is now being told. Yes the Christian God is a just God except when it's one of his own that is accused. The whole situation is simply sick. The fact that people will defend this predator of 14 year old girls, saying 'well she was pure' or "the Virgin Mary was a teenager', is just beyond belief. Build that wall for frakks sake and keep them all in, turn off the comms to the outside world and let us all get on with progress. If California annexed itself I don't think the world would need the rest of the USA for trade etc. Happy Thanksgiving - for what? Thanks that the worlds safety is now in the hands of an egotistical buffoon (put mildly) or Thanks that Christians have now "evolved" to the point that they are accepting of role models who are sexual predators, conmen, cheats, adulterers and pathological liars. Maybe just Thanks that we have not been taken into a nuclear conflict......yet! Having Moore in the Senate is just another step along the road to armageddon. The Christian will be happy then. No wonder Moore loves the 'Ten Commandments", nowhere in there does it say "Thou shalt not <deleted> 14 year old Girls", I imagine POTUS quite likes that also.
  2. It is quite shocking what some people will actually write. After a comment like yours above you should not be permitted to mix with others on social media and forums. The very fact that Trump does not make any statement condemning this situation concerning Moore speaks volumes about his moral compass (or lack of it). I cannot believe that in the space of 1 year the USA has taken so many steps backwards in terms of it's positioning and reputation on the global stage. I think that when Americans join hands and say a prayer for thanksgiving with their families, they need to have a serious think bout what the contents of those prayers should be. That being said, what is the point of prayer, when the devout followers of God now make excuses themselves for Moore's behaviour "he dated teenage girls because of their purity' ! The fact that there are pages and pages of discussion on this matter shows what is wrong with the very fabric of US society.
  3. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    The North Sea as we know it has been there for 6500 years or so. Prior to that Glacial deposits and the last ice age had a land bridge for at least the previous 20 000 years before that. The Earth may well be about to enter another huge cooling cycle I agree, but it will last 10 000 years or more, with more ice ages etc etc. BUT before that can really kick off seriously there MUST be a warming cycle. There is no denying that all indications show an overall warming in the Earth's climate. I am not going to get into an argument about who is causing that, as personally I am doubtful that anthropogenic global warming was/is enough to start such a planetary effect as overall warming, HOWEVER, we know it (warming) is happening and therefore the inactions taken by humans are certainly exacerbating the situation. We cannot stop it, but we can delay it, and even a 100 year delay will see us with the technology for humans to survive the inevitable coming of the next ice age. Remember Ice ages and the dynamics involved with starting them are all caused by warming of the Earths climate. I agree that certain people have become multi multi millionaires in the scandal of the carbon credit trading system and Governments in positions of power are now using the carbon credit system to actually prevent other nations from developing as we in the west did. Africa is in dire need of many many power stations and nobody will allow them to burn fossil fuels, and even if they did, they can't because corrupt politicians have sold off their 'carbon credit allocations', to the US and UK etc. The planet is in dire straits, humans can DELAY the process but not stop it, and then the planet will take over and it WILL cleanse itself.
  4. Its a BS system and there is no point with the US getting mad at this. Look at the following diagram of the number of times the permanent members of the UN Security council have used their veto power. Neither France nor the UK have used their veto since 1991. Interestingly since 1970 the Russians have only used the veto 26 times but the USA has used their veto 79 times. Most of the use of the Russian veto was 1946-69. Really this is a completely failed system and despite how abhorrent this particular veto is concerning the very necessary investigation the USA has no grounds to complain about anything.
  5. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    And how will you feed them and employ them? There is plenty of land for physical bodies to occupy. Fresh water is already at a premium unbeknown to most of the world. There are far bigger problems associated with increased population than accommodation.
  6. What about if you're a Republican waiting for a change of POTUS, as many many are? This situation has gone way past party politics, it should almost be declared a national emergency. With two insidious characters at least take the one that would not be an embarrassment on the world stage. The damage internally is already enough without making it a global circus. Pence is bearable in that he would face the voters at the next election. Trump is simply abhorrent in every respect.
  7. I understand your sentiments, but be content in the knowledge that Mueller does not just intend to impeach 45, he intends to bury him and his crooked band of kids. He will take a little time to get it all water tight. There could be jail sentences of 15 years plus thrown around here. Trumps only hope is to speed up the replacement of Judge appointments and hope him and the 3 little piggies end up in front of a sympathetic crooked Judge who owes Trump.
  8. Totally shocking and sad. The entire chain of adults in this girls family all guilty and sentenced - at least that is a good thing. How can people be so wicked? The US needs to worry about cleansing itself from within instead of concerning itself with travel bans and what a fully vetted Syrian refugee might do. I hate to imagine how this girl suffered before she died.
  9. Here is the best 20 minutes ever of Fox news and Sean Hannity! Watch Sean Hannity be torn apart by his own guests concerning the interview Hannity did with Moore. He back peddles more than an olympic gold medalist reverse cyclist and then towards the end has no choice but to change the subject to "was Bill Clinton a sexual predator" Handy took on more than he can chew here.
  10. The USA is totally frakked. Looking over the last 3000 years at how empires have fallen the last 12 months for the fall of the USA has been the funniest. Watch Fox go into melt down tomorrow morning. LMAO. AL Franklin in his days as a comedian , and he really could have run in 2020. Funny as hell.
  11. Yikes what will they do about the 120 M the Saudi's gave to Ivanka's fund. So the Clinton fund that has been completely open and the subject of many audits, and is basically a AAA fund and a model as to how a fund should be run with money going to the needy (and if you can steal 145M off Oligarchs and give it to the poor then that's cool), and the Trump fund where you get money in and spend it on your own personal legal fees and portraits of yourself. There was NO money laundering, the Clinton foundation has been audited time and time again. Hmmmmmm. let me think.
  12. How funny! I thought with many of the threads there was a distinct lack of all the Trump supporters, and I just peeked in here and they are all in here en masse. At least we know where to find them now. Why does anyone with more than two brain cells and an ability to read still think that HRC was involved in the decision to sell the Uranium? It is truly pathetic. The only reason Trump has called for this is because Sean Hannity started it.
  13. 1 min 20 to 1 min 55 is totally scary. Listen and really think about what you are hearing a US Politician saying. It begs the question, why not get rid of the source of the concern. Easy!
  14. You may want to re-word that final sentence in bold. I just know one of the forum semi-literates will be on soon and after their first morning pint will totally misconstrue what you have written .
  15. A better thing for the world would be to build the wall - all the way around ! and keep all the evil-doers from ever exiting the United States.