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  1. There will be a vacancy soon in the speech writing department as soon as they boot Steven Miller out, and after the UN speech I don't think it will be long.
  2. Funny how when people (Presidents) start rousing others up for a war, all of the minions seem to forget the reality of what is going on, a reality that ordinarily they seem to grasp. As a footnote with the level of money, arms and support given to rebel fighters in Syria that since took those resources and flipped to 'ISIS' it could be argued quite easily that the US are the biggest state sponsor of terrorism the world has ever seen. Can you tell me what state sponsored terrorism you believe Iran are actually involved in? further than that, not just the rumours but the evidence of the state sponsored terrorism you accuse Iran of. They are a particularly unpleasant regime, far from the democratic paradise that once was the jewel of the Middle East - just before the US upset the apple cart, deposed the democratic Government and put the Shah on the throne which led to the revolution which led to...........you know. I do not recall any incidents of state terrorism from Iran before the US Military shot down an Iranian passenger aircraft full of innocent women and children. Did we all subsequently reap a just retribution? Trumps rhetoric concerning N Korea is not helpful it is not constructive and it is not statesmanlike in any remote way. It is the same kind of talk you see in a bar brawl. Chest puffing rutting at it's worse and in this case it is being done with zero threat to the safety of the US (what happened to America First in that part of the speech!). The threat is to the safety and the well-being of the innocent civilians in S Korea, Japan, China etc etc. Trump may well have the technology at his disposal to put a tactical nuke through the specific window of a building, but he cannot control where the wind and weather will carry the deadly aftermath - no problem for him when the US is 7000 miles away. And for those that think that China and Russia are conducting military exercises along the borders of N Korea to tell Kim Jong to get rid of his nukes, you just have not thought it through. Those military exercises are to tell Donald Trump to clear off and leave well alone until a peaceful solution or regime change can be engineered in N Korea. The Russians have just engineered regime change in the USA, I am sure in comparison N Korea will be a piece of cake. Maybe thats why Kim Jong won't let anyone have the internet.
  3. Unprecedented (note sp) an opposing 'contestants campaign' would collude with agents of the adversarial Russian Government to bring down their opposing Presidential candidate, requiring the nations most secretive intelligence organisations and law enforcement agencies to request the right to surveillance. Really Incredible. Your support of traitors who have attempted to run amok with a nations democracy in order to feather their own nest is utterly pitiful at best. Luckily they have been caught and every single one of them is going to get what they are due and all those who have enabled, empowered, supported and defended them will hang their heads in shame when the true extent of this treachery is revealed. You keep defending the Trump, it is a crappy job but someone has to do it eh!
  4. Now wasn't it Trump and his deplorables saying something like "if he hasn't done anything wrong, why plead the 5th". If he hasn't done anything wrong why get 7 lawyers? I don't get it.................oops, maybe Flynn has done something wrong, and also everyone else lawyered up in the Whitehouse. If I had done nothing wrong, I sure as eggs would not engage someone on 1000 USD per hour when there is no need. Popcorn!
  5. No. Trump claimed Obama wire tapped him, and of course it was nothing to do with Obama and not even within his line of authority, or for Obama to be involved in decision making processes. It was the Judicial system, and it was Manafort.
  6. I guess Manafort may be pretty desperate to cut a deal ! If he is allowed, imagine the info he would have about Trump Jnr's meeting, and Kushner etc etc. I wonder when we will see Trumps little piggies going on 'holidays' and 'business trips' to Russia and not returning. And then imagine the info he has on Trump. If Trump pardons him then in any investigation Manafort is not allowed to plead the 5th. Oh dear oh dear, it looks like this witch hunt really will turn up a whole coven of witches ! Come to think of it Mueller does have a striking resemblance to our last "Witch finder General" ! A little hair, a hat and a beard and Mueller could end the investigation by making Trump have a heart attack on sight !
  7. Roger Stone is a head case. he is a regular on Alex Jones/Infowars. Just go on you tube and type in Roger Stone, Alex Jones Info Wars and you will see dozens of different shows he has done with Alex Jones. The man is a complete fruit cake. I have no idea why the media give him the band width.
  8. The problem is when we want the world to act, some Governments will not back up measures that are needed because the line above describes exactly what Israel have done with nuclear weapons. All UN Resolutions ignored. So what to do? Either move in and attack and sign the death warrants of 5-10 million South Koreans and Lord knows how many N Koreans or Send in the people in black and whack the fat one, or just watch and monitor. It might help if his oil/fuel supply was cut off, after all that will not degrade the life of the citizens as only a tiny percentage have cars/electricity etc, it would just cut off his military and infrastructure at the knees. I don't imagine his net ballistic missiles are battery powered so just cut off fuel and specialist fuel and get China to do the same (easier said than done I know - but its the only thing that will work short of death and destruction on a massive scale).
  9. I agree entirely, but I don't think Mueller has resignation as an option.
  10. There are a group on the net convinced that the atomic elements on the craft are of such weight that under the atmospheric pressure they will all crunch together, reach critical mass and cause a fusion reaction that ignites the atmosphere and turns Saturn into another Sun !!. Seriously! The truth is out there somewhere Scully. Google is your friend, or in this case your worst tin foil hat wearing enemy!! There is loads of stuff on this. Get your popcorn and sun glasses.
  11. I hear what you say ....BUT, Trump has slagged off to many people and too many excellent, proud organisations. They want to bury him and I think what the US must see is that which everybody (including DJT) quotes "we are a nation of laws". The US must show that nobody is above the law. Trump's serious financial crimes will go back decades. He has an army of skeletons in the cupboard and should NEVER have gone in to public office. Its the biggest mistake he ever made and that is saying something! and his entire family will pay the price, all because Daddy had an uncontrollable grudge against Obama.
  12. I don't think the Republicans will allow Pence to do that. McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Cruz and a long list of others want to see Trump and his 3 little piggies do the perp walk to prolonged periods of jail and if Pence wants to keep the crown he will have to let the plebs have their entertainment.
  13. Bill O'Reilly out at Fox after harassment allegations

    Exactly what I said to my wife last weekend
  14. Bill O'Reilly out at Fox after harassment allegations

    Well if that is your benchmark and you are looking for 'many accusations of abnormal sexual behaviour' how about you google the following: Over 9.5 million hits, don't think it's all from the left either! And since when is lesbianism an 'abnormal sexual behaviour'? Hmmm I must tell my wife that when her best friend comes round again at the weekend to 'stay with us'. I can't be a lesbian but is it also abnormal to watch - up really close.