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  1. Trump doesn't have an agenda, only the synaptically challenged see that. He is making it up as he goes along trying to look good by implementing his campaign rhetoric. But it's all shi*e. That is why he has achieved nothing. No major legislation only countless executive orders which he criticised Obama for. At least Obama had an excuse for executive orders as he had Republican houses who swore not to back a single piece of Obama's legislation. Trump is issuing executive orders when both houses are his. Makes sense much?.........nope, smacks of desperation much......yup! Trump brings all attacks on himself and most start as a consequence of his infantile tweeting.
  2. You are obviously remarkably well restrained on Sunday's I don't think shoes is the word many of us would have chosen
  3. That reminds me, the amount of sound coming from Pence in the last 10 days has been similar to that made by tumbleweed.
  4. Yes, he is a Neo Nazi. You have not taken the least bit of time to actually look into the life of the person you defend have you? Ah so now we have a 'guesstimate' from you. In an age when all the facts you could wish for are at your finger tips (with some good filtering), you now offer us a guesstimate. And we have gone from a belief system to 'supernatural belief'. Thinking there are ghosts and fairies at the bottom of the garden is a belief in the supernatural. Not walking under ladders or being concerned about Friday 13th is a belief in the supernatural . So what exactly are you talking about? Indeed it is widely accepted that the term supernatural can be exchanged with 'paranormal', so are you also including people who can bend spoons?
  5. 90% plus hold a religious belief? You just plucked that out of thin air. You made it up. Fake news.
  6. All that will be said by Trump Jr and Manafort will be "I claim my right to the 5th".
  7. Spicey will write a book, make millions and nobody will say a word, but woe betide Obama if he writes a book and makes money (has anyone complained about Ivanka being paid 2.75 M to write a book since she entered 'office'?). Spicer has thrown his integrity down the drain. There will be a flurry of invites for him to appear on talk shows after he quits in August but it's a pity the media will not do the honourable thing and just turn their backs on him.My guess is he will be on some sort of retainer from Trump to continue to talk about him in a positive light. As for Scaramucci, the swamp is continuing to fill up. And Spicer can go and find sympathy in the dictionary, somewhere between s**t and syphilis.
  8. Then the USA can be a real Third world country instead of just playing at being a banana republic now How the mighty fall. From being the Leader of the FREE world to suggesting that Trump will persuade the Military to throw the US constitution in the bin and become a country ruled by a Junta. No, you get used to it, the way he is going he will be in jail for a long long time.
  9. Trump is even making threats to Mueller now. Somehow I think Mueller will push as far as he likes. I am sure he has enough dirt to impeach Trump already. I also think after Trump's slurs to the intelligence community and the way in which he sacked Comey that Mueller and the FBI will make it their mission to bury Trump and have him in jail completely penny-less.
  10. I don't read anyone on here has said he should 'fight in some heroic way'.
  11. Yes, that is what makes us civilised. I am not a particular fan of his policies BUT he has spent his entire lifetime in unswerving service to his country and I am saddened to hear that he is now afflicted with an aggressive brain tumour. Where is God when it comes to people that have dedicated their lives to the service of others? Answer...........he isn't there at all. McCain deserved to die peacefully in bed in his 90's surrounded by his family, Grandkids and Great GrandKids. This is not something he will recover from. He will deserve a nice spot in Arlington if his family members wish it.
  12. Amazing news. It kind of knocked me over with a feather! Lucky woman - now get the hell out of Saudi on 'holiday' and never go back.
  13. Donald senior has something to hide !!! The thing is if Mueller is to ensure their is no link with Russia by making sure that what Trump said is true "i have no connections to Russia' then he must look at family finances. If Trump is 300 Million USD in debt to Russian state banks and mobsters then he is more likely to want to be positively 'helpful' to ensure A. His debts are not called in by the Russians (blackmail) or B. He is not having such debt wiped out (corruption). An orange boiler suit will match your hair Donald.
  14. Get that lawyer working Trumpy Jr! Kushner - Like Father like Son. Worth a listen, very revealing. I didn't know the full story behind why Kushner's Father was jailed. Young Jared is following in his Fathers footsteps.
  15. I think there are a few Trump supporters on here that offend you