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  1. Please stop. You have no knowledge whatsoever of how Defence actually works, from spending, to forward deployment of troops, to strategic deployment of troops, you have zero knowledge, so please keep these comments that may be expected in a discussion of 7 year olds to yourself. By the way if Trump brought all his troops, equipment and aircraft back to the US he wouldn't have anywhere to put them. There aren't enough barracks and hangar space.
  2. But you couldn't have said those things could you? Let me try it - Obama the orange haired buffoon! ....nope, Obama the man, Obama the pathological liar..........nope, Obama the pussy grabber...............nope, Obama the narcissist ........nope, Hey did you hear that Obama said the thing he has in common with his daughter is sex.............nope! Obama the corrupt...........nope, hey Obama's speeches sound like the words of a drunk.........nope. Obama the traitor...nope. Obama has sold us out to the Russians...........nope, Obama is Putins bitch...........nope. So how far do we need to go thaibeachlovers? There is no way Trump supporters could say the same things about Obama. However some of the examples we HAVE had on here where the contributors do deserve to be banned would be Obama...The White House Ni**er, Obama the brown smear President, Now Obama is gone it is good to have a human in the White house again, Obama is African born in Kenya he is not American. All said in these hallowed halls of TV. Would you like to stop now?
  3. "wuz" is a term used by 14 yr olds on mobile messages. Is that your age group? It would explain a lot. Is that when you are not throwing tantrums and telling us you are leaving the thread and won't be back because its pointless as it's full of Trump haters? If this is what cheers you up it's a sad reflection on your life.
  4. Ahhh ! I see and what about when President Trump said: "Obama wire-tapped me in Trump Towers", we are still waiting for him to prove it.
  5. I blame CNN for this appointment. Since Lewandowski was side-lined, they have given the obnoxious turd a free (in fact paid) platform to voice all the crap he comes out with everyday on the CNN news programs. Exactly the same as that other moron Jeffry Lord. CNN always complain bitterly about what Lewandowski and Lord say, so why the hell have them on the program.
  6. I hope that would be done at Trumps own expense. Must the tax payer pay a penalty to prevent 'ineptness' now? It sounds like a good idea but when Trump is in one of his 3am tweet rages in his own bedroom, who is going to stop him? It won't be the first Lady, she is in New York.
  7. To be fair, Ivanka would have chosen a man who has some of her Fathers more dominant qualities.
  8. I am sure Nate Silver's prediction did not take into account the James Comey factor, without whose intervention, Nate Silver would very likely have been right.
  9. I imagine it might look like this very famous war room
  10. Only when the information is the property of the USA. In the case of the Russians, that information was not the property of the USA, it belonged to a foreign allied Government, and without giving any thought to the safety or compromising of field operatives, Trump disclosed to an adversary. Wisdom and Trump should not even be used on the same website let alone sentence.
  11. A war room to be staffed with 'enablers'. I really do hope they all took that good advice recently and lawyered up ! I wonder if the news that Kushner asked Kisilyak for a secret communications channel with the Kremlin using Russian Diplomatic facilities in the USA has any of the 'enablers' worrying about their potential loss of freedom in the future. The lawyers will be setting flight soon to circle like vultures. There are big bucks to be made on this.
  12. That is an understatement. Kislyak deserves the "Hero of the Russian Federation, Gold Star Medal" The highest award Putin has to award. Kislyak and his team have accomplished more towards the downfall of the United States than The USSR did in 50 years. Kislyak should be on national hero status. I would love to live in Putins world right now. It must be like Father Christmas visits every day.
  13. And what about indirect contributions? What is the total value represented? It cannot be representative without the considerable value of indirect contributions can it. We have already had someone on here in the last few pages claiming Germany have contributed nothing for two years and now you blow him out the water - thank you. All this chaos in the discussing of a subject hardly anyone (including Trump) has any idea of what they are talking about. What bit does nobody understand about "The US Military Industrial complex DOES NOT WANT to reduce any defence payments anywhere. NATO allows justification to congress to spend truckloads of money on stuff that isn't needed except to ensure shareholders get richer and richer. If Trump cuts the contributions he will be whacked (well that would save impeachment I guess). God this is hard work.
  14. Profound: (of a person or statement) having or showing great knowledge or insight. and then you say lacking credibility?? Make your mind up, which one is it? 'Firstly' - I was not talking about when prejudice started was I. I said that the current prejudice in Australia is as equally entrenched as it is in the USA against blacks. - And no i have no idea how many people I have offended already, so how many is it can you tell me? Why is it offensive to say black in relation to prejudice? "Black lives matter', the 'black panthers', 'The Metropolitan Police Black Police Officers Federation' - Why are those organisations allowed to use the term Black and it is not offensive, but if I use it you say it is? Second - No idea what you are talking about Third - so if I stop saying white or black what should I say? Educate me. How do we say who is discriminating against who? Fourth - welfare systems exist all over the world and it does not result in your 'reverse racism' whatever that is. Fifth - " and it is more than a problem, it is an entire culture at risk" - which is exactly what I have said. - I have no idea what point you are trying to make or why you are replying.