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  1. Tasteless and inappropriate comment removed and responses to that post. Keep it respectful.
  2. Situation resolved per OP - topic closed
  3. Dashcam installation

    Moving to motoring forum
  4. No reply to my email about advertising...

    Hi Simon Did you email [email protected]? If so please email [email protected] and I will forward it for you. Thank you
  5. Seems this topic has run its course, closed at OP request
  6. Newsletters stopped?

    Please make sure you have [email protected] on your contact list and that you have checked all folders - including spam Also please double check by using the green sign up to the newsletter button in the upper right hand corner. If it tells you that you are subscribed then please email [email protected] explaining that you are already subscribed and not receiving the newsletter. All emails are answered, dazzz- yours was answered on the 26th. If you didn't get the reply then you need to check your spam folder