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  1. No reply to my email about advertising...

    Hi Simon Did you email sales@thaivisa.com? If so please email support@thaivisa.com and I will forward it for you. Thank you
  2. Seems this topic has run its course, closed at OP request
  3. Newsletters stopped?

    Please make sure you have newsletter@thaivisa.com on your contact list and that you have checked all folders - including spam Also please double check by using the green sign up to the newsletter button in the upper right hand corner. If it tells you that you are subscribed then please email support@thaivisa.com explaining that you are already subscribed and not receiving the newsletter. All emails are answered, dazzz- yours was answered on the 26th. If you didn't get the reply then you need to check your spam folder
  4. Little known parts of Chiang Mai

    Moved to Chiang Mai forum
  5. Thai Visa Classifieds - Have They Gone Forever?

    Businesses and real estate are 150 baht for 30 days and all other categories are free. This eliminates the heavy property site spam the old site suffered.
  6. Dear users, While we are waiting for the new classifieds site you may use this forum to post your classified ads. Please do not abuse this forum with excessive ads or ads with excessive photos- try to limit it to no more than 4 photos. Please do not use it to promote your business. Thank you You MAY post emails and phone numbers in your ads in this forum but be aware that if you do not wish to have your email out there permanently it is better to ask members to send you a personal message. There will be an announcement once the new site is up, our apologies for the inconvenience. Thaivisa support
  7. Westerners waiing to Thais.Why would you?

    Inappropriate comment removed
  8. Black and white ?

    In respect to the loss of HM the King the site has gone black and white as have all Thai media.
  9. Im sick of the music noise in Thailand

    Flames removed, please keep it civil
  10. There are several threads already running about the life and works of HM the King and I suggest you look for those, this is inappropriate. Closed
  11. Inappropriate and off topic comment removed.
  12. Inappropriate comment removed, this topic is about the weather. Keep it that way, thank you
  13. Rip

    Suggest we keep our messages of condolence in one location
  14. Not working?

    Try going straight to the Classifieds forum instead of clicking a google ad http://classifieds.thaivisa.com/