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  1. And is it being fixed ? No, all too busy passing the buck
  2. EDITORIAL: Here in the land of the stupid

    Having lived here for 28 years he may finally be getting somewhere here. The primary education system is failing Thais
  3. I know I will bet bomb basted here but they need to take a % the immense wealth that tourists are bringing into this country & earmark for infrastructure. Mr PM I do not mean chuffa trains but basic fat & sewerage plants, clean burning rubbish incinerators, decent rubbish collection, a police department that enforces the existing laws ( & the marine department as well) along with inspectors that cannot be bribed but enforce rules & regulations
  4. Mouth in gear again before the brain. They just don't get it do they ? No one is prepared to state the reality that there are 5 million dogs in Thailand that should not be. Will someone in authority give the order to dispose of Soi dogs ,,,,, I think never
  5. Simply passing the "Buck" again. How will they ever solve a problem when they refuse to accept or understand the problem in the first place. Sometimes I really despair at the verbal nonsense. Dr Jessada, come with me to the Tobacco Monopoly & have a look at literally hundreds of stray dogs in dangerous packs roaming about looking for trouble. None of them have EVER had a registered owner. Wake up Sir, the problem has been ignored for 30 years, & you continue to add to the confusion
  6. If SRT had any brains there would have been 2 trains a day 20 years ago with feeder mini buses available at least at the Pattaya end
  7. Just feel another stoning coming up
  8. Car battery life?

    I would beg to differ on the dealer knowing best. I go to a battery only shop & buy the best , Always get over 4 years
  9. I think you are all going a bit soft, Nothing wrong with a bloody good hiding for stealing
  10. Alleviate corruption completely in Thailand. The problem is I wouldn't get anything done
  11. Tiapan You hit the nail right on the head. Sorry as I feel for this guy if you have monies to pay for any international holiday & rent a bike then for a small fraction of the holiday cost the insurance could have been added to the air ticket at source. People have to start taking care of themselves ,,, this is NOT a a nanny state
  12. Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol

    If the moment he was allowed bail & flew the country it had of been handed over to Interpol he would have been sitting in a Thai jail by now. It is painfully obvious that the monies changing hands are enough to ensure his freedam
  13. How Long From Phuket to Bangkok

    I have done many times & once in a diesel pick up without stopping ,,, just over 9 hours With my car one stop for refuelling & dumping fuel 10 hours dependent mainly on road works
  14. Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    Put it in a safe place with your money & take care of it. Trust yourself to look after it as you are now an adult or would not be having a few beers
  15. Elections not seen as panacea for Asia’s ills

    Great headline &............. how true