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  1. I am not "gay" & visit Jakarta on a regular basis & find them a great bunch. This new witch hunt by an already over loaded police force (who should be active in seeking out terrorists rather than chasing after harmless same sex couples who just want to enjoy themselves) shows the stupidity of religion. Maybe it is time to rid the world of ALL religions
  2. No thanks, I am very happy not to get my head pushed in !!!!!!
  3. The power pole just jumped out onto the road. These guys never learn do they ? Looking at the wreck the 3 of them are lucky to be alive even if armless
  4. It can be really frightening, If only we could harness it
  5. Thank you Themerg there is only one Sean Connery !!!!!!
  6. Hang on a minute,,, Islam or being a Muslim is a religion nothing to do with nationality
  7. Bombing a hospital & a childrens concert You find them & give me two bricks & a sound proof room
  8. I am not a Trump fan, but whoever wrote this speech for him just about got it right. I applaud his words more so as he is in the "hot area" at the moment. He is quite right in saying that these barbarians kill in the name of Islam. Muslims around the world basically only give it lip service & do nothing to help. The funding for these brutal attacks is still sourced from places like Saudi Arabia who shrug their shoulders & behind closed doors maybe even laugh about it. If Trump can get these Islamic countries to really cooperate with reducing the brain washing & financing I say we should applaud him & give him our support (at least on this issue anyway)
  9. Mr mike bell. You just do not understand do you ? Do you have any idea just how many & how much money is in those little brown envelopes that get to the respective Area Commanders every month
  10. With budget airlines & the working class Pom being able to afford to holiday in the Far East of course these ruffians are going to get into more trouble especially those that think they can handle their booze (which is an absolute myth)
  11. Hate to laugh but just have to check a little further before handing over any monies, You paid a developer a deposit when they did not own the land Get a new lawyer. Good luck though with any retrieval but do not hold your breath
  12. No licence ,,, Stupid. No brown envelope..... Stupid Some people just never learn
  13. I think u will find statistics on this subject same as the West. Silly thread really .... someone with toooooooo muck time on their hands
  14. There are many priorities wrong here. Still going ahead with his chuffa high speed trains that the poor people will not be able to afford to ride in, new tanks & subs to protect us against what ? The Chinese , no way, as he is in bed with them anyway, than who ?