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  1. The very quick offer of money does seem strange. I sincerely hope that x rays will show that she had 2 kidneys before the operation & that they have not gone "missing" My Father (god bless him) lived a completely normal life being born with only one kidney & made it to 85. If there is no way of proving she had 2 in the first place...... what then ??
  2. natway09

    An Annoyance for Me, What About You

    I suppose you also get upset at the village folk being drunk before the wedding even starts Ha Ha
  3. natway09

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    Pot calling the kettle black
  4. This guy has forgotten which country he is in
  5. The Thai mentality along with the ease of getting finance to purchase a vehicle will ensure they maintain this spot for the next 10 years. The slack police & Transport Ministry do not help either
  6. natway09

    British grub

    I would not bother ,,, really,unless they can produce some good Thai food, it will be a disaster for her unless she happens to like Lambs fry & bacon, which I doubt
  7. How & who is measuring the massive airline industry emissions ?
  8. And you really think that China will even listen,,,, Your joking
  9. natway09

    Khao Yai warns against elephant peril

    This is wise advice. When the females are in heat the male elephant is a very dangerous wild animal & you are in their territory
  10. You posters make it sound like a Thai problem. I certainly hope BritMantoo is making his comments tongue in cheek. It is unfortunate but a young girl staggering around drunk alone at 2 am is always going to be a target just about anywhere in the world
  11. Tiffino, sorry but that is incorrect. Malaysia & Singapore banks are more greedy than Thai banks
  12. I wait the answer with baited breath. This subject it being debated all over the world as to exactly what amount of force you can use on an intruder. There are hundreds of people around the world in jail who the magistrate or jury felt that the mark (wherever that is ) was overstepped