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  1. natway09

    May seeks to reassure EU leaders on Brexit deal

    And pray tell Mrs May, why should the EU leaders trust you ??
  2. Same problem was happening in NZ in particular Auckland. Median price got over 1 mil (22,mil Bht) Getting ridiculous Almost impossible for a newly married couple to even think about ownership there unless they traveled 3 hours to the city for work everyday. New strict laws on foreign ownership have just been introduced
  3. We are all to blame as human beings in this world. The Chinese in their country are known to be chukkers
  4. Just send it to the BBK from the country of origin. As long as no problem at the sending end ,,,, no problem at this end. DO NOT let them change to THB before they send
  5. I do not agree Fintan. If you wanna make your life here then you invest 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank. Is that too much to expect ? If not prepared to do that (when the Big 5 banks are as secure as any in the world) then maybe you should not be here
  6. They get these guys outa the rice paddies of Isaan get them a licence & let them loose behind the wheel of a public service vehicle & Governments do nothing to educate or stop this foolish behavior Oh The Isaan male, I think there is a gene missing !!!
  7. natway09

    Prenup not accepted at Laksi

    If the prenup is only to "scare your girlfriend" I hope you walked away & did not go through with the wedding. No way to start a relationship !!
  8. lkv,,,, I think it is time you halved your midday medication,,, settle,,,, settle
  9. Patongo,,,,, ever tried to live & work in Indonesia ?
  10. Richard has just woken up in time ( I hope)
  11. First the Chinese, now the Aussies are having a go at humiliating country folk
  12. Money talks,,,, quality of life means nothing to the Chinese or to the Cambodian Government who allowed this to happen. Selling Citizenship to any Chinese for 100,000 USD I posted on this decline in Cambodian loss of jobs & Chinese devastation a year ago & it is only going to get worse Wake up call for Thailand ,,,, do NOT koew toew to the Chinese
  13. Interesting. Do they know what they are doing or just upset that they got by passed ?