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  1. Patong Beach operators to curb infant parasail rides

    Gives you an idea just how stupid the operators are !!!! No brains at all ,,, need to be told what they cannot do
  2. General Noddy & the anti Alcohol Lobby will have a major case now against Chivas won't they.? It is a rich man's club,,,,,,,,, Oh, thats alright then
  3. No, I do not blame the parents ,, The operator should have just said NO. Greed again.The Army said they had the intention of cleaning this industry up after the last tragic accident. Obviously it was only a call to get their 15%.
  4. Reporting motorcyclists on pavement

    I do not want to add to the "death unknown category ,,,,,,, Thankyou
  5. Do not listen to them. Money changers everywhere in Bali,Jakarta etc. Last week I got 400 RP for 1 Bht
  6. Now lets hear the Bank's side of the story !! Banked with them for 25 years (Thai Farmers before) moved money in & out of country & normal banking including wage payment on disc etc couldn't find a more helpful bank. Bloody sight better than any Oz or NZ bank I have used & at least 50% cheaper for fees or charges Try the other side of the bed
  7. R123, This article & statement is about Farangs stealing !!!!! Why do you feel the need to compare with Thais ????????
  8. How much cash do you think Microsoft is "hoarding ??? CP group 7/11s in Indonesia fell over when they could no longer sell alcohol,,, something that may be considered here soon
  9. I think you are all losing it. Theft is theft,,,,,,, 30 lashes I say or cut off a finger
  10. Hope they can knock out a missile from N Korea
  11. Let the ban continue as the UN ban. And tell them why !!!!!!
  12. The bridge was built 2 lane anyway. The stupid people just put a single lane station in when the train terminated there to save money & get it open quickly. A Thaksin idea like opening Suvarnabhumi 6 months before it was ready I think will need a 2 storey line & station now. Don't recall enough room om the sides but could be wrong
  13. Stop talking to people about "public perception" Talk to the people who have to pay to stay in business. I'm outa here