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  1. Having just read that alcohol sales not banned the Commissioner of Lumpini just said all bars to close 25,26, 27 th. (except the ones that I allow to open ) for monetary reasons. You are right, the left foot has no idea what the right foot is doing
  2. They started trials on face recognition at Brisbane immigration. They reckon 6 months they will be ready for release commercially worldwide Then scum like this will not stand a chance
  3. They fly smaller planes & 5 kilo per passenger can make a difference. For info there is a Pacific flight where all passengers are weighed & you pay by the kilo for your ticket. Weight = t/o weight = fuel consumption. With modern flying we are inclined to forget but still applies. Anyway Thai gives me 30 kilos anywhere (not that I use the extra weight muck)
  4. And how much money do they leave behind ?? only what they spend in 7/11
  5. Hate to say it but your opening sentence says it all. I have had to organize my overseas trips a few times to dodge my extension & return after the police probation (for want of a better word) about 1 month) You made a choice,, live with it
  6. The busy airports in this country can surely handle one more
  7. I nearly got run over last week by an over weight policeman on the pavement !!!! Coupled with the picture here I despair. What possible hope has Thailand got when these clowns lead by example ?
  8. Skytrain studies completed

    Good on them!!
  9. Some of you are going on like it was your money. (some is mine , as I have been paying tax here for 26 years
  10. If they are really serious they will buy 50 cars & put mufti cops on the road where they will get a chance to witness first hand the stupidity of Thai drivers & with their very good existing communication network start getting them off the road
  11. Entire body hurting.

    Without suggesting that the advice given above is of no value,,, you really need to get to a good hospital that can do blood tests etc to try to ascertain the problem (s) Go spend the money ,,,, they understand your situation & will not laugh at you
  12. His Mum & Dad must be really proud of him