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  1. Some of the Australians do come across as a bit bigoted & they are certainly racist
  2. Pray tell, what is a golfer supposed to look like ?
  3. I would suggest a combination of both. The writer suggesting that you will get eaten alive using an ATM machine in the UK is talking garbage. The exchange is converted at the Thai bank end & they are at the very least very fair But do NOT change Thai Bht in the UK,,, they will fleece you
  4. Can someone give me a new link to immigration please ? The one i arrived at today still has Soi Suan Plu as the address. I assume the information is just as up to date
  5. A whole new can of worms reopened. I read with great interest all the respective posts to this thread & must say that I am still sitting on the fence on this one in particular in that Thailand needs to ensure that the judicial system has the correct criteria if they are going to carry out more executions. I also get your drift about the more wealthy avoiding the sword,,, sorry, injection
  6. natway09

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    Tell your friend to think of the obvious
  7. natway09

    Buying a small car advice

    Lash out & get yourself a Honda City...... Still be running like a new car after the small Toyotas are rattling & shaking
  8. It may just surprise you what info they have on their computers should they feel the need to know more
  9. 47% of Thais that are on the ball. higher than I thought for a subject close to my heart & my pocket. How can you ever stop it when the force who are supposed to stop it are collecting every month millions as openly as collecting the rent.
  10. Took them 45 years to see the problem, just like lightening are they not ?
  11. The Transport Ministry continues to tell Thailand what they think should happen but the Taxi Mafia is just too strong for them & (or) the police. The rip offs & cheating continue unabated
  12. natway09

    2018 US Open Golf 14-17 June live TV broadcast ?

    It is being held just out of NY which is the WEST coast. Coverage starts on Fox 2 about 10pm. Some of the big names have found the course difficult . Interesting first day
  13. When the new company took over , did they pay severance up until this time or did the seller & buyer do a shonkee deal. It is unusual for them to be allowed to take over existing employment time ? Check on that as the Labour Dept do look after people pretty well
  14. Master Red Bull along with 2 ex Prime Ministers & a head monk springs to mind with what we are told the Police are asking Interpol to repatriate. To even waste time, effort & money on chasing a lady who more than likely is half right anyway, half way across the globe to extradite is ludicrous
  15. natway09

    Time for Prayut to MOVE ON

    He is not going anywhere until he has spent every last Baht building trains that none of the people can afford nor will use justto save a few hours