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  1. Need more information. Did she sign a contract ? Is she being paid the minimum wage ? Is she happy working these hours ?
  2. How would a University even know where to look ?
  3. natway09

    Sihanoukville drug raid yields 29 foreigners

    Apart from the casino operations this is the reason that the Chinese are taking over parts of Cambodia. Freedom that they cannot get at home.Drugs are just part of it
  4. The big problem with all he has said is that as long as you leave the police to run (or not run) the traffic in our fair city any improvement will need him to step on a few of the BIB 's shoes, something he has been loath to do
  5. natway09

    Another day on Thai roads - another 58 corpses

    I cross Sukhumvit Rd in front of the police box at Soi 4 & see all the time red light dashes & not stopping for pedestrians when turning left. The BIB have 8 cameras in the police box to witness this & could even if they wished, look outside the window. What do they do,,,,,,,,,,,, nothinjg
  6. natway09

    Use of credit/debit card at Immigration

    Why would you bother for such a small amount anyway ?
  7. Pray, do tell, what the hell is "a tourist river" ? Media, really !!
  8. If you would post the recording we can all give you a score (or some pointers) What is the big deal in Thailand about two consenting adults doing what is just a natural act ?
  9. How about tackling litigation proceedings of innocent deaths from road accident ? Come on, get your teeth into it
  10. natway09

    Immigration check.

    If you are legit, nothing to worry about. They are cracking down on "arranged marriages" where the wife has never even seen the groom. Which is one reason I took up the retirement option
  11. Blind, stupid or in total denial ? Maybe comedian of the year ?
  12. natway09

    BMA boosts park patrols after gay-sex complaint

    If he is indeed shocked then he needs to get out of his ivory tower & start doing his job properly or hand over to someone who understands the real world. In my younger days Lumpini always good for a "quickie"
  13. natway09

    Prawit adviser dismisses Jakarta Post criticism

    The subject of Thai elections & regimes came up over a beer last night with two of us combining over 60 years working on the KINGDOM. Maybe a sad indictment on the country but Thailand seems to do better under military rule. Whenever an elected Government gets a shot here it becomes "pocket lining time" Before you get all defensive about "democracy" have a good look back at leaders here in power for over 3 years in the last 60
  14. Lets start with all visa or extension holders with more than 2 month entries. ie: All retirement visas , B class Visa holders should have mandatory health insurance at least as an inpatient.