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  1. Another guru totally out of touch & clutching at straws to keep his job. How about a proper licence for ALL drivers of any moving vehicle not just a paid for one
  2. Used my Bangkok Bank ATM card internationally for years... Never a problem
  3. Saudi Arabia wants to be the boss. so it is "the pot calling the kettle black" Cheeky sods
  4. Any band wagon will do, now there is no real sex available. Do these people have any brains at all??
  5. They burn right here in the middle of Bangkok with impunity
  6. Ubonjoe is 100% correct. Tapster........ brain in gear before the fingers
  7. When will you guys stop Thai bashing ?????? Been banking for business & personal here for 25 years & never been 1 Bht out. The big 5 are more solid here than most banks in the world. As an aside,,, if any of you have large amounts of monies with Royal Bank of Scotland you may want to move it (just a personal observation)
  8. President of England........ God forbid please. Leave that rubbish to those funny people in the Americas
  9. I hope it is a wake up call for the whole world . Sadly it is in Thailand in 1,000s of houses & commercial buildings. This was reported as PE a close cousin to PU, which is designed to be used in sandwich panels for commercial freezers. Illegal to use exposed in NZ or Oz. Santika fire was a result of exposed PU ... A lot of people lost their lives to the fumes (highly toxic) Stadium in Chiang Mai for ASEAN games lost a 2,600m2 roof in 7 minutes. Luckily no one inside
  10. If the authorities would legalize this profession for over 20 year olds they could really clean up the underage thing. All done with special licence issue then anybody (including customers caught is prosecuted. OOps sorry, jails not big enough
  11. 16 long haul flights with Thai in last 12 months in Economy I concur with the judges, Very pleasant flying, food good (but too much) Whatever you want to drink whenever you want including Cognac Pleasant staff without being too intrusive. All in all top marks even if the plane a bit old (with apologies to all you Thai Visa knockers)
  12. Settle, maybe too late now, but why not just jump the bus
  13. If you read the stats, the vaccine is not much more help than 2 cans of tonic a day. Start drinking it (with gin if you wish) 5 days before visiting infected areas. Or get some quinine tablets
  14. The Royal Society of Thai Architects are aware this product is used here along with PU. I can show you many death traps in Bangkok just waiting for a match