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  1. Takeo police destroy 16,000 marijuana plants

    Spoil sports!!!
  2. The Land Transport Dept would be better off doing their job instead of picking on the easy target. Thousands of vehicles on the road with flashing red or blue lights which are illegal except for emergency vehicles. But maybe the "hisos" get away with it. What about the 2 heavy vehicles I managed to miss last night without any tail lights at all. They just can't get their priorities right ,,, can they ???
  3. Well, well, well, very chequered career this land has had. Used to drink there in one of my mates bars. Chuwit demolished all the bars in the middle of the night,,, I watched it from my balcony. House & Land do it quickly as was a bloody eyesore yesterday
  4. Eight injured as Phuket speedboats collide

    And they want more tourists next year for injury fodder. Get your ship in shape first Thailand
  5. Pure Greed...... .Just wait until the little infrastructure in place gets so overloaded with sheer numbers that it crumbles leaving Thailand as a shit hole rather than 50% of the present arrivals coming & spending some real money in the country & getting looked after properly instead of getting ripped off. Non sustainable tourism at it's finest
  6. The police now have another way to be able to afford big houses & new car every year
  7. Nothing wrong with this at all. My Mum picked & paid for the coffin she wanted 14 years before she died along with viewing it every year
  8. The BMA has 2 special tape measure for measuring Sois for this purpose. The one they use in Sukhumvit Soi 4 costs 10,000.000 to take out of the sealed case
  9. It does not take expertise to grow.... It is a weed & with a little water will grow well. I know...... Actually Isaan is not perfect conditions at all. They are just saying that.. it would do better in an area of Thailand that has a bit more natural rainfall & cooler. If anybody is interested my wife has 200 rai in NW Thailand that would be perfect..555
  10. Is this request a joke or are you really serious about throwing money away
  11. airline carry on limits in thailand

    Thanks for bringing this subject up again. It is one of my pet hates to see people bringing on hand luggage bags on wheels that must be 15/20 kilos at least to avoid paying for luggage with the cheap airlines. It is also VERY DANGEROUS as I have witnessed on a flight where this luggage was flying around the cabin in very turbulent weather. They became like missiles & one man was hospitalized as a result. Ask any experienced captain or purser what he thinks about this lack of enforcement. Luckily these days aircraft take off weight tolerances with more lift mechanisms on the wing take away that safety factor at least. I would encourage any airline to strictly enforce 7 kilos & a return to the size checking device.
  12. Sorry, only estimates available as the money changers here would know. Until social security can look after 50,000 families in Isaan who have at least one member of the family happily working in the industry & sending money home the Government will not rock the boat to heavily. The Victoria Secret debacle is about mainly non Thai girls & big bucks & heavy corruption along with maybe the envelopes getting smaller
  13. When was the last time this boat was checked by the Transport Dept or Navy for sea worthiness? Again trying to close the door after the horse has bolted.
  14. New avian flu outbreak found in Phnom Penh

    Keep an eye on this ,,,,,,,,,, it could get serious........
  15. Somebody just waking up.I have been saying this for 15 years. I will say it again "Killing the goose that lays the golden egg" TAT & the Government will totally kill tourism here as all they are doing is bringing in numbers that this country does not have enough infrastructure for. Eg: The big sewerage treatment plants with fat separation in Bangkok. 555 (Funny if it was not so serious)