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  1. Haven't yet met a BKK taxi driver who was a gentleman. Sorry! 90% of them are <deleted>.
  2. They're pretty dire, really. If you like Thai food, you'll find some decent Thai food places in Bangkok (obviously), but for any other type of food, Bangkok is not on the list. Almost nobody in Bangkok knows how to cook western or Japanese food properly. Sure, there are plenty of western chefs in Thailand, but they are third-rate nobodies who couldn't make it as a chef in Europe or America so they come over here to try their luck, where people have a rather less discerning palate. My advice is that you should stick to Thai food while in Thailand. Apart from being low quality, non-Thai food is also seriously overpriced in Thailand, especially in Bangkok.
  3. Basically, you can't buy real hiking boots in Thailand. Asians hate walking anywhere. You'll find Timberland, etc. If you think Timberland are hiking boots, you're not a hiker.
  4. Seriously, stay away. If you have such little money, Thailand is most definitely NOT the place for you nowadays. I heard the countryside areas of Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines are still pretty cheap. Better yet, stay in your own country and work hard until you can afford to come to Thailand!
  5. I'm not a "troll", I'm trying to help the guy to see reality. Thailand is no longer a cheap destination, in particular Bangkok. The pound is going to be under 40 baht very soon. 2 years ago, it was 56 baht to one £. If you're so short of money that your budget is only $30 day, you had better have very good health insurance in case you get sick (and the guy already said he's sick). Cambodia and Africa cater to your type of low-budget tourists these days, although neither of them offer good health care.
  6. Unless Thai people somehow start earning 10 times more, Bangkok won't start looking like Singapore. The average income of Singapore is 9.6 times higher than Bangkok.
  7. You should try leaving Thailand. I had terrible stomach problems in Thailand for months, tried changing my diet to no avail, then left and returned to the UK. Within 2 weeks, no more stomach problems. Problems never returned. Better quality food and more hygienically prepared in Europe.
  8. Rumours are that True Fitness is about to go bust and file for bankruptcy. Hope you didn't prepay for your membership!
  9. Yeah, Bangkok is unique all right. Only city in the world that tolerates literally thousands of hookers every night standing the whole length of the street (lower Sukhumvit) in the heart of its central business district. The only country in the world that truly has no shame as long as there's money to be made. Not a shred of civic pride.
  10. Extremely unlikely, consider that it hasn't been "normal" since the early 1960s. This city becomes more and more abnormal by the day. It's like a modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah.
  11. I found a fairly nice silver one on the top of a tall can of Chang. Cleaned it up a bit to remove sharp edges, GF was pleased as punch and I got to drink the Chang myself. Win-win.
  12. A "little" bit? So your username is a misnomer then?
  13. You'd think they would have someone working in the library who could speak English. That magazine rack should read "MAGAZINES", not "MAGAZINE", as it's clear that they have more than one of them.