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  1. Thanks. I have to check out Virgin Active. Sounds like a great place to pick up inexperienced girls.
  2. That would not be appropriate, as I'm only 35 years old not 75.
  3. What a pity, it was the best place in BKK to pick up very fit girls under 25 for free during my brief 4-month membership a couple of years ago. I seemed to get lucky every time I went there.
  4. They only get paid on the last day of the month, not every day. You must try spreading rumours harder.
  5. I also heard that from a heavily tattooed Cockney guy in a bar at Soi Cowboy who used to be a general in the SAS. Must be true, because I reckon a general in the SAS would have a stronger character than to lie!!!
  6. Your assumptions are ludicrous and way off the mark. Are you new in Thailand? It's true that there are a few rich Japanese in Bangkok, but they don't generally tend to be long stayers. They come in for a week or two or even just a weekend and spend a lot of money, then go home. As to the Chinese, over 90% of them in Thailand are on package tours of 2 days to a week. They pay everything upfront and have to conform to a visit schedule laid down by the tour company, i.e. breakfast at 8, leave hotel at 9 for tour, return to hotel at 6 for dinner and all expenses are paid for. They are called "zero dollar tourists" as many of them spend almost nothing in Thailand and all their money goes to the tour company in China. Contrary to what you confusedly seem to believe in your dream world, it's still the European and American tourists who are spending big in Bangkok on entertainment - however, probably not the kind of cheap charlies who tend to comment on this forum (myself excluded).
  7. You're kidding yourself, mate. All Thai women prefer to date/marry a Thai man who they have a lot of things in common with. They have nothing in common in their culture with Western men. They only "prefer Westerners" because of the extra money that brings and the ability to travel to rich Western countries and maybe even live there, and then send money back home either to extended family or to build a new house in Thailand. If you really think they "prefer Westerners", are you a stunning male model type yourself? Maybe if you're something exceptional, with movie star looks AND a lot of money, they will genuinely prefer you, but Thai women generally aren't shallow in going for men for their looks (far less concerned about looks than Western women, in fact). They will marry an ugly and old Thai man too if he has money. It's not uncommon to see Thai couples where the man is a lot older. It all comes down to the security of money. I assure you that they DO NOT prefer Westerners, in fact almost no Thai women do. Quite the contrary, there's a huge stigma among middle-class and upper-class Thai women about dating or marrying falangs because other Thais will view them as pr0stitutes and assume they met the guy in a bar... Even among low-class Thais, they sometimes feel embarrassed or awkward around other Thais if they're with a falang because they will assume the same thing. They only "prefer" you because of the money and foreign travel opportunities you can give them.
  8. If your profile pic is actually your Thai GF and not you, then I can get what you mean. You must be with her for her intelligence and logic, not for her face or body.
  9. Totally ridiculous if the clubs will close at midnight. In Bali, they only open at that time. Nobody even turns up before midnight. Some clubs in Bali open at 3 a.m. and they go on until 8 or 9 a.m. Also in Bali, they actually know how to play good music. Bangkok's nightlife has always been terrible, but now it seems like it's just for the preteen kids.
  10. There's no such thing as good-quality dreadlocks. They all look dreadful and make you look like a "low-quality low-budget tourist".
  11. No, it's just you. You should shower more.
  12. Ten years from now, half of this so-called "city" will be permanently underwater. Anyone buying even a condo in this hellhole would have to be mad. Expect motorbike taxis to be phased out in favour of speedboat taxis. Sukhumvit Road will be renamed Sukhumvit Khlong. This "city" is doomed. The highest point of it is like 25 metres above sea level. Most of it is under 10 metres above it. RIP Bangkok.
  13. But they all suck. Rooms are like cells. Seriously, quality rooms in Bangkok around Sukhumvit are nowadays all 2000+. You'll only get a cell room a long way from the BTS or MRT if you want to pay 1000.
  14. You're joking, right? Thailand is obviously not for you... If you want fleabag budget hotels as cheap as that, Thailand doesn't fit your market these days, unless you want a backpacker dorm. Why not stay at home and get a better job so that you can actually afford to stay in a decent hotel? Bangkok nowadays is no place for cheap Charlies like you.
  15. But nevertheless you've got to admit you agree with me, because you know I'm right. Even if you're doing it just for your own safety's sake, make her know she stands to inherit nothing. Because there are so many dozens of falangs who fall mysteriously every year and it's always attributed to "suicide" or "unfortunately slipping"... My advice is it's better to stay away from the Thai women altogether.