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  1. *facepalm* Not ANOTHER desperado cheap charlie... I've said it dozens of times before, if you're so poor that you have to live in this kind of accommodation in Thailand, you're really much, much, MUCH better off back in your own country where you at least have a social safety net, because otherwise you're very much at risk... Can you scrape together enough for a one-way ticket back home???
  2. Do Japanese women only date Japanese men?

    That's not true. They like only Japanese men with plenty of money, or are asexual. See my comment above.
  3. Do Japanese women only date Japanese men?

    Yes, they do only like Japanese men. And nowadays, according to recent studies, 50% of young Japanese women are asexual and around 60% of Japanese men are still virgins at the age of 30. They focus on their careers and live largely asexual lives. If you don't believe me, you can search the latest news from Japan. There have been several studies and surveys published recently that have confirmed exactly what I wrote above.
  4. Quality suits at a decent price

    A high-quality suit always comes at a high price due to the quality of the materials and workmanship involved. If you look at the materials in Crown Tailor and then go to the genuine Armani store and take a look at a Giorgio Armani suit, the superior quality of the latter is instantaneously apparent (not just the feel and weight of the material, but also the cut) to anyone with more than half a brain. If you want to find a "quality suit" at a "cheap price", you'll search the world trying to find it and will come up blank. Quality in suits costs money, a lot of money! That's why I only ever wear Giorgio Armani or Ermenegildo Zegna myself, but that's just my opinion. Very expensive? Yes. But totally worth it? Also yes.
  5. Lets start a metal band in Bangkok

    On second thoughts, let's not bother. Terrible music!
  6. Drug testing by Thai police on the street

    If you're dumb enough to take drugs in Thailand (or import them, or deal them), a country with such strict penalties for drug offences, then you DESERVE to be locked up for a very long time. Just stay at home in Europe and do them there, and you'll get a slap on the wrist at worst. Then again, Thailand seems to have earned a reputation for attracting falang residents with rather low IQs... Not surprising really, because if you were smart you'd know there are a dozen countries in Asia that are miles better to live in as an expat than Thailand, and some of them are even cheaper.
  7. Ketogenic (Keto) Diet/Lifestyle

    No, YOU are. It clearly doesn't work. No diets do. By the way, I'm not overweight.
  8. Ketogenic (Keto) Diet/Lifestyle

    Just like all the other fad diets, it doesn't work (100% guaranteed) and it could actually do you a lot of harm. Total BS. To lose weight, you just need to eat a bit less (anything you want) and exercise more. Simple. All these fad diets are only trying to sell books or make money off you in some other way. Avoid them.
  9. Booking a flight

    How is it even possible to survive in the modern world without a credit or debit card? To draw money form the ATM, you at least need to have a debit card. Are you perhaps one of the African people who hang around on Lower Sukhumvit at night who don't even have a bank account (but are more than happy to take your cash)?
  10. Anyone know a decent budget hotel near Asoke?

    "Anywhere close to Suk road from Asoke towards Suk 13. Preferably guest friendly and rear entrance" I can't tell you whether your guest will like the rear entrance or not. That's something you'll have to discuss privately with her (or him). Or does your mention of "rear entrance" mean that you will feel ashamed to bring that person back to your room?
  11. Yes, actually they do. Saw Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) in there a few months ago.
  12. I always love to read all the posts from the guys who say "I live in the suburbs because I prefer to be away from the action and craziness of lower Sukhumvit". I'm willing to bet that 9 out of 10 of these guys actually live in the suburbs because they can't afford to rent a decent apartment on lower Sukhumvit. I would never dream of living anywhere else than lower Sukhumvit, but of course a decent apartment there now costs AT LEAST 50,000 baht a month and often as much as 100,000. Mine is near the top end of that bracket, but I have everything literally on my doorstep. I never have to take a taxi anywhere except to the airport. So much life and entertainment right outside my door. The cheap charlies, on the other hand, will continue to believe that their 20,000 baht apartment in Bang Na or Chatujak or Bearing is the bee's knees, because they simply can't afford better.
  13. Cheap Condo In Sukhumvit Area...

    Just book a ticket back home. You clearly don't have enough money to do anything but "exist" in Bangkok. Then again, can you afford your plane ticket back? You're much better off in your own country receiving unemployment benefits.
  14. Cost of living in BKK... USD 640 a month!

    Is this satire? Starbucks has NEVER had good coffee. It has dishwater sold at 4 times the price it should be. If you think Starbucks sells good coffee, you know nothing about coffee and I would recommend that you switch to tea. Also, in almost every Starbucks or Starbucks-type store I've been into, they have weak WiFi, annoying music, threadbare furniture, annoying patrons, poorly trained staff and excessively cold air conditioning that will make you sick if you spend more than an hour there. Starbucks is a place for underemployed losers to hang out. It's the McDonald's of coffee and an insult to real coffee lovers everywhere. They start playing cheesy Christmas music on November 1st for chrissakes.....
  15. Happy July 4th!!!

    There's absolutely nothing to celebrate this year.