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  1. Remote work locations in BKK

    You sound like the kind of person for whom the glass is always half empty. Stop moaning and just do your work!
  2. 25? Looks more like 45. Obviously had a tough paper round. Hang him!
  3. Beer in Bangkok

    Alcohol is bad for you! That's why I never touch it. If you need alcohol to relax and enjoy yourself, I feel sorry for you.
  4. Moving to Bangkok

    I know EVERYTHING about it. Lived there for many years - but only because I had a very high salary. Otherwise, wouldn't have bothered. Even the luxury 180,000 baht a month apartment with its own private pool didn't help. What a godforsaken hole... So glad to get out to a real city, Hong Kong.
  5. Moving to Bangkok

    You'll have enough bad surprises on day 1 and after a week or two when you realize that Bangkok is one of the biggest, dirtiest, least-planned HELLHOLES on the planet... My advice is reconsider your move and give this cultureless, featureless, flat, boiling hot, stinking, filthy concrete wasteland filled with vapid morons and shopping malls a wide berth. Almost any other place in Thailand, except Pattaya of course, would be a better choice. Bangkok is a monstrosity of an urban sprawl that would be best razed to the ground and turned into a big park. Besides, most of it will be underwater within 20 years.
  6. Gym workout and protein intake

    FACT: You don't need any extra protein if you're doing workouts, unless you're a vegetarian/vegan. You can get all the protein you need from meat, unless you're a hardcore bodybuilder. Powdered protein supplements are EXTREMELY unhealthy, unnatural products that, over the years, will destroy your kidneys leaving you eventually on dialysis for the rest of your life. The body can only process a certain amount of protein. Above that normal level, protein is toxic to the liver and kidneys. That's why on average competitive bodybuilders die 25 years younger than the average non-bodybuilder male. Besides, why would you want to do that in Thailand? Asian women don't like men with big muscles. They prefer a man with a slim, more feminine look.
  7. Only last week, a stage in a bar in Nana Plaza suddenly collapsed from the combined weight of 6 young elephants shaking their bits and trying to gyrate around a pole while they wheezed and sweat dripped to the floor.
  8. Teach Thailand without formal Degree

    Forget it. You're an unqualified amateur so you'll be earning 20,000 baht a month if you're lucky. I know one or two unqualified so-called English teachers in Bangkok who are earning around that and eating all their meals on the street and sleeping without air con... Stay in your own country and get qualified. You can't afford to live in Thailand, stop dreaming.
  9. Do these hotels exist?

    Yeah, of course you have a yacht and just happen to be asking about cheap hotels. Bet you're an unqualified English teacher earning less than 100,000 baht a month and your "yacht" is an inflatable rubber dinghy to go with your inflatable girlfriend. Your fragile little ego is working overtime here. Go away.
  10. Thanksgiving 2017

    Thanksgiving for what exactly? When you've got a m0r0n in the White House who's doing his best to destroy everything that America stands for. A wake for the dying America would be more appropriate.
  11. Is Bangkok going to be dry on Friday

    A "hard" month in Africa? You can continue that easily every evening on lower Sukhumvit between sois 3 and 18.
  12. They are a married couple (so presumably 2 salaries) and they can't even afford more than 12,000 baht a month? The mind boggles... Or are they both long-term unemployed layabouts? Bangkok's still attracting the "high-quality tourists", I see. Judging by the number of people I see asking questions about rooms for sometimes a lot less than 12,000, Bangkok is attracting more desperadoes without two cents to rub together than ever.
  13. Do these hotels exist?

    I was implying that your username seems very appropriate, but that obviously went straight over your head, just like my original comment.
  14. Do these hotels exist?

    Hahaha, no.... Just no. You're so jealous it's literally jumping out of the screen.
  15. Dog Attacks

    Does it also work on ladyboys or only on more evolved animals like dogs? Does anyone know of the best way of repelling ladyboys?