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  1. Iono...the place you probably are referring to costs money to maintain...
  2. Missing the option "Only when it bothers me and then I will flip flop to I don't care when it doesn't" This is just a poll for deaf ears to be listened to.
  3. Is that a "anywhere not in the west" thing too though? I know the west has reached a level of unsurpassed retardation which is another level of just the stupid we deal with here.
  4. If there is one thing I've learned before I turned 20, if money is involved it's more important than life, also taken more serious with more severe consequences along with it.
  5. You can't make this shit up. 2 days ago they were banning it, yesterday they were flip flopping, today a side branch is doubling down on it and tomorrow they will hand out 10k baht for street food start ups. Anyhow, I'm in the paranoid corner with many others when it comes to street food. Just walking down the markets and seeing meat out in the open for hours gives me enough of an impression to stay away from most any food stalls. Anyhow #2, thanks for the laugh, one thing Thailand just never disappoints to delivery with unmatching certainty.
  6. That's...illegal? Wait what? I got next years aprils fools ready though... "Men made to masturbate before crossing border to Laos to avoid smuggling semen"
  7. Not to mention proper sentences too then, not just slaps on the wrists for the most atrocious things yet the rice farmer with a broken tail light or w/e gets a life sentence and that kinda stuff. Then again, been preached enough on this forum already, which just brings us back to.... ...you can lead a horse monkey to water, but...
  8. They do add up perfectly, you just aren't versed enough in thai mathematics.
  9. If you do that, you pave the way for whichever agency claimed to reduce the road deaths during songkran as it was a major success by a first day metric lol
  10. True, but they can still get a Masters Degree in it
  11. Topless, 5'000. Michelling mascot on Trucks 2'000. Murder, 1'000. Comedy of Thailand, priceless.
  12. Not sure how you guys see it, but this strictness is getting too much even for me now. There are news just about every month or so strictly enforcing traffic rules, I'm actually not sure how much stricter you can enforce strict enforcement that has been strictly enforced before getting strictly enforced which has been preceded by strict enforcement which was already strictly enforced before that. At least I can feel more relaxed using my phone while driving, looks like the odds are really slim no matter how I twist and turn the .3%
  13. Don't know what's going on, the dude in the yellow shirt isn't properly pointing at the problem.
  14. Failing to see the problem, as always....or rather "as always in more recent years". Can't wait for men to be blamed for this "issue" again lol