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  1. I firmly and with unquivering doubt will place the highest confidence in the police in their abilities to collect tea money, honesty denying doing such a thing and professionalism of efficiency it entrails. Eh yea, again, not completly opposed to it, but I don't see it as a benefit for/in Thailand due to all the obvious pointed out in less than 10 posts already. Not to mention their laws would extend to make defamation punishable by death in no time haha
  2. Ceruhe

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    I'm overall in favor of capital punishment, however, the amounts of asterisks that requires is a whole different issue from actually permitting the goverment to do it. Chances are most people would be all up in arms discussing the "what ifs" but totally neglect the part with giving the goverment such power.
  3. Just glad these Netizens aren't concerned and worried about indoctrination, following orders and poor education. I for one would've skipped, but then again I'm part of the minority that uses their brain to think and not simply balance weight on my neck....usually at least.
  4. Title is wrong, should be called: Video: Some same same accident happens, DASH CAM DRIVER ACTUALLY STOPS TO CHECK!!oneone!1111eleventy!!1! So, that happened.
  5. Ceruhe

    Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

    You could move back to the West then as well, they are in full denial too 555
  6. The points are enough, the enforcement won't be though....we all know your avarage Thai will fill 12 points in no later than a week lol
  7. Not really a "helmet" issue now, is it?!
  8. Imho, they should've just wanked each other off instead of "obviously doing drug related stuff" and just claim the stuff just happened to have been there
  9. How dare you assume Bangkokians, of all people no less, should be doing something to cut plastic? If you could very much please leave the Hi-So God Class alone and leave the rest to us filthy countryside peasants who need to take care of it in the end anyway.
  10. As far as the far left in the west tries to indoctrinate us...lemme try. NOOOO! DAAAAAAS RACIST! Also, they are undocumented immigrants because nobody is illegal. See, I think I can degenerate just fine. Thanks, too far leftist retards.
  11. Worst bit of driving? This doesn't even enter the top 100 on my list so far I think. Also, is the headline some sort of challenge or something? Sure sounds like we'll get somebody to top that.
  12. I'd prefer them learning how to use current technology better, for example....cars. Anybody told this gold medalist that growth is stumped merely by the very presence of the junta?
  13. We got enough sober drivers driving like drunks and they'd get away scotch free. Me no likey.
  14. Lemme guess lemme guess.... "Nobody's seen it coming" Aye?
  15. Of course, we'll buy that very convenient story...