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  1. The question is, is this a paradox though? They are consistent about not being consistent...
  2. Most of the cops here are physically fit enough, even the fatties, the "fit" problem is with the brainies though...
  3. Speed detectors not bought yet: Chayapol

    If that goes through, this Department needs an Article 44 name change.
  4. Considering that most juices are loaded with sugar too, not really? Dunno if there is actually anything "healthy" inside those juice things to begin with, nowadays it might also just be water/sugar/artificial BS. Hell, the apple juice from Malee/ARO/Unif/Tipco tastes likes bubblegum to me. Rarely ever drink juices anymore. Last alternative I got is water, which I can only enjoy close to freezing point, anything "much" warmer than that is like drinking depression straight up. Can only hope they over correct like they did in Philadelphia and turn people from sugar based drinks to alchol based drinks as a result hehe
  5. "They are the law enforcers..... yet they do as they please" Fixed.
  6. Another of those "When you are just toooooooo goddamn unwilling to treat the problem at the root" things... The purchase price for the unit (each!) in question already raises enough eyebrows considering what it's supposed to do. But hey, why let something really suspicious get in the way of some headline, eh?
  7. Also, not all cars are created equal. We got one of those shitty SUV things that literally can't turn shorter than 2.5 lanes for the life of it while my crappy 87 Toyota does just fine with 1.5 lanes. Nothing compared to a Mercedes I test drove once, bastard turned in 1 lane (or at least felt like it). 4 lanes is excessive regardless, minus trucks alright. I'd give the cop some flag for not doing it "properly" and also(?) standing infront of where he has blocked since him waving is redundant, let alone from where he felt the need to do it. But yea that sums it pretty much up, I ignore the lot of them except for when I'm being stopped, everything else they do is either confusing and/or pointless. Sure as hell don't trust any of them with my safety.
  8. Can't see a whitening effect, won't catch on.
  9. Damn, thai cop(s) complaining about a day they had to work, what's this country coming to?!
  10. Does it really matter? I think people are already placing bets on the next, eh what's the word, military friendly takeover.
  11. Never been a scout, dunno whats scouts do in the first place but.... Job well done. Keep destroying everything "all male" until there is nothing left. Call me an <deleted> all you want, all I'm going to do now is keeping my ears open to see how long the first sexual assault claim takes to roll in and at that I'm not even going to differentiate between a real and false case either, any case will do. It's called equality nowadays, I can't explain it to you coherently with logic, because it falls apart whenever you string the first sentence togehter.
  12. 2018 Farang year or 2018 Thai year?
  13. Just to correct you, I didn't argue for it being the same, except for it being batshit insane crazy either way. As mentioned, your anectodal story doesn't matter as there is (already was) someone who didn't agree with that sentiment. Not to mention, had you not gotten it, you could have still opted to get in done later, at your own will, rather than it being forced on you...which is the main contention here. C) Keep the blinders on, you make a great blue pill so far.
  14. 3 pages in and I've seen plenty of reasons why the west is just as batshit crazy insane as any other batshit insane crazy country. Demanding FGM to be illiegal (which it is at least far as the west is concerned), at all 4 stages, whilst at the same time arguing that male circumsision is just fine should result in you people getting a bullet too. Citing health reasons, which were established for that practice hundreds of years ago with shit access to clean water or sanitation in the first place, isn't valid anymore, especially since A) you mutilate a human without their consent (stop arguing this thought, rape can be argued with the same reason then and I'm not letting you have this be an orange vs apple thing) more babies die due to circumsision now than those "ancient" established "health reasons" safe. C) it increases the rate of suicide. D) upholding them as traditions while at the same time chanting "everybody/every culture is equal" is sheer bigotry. Your anecdotal evidence doesn't hold water either. Neither does/can your "I last longer in bed" because you have no comparision with "the real thing" and can't tell if you can or must longer, nevermind there being enough people out there who cant attain an orgasm being circumcised wearing a condom. It's either time for you certain special high moral people to realise you dont want equality or got no idea whatsoever what equality is. Just don't understand how you can face your bigoted self every morning you look into the mirror. With that said, many thanks to my parents for not having me go through that BS.
  15. Soooo... Thailand 4.0 > Develped Country or Developed Country > Thailand 4.0 ? Werent they on the straight path to 4.0? Shouldn't that set them into post future country mode already?