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  1. Headline doesn't have enough wiggle words such as "may risk", "could risk", "might risk", this is absurd.
  2. I wonder what could go wrong wanting to decrease fatal accidents for these teens by creating a huge distraction to divert their already limited attention. I guess it's a better/more effective start than saying "having cops do their job" but I'd argue it's fundamentally still the wrong approach to the solution
  3. This. Made. My. Day. Glad we got enough people doing basic math with some minor assumptions to call those numbers into question....the question is just how many can't even do that and sign up with her. I think I'll have someone look into this story for me and give me a handful of thai comments for my amusement lol
  4. Skimmed through the video, when does the high speed section start?
  5. Were the soldiers that were sent to Lumyai to cover her up too embarrassed for not showing up with a fancy (new) toy? So glad this country's economy is doing well so they can be afforded with pocket change.
  6. Nah, the Benz no questions asked. Coming to a complete halt for no reason (no, roadrage or "teaching a lesson to gtfo of the way" are not valid reasons) caused it. Unfortunately we don't have a rear view to the entire thing but we can assert the highway has been fairly empty and there was no immediate need for the truck driver to assume needing to come to a fast stop while traffic was flowing just fine and there being no "cluster of cars ahead breaking". Also right when the impact happens, we see a white car just infront of the truck, pulling from far right to middle, may also "just" have been ninja evading to the right as the truck was, presumably, jerking to the right seeing the retard situation infront of him. Buuuuut, it's a Benz driver, so off he goes.
  7. I'm sure it's more appropriate to send soldiers to do stuff that is irrelevant to the nation.
  8. Rhetoric question much?
  9. Can't decide if they are being warned about "risk areas" referring to terrorist attacks or referring to elections....
  10. 1 IQ per cop, accumulating to the lower avarage of 1 normal person....math checks out, highly legit. What were the numbers needed for Myanmar police to catch 'em?
  11. I am not sure what's more disturbing, the fact that criminals are being treated like you'd invite a friend over or the fact that criminals have that level of audacity to be feeling that relaxed. When you have reasonable chances to walk away with murder, might as well act the part, eh?
  12. When you make an accusation and can only back it up by "he said/she said"....sounds like this chap will get a visit and defamation suit soon lol
  13. Did I miss the last "bad taxi driver story" or was this really 2 "good ones" back to back? Preparing for the next bad story ahead of time? Ah wait, planning/preparing, no.
  14. How many bridges do you need to cross to be able to utter "did not mean to kill" after cutting up the body into finger food.... ...and now to the facepalm part of thai jurisdication, if she/they get off the hook with a slap on the wrist or a painfully low sentence, something needs to burn and I'm not referring to the "book of law".
  15. Just do the same vetting as with taxi drivers and errthing's gonna be A-OK.