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  1. Omg, the list that needs to be adressed to fix this problem is....a lot. Nevermind the priority of said list, thai's not giving a <deleted> to move out of the way is merely a point in that list and certainly isn't the sole/biggest solution to it.
  2. I'll give him a brownie point anyway simply for stating the obvious mess a thai-style democrazy would be.
  3. Didn't read the article, are we getting a new submarine though?
  4. On the second picture the smiley face should have been on the other face. That would have been a great troll.
  5. Obviously not a poll by the junta, rigged.
  6. Too bad for him, some poll said 98.x% were confident in the junta and in Prayut, the remaining % is currently in attitude adjustment and thus he can't "no confidence" anything, clearly. Also, how dare he use a weapon of democrazy against the junta of all things.
  7. You misspelled "weeks". Just like I misspelled "days" for others hehe Also, if there has ever been a rhetorical question asked...this must be it.
  8. Dude in the video is still very much alive. Immersion broken. 0/10
  9. Last news was that he "promised to consider staying in power", oddly enough, that's probably the first thing I believe him 555
  10. Are you serious? I'll change to Wow then hehe
  11. Woah how can you misspell "especially" this bad?
  12. Random assumption, the point system will also award points instead of just taking them away. Driving with somtam +2
  13. Some people come up with jokes and hilarious stuff as their career....this one drops them on the side like it's nothing.
  14. Werent these jokers claiming something like a less than 2% unemployment statistic? Not sure which problem thy be talking about therefore...
  15. *gets pulled over for a fine and DL taken away *keeps driving without DL because why not *gets pulled over again, states fine was paid already but DL hasn't been received yet *???? *Profit I totally see the problems reducing already /slowmo eyeroll