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  1. Seems legit. I'm more concerned about the sedan stopping to check, as well as all the other people coming out to help. Seems like it's been staged and not the thainess I'm used to. I'll see myself out now /whistles
  2. , and left to his misery, as the very helpful and attending person with the dashcam footage just mai pen rai's the <deleted> along.
  3. Longer holidays blamed for more road accidents

    Ban holidays. It's the only solution. Matter of fact, everywhere I've been and for all my life as well, once this "holiday" happens, shops close down, people have nothing to do and are lazy and stuff, clog up traffic and so forth, Bad role model for kids and adults alike.
  4. Nothing to see here, nothing new here and of course we know nothing will change anyway. I find it so interesting how people are all outraged AF but are doing the very same thing as well. I've only seen 2 instances of people having moved out of an ambulances way in like 5 years, I was shocked. SHOCKED. I wish that was only true for Thailand, but there are other regressive and retarded countries like germany, where some dude got broken into, had everything on his security cams and then got sued by the thief for having been filmed without consent. Thief won the case iirc, but I forgot the names of the parties involved, cannot provide a link at this time :/
  5. Can you start creating "education hubs" to push intelligence surge?
  6. Don't they know the way to Germany or Canada? Everybody welcome.
  7. And, how many hundreds of thousands of baht did this cost?
  8. Send them over to the West, they will be happy to fill their forced regressive quotas lol
  9. Study? I would'a told 'em in a minute without pay...
  10. Dismissed because there will be no election? :D
  11. It may not be the point you meant for it to be, however, you can "safely" assume they didn't notice, didn't care or just left things go their way based on the result. Chances are you are older than me, based on your life experience (passively knowing or (now) actively thinking about it), just how much help do men get? How many times have you seen some bloke needing help one way or another and thought "Ah he's alright, he can pull through, it's not too difficult" without any malicious intent? Society as a whole doesnt care about men's issues, plights and burdens, this was just another casualty to be forgotten by pretty much everyone minus 10 within a week. Problems are plentiful for everybody, the issue begings by stating "men have issues too, let's solve them" and getting labled a misogynist and all the other buzzwords. Just look at how fast downhill the west is currently going, it's insane.
  12. Doesn't really matter, does it? Either way he didn't get the help he needed.
  13. Ah yeah...the pointless whining again, been a while, kind of.
  14. Fairly easy. Indoctrinated gynocentrism and no self respect. Most men don't know how to say "No" to a woman, and every time it happens, they dig their own grave 1 inch deeper.
  15. I kinda would appreciate them dropping fees for transferring to your own goddamn account from the same goddamn bank but different province...that riles me up way more.