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  1. Look on the "bright" side of things, Thailand still needs to catch up to have men lose their jobs and careers over false accusations that have been proven in a court under oath beyond a shred of doubt and still face no legal consequences. Don't mind me though, I'm sitting back and enjoying this shitshow quite a bit, despite it needing to bring tears to ones eyes non stop. The world hasn't just gone mad, it's regressing and becoming more retarded then it used to be.
  2. Not really? At least not that I could actively remember at least...does "tagging along" count if anything? I may be guilty of that.
  3. If only these experts knew if they simply wait long enough, they can be "shocked it happened so suddenly" just like it happens with the yearly floods
  4. I don't understand how they can stay in business....granted I don't think I've been in one, but it seems counter intuitive to have one every 200m or so. I'm just as puzzled with Top Chareon(?) for glasses, they be everywhere and when I poppped in there, it was easily the priciest to choose from, nevermind the service having been terrible at that store, but that's another issue.
  5. Oh I thought this is about the Red Bull dude again, wanted to write my initialy statement like this: [Page 1] What happened when a man refused to stop for a cop... [Page 2] ...nothing. [End of book]
  6. Don't know how you folks see it, but I'm so glad that murder, rape, bribery and all that good stuff is still punished with less severity than this god awful alternativ smoking BS that most folks with reading abilities can make a quality decision over, granted it needs to have some regulations to it /rolleyes
  7. Alarm sounded over girls’ drinking

    Ah yes. Of course. Another perfectly objective article relating to men and women, were as more women starting to drink more becoming a problem and getting attention, while men seemingly just have a steady go at it since forever and it's a non issue...besides of course all the accidents, fights and sexual harassment that's perfectly unilateral phenomenon I suppose. Did we already have news about female suicides on the rise that needs attention yet?
  8. Soon to be feature on youtube under the titles of "No one would believe this if it had not been caught on camera". So many things wrong with that video.
  9. Considering the biological and indoctrinated nature of men and women....yes.
  10. The "fine line" of not being able to tell the difference between rotten fish and plaa raa lol Also, what's the deal with this half assed censorship? What's the point in hiding 80% of the cans while you can see 3 of them just fine?
  11. Such a waste of time. Just keep them empty, they will be filled soon enough with people that will be put on leave or transferred out of the heat they shitstormed themselves into.
  12. Avoid antibiotics for a cold: expert

    It's a real struggle to not tell people to <deleted> ALREADY after you told them for the 5th time you aren't going to a doctor because you got a cold, compound that annoyance by the fact that more than 1 person keeps telling you to go see a doctor.... /sigh While people be talking of cold causing or being a cause of getting the cold, albeit I can't jump on that bandwagon myself from experience...did any of you hear about Wim Hof yet or looked into that to whatever degree? Got some decent science behind it, though both aspects of his teachings(?)have been around for quite some while to one degree or another.
  13. You'd think in a bank you have Double Crystal Clear 4K Resolution CCTVs hanging 2 inches apart getting every microspot from multiple angles for stuff like this. But what the hell am I doing here thinking in the first place?
  14. So, you slap on some regulations as to what can/cant be in e-cigs, keep yer bloody eye on it so they go rogue (provided you goverment peoples don't do first /rolleyes) and done deal. Find whatever current study you will, booze and cigs are well documented, far worse than weed and e-cigs, but that doesn't mean the worse on is legal while the better alternative isnt, huh? Cut your crap about "health" when you clearly do not give any number of f's about it.