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  1. He stated that no Thai money was used
  2. If you want it changed to a Thailand address, you will have to deal with social secuity in Manila, you cannot change your address on the website to a foreign address
  3. At a US bank it will always deposited on a Wednesday by month of birth, mine was the third Wednesday, now that I am living in Thailand with a Thai address and a Bangkok Bank account it is the Third day of the month
  4. sorry, yes tax renewal and insurance
  5. Not true anymore, purchased vehicle in Bangkok with a Bangkok address, but have lived in Rayong for over a year and have renewed registration in Rayong, they said OK no problem
  6. love those blue bins, really helps keeping things clean around here. There still are the lazy ones that still leave it wherever they are
  7. Got my first one today also, off to the Post office in the morning
  8. The US embassy in Manilla has a Social Security service for people in Thailand
  9. Thailand Priority registered mail
  10. I have been in Thailand one year as of this month, Manilla has my new address, and I did get confirmation on this, can I be expecting a letter this year? I guess my question is, when did you get your first letter - thank you
  11. That is very low, I think my wife can eat that much - 555
  12. 40 km east of Rayong, Chakphong, we had almost eleven inches of rain, all projects on hold
  13. Sorry I was under the impression that my load was the problem, did not realise that all I actually got fined for was one infraction, expired sticker, I went to the DLT the next day and took care of it sorry for my original rant, fine for expired tabs is baht 1000, will never happen again, promise