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  1. They have lots of ideas, but absolutely no plans
  2. These Chinese tourists are going to destroy Thailand, everywhere these tour groups go there is misery for the real tourist.
  3. Legality of Pitbulls in Thailand

    My Labrador almost licked someone to death
  4. Social Security from USA.

    When I changed my address with Manila, my pay date changed from the third Wednesday of the month to the third day of the month. All of my friends here that are registered with Manila get paid on the third day of the Month.
  5. Social Security from USA.

    If you are registered with social security with a Thai address, you should have gotten a letter of confirmation that you are still alive
  6. Rats.

    I got 23 rats, last one was trapped in my truck, the little bastard ate a hole through the firewall, ate a pocket in the back seat, and chewed a wire harness, that was the end of him, hopefully I have gotten all of them, with four dogs roaming the property and a few snakes surprised I had so many, never saw a one of them in the daytime, all trapped at night
  7. Rats.

    In the last two weeks I have caught 23 of them in the spring trap, with peanut butter, caught one in the truck which ate a hole through the firewall. I even have a python on the land, damn without him how many would i have, oh yeah I forgot he only likes my chickens. I am in Rayong, hopefully with the water receding the problem will end
  8. Four injured after a shooting in Phuket Town

    That is what I have
  9. Just got a visitor in the chicken coop, explains where the chickens are going, he got three this week, first time I spotted him, a little scary as I have geese and dogs also
  10. Immigration for this area is in Map Tha Phut, about a one hour drive from Klaeng, but they are very efficient, 90 day reports alway less than ten minute wait
  11. Not sure how important night life is to you, but there are really not a lot of things going on after 8:00 pm, it is a very quiet area, and that is why I am here
  12. that is a fact, even though they have lots of bins, across the road, to hard to walk a little extra, but they do an excellent job of cleaning, they are now in the process of redoing the brick work on the beach side should be nice when they are done, and so far the Chinese tourists haven't hit, they all go to Koh Samet
  13. TM 7 Form Change

    Thank you, I have used that kodak shop for making copies, just got back from Katchet a little while ago