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  1. moving to Pattaya from BKK advice please

    shouldn't that be TM28
  2. First visit to Thailand travel questions...

    Also make sure bills that you bring are fresh with no tears, banks will not take them, your best exchange rates will be for 50,s and100,s
  3. Stray dogs turn bright blue after swimming in ‘polluted river’

    click on full story has pictures
  4. She does not have to do the same paperwork that you do. Unless she entered on a foreign passport, my wife enters on her Thai passport and leaves on her Thai passport. Enters the US on her US passport
  5. She can have dual citizenship, my wife has both Thai and US, married in the US, living in Thailand now, she did do a name change, but I think the paperwork went through the Los Angelos Thai embassy, she had no problem getting her ID changed in Bangkok, but that was where her housebook was, had to take a sister with as a witness, very easy
  6. Or some real high boots
  7. Yello Tabien and (pink ID card ID card

    Used both today, tabien bahn at the bank and Pink ID card at the post office, only had these for one week and they have already paid off, got both for free, only cost was for passport translation
  8. He stated that no Thai money was used
  9. If you want it changed to a Thailand address, you will have to deal with social secuity in Manila, you cannot change your address on the website to a foreign address
  10. At a US bank it will always deposited on a Wednesday by month of birth, mine was the third Wednesday, now that I am living in Thailand with a Thai address and a Bangkok Bank account it is the Third day of the month
  11. How to check traffic fines existing?

    sorry, yes tax renewal and insurance
  12. How to check traffic fines existing?

    Not true anymore, purchased vehicle in Bangkok with a Bangkok address, but have lived in Rayong for over a year and have renewed registration in Rayong, they said OK no problem