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  1. Got my first one today also, off to the Post office in the morning
  2. The US embassy in Manilla has a Social Security service for people in Thailand
  3. Thailand Priority registered mail
  4. I have been in Thailand one year as of this month, Manilla has my new address, and I did get confirmation on this, can I be expecting a letter this year? I guess my question is, when did you get your first letter - thank you
  5. That is very low, I think my wife can eat that much - 555
  6. 40 km east of Rayong, Chakphong, we had almost eleven inches of rain, all projects on hold
  7. Sorry I was under the impression that my load was the problem, did not realise that all I actually got fined for was one infraction, expired sticker, I went to the DLT the next day and took care of it sorry for my original rant, fine for expired tabs is baht 1000, will never happen again, promise
  8. YES, found out latter, they also got me for not paying taxes on the vehicle on time, thought I had until June, but they were actually due in February, went to the DLT today and got it all straightened out, bought the vehicle on June 3rd of last year so thought I had one year, my bad
  9. I was waiting in line while several Thais paid there fines, all is well now
  10. I live five minutes from Lam Mae Phim
  11. Well after driving thousands of km in Thailand I finally got my first ticket, road check about 20 km east of Rayong, they got me for an extended load, I had four three inch wooden poles hanging over my box, 1000 baht fine, christ I can beat the shit out of someone and only get fined 500 baht, wasn't too happy especially the Thai driver in front of me had a load of rebar steel hanging out the back of his truck and only got fined 200 baht, in fact every Thai that got pulled over it was 200 baht, had a hard time keeping my mouth shut, officer was very friendly, I guess it was the end of the month and they needed some beer money, oh yeah I did get a receipt end of rant, time for some beer
  12. correct, I am just on the lease as renter, no claim for any property
  13. No problem, just did this last week do not know what the minimum amount can be for the lease, daughter was going to do it for ten baht, but wouldn't work in there system, think she ended up putting down 100 baht per year, in and out in less than two hours, this was done at our land office in Klaeng, Rayong, cost was less than 200 baht if I remember right, go for it
  14. thank you for the help, looked in the back of the book and it was 9786 baht for 2016 (2060), not sure if that included the government compulsary insurance, I already have first class insurance, but if I read right you still have to get government insurance, but not expensive?