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  1. flexomike

    Snake identification

    close to Laem Mae Phim, Rayong
  2. flexomike

    Snake identification

    Find me something, I want to here that it is not venemous
  3. flexomike

    Snake identification

    not that for sure not red on the tail and not that much color, I have looked in books but can't find a picture,
  4. flexomike

    Snake identification

    Damn didn't want to heat that, I have four dogs
  5. flexomike

    Snake identification

    Can anyone identify this snake, it is just under a meter long head area is somewhat orange in color
  6. flexomike

    Line app on laptop

    I uninstalled it and re installed and it works like a champ now Thank you for the advise
  7. flexomike

    Line app on laptop

    Using Windows 10, after the last major update, Line App is very slow to open and use, have TOT for internet provider, have there highest speed package, everything else works normally. This update was about a week ago. Line works fine on my phone, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  8. flexomike

    snake identification

    can anyone identify this snake, it is somewhat of a maroon and grey color found it on the soi by house, run over by a motorcycle, fairly thick about a lttle over a meter long
  9. I will send my Thai dogs up there, they are a three dog demolition team, nothing escapes them, rack em and stack em
  10. This is why you should get a yellow book, don't have to put up with all the bs at immigration
  11. flexomike

    lost blue book for motorcycle

    Department of Land Transportation - yes
  12. flexomike

    Water tanks/system chemicals and side effects

    thanks for reminding me I need to change ours
  13. flexomike

    Nong Khai teen eighth victim of rabies this year

    no you were not tetanus shots do not prevent rabies, listen to the doctor he knows
  14. flexomike

    Thinking of retiring

    Both my wife and her son got new Thai ID cards from the Chicago Consulate, two years ago maybe things have changed but i don't think so
  15. flexomike

    Villa Market Suk Soi 11 Closed Today, Relocating

    When I was stationed in Bangkok from 1968-1970, US military we had a compound on Sukhumvit called the Villa Club, is this the site of the Villa store on Sukhumvit 33, my memory fails me on this.