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  1. correct, I am just on the lease as renter, no claim for any property
  2. No problem, just did this last week do not know what the minimum amount can be for the lease, daughter was going to do it for ten baht, but wouldn't work in there system, think she ended up putting down 100 baht per year, in and out in less than two hours, this was done at our land office in Klaeng, Rayong, cost was less than 200 baht if I remember right, go for it
  3. thank you for the help, looked in the back of the book and it was 9786 baht for 2016 (2060), not sure if that included the government compulsary insurance, I already have first class insurance, but if I read right you still have to get government insurance, but not expensive?
  4. Sorry I should have said road tax for 2061
  5. yes
  6. I have a 2013 Toyota Vigo Champ, four doors, Automatic, two wheel drive, I will have to get my license renewal next month for the first time, can anyone give me a rough idea what the cost on this will be
  7. Thank You Joe, you are the best, Happy New Year
  8. I have an O-A multiple entry visa based on retirement, my visa expires May 11th, My plan is to do a border run first week of May to Cambodia, Phsar Prom, not sure of spelling, I live 30 km east of Rayong, close to Sukhumvit 3 , so I am thinking that this is my best choice, I will be driving myself, is there parking on the Thai side?, will I be able to do an in and out?, will I need to show 20,000 baht in my pocket? should I bring a photo for visa on the cambodian side, or will I just get an in and out stamp, cost on Cambodian side, heard there were agents on the border that will take care of you, worth using? Last question, will I get a one year permission to stay on the Thai side when re-entering? Any input on this will be greatly appreciated, this is my first time doing this, in the future I will just do it at Rayong immigration.
  9. If brought a 40 footer from the US with several electrical appliances, transformers work fine, speed will be a problem with motors on some things, 60 cycle vs 50 cycle, only problem is when the relatives visit and plug things into the 220v instead of the transformer it has and will happen
  10. He wasn't suggesting that they should hit them hard, he was saying that it will hit them hard
  11. is there an immigration office in Klaeng, I thought the only one in Rayong is the Mataphut office in Rayong, would be great if there was one in Klaeng, as it would cut my driving by one third
  12. That address shows up as a 2014 Calendar
  13. Watched them build it, bamboo scaffolding and all