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  1. Chelsea Fc Thread

    just to keep the grammer police like you amused, how about posting about footy welcome aboard , on another trip, you ??? the word is english fluffwit (thought E/S was on your ignore list), now lets post about footy .or fluff off trippy
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    A final recap of your above post. E/S sincerely hopes you did,nt stay up all nite , thinking of the above marlarkey to post
  3. Chelsea Fc Thread

    why be such a dumb knob???, your Idol Conte, has been doing it all season,(hence out of the C/L place) with Baka his Pet Favourite, a shining example
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Spuds are full of bullett holes under Loser Levy,s rule, ,Barklay is a non event , clown!!!!!
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    purely a add on . to the baka signing. the smart money all points to. it was a conte.s signing choice not the board..hence the many chances the jerk has given him to other sign ons of the last 2 t.f windows ..have a good think about it. the smart money is rarely wrong from my experiences
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    fluff off .you sook
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    your first paragraph says it all knee jerker.baka is a shot bird as i posted y./day baka needs to go out on loan next seadon to get his marbles back if he had any at all. you can rant and rave all you like about e./s .but i post without fear or favour. and do not. get into your gutter level of slagging the personality of a member posts such as your last one tbh u are just a no volitude knob
  8. R I P Mitchell "Mike" Barosh

    its a nice R.I.P.thread, bringing the attention of a well known expat passing away and burial details etc How could you be so morbid and post the above
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    owl.s the kiss of death
  10. Chelsea Fc Thread

    giving a wrap to your pin up jerk.lol. started baka the lumbersome.cumbersome turd.and got the same smell .a loan out next season in stall as no dumb knob would buy the turd
  11. Chelsea Fc Thread

    can clearly remember in his first tenure doing a sub on a sub within mins in the first half.and from memory he did another sub.too.perhaps its your answer
  12. Manchester United

    again stating i am a mou fan,until his departure at the Bridge , there is no need for his rants at all, its down to being beaten up, by Skull Pepe and Mcity, he knows right now he got no fluffin hope of beating them for the 2018/2019 EPL title, despite spending mega bucks etc etc ,and look at his track record always took his team who ever he managed to premiership titles within 2 yrs on joining them(from memory)), he has a massive fluffin ego same as The Jerk , Mou has raised the white flag and all his shit of late is a Get Out laying the blame on his players etc etc, therefore hiding behind his managering down falls at M/U just recap on his career it tell you the facts , my view Mou is Yesterdays Man
  13. Orange rental bikes: ugly or useful?

    i do think. and always look to the future ,whether its the the topic we are now discussing, or another concept. but with due respect to nail the bike concept without any clear evidence that it is not financially sustainable in due course etc etc, is purely your bitter whims,simply because it doe,s not fit your Flintstone agenda , its year 2018 ,get with the times old fella E/S is old vintage and luvs the new concepts ,whether good or bad , a nice evening to all
  14. Premier Prediction Comp

    excellent shooting bob.will keep e/s on his toe.s
  15. Orange rental bikes: ugly or useful?

    usual bitter suspects ..great concept..me thinks