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  1. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    just a very honest reply that u requested..make what u want of it.e/s could.nt give a damn!!!!!"""
  2. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    and another one escapes the var.this match is a ripa though
  3. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    still going for breaks .sweet heart!!!. and btw a incident in the box a few mins later in the soccer roos favour again was not var .where it should have been .theres your problem sweet heart.its a hit and miss affair
  4. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    yes as above.around 7 am.then my subsquent posts where around 4 hours later after reading a couple more and seeing the highlights twice which vindicated my above post.and shot your post to smitherines that the var had done a great job. all in all they only confirmed the linesman was correct in his ruling. and as i posted no big deal.to receive the plaudits that you are giving. .but no doubt from reading your posts on the var they can do no wrong. e/s present feelings are that the var is not bullett proof under the present format. and a lot of fine tuning needs to be .done if not. it will be a botch.and a big one too. in my view you have bolted out of the barriers without the jockey.claiming its the best thing since sliced bread lol lol
  5. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    that was approx three to four hours ago. i do have a black box.which gives me a very good coverage live.plus highlights and replays etc etc. next question ????????
  6. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    no but read 3 reports.and seen the highlights twice. as for your civil bit and being confrontional..no way at all . my posts on this thread have been on topic .but it surely appears to me that i am not allowed to do so.as it is against your wishes for very obvios reasons
  7. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    of course i.am right!!! blind freddy would have got the same.but you have to get on your soap .box and praise the var for getting it right.where it was needed at all. .and astutely bring in andy ( meat head) gray into the discussion.to divert the attention away from your initial post which was utter crap .and not correct and u have admitted it as above surely confirms lol lol
  8. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    correct me if i.am wrong,from a match report that i read ,,the linesman had his flag up , therefore calling no goal, the VAR only confirmed his ruling, big deal
  9. evenstevens

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    possibly on the money.but as its silly season.i will not celebrate until their signatures are dry on the contracts. some are gutted with conte the jerk departure . poor lost deluded fools !!!
  10. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    trigg . t.b.h. you have no style. quoting the tabaloids is about daft as it comes.
  11. evenstevens

    VAR catastrophe

    your very biased v.a.r. views will come back and bite your backside big time. just a matter of time
  12. the cream always rises to the top
  13. just another never been off the tarry road . knee jerk. remark with respect to all have seen many black clouds .such as this thread suggests.. but turns out to be bright and sunny. in due course . .take each day as it comes. here ( good or bad.) and those black clouds will decend into the sunset. go the soccer roo.s in a couple hrs against the frogs.in the world cup.good arvo to all
  14. after 10 pages.and 140 replys. this topic has as mutch legs.or less then the so called ban of selling of achol within a certain distance of a schools etc etc a couple years back or so .which resulted zilch.so silent investors take a valium and the sun will rise again . e/s assures you of that.. a nice afternoon to all
  15. evenstevens

    Tottenham Thread

    e/s did !!!! spuds to win some silverware bi bi bi !!!!