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  1. Just completed my fourth visit to Vietnam, have been visiting Thailand for 45 years, I can see myself holidaying more and more in Vietnam. Accommodation inexpensive and excellent quality.Service is given with a smile. Good quality wines can be purchased at a sensible price (unlike Thailand where choice is poor and Gov't excise makes it unaffordable).Above all the motor bike and car drivers value their lives and those of the pedestrian and mini bus drivers have a brain and sense of responsibility to the passengers.Good bye Thailand
  2. Congratulations must go to the Military Junta for finally getting National television coverage in Australia. The profound incident of the young female student who was detained and stripped searched in a public area and then to add to the degradation by putting her in gynaecological stirrups to do a cavity search.This young lady was at a silent well behaved protest on violation of human rights in Thailand at the university. Unfortunately the arresting officers and the interrogators did not know this young lady was educated for sometime in Australia. This will definitely do a lot for Australian tourism to Thailand and advance the junta's international support.
  3. The UK is hosting a summit on "corruption throughout the world" Nigeria and Afganistan are attending.I have not heard from the PM or the Thai Gov't that they will be attending when a key focus of the Junta is to stop corruption. Thought if they are serious they would attend and maybe learn how corruption has been brought under control in other countries.
  4. Don't think the ban has anything to do with drop in tourist numbers. Went on line yesterday to book a room in Pattaya for a friend, have never seen so many deals available across all levels of accommodation.TAT maybe saying tourist numbers are up but all the business people I talk to have tightened their belts and are getting deeper in debit.
  5. Not wanting impartial independent observers means only one thing there is something to hide.If everything is legal, impartial and above board one would welcome observers who would confirm how well the referendum was conducted and congratulate those involved.If you close your eyes it does not mean its dark outside!
  6. Next months TAT release Hua Hin tourist numbers up 100% due to good work of all Thai authorities.
  7. Is a compulsory eye sight test given before a drivers licence is issued.I know several Thais who have poor eye sight drive without wearing glasses.There should be an endorsement on their licence as in other countries to wear"suitable visual aids".while driving.
  8. The shock may have come from a TAZAR all 20000volts
  9. The Prime Minister should stay focused on his job which is to lead the country back to Democracy,end corruption and to drive the economy. Not get involved with petty issues of law and order.
  10. This will open the door to a Dictatorship.The prime minister should be elected by the elected representatives of the people.The CDC is opening the door for the current Prime Minister to be elected by his "Friends" and then tell the people that he was elected as he is the popular choice and loved and respected by 98% of the people.Good Bye democracy in Thailand!
  11. The Government plans to develop this as the third commercial international airport.Someone can't count as there are more than three currently operating.
  12. I would like to know how the PM will measure corruption so he can measure the decline. By its nature it is covert, I am sure officials do not send a monthly statement to the government saying how much they have stolen from the system or received.
  13. What about all the premix coctails sold in bottles"Cruiser"and the likes.Are these illegal as they fit the description?
  14. There will not be a water shortage as the Prime Minister late last year said "There is plenty of water in the water sheds and Thailand can use that" someone forgot to close the shed door! A little knowledge is dangerous.
  15. Companies work on 5-10 business plan they are not moving because of wages they are moving because they know the JUNTA will not hold democratic elections next year or in the forseeable future. The country will finish up in a civil war.