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  1. They have arranged the pills spell Ya Ba
  2. "Not being able to divide two numbers correctly" Maybe one of them was a prime number
  3. I think they mean flat as in " Ow Hong Tong, nung kuad baen kap khun khrap", its about 350 ml and smaller than a normal bottle but big enough to do some damage.
  4. " Besides "The Wolf of Wall Street," other films produced by Red Granite include 2015's "Daddy's Home" and 2014's "Dumb and Dumber To." That made me laugh
  5. I hear Koh DonBlu has really good restaurants and afterwards you could try Koh Pulant to lose some weight but stay away from Koh Leonie as it is run by the Mafia
  6. Wow, that's a well written notice compared to many I've seen. Whoever the author is, kudos to them; some of the writers of news articles we try to read here should take a leaf out of this book.
  7. My wife ran away with my best friend "God I miss him"
  8. Hmm not so sure there are many HiSo's slaving away on offshore oil rigs rather than owning them
  9. maybe they were illuminated because the just 'lit up'
  10. Is Ok Trees are different in Thailand
  11. "how did that happen" and the chair said " I dunno, it started out as a boil on my arse"
  12. Deleted my post because I see others have already mentioned the Rainbow Warrior
  13. Just a heads up on this: Went in today to get 5 year licence after first making sure I had everything on this list and was sent way empty handed due to lack of a medical certificate. Apparently, it is only for renewing a 5 year licence that no medical certificate is required. On the first instance you have to have one. I will attend to this today and try again tomorrow. There was also a lengthy discussion about needing a residence certificate; however, a supervisor intervened and allowed my receipt from the TM47 form in lieu. It was touch and go for awhile with much humming and hahing but I was relieved with the outcome because a residency certificate for me is a 6 hour return drive to CM plus an overnight stay. One other thing to mention, if you are going for car and bike licence you need two copies of everything including two medical certificates. I hope this information saves some of you a wasted trip
  14. True what you say and IMO stems from living in a hierarchy. Until we see everyone wai-ing at the same time rather than one after the other, democracy will remain elusive.