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  1. eisfeld

    New car models 2019?

    The specs are up and yup Toyota brought the 2.5 to Thailand. Only the lowest spec one has a 2.0 engine. The two higher grades force you to get a hybrid. Not sure if that's good or bad, I mean leaning to bad. In theory it could have a big amount of torque (221Nm from ICE and 202Nm from electric motor) but I doubt they combine it that way to maximize torque, it's already suspicious that they don't publish the combined torque (as they do for HP). Also the hybrids have a CVT which for me is a strong downside. And good luck with the batteries after 10 years. Personally unless Honda does something very stupid, I think the Accord will be the better car. I think design wise it's much nicer as well.
  2. This is also something that people most often don't know. In many cases, banks are not directly connected to each other but need to pass the funds through correspondent banks in the middle. This also can take time and might route the money through unrelated countries on the other side of the world (like New York). I am not sure though how it works with SWIFT, are banks always directly connected to SWIFT?. BTW in my earlier post I quoted $50k as the reporting threshold. I think that was wrong, I think it might be 2M THB (obviously the limit is denoted in Thai Baht). But I know that for transfors over $50k for example, BKK Bank will call you to "confirm" the transaction first and ask for a purpose. As you correcty stated, banks also have certain hours during which transfers are processed and when you mix that with timezones, it can easily cause one day of delay just because of that.
  3. eisfeld

    90km with the bike to the beach - no fun

    Funny. I never rode that road but this is how I feel whenever I have to ride into BKK
  4. eisfeld

    Honda CB500X 2019 - Nice updates

    It really depends on what you want to do. The "ADV" bikes are really more touring bikes suitable for Thai roads. With pillion and luggage. I wouldn't want to tour with a Desert Sled. If the seat is anything like the one on my Scrambler then it's a literal pain in the ass. And it's not exactly built to take on much luggage either. Plus that thing gets so frickin hot that you can roast some chicken by tieing it to the inside of your legs. But for a bit of offroading not too far I can imagine it can be a ton of fun. I took my Scrambler to some place with dirt and just drifted around a little bit and it put a very big grin on my face. It's perfect for stupid, mindless fun like that. Oh, make sure you get a really good belly pan because the underside has the oil filter placed nicely vulnerable (I had 3 leaks from that PoS).
  5. eisfeld

    Honda CB500X 2019 - Nice updates

    After taking my Africa Twin through wet mud and small rivers... yea it was not exactly fun. The weight and height make it mighty difficult to keep the thing upright when things get tricky. The suspension though isn't so bad and covers quite some usecases. It'll bottom out if you go for really rough stuff but again, the weight and height makes this quite scary. It's good though to get over curbs, potholes or riding gravel roads in rural areas. Does it look tougher than it can handle? Possibly. But it's not all just looks
  6. For amounts over 50k USD, the banks have a reporting requirement and usually have to either ask you (phone call) or you need to fill out some form. BKK Bank will for example make a call from their treasury department and you can also take the opportunity to ask them to raise the exchange rate a bit which they'll usually do. SWIFT transfers from overseas usually take 1-2 days in my experience. Once the bank called you, the funds normally show up in your account within an hour.
  7. eisfeld

    New CB650R (retro-ish style)

    Seems like a quickshifter is available as an option but of course no info if we'll get that in Thailand (also available for the CB1000R but not in Thailand). And not sure if it works downwards as well.
  8. eisfeld

    Honda CB500X 2019 - Nice updates

    The CB500X is widely popular with Thais for touring and a bit of offroad. It's really good value. Just enough power for the highways, not too crazy heavy and the price is also OK. And you get the service of Bigwing in all bigger cities.
  9. eisfeld

    Register address

    Yes it should be the landlords responsibility to report you to immigration and in theory they should fine the landlord. But there's also the law about you (the foreigner) having to report to a local police station so I guess they can always use that to fine you because who does that?
  10. eisfeld

    S1000RR 2019

    Hehe, I get where you're coming from. And yes, I also think that nowerdays a lot of motorbikes have pretty questionable fueling or in general performance down low. That's why people are happy to get back some well behaved engines down low I have one of those 803cc air cooled Ducatis and yes, you can spin the wheel easily on the diesel laden surfaces they call roads. But low down torque is a different thing entirely to high end HP. And let me be honest, I would not be able to utilize 200HP. I'm not a racer. I've ridden the 2017 S1000R for a whole day though and I can say the 165HP there can be a ton of fun in the right circumstances. Just every now and then... a little bit crazyness sprinkled around Going 200kph and the speedo still climbing fast... not for everyone. In the rest of the times I'll take the torquey grunt. Torque gives a lot of satisfaction. It's a great feeling. High speed high RPM big HP is another thing entirely. It's completely nuts and scary. If manufacturers start to be able to make bikes that can do both well, hooray! The reason I'm interested quite a bit in the new S1000RR is because I actually want the S1000R, based on this one. Maybe 170HP but more torque. Yes VVT is nothing new. Others do it as well in various different ways. Some better, some worse. This specific implementation by BMW seems to be pretty solid (as in you can't really feel the transition) from the early reports. You are a twin guy and like I said, I totally get you. I love me some twin, I currently own 3 twins. But, I also love 4 cylinder bikes and their specific characters.
  11. eisfeld

    New CB650R (retro-ish style)

    Oh I didn't notice this one before. I have to agree, looks way better now. I was never a friend of the single triangle front light. Yea I also agree with you. The transformer trend seems to have gone away rather quickly. Now we're in the retry trend. Even though I think there's lots of bad designs I prefer this trend much more to the previous one The Yamaha bikes though were rare exceptions, they look not too bad.
  12. eisfeld

    Dept. Land Transp. Frustrations

    Yes but you wouldn't be allowed to ride it nor would you be insured. I think they never asked me for my license when I bought bikes. Only passport and certificate of residence. But I would suggest you just get a license either by finding a DLT without months of waiting time or using one of the third party schools as mentioned before.
  13. Honda has shown the new CB650R at EICMA. It's basically the CB650F reskinned in the same style as their other "Neo Sports Cafe" bikes in the 125, 300 and 1000 classes. 5% more power, now 95HP. 6kg lighter (should be 200kg). It also got traction control and a slipper clutch. New LCD with gear indicator. I think overall a very nice improvement over the CB650F, I like the design. In some ways it even looks better than its bigger sibling the CB1000R (no huge ugly radiator for example). I couldn't find pricing on it but I'd suspect it will cost a little bit more than the CB650F, probably 299k THB. I wish a quickshifter/autoblipper was available but seeing that Honda in Thailand doesn't even offer one on the literbike version... https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/2019-honda-cb650r/
  14. eisfeld

    Register address

    I now always use blue. For the forms themselves I am not sure if it matters, probably not. But they started to be anal about signatures being in blue last time I went there a few months ago. Your friend might get fined once he wants to do an extension or whatever else at immigration. I think it's 1600THB or some such. The whole system is such a pain in the ass. BUT you (or the landlord) can also do online reporting (if you can make the website work). That's way way easier than going to immigration every time. They approve the account the first time and from then on it's quite easy. Try to sit together with your landlord and have them sign up at https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/ There is no english version and it's a bit fiddly, I got it working in Chrome.
  15. eisfeld

    S1000RR 2019

    Figured it out. The tail lights and indicators are integrated into the license plate holder. This will make tail tidies quite a bit more complex and expensive. MCN: http://www.mcnews.com.au/2019-bmw-s-1000-rr/?fbclid=IwAR07vI6wDj1LmqUeWUZXpwQSqdEONZCVB3qeluqXveaWr0_hZsxKLVGaM5Q