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  1. ammagic

    One bad-ass cabbie from HELL!

    I have lived in Thailand for 11 years & have definitely had more than a few drivers from hell. And 1 was definitely high on something. It may not be the norm but this story is totally believable to me
  2. Give him a break - what a joke! The man has been proven to be a pathological liar. Just fact check some of his statements. And after the first 100 days of horror who could support him!! Mind boggling!
  3. Dr Songklot St Louis Hospital - not sure which day. One of the best in BK. I had complicated sinus surgery with him at BH Hospital BK but he is also available at St Louis
  4. Gave up on Chiangmai & moved to Hua Hin. Best thing I have ever done. My lungs are very grateful
  5. ammagic

    Dog bite in Thailand - a word of Warning

    What a ridiculous comment. People who dump their dogs & don't neuter them are the real issue & this being Thailand & the general apathy which prevails nothing will be done. I do feed dogs but where possible I also neuter them. It's the only real solution for the long term
  6. ammagic

    Uncontrolled burning in the north

    Gave up after 10 years & moved to Hua Hin. Marvelous fresh sea air. I liked CM but my lungs definitely did not!
  7. ammagic

    World scorns Thai lies on rights, democracy

    They've a great job of destroying the economy. Give them a few more years & they'll finish the job
  8. Awful. 2 orders cancelled & refunded - didn't arrive
  9. If the bite did not puncture the skin at all I personally wouldn't bother. Different story if broken skin or bleeding
  10. The sedation doesn't make you feel dizzy - you'll be fine. And definitely don't do it without sedation!
  11. ammagic

    Careful of toxic Strawberries around Chiang Mai

    Safe limits in Thailand - you cannot be serious!
  12. ammagic

    Digestive enzyme supplement

    Try Gasmotin - a bit hard to find but worth it. 3 x day 1/2 hour before eating. Excellent- a bit pricey
  13. ammagic

    SURVEY: Death Penalty -- Good or Bad?

    Definitely a bad thing
  14. Where exactly are they swarming to? Hua Hin very quiet, understand Koh Samui, Phuket & Pattaya quiet also....so where are they all?
  15. ammagic

    Thailand aims for rabies free goal in 2020

    You can get rid of all of them now & in 2 - 3 years, back to square 1. Without neutering - this problem will just continue. Thais keep dumping their dogs - culling is just a temporary solution. Blame the people - not the dogs