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  1. He was not clever enough to tell them he is a refugee from Syria, then German immigration would let him pass.
  2. To get some entertainment from mile high members
  3. Hua Hin taxis are a Mafia of its own. Why is a ride with a simple Tuk Tuk three times more expensive than a ride with a decent airconditioned Bangkok taxi. And the best: Once it starts raining the taxi prices raise by 200%. It is time competition comes!
  4. Well if you look at the distance between the airport and the king's summer palace there are not many more questions to ask.
  5. Very surprising to build an airport for tourits in a country that has 10% of its income from tourism!
  6. Should I ever cause an accident I am prepared to tell police about the responsibility
  7. Pattaya and balcony, a deadly combination
  8. I guess you would talk different if you or your family member faced a shark attack. Who would swimm relaxed in areas which you share with sharks?
  9. I hope such people never treat me medically, only those who do not have supersticious visions that may advise crazy procedures. Let them become monks rather.
  10. More needed: Teaching behaviour by parents and teachers Less needed: Violent movies and video games
  11. This is only realistic, who keeps speed limits of 80 or 100 on 3 lane highways? Speed of 120 on highways is rarely a reason for accidents. There are much more important things to do like limit the load of pick-ups and trucks, monitor the technical conditions of vehicles but most of all teach motorclyclists to drive more carefully. Too many accidents with crazy motorbike riders.
  12. Initially she did not know how to do but he said it is easy: Just say "Honululu". Unfortunately her memory was not the best and she said "San Francisco"
  13. I hope they all stay in Pattaya. That city suits them. Stay away from the rest of the country.