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  1. Cheap material or fake products. Busses usually can climb mountains several 1000 m high but in Phuket a tiny hill causes already fatal problems. How deep is the sleep of the government officials?
  2. Thai government does not need a martyr so they will be happy with the status quo.
  3. That tattoo shop should not use so hot needles
  4. He is one of the corrupt presidents who are the big brakes in the progress of a country, geedy for money and power. They are corrupt and buying votes from uneducated poor people with tax money and depths. Too many of them like Lula, Mugabe, Maduro. Kick them out!
  5. Can you publish the hotel names. Then these hotels should be mentioned in Tripadvisor which will hopefully come to a response they deserve.
  6. Beware: No e-cigarettes in Thailand

    Smoking should be forbidden everywhere in public. Let people kill themselves at home if their brain is not working well enough to understand (my appreciation to Darwin) but do not bother others. I noticed repeatedly that people smoke in restaurants regarding them as an open place and the fan is doing the rest to bring the smoke to other guests even when eating. Such situations should be avoided.
  7. Air pollution illnesses to be studied

    That is the main problem, uncontrolled fires from burning crop but as well the habit to burn all trash including plastics instead off disposing them. 25% of all deaths in developing countries come from poluted air and most cases are in rural areas. This shows it is a mayor worldwide problem but the environment NGOs do not care. Polar bear babies result in more donations and that is what they care for only. It is time the UN are getting aware of that and not just looking at the minor problems of nirtogen oxide.
  8. Unfortunately there is a tendency worldwide to spend government money in pleasing voters by dealing gifts than into investment. A speed of at least 250 km would be a reasonable competion to airplains. With 180 km/h and 5 hours travel time includings stops you can forget about it.
  9. Typically thinking of many Thais: Rather one higher bargain than a lot of constant business. Foolish and unfair too.
  10. Like all the people who were blown by wind from balconies
  11. Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    The least we need on earth is more people. Enough people are refugees because of overcrouding. Governments should do their homework to solve the change in age structure and not solve it by producing more people.
  12. The map will be a nice basis for next tourist guide books.
  13. But before let them clean walls and beaches all the time they planned for their vacation
  14. I hope someone gets 10 million soon!
  15. Merkel's politic was always 1st I will be chancelor as long as possible 2nd do not change anything that could cause conflicts (with the effect that Germany falls behind but that does not matter for her) 3rd if there are problems solve them with taxpayer's money She will never change and wait until she is kicked out of of her role. She is not able to step back in time to at least not lose her face