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  1. Now that the Wild West has gone the Wild East starts. Hope they have enough brave sheriffs.
  2. These eco freaks are against all infrastructure projects. They are narrow minded and never regard the benefit of keeping heavy traffic out of villages which saves lifes and supporting international trade which improves living standards of broad parts of the population.
  3. Sex and not naked: They have seen too many US movies. The couples always are fully dressed when you see them after intercourses.
  4. Not only the inhuman "priests" are guilty. It is everyone who is still member in this criminal organization and backs it up with donations and other benefits.
  5. Hope they are thinking about proper road access and parking to avoid a new chaos.
  6. Presently there are 4 flights a week. Tenfold means 5 flights a day or roughly 1000 passengers a day. That is only a small number in relation to the tourists coming in by road daily . However Hua Hin should be alerted to keeps its relaxed atmosphere and not allow condos growing faster than the infrastructure.
  7. Musk gets more and more nervous because he his is afraid investors will not continue to pay his game of burning of money with Tesla. So he tries to get more or less stupid attractions where ever he can. He even did not hesitate to abuse these poor boys for his propaganda. But this time it did not work. Go to your village on Mars and leave us alone!
  8. Big mouth Musk wanted to make a gain out of the poor situation of a few boys. The submarnie was totally useless which he either knew but perhaps he is stupid enoungh not to know. This ugly guy takes every advantage to get reputation but here it showed as in many cases that he is nothing like a big foolish mouth. Hope he builds his village on Mars soon and stays there forever.
  9. Good crew! Many crew staff prefer to relax and read something instead off taking care of passengers and their belongings. Even if you keep your money with you there are different things which you cannot put into your pocket. So take a small plastic bag with all that can be sold easily and keep it under your seat.
  10. He was not clever enough to tell them he is a refugee from Syria, then German immigration would let him pass.
  11. To get some entertainment from mile high members
  12. Hua Hin taxis are a Mafia of its own. Why is a ride with a simple Tuk Tuk three times more expensive than a ride with a decent airconditioned Bangkok taxi. And the best: Once it starts raining the taxi prices raise by 200%. It is time competition comes!
  13. Well if you look at the distance between the airport and the king's summer palace there are not many more questions to ask.
  14. Very surprising to build an airport for tourits in a country that has 10% of its income from tourism!