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  1. If I live in a city away from the main tourist hotspots where the local police force dont speak English... can I call tourist police hotline number and get help from them? If so what is the number? If not how is one supposed to communicate with the local police if ones thai language skills are less than adequate?
  2. thanks for your reply. but I thought that a foreigner can only get a WP when registering a partnership (not a sole trader). Are you sure about that information?
  3. bbabythai

    How much do you smile whilst living in Thailand?

    excellent contribution to this thread. I enjoyed reading it
  4. Interesting replies. but no one has actually answered the que. does one have to incorporate a company to open a business in thailand. Im sure its ok to just to personal name tax returns? can anyone confirm
  5. When I first started visiting LOS I noticed the people smiling a lot at me. I always smiled back. Now Im older and life is more of a routine. Perhaps I dont smile much. The in laws suggested I should smile more- as we are about to start a business. As a non smiling person should I try to do the opposite? What about you? Are you one of these happy smiling people or a sad serious git like myself. Im my 20s and early 30s I was such a happy person. As Ive got older I think Im not as happy in life anymore. Is this normal as one gets older?
  6. We will have medical malpractice insurance. We dont have any substantial assets in this country (yet)
  7. do we need to form a company if running a business via personal tax return
  8. We are soon to be opening a medical clinic. Months ago an accountant talked us out of forming a limited partnership company. She said we would pay too much tax. She said just run the business through my wifes name i.e. just pay personal tax. Is this correct? The reason for this query is that we are about to apply for a schengen visa and they asked to see the certificate of incorporation. Also if we want to list our employees on the Social sec system I wonder if they will ask to see it? thanks for any advice
  9. I asked the bank guy to change the status on my ktb acc to 'gold' which thus gives me a 1million transfer limit to other ktb account but Im stuck on the 50k limit to any other bank. Is this correct? Any workaround? It seems BS to me. why would they impose such a stupid rule thanks
  10. I popped into JB computer store yesterday. I told them we need a reasonable build spec computer for our new business. They said they can build it within 4 hours. They presented new boxes ....hard drive, processor etc etc. Is 36,000 too much to pay? I think I prefer to buy from them bc if something happens I can take it back for fixing anytime. If I buy from robinsons this is not possible. thanks
  11. bbabythai

    Which primer do I use?

    its internal... no rain exposure. A painter told me to use the 1st tin. but I thought it might be the 2nd?
  12. bbabythai

    Which primer do I use?

    I just build a double brick wall and has cement render. Out of the 2 tins in the photo which primer should I use? thanks
  13. bbabythai

    Is our electrical system safe? RCDs / RCBO

    thanks for your reply. Which part of which photo are you referring to. are you able to draw an arrow to indicate? thanks
  14. bbabythai

    Is our electrical system safe? RCDs / RCBO

    ''These bars are open wide. One simple error can cause a major shortcut and have an enormous explosion. You will be blown away. You already see one bar slightly twisted.'' Thanks for your info. Im worried about reading this. What is the % chance that this can happen?