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  1. bbabythai

    VPN that is not based in the U.S?

    PUREvpn is rubbish. So many annoying features and messages. 2 yrs of driving me mad. Avoid pureVPN
  2. bbabythai

    VPN that is not based in the U.S?

    Thanks for the info. It looks as if express has good security and based in the virgin islands
  3. Its happened to me a couple of times in the last 2 weeks. The first time I was stuck in traffic about to do a U-turn. I noticed a homeless guy standing on the path near the road staring at food for sale in an outdoor restaurant. I did the U turn and pulled over. Told the lady to do a takeaway box for the guy. Other people were waiting to be served as well and looked at me give the food to the guy. Many of them gave me the thumbs up and I got back in my car and was stuck in the next traffic light and a motorbike road past and gave me another thumbs up yelling out 'verry good'... A few days after I was in a national park and noticed a dog that was in bad shape. I visited the closest restaurant and showed the photo. They gave a free bag of rice and I purchased some protein. After giving the food and watching him eat several cars drove past with the window down giving me the thumbs up. I think its rewarding and gratifying to help out people and animals as much as one can. On the subject of dogs, if you see one thats in bad shape please take a photo and show the local vet. Pay for some medication and give to the dog daily. Ive done this many times and its easy to put an antibiotic tablet in a sausage. Most soi dogs have never had antibiotics and they respond so well to them. cheers
  4. Im after a non U.S based VPN. ie main offices are not American - not incorporated or operating out of the States thanks
  5. if we have docs from the german university would we therefore be advised to get the schengen visa from the german consulate. Will they backdate the visa to account for the holiday in zurich (prior to the course)? Or should we apply for the schengen visa via the swiss consulate as this is our first port of entry? thanks
  6. My toddler has a thai and New Zealand passport. I want to fly into Europe on the NZ passport as we evidently dont have to worry about visas. At Swampie airport immigration do we exit her using the Thai passport and then simply present the NZ passport at immigration in Zurich when flying in. They will not see an exit stamp in that passport. I presume they will accept the thai passport for that use? If we fly out of germany obviously we present the NZ passport and back into thailand with the Thai passport. Is this all correct? I presume we dont need a re-entry permit in the NZ passport. Thanks for any opinion on this
  7. My wife and I have to go to Germany for her medical studies. We might first go to Zurich and train it to Germany later. How hard will it be to get visas for her to visit these countries? Germany will be easier as we have proof of the course. But what about visiting Switzerland? I would like to buy airline tickets now but worry that Swiss consulate might reject the visa/ or make it hard to get. Is this correct or inaccurate? Should I hold off on buying the tickets? If anyone has recently applied for visas to either countries please let me know how you got on. thanks
  8. bbabythai

    1 week holiday out of thailand. Where should I go?

    miserable git. this is a forum you idiot. any topics can be raised. I will do it whenever I want. I hope this lack of control that on me doesnt annoy you... ha ha
  9. bbabythai

    1 week holiday out of thailand. Where should I go?

    please name your best suggestion. just 1
  10. I have been granted a 1 week pass by the wife. I want to fly out of thailand somewhere in SE Asia. I want some quiet time... maybe beaches or walking in forest. I need a break out of thailand. Please help suggest somewhere interesting thanks
  11. bbabythai

    painting concrete rendered wall

    do you know a brand of 'wall finishing cement' on sale in thailand. I need to show this to the painter (thai) thanks
  12. We are renovating a building and have ripped off the old wood and other things off the walls. Now the concrete rendered walls are in bad shape. I have patched up a few of the bigger holes with concrete but theres more to be done. For the smaller holes what would I use to fill the gaps? Should I sand with hand sanding or buy and electric sander? What % paper? If everything is patched up are these walls going to look ok with a lick of paint? Would I be painting it with an undercoat first and then an interior semi gloss? Or what can you suggest The first photo is where the old tiles were removed thanks
  13. https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/episodes/tip190-jim-rickards-part-1-central-banking-taxes-and-crypto/ Listen from 32min 30 sec. Jim is a highly intelligent / respected guy who is big time anti bitcoin. For someone like him to say good words about any crypto is worth listening to. Its is a solid coin with real use case. The pilot testing in the Pacific islands is very positive at the moment. This crypto is a screaming buy IMHO
  14. A thai electrician came by this afternoon. He said a new box would be 35k. Its a big one with safe T cut. Is this price normal? thanks
  15. We have moved into a building where the wiring on the ground floor is really dodgy. On the 2 upper floors its ok and relatively new. Please look at the attached photos and advise if we should be taking out all the old wiring system that exists at the moment and getting the electrician to replace it all? Will this impact the upper floors. Re the old switch points on the walls (in one of the photos) ... the wiring for that is presumably inside the existing walls? Do we get it all replaced. When we first looked at the building before signing the contracts a different electrician said that it all should come out as it was dangerous. Im sure that the way forward. Would we have to put in a brand new electrical box. Or could we use the one in the photo? thanks