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  1. ... and the BIB's blue smartphone!! - was it for capturing the moment his bullet enters her face?? - but then, if he's recording his derringodes, I in hindsight world err that he might have been for real in any case a fake (with brains) would try to minimise his exposure to avoidable evidence
  2. but, will it pass the water buffalo test? and, who would want to be seen in a Geely, really!!
  3. Is the Don smiling? or gritting his teeth?
  4. but their service seems to have responded appropriately to the subject turbulence incident in the OP
  5. botch it enough, and it may become noticeable to a Land Transport Dept patrol
  6. and here I am, thinking life is so simple, when one can get by with: - having my Dr's finger up my clacker for the PrEnlargement test, and - the BloodTest for PrCancer
  7. ... and there are a few styles about these days... attached https://www.google.com.au/search?q=easyseat&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiz8tn8pMfUAhVD8WMKHdlAAdYQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=662#imgrc=_jF7HPLapbfTQM: I have been a n 'EastSeat' user since 1988. I now have 4 of them; on 2 MTBs, my recumbent 2 wheeler, and recumbent trike The dread of having a future condition of squashed pipeworks in the groin have I hope been averted early enough in my life with thanks to these units Considering the type of traffic a falang has to encounter around LOS; the other good factor about this style of seating is that when you do eventually get hit by a motorcycle, the EasySeat (as in my case, years back) enabled me to be thrown clear of my treddlie, when we parted ways in our different trajectories The accident took me out big time regarding mucscular skelatel problems, for the back, neck, shoulder and a knee... ... but the family jewels were unaffected (thank you EasySeat) the one and only negative about these 'spineless' seats, is that they are heavier, much heavier, than your conventional ball-crushers
  8. ... and what about all that R12 etc, just waiting for the corrosion to set in?
  9. Rather than secretly interrogate him back in their cells, why not he clam up, and make them wait to question him - in open Court after all, he's already got that court appearance arranged...
  10. more likely a Duck For Cover, than a lol
  11. a whale would not fit through the scanner