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  1. I hope any conviction sticks
  2. Ill bet that if he been from North Korean heritage, at some point in his families dim past, and he was studying Nuclear Science - there'd be some serious hesitation in sending him home
  3. Teenager thought she was a dinosaur thanks to brain disorder

    now i'm humming '...lucy in the sky with diamonds...'
  4. wheel cost more than the Fine, and so wanted his tyre back?
  5. Need advice on old Pattaya Jeep

    it was one of those beasts that was the first ever LHD vehicle I ever drove, and that was back early 80's on Phuket. Very popular as Rentals I see there's still a Sales site on the net, maybe to increase your options... http://www.asiasold.com/view/jeeps-for-sale-thailand-178436