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  1. More money

    get her pregnant, but never marry... and later on down the track; show her a Will, that has the kid named as the sole beneficiary
  2. yeah! - and that film of plastic lined foil, on some juices, and medications, will be the end of the world
  3. Don't forget the Alfred App, which is Free, and has unlimited Camera capability, and a week of Cloud stotage for each recorded sequence. Pay the subscription (in OZ it's less than AU30 per annum: which: - Upgrades the features to full HD playback/storage - gives a full 30 days Cloud storage for each sequence Works with Android and Iphone/Ipad etc Live Notifications, and Live viewing is only 5 seconds behind real time hen viewed on phone The premium also gives Zoom, when viewed on a PC Only real limitation of Alfred, is that you only LiveView one camera at a time
  4. well, this'll make it much easier for local business, in refilling recycled bottles, without needing to bother about defeating any tamperpoof
  5. with a week to pass... and if one assumes they really are 'quality' bling, then the timepieces will be auto winding. all he has to do is stop wearing them straight away, and they'll stop ticking... Time will stop, and the week end will never arrive
  6. any non-thai driving that hill is risking a bleak future...
  7. well, any of them construed as a war, Post WW2, have always been: - coalitions( as even the U.S.cannot afford to be a lone Wold Police) - ended in Armistices to some degree; which must surely have been a better win/win, than the total annihilation of a losing side...
  8. yeah... Bah Mak to them using the 'etiquette' word. Should have used 'protocol' as Teerakiat was a 'pro' 'to' 'col' (call) out the General in the first place!
  9. it's the little things that annoy a small mind at the top
  10. He's in for a huge compensation bill... all those lost contracted salaries! !$! !$!
  11. .. in reseaching how to rid the world of wayward Generals... ... Vincent Price came up with it, decades ago: https://123movieshub.to/film/dr-goldfoot-and-the-girl-bombs-23609/watching.html?ep=1206604
  12. they were very mistaken... in believing the tale that alcohol sends you off the rails
  13. 45-Minute Farm Standoff Ends When Cops Realize Tiger Is Stuffed

    the cops were finally happy he wasn't lion'
  14. Underwear mystery

    well... I s'ppose one could go around with them on their head! ... but your timely Post will surely keep things in focus, and on the correct skidmark (track)