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  1. Once you've been roped into her tractor beam, then, any difference becomes just relative But, if it is extreme, then just hope she has a flat head... as then you have somewhere to rest your beer - while she...
  2. Yes please leave the 'cut&polish' jobs to the resident experts
  3. tifino

    Death by alcohol. How does Thailand rate?

    this Topic would have made a great conversation piece 37 years ago - the morning after our first sojourn into that inaugural crate of Mekhong
  4. wonder if he was one of 'the team' who roughed up that massage parlour weeks ago?
  5. I reckon it was probably a sort of anaphylactic reaction? maybe a som tam from a region he's not used to... with a mrs that knows many women from different places, these women make it like how it's done by their respective mummy, from wherever home is... which sort of comes out in what seems to be a random thing, until one sees a pattern, linked to what province the 'cook' visited from. Happens to me now and then... though luckily it is only a whooping bad hiccups in lieu of, the big one!
  6. tifino

    Thai words that aren't really Thai

    oh well... the most commonly heard Thai borrowed word would have to be 'falang' or, was it borrowed from the Hindi? अमरूद
  7. ... hope someone in the Thai navy will first research; - how it was done properly, with the HMAS Castlemaine
  8. tifino

    Woman ignores road closures to try and drive through half-marathon

    ...too many tangentish Burns: 'they should'; 'should read'; 'they usually' etc etc - to sift thru... and it was a falang in falangland that 'dun it' a proper Council run, traffic management controlled event has in place the necessary Warnings, Detour Signage, and Notices in the 'paper; displaying advanced warning of upcoming planned road closures Standard First World procedure...
  9. it will all end up the same way... but at least he dies happy "Nexxxt!!!"
  10. not just the insurance; but that as he didnt take the opportunity to actually look at the accident's outcome, he's probably expected the car to do a runner...
  11. be a happy student... we are watching you...