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  1. tifino

    Root Canal Surgery

    you are lucky! back then in 80s & 90s, they admitted the glue used was basically a superglue... (no sheer strength)
  2. tifino

    How to deodorize your ride?

    I've dumped half a bottle of Eucalyptus oil down the Plenum chamber in the past. I'd had a styrafoam box with thenas yet uncooked bbq meats. Trouble was that I' had an accident there before it got taken out to be cooked! In hospital 7 weeks, the meat left unknown in the closed car cabin, and the stench was a killer - until the Eucalyptus overpowered it with it's own eyewatering effects
  3. The relative problems behind this may be worth remembering, for anyone who wants to buy a Pedelec unit too? Using the word 'bike' instead of 'bicycle' would have added to somchai's confusion... (the combination of words 'motor' & 'bike' on the paperwork = more $$$ )
  4. Didn't need to! they fell on their own swords
  5. don't forget, that these 25 cars are Sold as Non-Road-Registerable but then, this wouldn't stop it being driven in LOS
  6. tifino

    Root Canal Surgery

    Don;t forget that the results of a Root Canal last about 7 years... after this the tooth, which had actually died those 7 years back - cracks/fractures as it has become extremely brittle i.e double your original cost estimates
  7. and he'd be hamstrung if was a Samsung
  8. well... so much for watching Dirty Dancing tonite
  9. the romp video ( I can'd find it now...) but the BIB were probably already after him - check out (the Video link in the OP) his FB videos previously posted - such as the taunting the BIB on motorcycles; and the 234kmh dash in his car at night he's dobbed himself in just one time too many!
  10. that is so they don't get dirty after he steps back onto his poopoo
  11. iPhone didn't like him, but certainly made an impression on the girl
  12. tifino

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    Do you have your BIL's number on Quick Dial yet? He seems to be the only one who cared to 'positively' respond!