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  1. Lucky he (they) are not in the Texan National Guard, as the TG dunny would have been bulldozed by now, to keep up with Mr President's latest...
  2. MS without Paint!! - that would be un-paletteble
  3. just the other day, one thought I was experiencing a Mandella Effect moment... Back in Jan this year, the news had come about of the passing of John Hurt and now, with the very recent passing of yet another well known actor, an American this time - John Heard The Tabloids are currently mixing up the identities of the respective late John H's It is all as if John Hurt has passed twice... (just go ahead and Google each of the names) check the dates for John Hurt check the dates for John Heard check the Wiki info for each actor, and you can see it is all mixed up!!
  4. one would have to pretty distracted, to not notice there's the mountains and valleys of 3 holes down there daaarling
  5. I'd prefer to have a 10.5kg load (includes the rack, to take the sway away from the back)
  6. dunno what all the fuss about! 43 million baht worth of good luck would have been bestowed upon the followers for their donations ...so it's all Even-Stevens