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  1. The Meme and GIF industries will be decimated... but, think of one technicality... be ordered to Crush your Drive - so you go ahead, and faithfully Compress the Data
  2. Submarines.

    Any tube, at significant depth, would be crushed into a slip of paper thickness
  3. and it will still be insisted that it's always the multiwheeler/car/ute that's at fault, whenever a culpable motorcycle is concerned! bet the motorcyclist on the bridge wasn't concerned a bit! as he put put putt'd along on his merry way
  4. what if one of them was born in Hong Kong?? technically half-Pom back then and now 1/3 Pom, 1/3 Chinese? but anyhow, the dual nationaltiy block was good for keeping the boat people out of a seat in the past, and now, the so-called refugees from overwhelming parliament, and bringing in Sharia ... look at Europe...
  5. the LOS dowry, has the man give it to the In-Laws, who are supposed to be keeping it, in trust, for the bride. Because one day she's going to need it when the usual somchai hubby runs away. It is the bride's future insurance...
  6. Did the Reality Show Scouts pick her? or the dude?