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  1. Surely there must be agents in other provinces advertising there products including visa services.can not see the Thais not utilising a cash cow situation and pushing immigration help.if not cnx is lucky to have choices.
  2. Walter mitty is alive and well I see.
  3. true blue

    Wheres the passport office in Chiang Mai?

    Agree with most posts a very efficient service pity immigration could not take a page out of there book.
  4. Quote.note in dairy Friday 17th Feb 2018 imm quite.go for extension.
  5. Most sensible post so far on this subject.very intelligent assessment of people's gripes.you would think they would get a life.there so boring. And full of themselves
  6. true blue

    Definitive position re TM30

    Did my ext of stay last week.never a mention of tm30.
  7. Be nice if it did though.
  8. true blue

    Mentally ill American

    There's plenty of that type around ksk.seems to be some sort of magnet.that attracts so many weirdos to one place.
  9. Belive there building a large multi story car park building there.
  10. <<<<Removed post edited out>>>> Renewed my ext of stay today Nary a mentioned at all of this mythical troublesome.tm 30.wanted a copy of my last 90 day report Otherwise everything honkey dorey. Quoted 44 baht to sterling for income letter.???
  11. Or free ride to immigration detention
  12. Find it middling Find it midingly amusuing a person can arrange a passport get a few bob together.travel a long way to Los then if want to stay can not fill in simple tm form and a few photostats to extend there stay.they must be either mentaly challanged or uneducated yanks
  13. Ye but would they give u a work permit.after taking a job of a Thai After a visit to imm today.with all that flotsam walking around its a wonder they give out visas to half of them.there is plenty of notices in view explaining in detail all the necessary criteria for each application one needs.thats of course if one can read english.
  14. Cheers for info.i use Bkk bank as guide.but I wondered what imm use do they have a fixed figure or go by a daily rate.suppose will find out tommorow.im okay up to 42 baht but it's hovering around that now.could get branch letter but bit late for that.
  15. Slightly digressing.any knowledgeable person let us know what exchange rate mechanism imm use for income letter ext of stay.as rate are varying daily.