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BANGKOK 15 December 2018 03:19

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  1. true blue

    Olde Bell Closing Down Sale

    talking to a very well known resturant owner of many years in chiang mai,who had a very popular franchise chain a few years ago,which is still going.who decided to expanded to bangkok,were the owner of property was chinese,and he had put a large depoist down,when he got after a while a visit by the chinese mafia,and given 48hours to get out,no questions asked,i think the rent rise in cnx is certinally a better choice
  2. true blue

    Now for something more pleasant...

    getting ready to go to a friends 65 birthday party,at his bar,in cnx.
  3. true blue

    Tablet screen replacement in Chiang Mai?

    no a thai guy works in icon centre,does all things like that,tele number,0877896456,name mint,tell him mike gave number,all the best.
  4. true blue

    Dentistry student held for shooting at tourists

    lucky i go to that bar/ resturant,now and agian