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  1. BritManToo

    Happy Loy Krathong !

    Thanks, I bought a bag full of candles to dot around the boundaries tomorrow evening. I might get a few fireworks for the kid. Sorry, I don't do poetry.
  2. BritManToo

    Abusive aggressive wife

    That and 5,000bht in a plain brown envelope.
  3. BritManToo

    Abusive aggressive wife

    Sounds like my former Thai wife, and all my former live-in Thai girlfriends. I thought it was normal.
  4. Vietnam and The Philippines have almost the same rate to the pound now, as they had before Brexit. Only Thai currency is strong.
  5. BritManToo

    I flew Thailand two times in 9 months!

    I think I'll block you for 'white knight' posting.
  6. BritManToo

    Marriage to a Thai

    It's their way of telling you they don't want to do it. Goto another Amphur office.
  7. BritManToo

    Alcohol Free Beer - Big Selection

    That's like saying I found a woman that won't sleep with me, a house with no roof, or a car that never starts.
  8. I'm looking forward to legal cannabis (in any form), there are no limits to my potential happiness.
  9. Ahhh, you're one of those guys that sold his soul to Santa.
  10. The pound has been dropping since 1962, I've got used to it now.
  11. Wary OK, but I doubt frightened. A python in the open near me usually attracts a crowd.
  12. Bright sunshine and clear skies. Got up, dropped the kid off at school and then cycled round Huay Tung Tao lake (40Km round trip), got back and started on the beers. Will sober up by 5pm when he needs collecting. Having the time of my life in Thailand!
  13. Well he did make exceedingly good cakes.
  14. Because they never go to bars and never pay for sex, and their educated wife's from wealthy hiso families never worked in bars either. But the minority of us, who enjoy bars and hookers, and married bar girls, although widely despised by the moral majority of posters, are having a fine old time. On my second beer now and it's 11am.
  15. BritManToo

    I flew Thailand two times in 9 months!

    Respectable Thai girls don't go in bars, the first night she will be alone with a man will be her wedding night. If she went in a bar, breaking the law and the instructions of her parents, whatever happened would be her own fault.