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  1. BritManToo

    Depression in Thailand. From diagnosis to cure.

    Me too, drunk and depressed. Can't see any point in living any more (which isn't the same as thinking of killing myself). Being sober just allows me more time to think about being unhappy, so I get up and do 2-3 hours of something strenuous outside followed by lunch and 4 hours drinking gives me 7 hours of a depression-free day. Add to that 2 hours of reading or watching TV, 2 hours of shopping and food prep, collecting the kid from school, and 9 hours sleeping, makes for a decent day. (That probably sounds crazy but it works for me) Try to get out more during the day.
  2. I'm still boring, drunk or sober. I'd rather be boring and drunk, if given the choice.
  3. Doesn't work, I'm as fit as most 25-year-olds (over 60). If anything I drink more after exercise to remove the pain from shin splints and other overexercising pains.
  4. I was in that storm just out of town, rain was very heavy but only for 10 minutes. I just sat down in the local beer shop and waited for the heavy rain to pass.
  5. Was there 6 months ago (for two years), didn't see any violence. Everyone was very polite and helpful in London, but hardly any white folk around.
  6. I've had horses, dogs and cats and even a house rabbit, never needed any abuse to train them, food and affection always worked. Elephants should be easier as they are 'allegedly' more intelligent. Put you on ignore for being needlessly insulting.
  7. 90% of everyone's life is unhappy. It's the 10% you live for. (unless you're retarded, they seem happy most of the time)
  8. I was a builder, Issan farm girl that left school age 12 is the same level of sophistication as me. Haven't met many expats that I would consider 'sophisticated', mostly tradesmen or labourers. When I first arrived (aged 50) I was gagging for sex, being a Brit I never got much back home. Most of the Brits and Aussies I've met were equally desperate.
  9. Get a bicycle, you can just wander for hours, covering a lot of distance, no need for friends. My 'granny bike' gets me everywhere, and a convenient basket on the front for bringing my beer home.
  10. Probably used to shouting across fields (if Ban Nok).
  11. Way to go is to cut back to the 'tingly' stage, then top up a little to keep in the zone. I'm doing about half your dose, mainly after lunch, not late at night so no hangover the next day.
  12. BritManToo

    Richard Gere to become a dad at the age of 69

    This is only his second child, so not all that successful at reproducing. But well done for managing one at 69.
  13. BritManToo

    Incandescent light bulbs - where to buy these days?

    Light switches are about 30bht from HomePro, easy enough to change. Do you really need the dimmers?
  14. I would say 'not', but you sound the same as me. I'm drunk every day, I like being drunk, thought about it for a while, and decided why not, you gotta die of something.
  15. 80% of the Thai population are still rural and with a monthly income of around 3,000bht. What would you prefer, living in a mud hut and working in the fields all day, then beaten by your drunk Thai husband for 3,000bht/month or sleeping with an old white guy who's probably very gentle in a nice air-con modern home and sharing his pension? You wouldn't believe how many single Thai mom's in the 35-45 year age group are asking me to find them an old foreign guy with a pension to marry/cohabit.