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  1. So you've found a woman who loves you and who's had you children and are both happy? ...... Or you're still looking?
  2. Sums up what nearly all men think and want, but sadly in reality all you can get is the sex, the feeling we want are always one sided.
  3. The bargirls have certainly taught me a thing or two.
  4. Cheap wimmin. It's the answer to every question.
  5. BritManToo

    Thai driving licence on your phone starts tomorrow

    The time, speed, location and direction of your phone would be the give away. Also, most people swerve, or change speed when they hit something.
  6. BritManToo

    Holiday home Rental/Lease in Issan

    The chances of a foreigner making money from a business owned by a Thai lady are very small. If it was a good idea, a bank would lend her the money. What record of previous earnings and competent business management does she have?
  7. BritManToo

    Thai driving licence on your phone starts tomorrow

    Good idea, they could forget about the TM30 nonsense.
  8. BritManToo

    To what extent can a prenup protect me?

    It's a useless piece of paper because the house and land will be 100% in her name. What you don't bring into Thailand, she can't get on Thai divorce. Take her back to your home country and the game changes.
  9. BritManToo

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    They may not have come here for the women, but they all ended up sleeping with one (or more).
  10. Most of us don't use air-con that much. My air-con is only on a few hours a night for the hotter nights, and adds 300bht to my bill for the 6-8 months I use it. 2,400bht a year, 32% of that would be 800bht savings a year.
  11. Bus is cheaper, usually 1/3 of the flight price. (I've got a 20 hour bus trip tonight)
  12. They don't write to you, they won't give you credit, why would they care about the address. I've not informed my bank of my new addresses over the past ten years. They always want your passport for new debit cards though.
  13. Some branches of some banks are looking for excuses not to deal with a foreigner (But they don't like to say it to your face). If you returned with an address certificate from immigration, they would then demand a work permit. Learn to avoid doing business with people who don't want you. Then open your bank account with a branch of a bank that is happy to do business with you.
  14. He just shot everyone, how could they know she was faithful? This killing the woman's family is getting totally out of hand here now, I can understand someone killing their lover, but going after all her relatives seems 'excessive'.