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  1. The hotels and the girls didn't seem worried (I thought that law was in Laos?). In the lobby of one hotel in HCMC was a large sign saying, "Overnight visitors of guests must leave ID at the front desk" (one of my pals sent me a photo of it and said, "Just like Pattaya")
  2. Asia is sensible about foreigners. If Britain hadn't let so many foreigners have citizenship or buy land it would be a better place now.
  3. Vietjet flights to Vietnam (Saigon) are around 2,000bht. Fast boat to the beach from Saigon is about 300bht. Viets and Flippers all speak English.
  4. I'm calling BS on the stats. Thailand has nothing for families. It's a dangerous, lawless country full of scammers. Nobody in their right minds would risk their children in Thailand.
  5. BritManToo

    wholesale butter chiang mai?

    Around 50-60bht per 500gm block and up. Sourced from around 10 different local dairies, packed in Yoks own packaging, a whole fridge full of them (salted and unsalted). I always buy the cheapest, they all taste the same to me. Almost out, 500gm lasts me 2 months.
  6. BritManToo

    wholesale butter chiang mai?

    YoK nearly opposite Marko on the superhighway. They also have a website but Thai only, and it doesn't really work in Thai either. http://www.yokinter.com/
  7. BritManToo

    Where to buy large photo/picture frames?

    KSK has a copy shop selling lots of frames. Inside at the back on the right, opposite inside m/c park entrance and row of ATMs.
  8. I drink 'home alone' almost every afternoon, usually about 3 bottles with lunch. I used to drink in bars with hookers. Drinking at home is much cheaper (100-150bht/day), and no need to drive anywhere while drunk. If that makes me an alcoholic, so be it. The Thai bars have just have nothing I want any longer.
  9. It's never too early for Christmas!
  10. Me, Opened an account Thursday around 4pm, transferred a test 100 pounds, was in my Bangkok Bank account Friday at 4:30pm The charge was 2 pounds, exchange rate was 44.16 (XE quoted rate) x 98, no deductions at the Bangkok Bank, 4,326bht in my account.
  11. I don't see what's wrong with sex tourists. Many of them end up getting married to a local lady, importing their assets and pensions, and providing education for fatherless kids. Think of sex tourists as a Thai version of welfare for single moms.
  12. Transferwise appears to be a subsidiary of Barclays Bank.