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  1. The original poster, davoz posted this question in Oct 2012, and I also had to travel from Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya in Oct 2012. I found several posts on other websites indicating that some people waited up to an hour in the Don Mueang taxi queue line before they could jump into a taxi. Back in Oct 2012, Bell was running a free shuttle from Don Mueang so I sign up for the Bell bus. I arrived at Don Mueang at about 1pm and met the Bell rep, but she had to wait for two other passengers. We waited about 90 minutes, and the two other passengers were no-shows. Back in 2012, Bell did not require prepayment, but now it does, and also stopped service from Don Mueang. Since 2009, I always take the bus after my taxi from Pattaya rear ended the car in front, and then got rear ended from behind. We were still exiting Pattaya so we were not going fast, but I was jostled quite a bit in the small taxi. I think the taxi driver might have dozed off, and if we were at toll way speeds, I would not be writing this. Since then, I always take the big bus since I feel safer on the bus than in a taxi.