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  1. New TM 6 forms

    The new form was a swift reaction to mitigate the long lines at airport Immigration. The headlines went global. I am still scratching my head over the logic here, but I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  2. Maybe, here is an opportunity for Thailand to hire foreign workers again. Remember back in the 90's when a foreign work force was in high demand? Now, go to JobsDB.com and see how many companies do not want any foreigners. Companies all say "Thai Nationals Only". If the birth rate is going down, the solution is to open their doors as they did in the past.
  3. Villa always gave me my satang. Same with 7-11. You got a lazy cashier. Just stand there with your palm held out until she gets the point.
  4. Inheritance in Thailand

    If there is no Will, Suradit69 gave you the order of priority for who can receive the inheritance. You don't need a lawyer to make a will. You don't need to register it with the Amphor. You DO need to have it written in Thai language (English can be included), have it signed by 2 Witnesses. Have an Executor assigned in the Will. There are many threads on this and talk about how the Executor must go about it. Strangely enough, the last time I had my Will done in Thailand, they said the Witnesses must be Thai. OK, whatever. Banks will do something strange if there is no activity on an account. Eventually the money is frozen. Don't know about real estate, but I am sure that most building contracts state that if the owner doesn't pay his/her maintenance fees, the Jurasic Management can take the condo and sell it.
  5. Best bank

    Go back to the branch and tell the friendly manager to look on their own company's website and behold, the New York Branch will appear before her eyes. You don't need to open an account with the New York Branch, instruction are here on BBL's website. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/DailyBanking/TransferingFunds/TransferringIntoThailand/ReceivingFundsfromUSA/Pages/ReceivingFundsfromUSA.aspx
  6. Best bank

    I only had trouble with BB because the girl behind the counter didn't know about the ACH banking system in the U.S. Large banks usually have swift codes, so I am sure she only had experience with that. I have 2 different banks for different reasons. Online transfers are simple and easy to do.
  7. Best bank

    Bangkok Bank -- Good RMF/LTF and other investment funds. Good for transferring money into Thailand because they have a New York branch and a simple ACH transfer from the U.S. can get money here with low processing fees. (Unfortunately many U.S. banks limit the amount that can be transferred by ACH). Bad experience trying to get money out of Thailand when the clerk said they cannot use ACH# and must have Swift (many small banks do not have swift code). Once I ran into the Branch Manager's office, suddenly they changed their mind. Kasikorn Bank -- always good service. Never any problems, even with international transfers using ACH #. SBC - always good service. Never any problems, but I can't seem to get my VISA ATM card accepted when buying online.
  8. Bass Player Wanted

    ALL foreigner musicians suffer from Work Permit issues here. Only the clubs/hotels that book bands as a house band offer to sponsor a Work Permit. The rest play at their own risk.
  9. Are you serious? Is that the only type of Thai women you meet? MOST normal, middle class, educated Thai women come from the same culture and have the same expectations as westerners. I work with them everyday.
  10. Classic. I have always dated highly educated Bangkok girls from modern families. Never had this problem. Recently I am dating an older Isaan girl in her 40's. She has been complaining forever that I don't support her and her family. I pointed to the door. Strangely enough, she still keeps coming to see me.
  11. Drywall & Supplies

    Does anyone know of any shops in Bangkok that sell small sheets of drywall? I need to do some repairs. Not interested in giant sheets. Thanks much.
  12. Recruitment agencies for foreigners - do they exist?

    99.9% of the job offers in Thailand say "Thai National Only." Good luck with that. I think the stereo type is because they assume foreigners want tons of money for the same job a Thai national will work for less. This is not true. Expats who live in Thailand are usually happy to settle for a local wage.
  13. Pattaya - Hua Hin Ferry.

    Very unpredictable. I tried to take the ferry a few times, but was always closed due to bad weather. Very hard to plan your stay at Hua Hin and Pattaya.