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  1. With the U.S. trade deficit with China riding at $350B per year, along with all other western countries adding more to that, they don't need to fight us. China can buy any corner of the world they want. Cash.
  2. Take note of "no alcohol" holidays .. Check Buy alcohol before the holiday .. Check
  3. According to the article, CP All says the campaign started in 2007. Apparently they still haven't trained the cashiers.
  4. A few months ago, I decided to bring my own bags to the store every time I shop. I have reduced my plastic bag consumption by 95% with very little effort. Sometimes, other Thais behind me in line see what I am doing and they then refuse a bag also. The biggest problem is always 7-11 when they argue and always try to double bag the heavy stuff. My tired old 3 month old bag still keeps going strong with large whiskey and soda bottles. Never broken a bag yet.
  5. I was 16 years old working at my first job in a gas station. I told my boss, "Why is it that the Hells Angels come here with 15 bikers every weekend, and one guy pays for everyone gives us a generous tip for doing nothing. But the limo drivers and rich people come in and are so stingy, never tip, and complain about everything and leave angry?". He said, "That's why the rich have money."
  6. scoutman360

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    And outside condos? Did I ready that correctly? So, you smokers can't have a puff on your balcony anymore.. LOL. That's just funny.
  7. scoutman360

    Violence against women in Thailand

    Since foreigners are mostly exposed to the lower echelons of the Thai female society, I am not surprised they think this is the norm.
  8. Speak for yourself. I love Asian girls with white skin, Thais/Chinese especially. The brown farm girls don't do it for me. What I don't like is when they wear excessive white facial cover makeup.
  9. scoutman360

    Do you dye your hair?

    My ex was a professional beautician back in the States, and colored my hair 15 years. No one knew it was colored because (1) she was a real pro with training, and (2) there are real professional color lines available in the U.S. The only thing I see in Thailand is that off the shelf, cheap, DIY home product. Absolution garbage.
  10. I never cared for Khoa San. Just a smelly dirty place. Last time I was there was to only meet a date who lived nearby. I see the Thai's turn up their nose when they see the backpacker types walk by. I watch cheap Charlies huddle around watered down drinks and cheap street food. If they don't come back, no loss to Thailand at all. Thailand is growing up. As for country revenue, it would be a tough argument to say it is a loss.
  11. Completely agree 10 years ago. Today, anyone savy enough to have their smart phone tethered to the cloud can video uploaded in real time to Facebook or anywhere safe for a million You Tube viewers to watch. They are doomed. Recent videos have shown that Thai authorities react quickly to these public videos of mafia behaving badly. This is the only way it is going to stop.
  12. Can an LTF or RMF fund qualify for the 800,000 thb requirement? I have that money locked up for a very long time. Hope it will suffice.
  13. scoutman360

    Thailand Tells Black People Don’t Come Here

    Racist article. Nothing to do with the truth or facts.
  14. scoutman360

    Thailand Tells Black People Don’t Come Here

    Racist article.
  15. scoutman360

    Thailand Tells Black People Don’t Come Here

    I certainly have the most empathy and remorse for their pain. I think that is not at all relevant today. You are talking about 20 yrs ago.