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  1. Just my small opinion, but after living here a long time, I noticed that currency fluctuations happen all the time about +/- 10%. If you want to try and time the market, that is up to you. No one can guess the stock market in every country. Sometimes Thailand does better, sometimes the U.S. does better. FOREX can kill you or make you rich.
  2. scoutman360

    I was in an accident in Bangkok

    Walking the street of Bangkok, I crossed the road and was hit by a motorbike. I don't think they were speeding. I was partly to blame for not seeing them, but the rest of traffic has stopped due to backed up traffic, so I started to cross. This however, was a zebra stripe where I was crossing. The front tire hit my leg, which was strong enough to stop his bike and he and his passenger fell to the ground when the bike dropped. I am left with a bruised leg, which will heal, but he is left with a scratched bike which will not heal. He said some expletives in Thai to my date, (which I didn't ask to be translated). In the end, we each brushed ourselves off and went on our way. My question. If this had escalated and the police came, who would be for the worse? It seems by law, it was a zebra stripe and he should have stopped. I could also be blamed for not seeing him. He and his mate were not wearing helmets, and I think the headlight was out too. I am not interested in arm chair comedians here. Does anyone have a similar experience?
  3. scoutman360

    USA Last Will and Testament

    Google is your friend. My mother wrote her California will and paid a lawyer $2,000 to do it. I wrote my California will and it cost me nothing. I found templates for "California Will" online. You can fill it out online but they don't let you print unless you pay. Well, guess what.. PC's have a thing called "screen print". I found a few different templates and combined them to something that met my needs. I then got a couple of friends to sign as witnesses. Job done, cost= free.
  4. scoutman360

    Calling USA from Thailand for free

    Instead of calling the U.S with +1-xxxxx, use 00500-1-(area code) -xxxxxx. I am not sure how it all works (maybe a different international phone company?), but it is incredibly cheap. Sometimes the quality isn't that great, but overall, a worthy option. You can also use Skype, as others have mentioned. Calling a land line in the U.S. with Skype costs pennies. I call family and talk for hours.
  5. U.S. and all other stock markets are over-reacting. The impact on global trade is incidental. As usual, my retirement fund suffers from over-emotional people.
  6. scoutman360

    Recomendation needed for Law Firm to Prepare Will

    You will need 2 Wills. One for your assets in the U.K., and one for your assets in Thailand. You cannot have one Will for both countries. Sunbelt Asia is located in Bangkok, and I believe they are the most reasonably priced. I had a few quotations from other law firms, and the prices I got were outrageous. Secondly, you don't need to get your Will registered. But it does need to have a few bits of key information, and have it signed by witnesses, and be written in Thai language. That is all. Once you have it done, and you understand the format, it is very easy to make a new one yourself in the future, should you wish to change it. If you are looking for someone in Bangkok to make your UK Will for you, I cannot help you. Best to do that in the UK, or search online. There are lots of Will templates available and can download for a small fee.
  7. scoutman360

    genital wart treatment in pattaya & bangkok

    Before you continue to pay more for what you can do at home. Consider apple cider vinegar, soak a cotton swap and place under a water-proof band aid (plaster, as they call it in Thailand). Do this for 2 nights as you sleep. It will be gone. Works for skin tags also.
  8. Thanks a lot! I got my card activated.
  9. I have an SCB ATM card that is connected to MasterCard so it can be used to buy online. I tried, but no success. Is there something I need to do to activate it?
  10. I have a lot of experience with this and can help you. On the Thai bank transfer form, where it says "Swift No." Put "ACH #xxxx." or "ABA #xxxx" or "routing No. #xxxx". Kasikorn Bank has transferred money to my U.S. credit union continuously for years. As for Bangkok Bank, I spoke to the manager and they said they can accommodate this as well. The previous posters are right, the credit unions go through an intermediary bank. But you do not need any concern for that. Just fill out the form. It may take 2 days for the transfer, but Kasikorn has always accomplished the transfer by next morning.
  11. Have they been doing your annual tax return for you previously? Honestly, you shouldn't be paying anyone. My employer has been doing it for me the last 10 years. The form is so simple (if you can read Thai). The girl doing mine annually is just a 25 yr old staff member and she submits it online.
  12. And where were the headlines that said, "British diver insulted Elon Musk's attempt to save human lives? Sorry I missed that. I was looking everywhere on the internet. There are sheep, and there are people that think without the media.
  13. These lawyer guys are called "ambulance chasers" where I come from (which is California). They are a dime a dozen. They hunt for stories like this every day. Most are contingency lawyers. Which means they take most of the settlement if they win.
  14. Sorry for being behind the story, but where are the headlines that said, "Brit diver insulted Elon Musk for his attempt to help save people's lives?" Just sayin' people. Are you all so controlled by media?