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  1. Was it a legal checkpoint? Were signs posted, and senior officer present? Besides, that. It is 10,000bht fine for DUI, so does 20,000bht for open bottle really sound correct? Worth checking.
  2. It's times like this, that having a 3rd party handle the paperwork and submissions for you makes sense. It may cost you 10,000bht, but the peace of mind is priceless. My company does my visa and WP for me, and it is a breeze. These immigration officers know these people that do the submissions on a first name basis, and they see each other every day.
  3. scoutman360

    "Can you support me?"

    All the comments here are total western thinking. Equality and respect for all. That is rubbish and nonsense here. If you are going to be serious with a Thai girl, then you need to think like a Thai girl. Firstly, Thais don't date or marry outside their social class. You, as a westerner, are far above and beyond her social class. A middle class Thai girl does not expect a foreigner to "support me". You are middle class. You are being scammed by the lower class. Her other options are motorcycle taxi drivers and rice farmers. I am single, and I lived here a very long time. No Thai girl, near my age, same social class, has ever asked me for money. Ever. They are proud to support themselves. I have Thai friends that will say, their families will never accept a girl with a baby, or a girl who is poor Isaan farmer into their family. OK, I am not saying I agree. I just want you to understand what is going on here. If you choose to marry the girl that wants you to support her and her family, up to you. Just make sure you decide with all the information.
  4. scoutman360

    Worldwide Travel Insurance for Seniors

    I have shopped around, and I usually buy AIG Travel Guard. (just Google, and it will come up). Good coverage with reasonable prices. I personally don't care about compensation for missed flights and such. I am looking for emergency health coverage. I think they are perfect for this.
  5. scoutman360

    Best way to heal Acne ( and stop it re-occuring)

    You are asking for a cure. The drug is Isotretinoin (commonly known as Accutane). I had severe acne until age 29, and was cured in 3 months. I have 2 other friends cured by it. All the other suggestions are mildly effective, at best. Daily scrubs and creams is just prolonged suffering, in my experience. Why continue to suffer when you can be done with it? Be forewarned, this is a potent drug and should be monitored by a physician. I heard the success rate is only 50%, but my physician said he sees 80% success rate. Prepare for joint pain, loss of energy, and severely dry skin and cracked lips during the course of treatment. No alcohol, and it is absolutely critical that she does not get pregnant or it could cause birth defects. In my case, the drug was a painful experience, but I have been acne free for over 20 years now.
  6. scoutman360


    Guys. Why are you so frickin' pandering amongst your so drunken selves? There has not been any valuable comments since the first page. Get some sleep.
  7. scoutman360

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    A lot of controversy here. My experience working here with middle class (15 yrs in Bangkok). Farang is an insult word with middle class. The middle class will not use it. Farang is used frequently with the lower class. They don't think of it as an insult. But they are racist and that is how they refer to outsiders.
  8. scoutman360


    I work amongst the middle class in Bangkok. I've been to 3 marriages, the sin was 100,000 baht. No more. The money returned after the wedding. I personally know a few Isaan country girls, who's sisters married poor Thai farmers. No sin sod (you can't get something from nothing). The farang extortion prices are laughable.
  9. scoutman360

    What is to be done

    Since his friend got up and left, go and sit in his friend's seat. When his friend comes back, offer your seat to him.
  10. Yep. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency. I saw tons of Chinese using the lane. But everyone here says it is for 70+ yrs over. Maybe not much enforcement? I want to ask... what about the immigration forms we must fill out. And what about the stamp in your passport? Does the kiosks accommodate for this??
  11. The normal immigration line was backed up, and I noticed lots of Chinese and other nationalities using them with quite a long queue behind them, which seemed odd.
  12. I was returning to Bangkok last night after a business trip abroad and noticed some new immigration kiosks on the right side of the immigration lines. Some foreigners were using them. Is this new? Is it specific to a group or can anyone use them? Also, Thai Airways played a video on the plane saying that Thai nationals and "foreigners resident in Thailand" Can use the Thai National Kiosk machines at immigration. Has anyone every tried it? I looked at the machines and it definitely said Thai Nationals Only.
  13. scoutman360

    Average Thai salary?

    This is completely in line with my experience here.
  14. scoutman360

    Average Thai salary?

    Yes. But Somchai is not working every day. So, to have a University degree, and Masters!, can get him/her continuous income above the lower grade. The worst part is that the company is taking all the money, not Somchai.
  15. scoutman360

    Average Thai salary?

    A female Thai friend makes 18k per month as a small hotel receptionist. Her English is perfect. I work in an electronics factory and the normal educated Thai's make between 30k per month (engineers) to 60+K per month (managers). The directors make the big bucks.