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  1. Pattaya General Tips

    Thanks for all the advice. Wasnt really after a great debate on Milk but hey this is TV! Anyway I revisited Menji and I accept I was wrong in my opinion in it being powdered milk. But I just dont enjoy it. Many do no problem but like I said in the beginning I am a milk snob and will happily source my Chock Chai!!!! Now if anyone else has any tips?????? Non milk related that is!
  2. Pattaya General Tips

    No Im not sure at all now!
  3. Pattaya General Tips

    Thanks for that from my research previously I came up with the opposite result. I will spend some time on it again and amend accordingly. But I do notice a taste difference though that doesn't mean it is reconstituted of course. Cheers or I guess you could just do it for me...
  4. Pattaya General Tips

    https://www.google.com/maps/place/Tops+Supermarket/@12.9231881,100.9112361,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x9e394a10a6fcc26a!8m2!3d12.9230097!4d100.9109031 Think that should show you is a small shopping mall.
  5. Pattaya General Tips

    Posted over on PA but think is probably better value here! As a relatively new expat August 2016 just thought I would share a couple of tips Ive not come across on my extensive reading on forums. Obviously long termers probably aware of these. 1 The lifesaver for me as I don't own a car, Tesco Home Delivery FREE. Phone app and really great web page makes for a seamless experience. For me its about beer my last order 3 cases also bottled water. I generally buy other consumables that dont require me to touch or feel also. A really solid service and easy to use! 2 Real milk. Some wont know or care but I am a milk snob and don't like the reconstituted from powder Menji and most others sold. But Big C Foodland and Tesco sell a brand called Chock Chai the real deal and creamier than I drank in Aus, in fact I think their HiLo version is about the same as my full strength from Aus. 3 Great $2 style shop. Above tops Supermarket on the DS Khao Noi. Clean bright cheap and huge. Has to be owned by Farang. If you are setting up here definitely worth a trip I just went today and was really impressed with the depth of variety and quality commonly lacking in Thai $2 shops. 4. <DELETED> 5 Really Big Fresh Produce Markets on Thepprasit heading down to beach LHS near Thepprasit Alley 15 I think. Big concrete open building has a name I cant recall, its usually pretty quite when im there as its lunch time but I think its an early morning thing but really cheap and tonnes of choice. 6 Thepprasit Night Market same side of the road but opposite end past Thepprasit Alley 3 heading away from the beach. Open Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The best Night Market I have ever seen! <deleted> HUUUGGE! Worth it just to see all the young sexy girls! Has a couple of small bars for admiring the view! 7 Golf a Small par 3 Golf Course in Pratumnak opposite Cabbages and Condoms. Good for a hit play as many holes as you like for less than 500b. Anyway hope someone benefits from my motley selection and feel free to add your own and if the forum permits I will add them here giving you credit. Cheers Kanga
  6. ABC Iview

    thedemon. You F....king Rock. Thank you so much!!!!!
  7. ABC Iview

    Just put Kodi on my Desktop but unable to find any addon by Jay888 i'm not overly familiar with Kodi but I know my way around a PC. Any chance you could hold my hand a little more on this one?
  8. ABC Iview

    Thanks I wasnt aware of this as an option but yes geoblocking is the result i'm after and I couldn't care less about privacy. Maintaining a higher bandwidth connection is definitely more appealing also. I also note ABC Iview appears a little more sophisticated as I can watch the BBC Iview using Hola but ABC Iview is wise to it! Thanks for taking the time to answer
  9. ABC Iview

    Great thanks!
  10. ABC Iview

    Sorry for the late acknowledgement. But thanks. Could you tell me who they are?
  11. ABC Iview

    A fairly simple question. I am just wanting to know if anybody is using a VPN and can access ABC Iview in Australia? Just as a follow-up to that too I should ask if he has been consistent for you and of course who it is? Many thanks as always!
  12. Noting that does not include the 7 days after to 97? Is that correct?
  13. Just wanting to confirm as I was under the impression that if I left Thailand before my 90 day reporting period was due (technically 92 day point but still the accepted period) then I would not be required to make a report until another 90 days are up? Entered LOS on a Multiple Entry OA Visa Left the country after 6 months having done 1 90 day report Returned 4 weeks later with a new 1 year stamp until March 2018 Also to get another year stamp is it necessary to leave and return to the LOS before the first entry stamp in my passport or the Visa date of issue. Cheers
  14. OA Visa query

    Thankyou. Your answers are spot on I really appreciate you taking the time.