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  1. thedemon. You F....king Rock. Thank you so much!!!!!
  2. Just put Kodi on my Desktop but unable to find any addon by Jay888 i'm not overly familiar with Kodi but I know my way around a PC. Any chance you could hold my hand a little more on this one?
  3. Thanks I wasnt aware of this as an option but yes geoblocking is the result i'm after and I couldn't care less about privacy. Maintaining a higher bandwidth connection is definitely more appealing also. I also note ABC Iview appears a little more sophisticated as I can watch the BBC Iview using Hola but ABC Iview is wise to it! Thanks for taking the time to answer
  4. Great thanks!
  5. Sorry for the late acknowledgement. But thanks. Could you tell me who they are?
  6. A fairly simple question. I am just wanting to know if anybody is using a VPN and can access ABC Iview in Australia? Just as a follow-up to that too I should ask if he has been consistent for you and of course who it is? Many thanks as always!
  7. Noting that does not include the 7 days after to 97? Is that correct?
  8. Just wanting to confirm as I was under the impression that if I left Thailand before my 90 day reporting period was due (technically 92 day point but still the accepted period) then I would not be required to make a report until another 90 days are up? Entered LOS on a Multiple Entry OA Visa Left the country after 6 months having done 1 90 day report Returned 4 weeks later with a new 1 year stamp until March 2018 Also to get another year stamp is it necessary to leave and return to the LOS before the first entry stamp in my passport or the Visa date of issue. Cheers
  9. Thankyou. Your answers are spot on I really appreciate you taking the time.
  10. Thanks for the really thorough answer. So assuming I left the country for Australia after the enter before date and didn't get a reentry permit I would be able to reapply for an OA in Australia immediately? Also am I right in assuming the one year extension is only available in Thailand and would have to satisfy the financial requirements eg 800000B etc for this. Cheers for your help
  11. Hi guys I put the below questions to the Thai Consulate in Sydney and got a reply talking about 90 day reporting. So I am hoping someone here may have specific experience to be able to answer my questions? I currently staying in Thailand on an OA visa issued in Australia and have a few questions regarding exiting and re entering Thailand. 1 Once I exit Thailand on OA visa after a 6 month stay in Thailand, my understanding on re entering Thailand my passport will be stamped for 1 year from my new entry date. Is this correct? (understanding that is at the discretion of the immigration officer). 2 Assuming the above is correct and if I return to Australia whilst within this 1 year extension, can I re apply for a new visa in Australia on returning or is it necessary to wait until this permission of entry expires. 3 Again assuming the 1 year extension information is correct is the extension multiple entry also or do I need to apply to reenter Thailand and if so what procedure needs to be followed. Sorry for the confusing questions it is just a number of different scenarios may unfold in the next 6-18 months and I would like to make sure I have the correct information to ensure a hassle free experience. Cheers Kanga
  12. No he is an Ipad user. I didnt think he would know what a link was!
  13. Thankyou for your thoughtful response. I thought the solution was simple also.. until it was not. I got a good result in the end but it could have gone in any number of directions.
  14. Not sure im referring to thoughtful humour and thanks for the empathy I have a lot of seeing to undo!