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  1. learn thai from a white guy

    Hi, I'm looking for an Thai language course to start read and write. at learnthaifromawhiteguy.com i found an course that sound good. Complete this 50+ lesson course and you will be able to: ✓ Read nearly any Thai word. ✓ Figure out the tone of any Thai word. ✓ Be able to pronounce any word you see correctly. ✓ Quickly realize how bad everyone sounds if they can't read and why. For 127 USD i thing is ok so far. Has somebody used this course and do it really work? Thanks in advance for your review or advice
  2. Health insurance for Thai children

    Thanks very much for your really helpful answer! With kind regards, Uwe
  3. Health insurance for Thai children

    OK, how to activate this 30 baht health scheme? Can I go to the local hospital to register my daughter? Where I have to pay the 30 Baht? Thanks in advanced
  4. Hi, my daughter is Thai and lives only by me. Question: Is my daughter secured in government health scheme?
  5. New Tax Sticker

    The car is older that 6 years For getting an new tax sticker I need the insurance paper?
  6. New Tax Sticker

    Phan Thong round about 70km from Pattaya When I pay in Big C or post office what paper i have to show?
  7. New Tax Sticker

    Hi, I need for my car an new tax sticker. In the last 2 years my neighbor organized this. Unfortunately I can't use this "service" again because I moved from Lopburi to Chonburi province. How to get the tax sticker now in Chobburi? Is this a problem because I living in an other province? Thanks in advance for some information Regards Uwe