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  1. Fair point. I can see that argument that depending on circumstances it might be cheaper to not buy any insurance and just put some money on the side for fixing a car/settling a dispute after an accident. Or in a health insurance case for the hospital treatment. Personally I prefer to have the peace of mind that in case of an accident, you just call the insurance company to deal with the counterparty/police and your repairs are fully covered. Or in case of a health issue, I am fully covered if I need to go to any hospital. But then again it might be more costly for me to proceed on that way.
  2. To be fair, in the last 4 years I had each year a different insurance company, just because they had special deals. But each time I choose one I can fix my car at Toyota. Plenty of options from insurance companies. But what's the point if you have 1st class insurance and you cannot go repair it with a dealer from your brand? I wouldn't try savw money on this.
  3. If your shop has a long queue and you don't want to wait, you can always go to another shop/dealer. My experience with Toyota dealers was that you don't have yo queue for sime minor painting work. Took them never longer than 1 week. And they tell you before how long it takes and usually they call you earlier because they finish early. This my experience with Toyota dealers.
  4. I do this every year too before I extend the 1st class insurance. It usually takes Toyota about 5-7 days to get it done.
  5. I sealed off the defrost vents too on my Fortuner. Despite setting the aircon not to blow air upwards, it still leaked air to the window screen. It's mostly fixed now.
  6. New Toyota Fortuner

    actually I quite like the interior of the TRD sportivo. The black leather with red in between looks quite good. But I don't like the other colour interiors of the normal new Fortuners. The beige is really too brown/yellowish. It's much nicer on the old Fortuner I have. I hope they will make some improvements to that.
  7. Test drive a Honda City

    if one dealership cannot offer you a test drive, just go to the next one...
  8. Midnight toe rags..

    Where did all of this happen?
  9. One reason this forum is rubbish is that the Op asks for advice and people like you add absolutely zero and just tell him he deserves it.
  10. Being guilty of running a nominee company is not fraud. And what is and whay isn't a nominee company or person is not always 100% clear.
  11. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    Correct. And most CoEs don't get renewed. Moat cars are less than 10 years old.
  12. Rental car companies care most about resale values. Hence their choice of brands.
  13. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    Good point. In Singapore cars are a lot more expensive than here. All relative...
  14. Agree with this. If you plan to stay here longer and you have done plenty of research, owning a condo is the right approach. But worthwile renting first to look at all options.
  15. Plenty of imported SUVs available for rent, just google them. You can also rent Sports and other luxury cars if you want.