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  1. I had 30 down and 15 up. Paid year in advance now have 80 down and 20 up for same price.Have always had excellent service from TOT. Had wifi from TOT which was pathetic.Complained to the HO daily with speeds included,probably got tired of me and after several weeks installed fibre though I live about one km from village.Paid 19800 THB to have it installed.What a bargain.Cancelled True satellite TV and save over 1000 THB per month.
  2. I have been coming to Thailand since 2001 and am now living here in a small town I come from South Africa where 17% of the population have HIV and 33% of the pregnant woman who go to clinics have HIV or Aids All who want can go to Government clinics where they receive free Anti Viral Medicine but many are to embarrassed to go and among the indigenous Africans it is called "The Curse" and they go home to die in peace. Today a person can live with HIV and it is now not called a death sentence but a long term disease like diabetes There is a Constitutional Court Judge Edward Cameron who has been HIV positive since 1982 and he has been open about it for many years