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  1. Great post thaibeachlovers. I travel by train whenever I can. I find it interesting to see all the locals and all the stuff they sell on the train. Also, it's nice to be able to get up and walk around and have a toilet available should the need arise. Seeing the countryside from a train is almost always more interesting than what I see from a bus or car. Also nice that Canarysun inspired so many here in Thailand. Good attitude will take you farther than money any day.
  2. Well now it's all perfectly clear.
  3. He has flooding under control - it's the draining that he's having trouble with.
  4. ok smart guy. are you 280 kilometers above sea level?
  5. if you make the dome out of iron it will fall down
  6. same same. you should look it up before shouting at someone.
  7. Or if you value your body more than your stuff, get one with a quick tear away strap so you won't be dragged along when they steal it.
  8. I believe the poster has 5 bikes. Only tiny people consider a PCX a big bike. (by the way, I have one and love it)
  9. Well you'll probably have to pay an occasional fine but you'll also probably live longer than the average Thai rider.
  10. I have heard that the best remedy is to remain drunk for three days.
  11. Premature oration seems to be a problem here.
  12. Kind of amusing that she manages to take out a BMW with a burning Bentley.
  13. computer generated image of what he will look like in 5 years?
  14. I've been a mechanic since I was a teen and I certainly don't understand torqueing and velocities. Is that how fast a broken torque wrench will travel when you throw it across the shop?