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  1. how childish. a young man is dead you know.
  2. Their brains are wired up all wrong. I doubt there is any hope to change that short of electro-shock therapy.
  3. Yea right. I offered her two lollipops and she agreed.
  4. And many people I know in the west don't know the difference between Taiwan and Thailand.
  5. He was a fellow passenger so that means he wasn't the driver. I like to help out but people - please read the story at least twice before posting as I'm a busy guy.
  6. Help police catch this thief!

    Dear bad guy. We know what you're up to. Please report to the police station at your earliest convenience.
  7. Agree 100%. Never send food back. If I don't like it, I don't eat it. Just don't return to restaurant again.
  8. Street peddlers, homeless rousted from Pattaya Beach

    but this is a thai forum so we have to bash the authorities in thailand. just because same things happen in other parts of the world doesn't mean we can't discuss or criticize what's happening here.
  9. Lebanese man is probably from Lebanon. If you need help understanding other parts of the story, don't hesitate to ask. We are only here to help. (well obviously not all of us)
  10. Actually, K.E.=1/2 m v squared. I'm pretty sure regardless of speed differentials, large moving trucks always have more kinetic energy than motorcycles.
  11. What's the fine for jamming a cork in your dog's butt?
  12. Stay on alert for dengue, doctors warn

    I've had a bit of fever and mild joint pain for three days-it seems like the flu to me.
  13. Underwear mystery

    Illegal in Thailand.