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  1. Does no one else blame the motorcycle driver at all. Instead of taking evasive action, he merely ducked and let his poor passenger take the hit.
  2. Unusual deposit: Geneva loos blocked by €100,000 cash

    Call me. I'll remove the blockage for free.
  3. Yes it was a great, great, great speech - one of the best ever by a president. Too bad it wasn't given in a psychiatric ward where he belongs.
  4. Don't be like the police and inflate the numbers. What they buy for 40,000 they sell for 80,000.
  5. severe pain in both shoulders

    If you wake up in the morning in pain - it may be the bed. If the pain is at night - I don't think it's bed related. How about seeing a chiropractor?
  6. OK. So there are only 4 with over $10,000,000.
  7. I don't know. It's still summer on my little Canadian island and it's cold and raining today. Looking forward to my October return to LOS.
  8. If your plane crashes, flip flops will not be a concern.
  9. I have never had a problem with people wearing flip-flops on an airplane. The real problem is when people with bad stink-foot take off their shoes. That can really make a flight unbearable.
  10. Only if you're afraid of going fast. Personally, I like to turn the engine off and coast down long hills quietly so I can hear the birds tweeting.
  11. I guess you wouldn't like to drive with me then as I turn engine off on big downhills.
  12. Need new ceiling Fans - Mitsubishi vs. Hatari

    Just google Mr Ken Fan and you'll get the website but I found it of little use. Look at "google images" to actually see the fans. I have a DC ceiling fan and love it.
  13. The OP's post was: "Is 'clocking' the km's common on used bikes?" Catman's answer was "Yes". Seemed pretty clear to me. Now, let's go have coffee.