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  1. How could you become aware of this and not report it???
  2. What is the Limit on bringing cash into Thailand?

    "The United States does not limit the amount of cash you can take into or out of the country. But anything over $10,000 has to be reported." From Google.
  3. High speed chases by police put lives at risk. The guy wouldn't be driving like that if the police weren't on his tail.
  4. Which westerner would you choose to spend time with

    Don't know Maze but that's Jessica Alba.
  5. 4x4x4x4=256. I don't believe any hotel worker is using magic paper to find oil on keypads. That sounds like internet bs to me.
  6. Sentenced to humour us on Thai Visa for life! Next case.
  7. Bad advice. Then your roof will leak.
  8. Road accidents much higher than in 2017

    Ya: Don't go out without underpants. Cops can't wear sunglasses. Dogs can't poo outside.
  9. In the spirit of Isaan

    Poor people all over the world turn to cheap alcohol. Why not make fun of them.
  10. "It was like that when I found it"

    Lucky for you there was no machete around.
  11. Thai Visa Forum Royal Thai Police Lese Majeste Laugh out loud
  12. Bangkok told: Have a "Sensible - BOOZE FREE - Songkran"

    I think the rule is directed at the average Thai people as they tend to purchase and immediately consume. No stockpiling.