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  1. I think it might be cheaper to get boobs by surgery then by eating and drinking to excess.
  2. The "Anti-money laundering office" looks pretty posh.
  3. I'm so glad you laughed and didn't get angry with my dumb joke. Have a great day!
  4. The community made money on the deal as all electric bills will be lower this month.
  5. Never see it anymore, but then again, no one imports pot to BC Canada.
  6. Long-tail boat has no built in buoyancy and a huge engine on the back. I imagine it would be on the bottom in seconds.
  7. Brilliant idea-we don't want the peons wasting time traveling back to their villages to see their families- their babies, who they have been forced to leave in order to eek out a meager existence in the big cities. They should remain in the factories every day and keep making the filthy rich more filthy rich.
  8. Maybe he had been trying alternatives for the last 42 years and this was the last resort.
  9. I thought that was if they plead guilty.
  10. While the guy in the picture does not ask the foreign woman to put her feet down, the guy in the video certainly does.
  11. Have you actually seen an organ bigger than a 12 pound baby's head?
  12. Banning people in the back of pick-ups is ridiculous. It shows that the leaders are out of touch with reality. Next thing they will want to enforce the two person per motorcycle rule. The majority of people can't afford to comply with these safety rules. It's time that the police showed a presence on the highways and started enforcing the road rules that will really make a difference: drunk-driving, speeding, wrong-way driving, etc.