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  1. Coastal areas will be flooded. Just be patient.
  2. Ditto for Canada. Do you have a link to the stats?
  3. If your train is late, take taxi and negotiate a price. Taxis go fast and get you directly to your destination when you're not on the meter. I have taken the free shuttle bus and it was about one hour.
  4. Non-religious people (like myself) realize that we have the right to do as we please with our body and our life. We don't have to look to society or gods to tell us right from wrong. And if one day I decide to take my own life I will do it in a manner that won put others at risk.
  5. I always carry cash in my suitcase as an emergency fund. Robbers always go after your small bag as that is where most people carry their valuables. If you ever get mugged, wouldn't it be nice to have some cash in your suitcase?
  6. Are you talking about Trump?
  7. If you only want sensible answers, you've come to the wrong place.
  8. Apparently not all immigration officers share your view.
  9. So a 10 hour drive isn't a long distance? It is for me and cc is the way to go. I prefer to adjust my speed with my thumb whenever possible. Then I can put my feet up on the dash.
  10. It's so easy to remove paint from glass with a razor blade that I don't even bother taping off before painting.
  11. Not if you're the old fat guy!
  12. Why? - travel/health insurance is not a requirement.
  13. In reality, the 5% of this planet's population that have everything, have it at the expense of the 95% with nothing.