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  1. And yet you continue to rent from her... Perhaps you should walk away and hopefully the next guy who comes along will be a little smarter and refuse to sign up to her terms. You sir, are part of the problem.
  2. Raising rents is also extra profit for the landlords.
  3. My comment was intended to highlight the fact that It's lazy to divide people in the have and have-nots. Investers with 5+ units can struggle too, are faced with severe risks, are at the mercy of lenders, have to pay serious bills etc etc. See what's happening now. Landlords will get their monies regardless of populist measures taken by an inept government and more power to them. Slap on a few fees here and there and voila, earnings are back to normal. They can structure their pricing whichever way they want as long as it's transparent. I think there are consumer protection laws to safeguard that transparency and that's where it should be left at.
  4. Who's saying they're making a profit?
  5. Such nonsense. Why sign up to a lease if you feel cheated? If you don't like the landlord's terms and conditions.....don't rent!
  6. It's a silly law. Landlords should be able to charge whatever costs at whatever rates as long as the tenant is aware of them and has agreed to them. It's a free market. Overcharging landlords will quickly find their properties empty, wouldn't they? A free market and free choice is a beautiful thing. Don't like it? Move out. Don't act like you're a victim.
  7. Who cares when you have sparkly clean tennis shoes? 555
  8. Bassosa

    NE live in village monthly

    Why would Chinese tourists want to go to Isaan?
  9. I think you'll find out sooner or later.
  10. Sounds like a maid, not a girlfriend...
  11. Bassosa

    Any dog walkers out here?

    Our dog walker walked out on us! Anyone interested in walking our dog in the morning? We're in Nimanhaemin and have a nice route where she can even be off the leash a little. Willing to pay for the service. Thanks The dog is a lovely female, labrador mix. Beautiful dog, much loved by the neighbourhood.
  12. Bassosa

    Cleaning company recommendations

    Thanks. Any experiences with BeNeat?
  13. Does anyone know of a good cleaning company? I regularly need some apartments and offices cleaned. I did use the search function but couldn't find anything.
  14. Hello everyone, My wife and I have a commercial property and we're putting it on the market soon for rent. We're considering using an agent to help find a tenant. What's the going rate in Thailand for a commercial property agent? Is it much like residential property, ie typically 1 month's rent commission if he/she finds us a tenant or do different rates apply? Many thanks
  15. Bassosa

    Where to play squash?

    Hi Togume, I'll send you a PM.