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  1. Anyway... bedtime. I will catch up with this tomorrow... I am going to visit him again in the afternoon... Hopefully will get enough advice before leaving. As much as I hate to interfere... I am not the type of person to sit idly by while my friend gets shafted.
  2. I appreciate your input. Maybe I should have corrected the poster who said he walked in off the street. He didn't, he was unable to swallow any food or liquids and felt very uncomfortable (not painful). So his wife called an ambulance and he was taken to the BKK hospital... He was quickly checked over after explaining the problem and was told immediately that he had cancer and they had to cut it out right away. He was wheeled straight into emergency surgery. Came around next day in the ICU and was told had to stay in ICU for up to 2 months and has 50% chance of survival.... I just don't believe it.... he doesn't look anything like any cancer patient I have ever seen, and I have seen a few. I actually swallowed all this at first, the alarm bells rang when they said ICU for up to 2 months and probably up to 6 million baht.... He does have the money.... But that's just about all he does have. They have also seen his bank statement..... very fishy indeed.. I can see a possible lawsuit coming on.
  3. Actually the Criminal Court has also seemed to make pretty unbiased decisions. It's the Constitutional Court which is the one people generally take issue with. So I'm not sure any conspiracy theories need to be readjusted. However, I've come to believe that things behind the scenes have started to shift against the PDRC. Things are in flux, but as things currently stand, I think things are winding down and progress towards an election will be made. The mood within the ranks of the remaining protesters is apparently subdued. Perhaps they realize there's a good chance it's all over. Never occur to you that the criminal court is actually bias towards PTP???? Considering they are run and controlled by THIS government.
  4. You don't half talk shy-te. I can't even understand most of it. Nice to know that the new acting PM was elected.... when did that happen.... 4.30am...... PTP's standard secret voting time?????
  5. Its just a rent of mob nothing more and obviously finances are getting low or they are just real cheap and cheat their own followers. I doubt paid followers can be classed as 'followers'. They are just random folk who are broke with sod all to do and see an easy 1000 baht and a free meal and bus trip to BKK. Without the 1000 baht and the added perks, I wonder exactly how many 'followers' that would bother their ar-ses to go and support this bunch of losers.... Maybe 10% of them??? One million reds will RISE up........if................. hahaha I can just imagine it... Jatts: 'The time has come for all lovers of Thaksin to rise up against the elites'........ Reply..... How much?????
  6. I am thinking about suggesting he pay for a doctor from another hospital to come and visit him, take some samples and also interview the doctor who made the diagnosis and ordered the treatment.... Then get a lawyer to liase with the doctor doing the checking. It is always going to be a bit political no matter what I suggest, and I am not sure his wife is going to like my interfering... I have to admit, it is not a straightforward situation for me... If he were to end up checking out, and then something happens to him, I really don't want people to point the finger at me.... Bloody nightmare scenario. I feel like I am in a 'toss a coin' situation. This is not a good idea. Thai doctor will never take away "the face" of another Thai doctor Also the new doctor may not be allowed to visit, as he is not a resident at that hospital. Probably right about the face... Maybe a quick consultation to establish if he can be moved and the whole treatment history can be handed over to the next doctor much in the same way as anywhere else in the world a hospital has to hand over patient records if requested by a qualified doctor taking over the case at the request of the patient. It is not a situation where he can just get up, get dressed and walk out.... he is in the ICU with loads of monitors plugged into him and also on a drip and also a tube inserted into him to feed him. It all just looks way over the top and excessive. I think they have him by the balls.
  7. I am thinking about suggesting he pay for a doctor from another hospital to come and visit him, take some samples and also interview the doctor who made the diagnosis and ordered the treatment.... Then get a lawyer to liase with the doctor doing the checking. It is always going to be a bit political no matter what I suggest, and I am not sure his wife is going to like my interfering... I have to admit, it is not a straightforward situation for me... If he were to end up checking out, and then something happens to him, I really don't want people to point the finger at me.... Bloody nightmare scenario. I feel like I am in a 'toss a coin' situation.
  8. I am not sure what the payment setup is, but I have heard of an earlier case where a farang's wife had to show a print out of her husband's bank statement, and pay every couple of days by direct bank transfer to the hospital's bank account. The whole thing stinks if you ask me, and I am really tempted to convince him to get transported out to another hospital for a second opinion. They claim he is gravely ill with not a good chance of survival..... He looks fine to me.... miserable at his situation, but still full of jokes when you can take his mind away from it. At the very worst, he should be in a regular room at about 9,000 a night.... his insurance would easily cover it. My Thai niece last year stuck a rubber band up her nose and it was lodged at the top of her sinus tract... her parents took her to the same place and they actually gave her an anesthetic and put some tweezers up her nose and pulled it out in literally seconds, then they insisted she stayed in overnight. They bowled in a bunch of impressive looking machines into her room (never hooked her up). Then handed over a 20,000 bill the next morning.... I was protesting all the way.... I knew it was just set up to make money.
  9. I have a friend in hospital in Korat. He had a problem with not being able to digest food and it seemed like it was just staying in his upper stomach. He went to the local Bangkok Hospital, and when he explained what his problem was, they instantly told him he had cancer. They whipped him straight into surgery, and sliced him in 2 places and removed what i believe to be a few inches of his esophagus, then stitched him up and put him in ICU where he has now been for over 3 weeks. They have also told him he needs to stay in ICU for a further month.... (at least). I have seen a few cancer victims.... he looks actually quite healthy to me and just like someone recovering from a standard surgical procedure.... even though he has been told he has 50/50 chance of survival. Up until the beginning of this week, the bill is 1.8 million baht.... that is just the ICU bill, there is the surgery bill and a few other things as well, but they have quoted around 6 million in total. I have known quite a few people with cancer in the past..... Even some family..... Not once were they told instantly with no tests that they had cancer.... they had to have biopsies and waited for the test results. They needed to use hospital facilities when needed, but most of the time they were treated as out patients.... certainly NOT 2 months ICU at 80,000+ a day plus extras.... In fact, none of them spent a single day in ICU. It is my opinion that this guy is being blatantly ripped off. This is not the first time I have heard of a farang being needlessly shoved into ICU in this hospital. I have visited the guy a few times, and as you can probably imagine he is pretty miserable, not only is his entire life savings being sucked out of him at a fast rate, but also not overly happy having to consider his condition (alleged condition). He does have insurance, but only covers 19,000 a day and only for 30 days. Up until now, I have not said anything to him... But I just don't feel comfortable about the entire set up. There are a lot of things that just don't seem right. I will be seeing him tomorrow and I am tempted to advise him to move himself to a new hospital, there are some very good ones here and I have had nothing but bad stories from the Bangkok Hospital..... It is not the first story I have heard of a farang being held in ICU rather than being treated as an out patient or put in a regular room to convalesce. I know there are quite a few members here who are actively working in the medical industry..... what do you think?..... just mind my own business till they suck all his money up and boot him into the street?
  10. This is, and has always been about removing Thaksin's influence and power in Thailand. He is an embarrassment to the country on so many levels and his regime has decimated democracy in the nation to the point it is a 100% dictatorship that has seen 10 years of dangerous instability and completely polarized the people to the point of a civil war. He also happens to be a convicted criminal and mass murderer. His only support is a core of paid cronies and a very small following of ill informed and vastly uneducated red shirts that have no numbers to dictate a controlling interest over the country. If the senate are not allowed to even consider a move to get at least a neutral PM and cabinet in place on a temporary basis, then the country really has no use for a senate. The constitution points at the ONLY way to move forward is for the senate to elect among themselves, a PM and cabinet to get us through a crisis and into an election. Thailand is in a POLITICAL VACUUM..... the constitution has a provision for political vacuums, and that provision MUST be followed. No matter what happens, you are going to upset some people..... that is what happens in a polarized society.... But those people just have to take it on the chin for the sake of the constitution and democracy. It also does not help when one camp is operating completely outside of democracy and the constitution as it does not favour them.... The constitutional court MUST sit to debate the situation, and make a ruling as to whether the next move is from the senate. It also needs to reiterate its ruling of last week, as certain elements seem to be continuing to wield power over the people, and these are people who have been convicted for abuse of power. This country is a complete joke.
  11. He can't go home... If he does, the situation will be right back to pre-protest days. A shin will be PM and a PTP government will set about replacing ALL insepemdant agencies and courts (NACC) with fully controllable Thaksin supporting elements. Then they will put together a new senate system to get control of the senate and introduce a new amnesty bill that will get Thaksin back in power and put Suthep, Abhisit and all their opponents in prison. If this grandfather of all protests fails, the Thaksin regime will believe it is totally legitimate and able to fend off any and all attacks, and so it is able to continue to screw as much money out of the coffers as they like and take control of every democratic principle so that the regime can never be taken down ever again. Suthep can NOT stop until the job is completely done... There is NO current mandate from the people, that ended back in March.. We have an unqualified 'acting' PM which is a diluted version of a 'caretaker' PM and a 50% decimated 'caretaker' cabinet that thinks it has the power to push around a 100% functioning senate, the ONLY democratic office that actually holds ANY 'real' power at this time. In my opinion.... Suthep stays till the job is complete and we can have a 100% NON Thaksin influenced system and at a minimum electoral reforms to make the next election totally free and fair that the Dems will win at a canter. Then run the country for a reform period and then hold a new election.
  12. I'm sorry Woopydoo, your poo pooing of the stabbing of the ice man, discredits anything you say. . . which is just unfounded yellow propaganda. Time will tell if the reds have the number or resolve to fight. This crisis has a long way to run. Perhaps after that spectacular own goal, Woopydoo should consider disappearing, to reappear under (yet another) new identity! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app What own goal?????.... please provide the proof that he was stabbed by guards.... I bet you can't. It has been denied by the very people who have admitted that other attacks took place, so I have no doubt that they are telling the truth. They have a track record of honesty, and having the integrity to hold up their hands as and when they were in the wrong. Khaosod on the other hand have zero integrity and are nothing more than a Thaksin funded mouthpiece for the pro government factions such as the police, PTP, UDD and red terrorists like Ko Tee. We want to know the real reason why this guy got himself stabbed and then obviously those involved agreeing to take a bit of cash under the table to agree with the police and Khaosod, PTP, UDD....... et al to spin this to a PDRC guard attack. How many is that now???? How many more stories with very sketchy details and zero proof are we to endure by this comic that calls itself a newspaper??? The Daily Sport in the UK has much more credentials as serious press.
  13. I don't think this will be a heartbreaker to most foreigners. They will start to congregate in another SEA country and start to improve that place while leaving Thailand short of many much needed English teachers etc.... The main broken hearts will be Thai ladies who will now find it much harder to snare a foreign sponsor with enough time in the country to strip every last baht out of him. Come on girls.... you got a month or two if you are lucky to get everything.
  14. UDD???...... hahahahaha. Almost as comical as the CAPO keystone cops. They said there will be a million reds rise up if Yingluck was ousted.... she was ousted, nobody rose up... CAPO also confirmed an uprising was probable...... They said if any cabinet ministers were thrown out, that a million reds would rise up..... they were thrown out, they didn't rise up.... CAPO also confirmed that an uprising was probable.......... They said that if the NACC ruled against Yingluck over the rice scam, a million reds would rise up....... The NACC ruled against her, there was no risiung up...... CAPO once again confirmed that an uprising was likely........ Now they are saying that if the senate installs an interim PM and appointed cabinet, that they will rise up, CAPO has also confirmed that this will happen....... The senate will select an interim PM and they will eventually appoint a new cabinet so the country is able to move ahead....... There will be no uprising. Why do I know this???????? Because CAPO and the UDD are delusional to think they have any support to create an uprising and have become the latest 'daily joke'.... well..... they were always considered the daily joke, it just gets more and more confirmed on a daily basis. Nobody with any teeth takes them seriously. The support for the reds that were in my immediate vicinity of the Thai extended family and other Thai acquaintances have all but lost every last bit of interest in Thaksin, red shirt or and Shin based movement.... They just want to move on now, they even seem to be more welcoming of the Dems, they have seen the light. They are laughing at the UDD now. It's over.
  15. protected against attacks that have not materialised ever... The attacks ought to be focused on CAPO and Chalerm... CAPO is actually now being seen as nothing more than a police militia aligned with the UDD. It is about time they were taken down completely.... Get 100,000 protesters to tear the place apart and crush anyone standing in their way. Get Chalerm and detain him in a secret location as well as Surapong. Or even better, make sure they are........................... forum rules prohibit any more of my post.