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  1. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    I appreciate Mr. Prayut's honesty. Anyone involved with ecology understands the problems with big dams and it is not easy to fix. There are social, infrastructure, technical, cultural challenges, really complex issues that money alone is not enough.
  2. Most credentials these days here and abroad are a joke
  3. Buying A Tractor

    The newly built used car dealer up by Robinson has a few used tractors for sale. I also see them here and there.
  4. That would be a shame. I understand farm manager is ok, but regardless I am not in a business. If it is breaking a rule it is so ridiculous because if I stop the whole thing stops.
  5. My wife owns a little farm that has never been a business, just growing rice to eat or fruit trees, etc...I work there almost every day as I enjoy it and do many different jobs. We don't sell anything. If there is surplus we just donate it to friends or our children's school. Once in a while I hire students who need a little extra cash to come cut grass or pull weeds. I have often wanted to see some clear rules about this. For example, our farm is not a business. We are not selling anything, but I certainly buy a lot!
  6. Jobless with degrees rises again to 220,000

    It would be very interesting to know, sarcasm aside, what skills they think are needed or mismatched.
  7. What reasons did the students give for their change of protocol?
  8. Agreed. No farce. Corruption and crime meets justice.
  9. Agreed. It would also energize their economy. Less rice and sugarcane crops and more...
  10. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    Yes, permanent. I dont the exact date, but it would be within the past 5 or 6 years.
  11. 4-year Professional Visas Get Green Light

    I know 1 fellow who got a resident visa and only 1. He married into a very rich family. He speaks 0 Thai.
  12. The water must be spread and sunk in many small reservoirs and ponds along the path toward sink.
  13. There is 1 thing Thailand can do that will reignite their economy in a very short time. Very simple thing that could be done in an afternoon. Tourism, agrixulture, maxhinery, land, export would boom.
  14. Interesting discussion. I dont know much about politics or even how economies work, but I do see that the universities where I have taught and where I interact are terrible. I am sorry to criticise. And farming is dead as a business. Just no way to make money at it.
  15. It is already having a positive effect. Professors here are discussing asking outsiders to come in and reform their broken, battling departments.