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  1. To thank Mr. Prayut? To normalize and improve the damage done by previous groups and unnamed agitators? If soft means respectful, honest, well, ok then....
  2. The pond is about 6 meters deep and the pipe is 4 or 5 meters down. I wont draw down past 3 meters before it starts raining again and most of the pumped water flows back into the pond after irrigating.
  3. The windpump design is much simpler than the one in the above pic. The sails are flexible and catch wind from almost every direction. The windpump only supplements your farm water during the dry months, usually pulling water from a low area and moving it to a high area where it can flow back down through the farm,,etc. It can send water about 200 meters, a little less on a gradual, slight slope. Luckily, Sakon has enough days of wind during each of the dry months at around 11 or 12kmh to supply enouh water. Wind speed averages chart toward bottom of link:
  4. Anyone know where I can buy a windpump? I'm in Sakon Nakhon. Thank you.
  5. The thing I dont like is the 90 day and if you forget you get a fine. 100 year visa means nothing to me if I must check in every 3 monfhs
  6. It says in the linked article you still have to check in every 90 days. ridiculous. the only reason to have a long visa is to be relieved of the burden of "checking in"
  7. China, Thailand, PI and all of the countries in this neighborhood are coming together nicely. It won't be long until things finally return to common sense.
  8. The insanity of someone from the Rockefeller Foundation spewing this. Wow.
  9. There are many Thai and foreign teachers who could teach English if the entrenched educational hierarchy would step aside.
  10. Which banks are "foreign owned"?
  11. Bovine growth hormone is not necessary to humans, Thai or otherwise
  12. This research has been going on since the 70's. Just keyword on the net.
  13. Normal rice grows without much water. There are plenty of methods published freely on the Internet. No "research" from US conglomerates necessary.
  14. Rice millers aren't the middlemen?