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  1. As Sanook 'investigators' didn't mention these 'crimes' my guess would be unpaid parking/speeding tickets.
  2. Certainly not. Had they been classic models and not the 'just-go-to-any-showroom-and-write-a-check-type-of-cars' I could like them. They're just people with big money and small ***** who want to show off.
  3. Vacuum

    Road Tax Issue On Speeding Tickets

    If you'll have any issues, you could always raise the money from a GoFundMe campaign. Better yet, keep below the speed limits!
  4. Vacuum

    Road Tax Issue On Speeding Tickets

    Why would you want to pay for the tax sticker?
  5. That is if you by free will want to use them, no one will compel you.
  6. Cry me a river.. Do you think a 'normal' person needs education to not beat the living shit out of a 2 year old? Execution is the way to do it. Good genes in, bad genes out.
  7. Vacuum

    Buying an old classic

    18mm wide-angle?
  8. I paid 40 baht when I got married.
  9. How about this; Or this; Where do you think he parked his vehicle?
  10. The truck driver had pulled over to the far left lane and stopped to have a leak. What's selfish or dangerous with that?
  11. Never heard of this in other countries....including yours.