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  1. Distance of house to perimeter wall

    I have Wasp Security install an electric fence in 2008 at my modest Buriram home. The best money I spent in terms of security. Michael and the Thai staff did a site survey, did a proper install and have helped me maintain the stainless steel electric fence wire and all aspects of the security fence in a professional manner.
  2. FYI, Driveway Cleaning

    That looks great. What a helpful device. Thanks for posting.
  3. There are professional house painters in Buriram province. Saturday i visited a home in a Buriram Village under construction by an honest experienced UK builder. Not a building consultant. I noticed the Graco Ultra Max 695 airless paint sprayer, Nippon interior and Nippon exterior house paint. The UK builder only has a staff of four Thai home builders and he does the actual painting with the sprayer and with some imported paint brushes. I see the difference first hand in the quality and care of this painter as well as a few other experienced house painters in Buriram. This home has custom UPVC windows and other fine features. The house painter owns two Graco paint sprayers and does not rent them. You can rent airless paint sprayers in Bangkok at Bangkok Spray.
  4. Homeworks closing down

    Is Baan & Beyond a "soft goods" store similar to Bed Bath & Beyond?
  5. Homeworks closing down

    I've priced the Zinsano Caspian High Pressure washer at the Buriram Homepro, Buriram Thai Watsadu, and on line. The lowest price by 1000 baht was at a family owned tool shop which had an employee of Zinsano who helped with the set up and testing of the induction motor pressure sprayer. I was not sure if the female models are more at home in a soapy than doing a hand wash job on the truck in Buriram. Four of the five women in the 3rd photo had excellent English skills on Sunday. If the Karcher sprayer I bought at HomeWorks is at the end of life then I have an affordable option in Buriram.
  6. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    SIMOH 1490. I am glad to read you fixed a design flaw in the Euroe lawn mower you own. Arce the importer of Euroe lawn mowers to Thailand has an interesting collection of Chinese made products with an Italian or UK name plate. I'm not so sure I'd jump to buy a Greenworks lawn mower currently imported in Thailand by SPICA the Greenworks battery lawn mower importer. The series offered in Thailand is no where near the 60volt currently offered in the USA. Thailand importers do not often buy cutting edge or even current new models. Like the choice of 80 gallon Electric Hot Water heaters imported in Thailand from the USA. Not current models. I am patiently waiting for Chervon to bring EGO battery mowers to Thailand. In the meantime I own a couple of other lawn mowers. I realize that many people are confused about Honda lawn mowers in Thailand. There is only one genuine Honda lawn mower offered for sale in Thailand. The Honda HRJ216K2 puts the copy Honda lawn mowers to shame in design, fit and finish. Homepro, Global House or ThaiWatsadu will seldom offer the lowest price on a lawn mower in Thailand and I have never seen a lawn mower repair department at a Homepro, Thai Watsadu or Global House in Thailand. The Husqvarna petrol push mowers I've seen sold in Thailand are NOT made in the USA unless P.R.C. is the 51st State. There are no four wheel self propelled Husqvarna lawn mowers sold in Thailand. The only Husqvarna push models sold in Thailand are the compact 19" cutting deck, LC19 and the LC19AP. They offer a 6 months warranty in Thailand. There are higher rated petrol mowers self propelled lawn mowers sold in Thailand with double and four times the warranty length. I have seen the interesting floating Husqvarna GX560 that is "air cushion" at a lawn mower shop in Buriram. I pay for a subscription to Consumer Reports.Org and to Which.co.UK to see which lawn mowers are really highly rated by non partial testing agencies. https://www.which.co.uk/ or https://www.consumerreports.org
  7. Where can i find this model of lawnmower?

    The CM Tools seller on Lazada would be very resourceful to obtain a new Bosch lawn Mower in November 2017. For the past two years Bosch has not imported or distributed any garden tools in Thailand. Many sellers on lazada will sell Chinese imports which will have the name of a famous brand. Lazada makes little effort to determine if the tool is genuine. The seller CM Tools might not be a lawn mower specialist. https://www.lazada.co.th/cm-tools/?spm=a2o4m.prod.0.0.66cebf048CQbS1 Talon sells a Chinese push mower in Thailand. Lazada has a return policy if you buy a copy brand or fake item.
  8. Where can i find this model of lawnmower?

    Yes I have seen less expensive push rotary lawn mowers sold in Buriram. Bosch imported a fine rotary mower up until 2015. Talon imports a Chinese rotary mower. Same country that Husqvarna lawn mower is manufactured. What is a fair price in your opinion for a push rotary lawn mower?
  9. Toilet PVC flange and wax seal (Can't find)

    I've seen Toilet Flange sets in many fine retailers in Isaan. HomePro, Global House, Independent Home Builders Merchants seem to stock this item. I've bought Cotto brand. Many higher end toilets sold in Thailand do come with this in the toilet box.
  10. New roof advice

    Plenty of good options with Fiber Cement roof tiles at least 5mm thick. Three brands to consider in Thailand in my experience. One example is Shera brand Cool series Fiber cement roof tiles in "Pearl White", which are moderate in price.
  11. I would consider the TOA Lacquer Primer Surfacer for a wood fence. If budget is a driving consideration then the inexpensive Mandarin Duck Universal Undercoat clearly states WOOD in Thai and English. This is a step up from Shark brand paint in Thailand. Any TOA paint brand or Beger paint brand has a fantasy list price and deep discounts should be offered 7 days a week, all year long on any paint from TOA or Beger. Both companies present themselves as premium in advertising.
  12. Honda Lawn Equipment

    The only genuine Honda Lawn mower sold in Thailand for the past four years is the Honda HRJ216K2 self propelled lawn mower. It is manufactured in a Honda assembly plant and has a real Honda warranty. I have purchased three different lawn mowers in Thailand. If I was to do it again, I would buy the Honda HRJ216K2 lawn mower first, and never have to buy another lawn mower in Thailand. Easy to find this model at any Honda Power Products dealer or have shipped to any province in Thailand. Spare parts are readily available for Honda power products in Thailand.
  13. Shed/Store room

    The folks at Container Kings Thailand are building reasonable size sheds in Buriram Province. I have not yet seen the actual storage sheds, but I was shown photos and they looked significantly larger, far more robust, that the flimsy thin metal garden shed I saw last night at a home improvement store. You could actually walk into the metal shed made by Container Kings Thailand. The door was robust and you had the option of window with insect screens.
  14. Lobster is the lower priced brand from U.R. Chemical Co Ltd. Gallant is the better grade of paint from U.R. Chemical sold in Thailand. If I was painting a wood fence I would buy Nippon Bodelac 9000 or Bodelac 1000 solvent based wood paint. Another moderately priced exterior wood paint option is TOA Industrial Laquer or TOA Flat Enamel paint. The brochures and paint buckets are in Thai language and English language. Mom and POp shops often only stock the least expensive paint. Mandarin Duck is the least expensive TOA paint. Mixed to a lower spec than SuperMatex paint or 4 Seasons paint.