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  1. kamalabob2

    flat bed planer/spindle moulder

    Big Wood is an affordable brand of wood working tools that I have seen in Buriram province. Jet is another brand of woodworking tools sold in Thailand.
  2. kamalabob2

    Any recommendations to buy a knockdown house ?

    At the Architect Expo earlier this month in Bangkok this prefab home builder caught my eye. I could understand the integrity of the roof and it is not the shape of a shipping container. The OP could also look at the web site, and then go see in person completed conversions, done by Container Kings Thailand. I have seen photos of these Container Kings Thailand shipping containers converted into homes in various villages in Buriram Province.
  3. kamalabob2

    Need help for well filtration system

    I recently visited a Buriram Village home that has well water for the supply. The Carbon and resin tanks have an automatic timer for backwashing. UV light to kill bacteria. Then another Hitachi water pump to provide water pressure in a expat home with two bathrooms. Every province has incompetent and overpriced water filter companies. Most provinces have at least one water filter shop with staff who have proper training and will back up their work. Going back the day after a water filter system is installed to check with the home owner that he is 100% happy with the operation of the water purification system helps assure ongoing satisfaction in my Isaan experiences.
  4. kamalabob2

    Best sealing product ?

    If you post some photos that will be helpful. What specific roof tiles? What type of rain gutters? I assume the rain gutters are attached to fascia board, but your photo will help. There are far more professional sealing products widely available in Thailand OTHER than acrylic sealant. Dr. Fixit, Lanko, Sika and Lanko are four companies that offer more professional solutions to leaks on a house in Thailand. All four have product catalogs in Thai and catalogs in English.
  5. kamalabob2

    Used Isaan house "check list" recommendations

    Every parcel of land in Thailand (not Temple, military or Government land) has an annual land tax. It is nominal, and it depends on zoning. It is a pittance to pay, and it is the right thing to do to contribute to civic projects in your location. The land owner need not be the person who pays it. They gladly accept an expat's money and issue the receipt when you pay the land tax for your spouse.
  6. kamalabob2

    Wooden tilt&turn windows

    Have you seen with your own eyes genuine http://ftt.roto-frank.com/en/ brand hardware in Thailand? Turn and Tilt windows made with UPVC or Aluminum were on display last week in Bangkok at several of the custom window fabricators who had booths at the Architect Expo. I did not check the brand of the hardware. I have seen Turn and Tilt UPVC windows installed in a village house in Buriram Province by a firm based in Pattaya. Custom well done wooden windows are possible in Thailand "for a Princely price" in my personal observation.
  7. kamalabob2

    Insulation batts

    There might be a dealer of the Unipro group in your Thailand Province. Koolteg is a brand they also distribute. From the web site: Unipro Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a leading and fast growing insulation materials manufacturer in Thailand. We are committed to produce high quality products which are complied with the applicable sections of international standard and the most important thing our products are environmentally friendly. 43/9 Moo 3,T.Klong-Udomchonlachorn,A-Muang,Chachoengsao 24001 Thailand [email protected] +66-3884-6125-30
  8. kamalabob2

    Ceiling Fan recommendations

    I have paid for and had installed in a Buriram house Hunter Ceiling fans | C.E.I. ceiling fans made in Thailand | Emerson ceiling fan made in Taiwan | Mitsubishi ceiling fans as posted above which are made in Thailand. I would also recommend the Mr. Ken DC Helicopter ceiling fans for interior or exterior installation. Parts are not easy for an Emerson fan or Hunter fan in Thailand in 2018. However CEI, Mitsubishi and Mr. Ken keep stock of spare parts or remotes in 2018 in my personal experiences. I would steer clear of "house brands" which are just marketed in large shops but have no spare parts or repair service teams in Thailand. Italian or Swiss sounding brand names on a box but no actual repair teams is a blueprint for disappointment in Isaan.
  9. kamalabob2

    Rebar Grades

    10 meter lengths of 16mm SD40 are priced higher than posted above. SD40T is not in the same ballpark as SD40 rebar or DB. Going to global house or Thai Watsadu to see steel prices is one part of the story. Being perfectly clear on the grade you need, that you pay for and get delivered is a different "challenge". Check very carefully the tag on each bundle of steel. Even if your house builder writes in Thai one grade of steel, some store staff take liberties with what they put on a truck.
  10. kamalabob2

    Insulation batts

    You can buy most anything to build a home in Thailand. Just not on display at your local HomePro | Thaiwatsadu | Global House | Home Mart or local family owned builders merchants store. However I picked up catalogs and spec sheets for sound proof wall insulation last week at the Architect Expo. I visited over 800 booths in a four day period to pick up brochures for modern building materials to consider and price for my next home building adventure in Buriram Province. The blue is what the batts look like when installed in your Thailand house wall. The grey is the actual material to stop sound. Gypsum drywall boards would be a common wall material when using the wall insulation in Thailand.
  11. I have met Eric the owner of Bangkok Insurance Brokers in person on several occasions. Eric has been to my home in Buriram province. He has earned my business as my insurance broker for motorbike, auto, truck, health, rental home and home owners insurance starting in 2005. I had insurance through Eric PRIOR to moving to Thailand as I had my motorbike, rental house and health coverage prior to a full time move to Thailand. I understand the real need for the plan he is putting together. I am fortunate to have allocated funds for BUPA, now Etna, and for other high coverage limit insurance. Not everyone has that opportunity. I have a friend who slipped and broke his foot on 60cm by 60cm slick tiles in a home of a person with no home owners insurance. That accident victim has no Health insurance in Thailand. Yesterday he told me his minimum fee quoted at the Bangkok Korat private hospital was 350,000 baht. However he decided that the Korat Government Hospital price under 150,000 was suitable in his situation. So I can see a real need for health insurance, and how using Government Hospitals can hold down the cost. EVERY time I had a procedure paid by insurance at a private hospital they seemed keen to put me in the VIP suite. "Like a rich Uncle is paying for the medical procedure" is the attitude of private hospitals when they see that BUPA platinum card. Eric has a real office, speaks several language and is licensed. Let's see what plan he is able to offer.
  12. kamalabob2

    Health insurance - claims success stories

    Eric Dohlon is a dual citizen who speaks several languages. He was born in Thailand. He has an office in Phuket, yet he provides great service to me in Buriram. Insurance In Thailand. He is the licensed broker, not his wife. I was given his card in 2005 by staff in the insurance billing department of Bangkok Hospital Phuket.
  13. kamalabob2

    Electric pump to improve water pressure?

    The OP or any motivated expat in Thailand can see and compare most all the major brands of water pumps for any purpose if they go in person and attend the free Architect Expo which starts on May 1st at Impact in Bangkok. I've attended most every year since 2007 and it is a great opportunity to see home building products and home furnishings that are really available in Thailand. You can sign up on line or at the entrance counter at Impact. Grundfos, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, ITC are reputable brands which will have booths with technical advisors who understand and speak English. They will not sell you a pump, but they can give you a list of what dealers are in your province. The service AFTER you buy a water pump is a consideration in my personal experience in Buriram. Yes there will be beautiful women in a few booths of the Architect Expo. The Hydro Silent water pump booth offers a hands on demonstration of the flow rate of the pressure pump. http://www.architectexpo.com/2018/exhibit-profile/
  14. kamalabob2

    Electric pump to improve water pressure?

    The OP could consider visiting an authorized Mitsubishi SUPER PUMP dealer. It will not be Homepro, ThaiWatsadu, Global House, Home Mart, or Mega Home. A water pump specialist can show him the brochure and actual working Mitsubishi Super Pump. Most every Province has one Mitsubishi Superpump dealer that installs water pumps at taller student housing apartment buildings. In Buriram you can see what water pumps work in multi story buildings including the Buritel Hotel, Keen Condominium, B2 Hotel,. Hop Inn, etc.. The price difference between Mitsubishi Super Pumps and the imported Grundfos pumps of a similar function is significant.
  15. Thank you for the post on your aircons and inverter technology experience. It was very interesting. I am also an inverter fan, and plan to change aircons in the house I just bought.