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  1. I spotted two Graco airless paint sprayers that were made in the USA at a store in Buriram on Saturday. The bi-lingual Thai man "P" Bob showed me the original receipts from Bangkok Spray for the Graco 695 Ultra Max II including new parts bought in September 2017. I did not ask the selling price, but it might be less baht than renting an airless paint sprayer in Thailand. I am told a native of Wisconsin bought these two Graco airless paint sprayers in Bangkok, Thailand for a professional decorating company he managed until August 2017. I bought two of the made in Canada red fuel cans for a safer storage of petrol lawn mowers and Honda four stroke brush cutter.
  2. Insurance

    I have paid for 5 year home owners premium and with a different company 3 years was the maximum. You can add, for a modest fee, extra cover for electrical surge damage with some companies. My insurance broker in Phuket was very helpful as he sent English versions of the cover limits to me via email.
  3. I've been covered by BUPA Platinum 2 million insurance plan for several years in Thailand. Service and hospital coverage has been top notch. The insurance broker I buy BUPA health cover has been most helpful. I had two elective surgeries in 2017. I was in VIP rooms for six days in Isaan hospitals. The two nights at Bangkok Korat hospital were a better experience on many levels than a different private hospital. But no run around on payments and coverage in my personal experiences. The annual premium JUMPED 1988 baht from last year to this year. I can live with that. I can afford 7116 baht a month, paid annually for top notch health insurance. No limitations were placed on the 2018 policy even though I had two different medical procedures in 2017. The policy document, benefits booklet, list of hospitals and clinics and the invoice are in Thai and English. For me this is affordable and clear cut. I understand in two years my premium will be raised as I will be 65.
  4. product for pest control

    Some Thai Watsadu locations have a rented "booth" in front of the store with the office of a regional pest control company. I hired the company that has a booth at the Buriram ThaiWatsadu and they come to my home every two months with Fipronil to spray in the hose system installed under the house. They also spray Fipronil on bushes and near the garage. No ill effects to our cats and dog. No smell. Fipronil can be bought direct from Sherwood Chemical or perhaps at other stores.
  5. Homeworks closing down

    Watsadu is a Thai word for building materials. Central Retail could stock higher grade products if they thought the products would sell in a location. Look at the upmarket selection of spa tubs and rain shower enclosures at any Home Works store. A tool store catering to more serious tool users might stock or easily special order higher end tools. Bosch, Karcher and Zinsano have better grade pressure washers with INDUCTION motors. The less expensive models of pressure washers have "universal motors" which may not last nearly as long. I paid over 20K for a higher end Karcher pressure washer at HomeWorks in Bangkok in 2007 and it works fine 10 years later. The catalogs of Bosch, Karcher and Zinsano high pressure washers clearly state what type of motor in each model. I've found Zinsano pressure washers priced far lower than Big C, Tesco, Robinson, HomePro, Thai Watsadu or Lazada at a family owned builders merchants store in Buriram. Certainly higher end Bosch table saws than I have seen at other home improvement stores in Isaan could be found in stock at a store which had Tool department staff with more tool knowledge. The Thaiwatsadu in Buriram looks great after the remodel. I look forward to shopping at the Pattaya Home Works when it is finished.
  6. Exterior Paint.

    Leekman: The letters A or B or C or D on a bucket of paint refer to the BASE. Nothing to do with quality. 4 Seasons is a "value brand" of TOA. Mandarin Duck is an even cheaper TOA brand paint. Every house paint brand has a "value brand" in Thailand. Look at the number of years of the warranty on the bucket. If no mention of years, be warned. Paint rollers and paint brushes come in all grades and sizes in Thailand. It is very clear on the paint buckets regarding adding water to thin. If a paint has a 15 year warranty it might be worth the initial extra expense on your residence in Thailand. In investment rental property you might buy the fighting brands.
  7. Makita battery chargers

    All good advise above. I can not speak for Global House choices of power tools, but quite clearly they favor private label brands with higher profit margins. There are over 10,000 power tool factories in China. How many do you think have great engineers, high quality control and send quality tools? Not many in my personal observation. The vast majority are built to a cost, and not to Makita standards. Certainly many Makita authorized centers in Thailand would carry or easily order the latest models for a customer. If a builders merchants store in Buriram can offer current model Makita Tools certainly other tool shops in Thailand can offer the OP the latest Makita 18V power tools. If you compare and compare a Stanley cordless tool to a current Makita Power Tool you will see a difference in performance.
  8. Pool Cleaning Robots

    Nice pool. What is your yellow grating? Fiberglass? What material is your swimming pool slide? Thanks in advance.
  9. You can look in the pump room of various buildings to see how they have invested in proper pumps, or not done so. The Buritel Hotel in Buriram has a Mitsubishi Super Pump on each floor. I've been in resorts, such as Jack's Resort in Buriram, that also use this series of professional water pumps. A much larger building would have significantly larger water pumps. Not to mention pumps that control the fire sprinklers.
  10. MDF or HDF needed

    You might consider a Thai speaker to telephone the Thai Watsadu or Global house prior to your drive to confirm they stock the product you want for your kitchen. They both certainly have mdf kitchens. I have not personally seen any employee of the Buriram Thai Watsadu or Buriram Global House ever cut a wood product for a customer. Please post if either store offers to cut wood for a customer.
  11. Suppliers of suspended ceilings. (Panel type)

    Most any builders merchants would have the squares for a suspended ceiling. SCG Elephant Brand is worth your consideration. They are not expensive. Any builders merchants store would have the wire to suspend the ceiling and the metal that supports the ceiling boards. From plain white to quite colorful.
  12. Galvanized Metal Stock Khon kaen

    If you bring a photo and perhaps a page from one of the web sites of the steel companies that are on offer at Global House, they might special order the steel to meet your need. Tata Steel is but one of the companies that sell steel to Global House. How many pieces of steel in your order, may impact how eager any store is to special order steel for you. But worth shopping for the correct steel for your application.
  13. Where to buy PU Spray Foam Cheap

    I bought some 750 ml cans of Welfix Pu Foam Sealant Polyurethane Foam for 250 baht per can today in Buriram. I was after Wasp and Hornet Spray and I found this on the same isle.
  14. Car Insurance Quotes

    I suggest the OP picks up the telephone and calls the broker. Then the broker can email him quotes based on the value of his actual car. The quote should be in English. The broker should be able to answer his questions in English and perhaps his spouse questions in Thai. How helpful the broker is prior to confirming coverage might be a clue to how helpful they will be when you have a claim situation.
  15. Car road side assist

    Are you renting a car? What does your rental car contract state? If you own a car, consider Chubb Insurance or Axa insurance. If you read the policy you can see what is included and what is available for an extra annual payment. I have AXA on two cars. Roadside assistance is covered. I have looked into Chubb and it offers a rental car reimbursement as well as roadside assistance for a small annual payment above the level of car insurance I would select. An independent insurance broker may have other insurance companies that include roadside assistance in Thailand.