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  1. A wooden box was opened today to set up and test a hydraulic pipe bending machine in Buriram. Now cattle feeding stalls can be made from stronger metal pipe. If the box was not opened I would wonder if all the parts were intact and I was able to test the pipe bending machine. This pipe bending machine was ordered on Monday and it arrived on Thursday.
  2. Cool block

    Prices in this photo including delivery in Buriram province of autoclaved AAC aerated wall blocks in various sizes. This is a January 2018 price of this building material in Isaan Thailand. Some brands might cost less, some brands might cost more. Delivery is included at some builders merchants stores in Thailand and most all chain stores including Global House, Thai Watsadu, Do Home, Home Hub, Home mart will have a fair set fee for delivery charges of bulk building products including hebel type aac wall blocks.
  3. Both water based paint and oil base paint have the 4 base letters in Thailand. Each of the major brands of paint sold in Thailand will have different series of paints. Different COLORS of paint determine which base to have mixed. TOA, Jotun, Nippon, Dulux all have at least three series of oil base paint for metal. They offer at least seven series for water base paint in each brand. The brochures will show the properties of each series and the warranty. If there is not at least 10 years listed for the warranty on the bucket of water based acrylic paint in Thailand you might use caution. I've seen firsthand how warranty coverage can be handled in Thailand for house paint. The prep work is so crucial as pointed out by Cherryble. Using quality paint brushes and quality paint rollers or a Graco airless paint sprayer has resulted in better paint work in my observation.
  4. I've paid by the square meter to some teams. Other teams quote on the tiling job. Currently I am paying a married couple to tile a challenging remodel of a bathroom by the day. Today they did work until 6:20pm. They use the Weber Tile spacers I bought in Buriram. I provided a new tile cutter. They were keen to use the tile adhesive I bought. I know people who pay as little as 80 baht per square meter for installation of floor tile. I gladly pay more, and it has served me well.
  5. Where to get furniture made?

    That price was 12 years ago. Custom furniture making might cost a tad more 12 years later.
  6. Cool block

    It depends on the brand and size. Best you go in person and price locally. Shipping blocks is a cost to consider. Any dealer can order any size, but they most often get a full truckload from the plant. You might check out the web sites for Q Con, Diamond Block, Thai Con, SuperBlock, to understand the sizes and how many are shipped on a pallet of each size. Mortar, render, special saw, are worth getting prices in person locally. I paid more money in 2007 to Buriram Home Mart than autoclaved blocks cost in 2018. One of the very few building materials I see that has gone down in cost. Lintels for above doors and windows are easy for any builders merchants to order.
  7. Cost of School fees per month for local thai children

    The Op should consider going in person to the school(s) in question. In the three private schools I enrolled my daughter they have written price sheets. Mandatory insurance, uniforms, school trips, all sorts of options and at least five or six mandatory fees. It is fairly clear. Food is one of the fees. No mystery if you go in person. They will have someone who speaks English they will pull down to the office to explain to the foreigner. Air conditioned classroom costs more than a fan classroom. Real fees written down on a price sheet in Buriram province.
  8. Where to get furniture made?

    Where are you located? In Buriram there are several expat carpenters and at least two furniture makers I have met and seen their finished products. If in Buriram I would certainly met in person with Mr. Ron at ICE furniture in downtown Buriram, not far from the Toyota Sure dealership. Ron is who I pay to repair free standing furniture I foolishly bought elsewhere in 2008.
  9. Solar powered motion detect light

    The 10 watt solar panel in the outdoor ip65 LED floodlight set is very compact compared to most solar panels I see installed in Buriram. The 15 watt LED fixture in the photo is bright daylight for security lighting in my wife's Buriram village farm property.
  10. Road tax and insurance

    You can buy the mandatory vehicle insurance at testing locations as suggested by cooked, from a store front insurance broker, or from an "insurance desk" often found in or near Land Transportation offices. If you elect to buy better coverage, please consider buying both your optional policy and your mandatory policy with the same insurance company. In the event of an accident you would not want to have two different insurance companies with different agendas represent your single interest. One might want to cast blame on you and move forward, yet another insurance company might respect your rights to have a clean driving record and obtain a no claims discount next premium period.
  11. Solar powered motion detect light

    I bought five different models | brands of ip65 dusk to dawn LED floodlights powered by small solar panels and installed them myself in a Buriram village home. One brand and model worked every night for sixty days from dusk to dawn. Some brands must have had smaller batteries and did not last all night. I selected to buy seven more solar garden lights with warm light LED light fixtures and for two installations I bought an extra 5 meter cable to connect to the five meter cable that was included in the box. A good electrician is not always available in our small town in Buriram province. I was offered a real warranty and same day replacement if the light failed by a local Buriram builders merchants store. The price was less than I see similar models on Lazada. I was told motion sensor lights are available, but my main concern was lights going on every evening and turning off automatically every morning. Since I have no PEA electric bill to pay for these outdoor lights, the motion sensor was not important to me.
  12. Grout Sealer

    Do not paint this Weber tile grout protector on your wall tile. It does not enhance the beauty of Kera or Cotto ceramic tile. Floor tile, if the tile was perfectly clean PERHAPS. It is easy to use a slender artist style paint brush to paint the tile grout with this Weber product in Thailand.
  13. Grout Sealer

    When my family used the Weber Klin liquid Tile Grout coating to protect tile grout in a kitchen or bathroom they followed the directions. I read this Weber product description in English from a catalog I picked up in Buriram. Use a paint brush as per the instructions. I can not begin to tell you how many errors I have made by getting a bad translation of a home building product in Isaan. Catalogs in English are a worthwhile pursuit.
  14. Monday morning I noticed what appeared to be a Police officer writing a ticket behind a pulled over SUV on Highway 219 not far from Ban Dan. This is on the highway to the Buriram airport. It was not the usual scooter that the officer was parked next to. While I personally would not mind a bit more enforcement of traffic laws in Isaan, I wondered if any expat had a personal experience with being pulled over by a highway police officer who rides a larger motorcycle. Thank you.
  15. Buriram Hotel

    Whatcharacters has hit the nail on the head in his post. "Seba" is a Dutch expat who started in a small rental space and several years ago moved to his current location. Tulip Boutique Hotel has one of the best restaurants in Buriram. Mel is on his 3rd location in Buriram and serves great food and mixes an honest drink at The Swan. Very easy to park at both The Swan Bar & Restaurant and The Tulip Boutique Hotel in Buriram.