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  1. I don’t understand your post. It sounds like you have misunderstood something I have said or more likely since its you...you are puting words in my mouth for one of your strawman arguments.
  2. I guess I will have to spell this one out for you as well but Republican voters believe in Due Process. We are a cerebral bunch rather than emotionally motivated like the Dems who turn into lynch mobs and hang everyone before all the facts are even available. As for your comparisons to the 3rd Reicht... You either don’t know the first thing about history or you are in serious need of therapy to accuse your own fellow Americans of being Nazis. You Apparently think nothing of spouting your hot air with no consideration or respect for all the poor lost sould who died under Hitler. You stand yourself up not on a soapbox but on their very bones. What ever happened to you?
  3. The Southern States? Are you familiar with Bobby Jindahl?
  4. Thank you for making itclear straight away that you lack any underdtanding at all how junior politicians pay their dues of loyalty to gain party support when their own time comes. You saved me alot of time giving you the benefit of the doubt.
  5. These clowns rally cry for the past 6 years has been to end Obamacare with a stake thru the heart. they win the WH and Congress and their constituents discover that not one of them actually developed a plan. The bunch of them were no different than your average TVF liberal...just cry cry cry. But what do the GOP manage to accomplish in their first attempt? Massive corporate tax breaks. They should not just be fired, they should be investigated for Corporate Lobby ties. They passed that tax bill using the very format the Dems pushed through the ACA. No partisan support and get it passed before the jnk even dried so their voting base had no time to comment. BTW, does anyone remember the exodus of the ACA architects once Obamacare was passed? They all went to work for private healthcare firms that directly benefited by its passage.
  6. You misunderstand what “approval” ratings mean. It simply means they have no use for the present GOP. It does not mean they have become liberal Dems nor that they now support liberal Dem policies nor that they will suddenly change ieologies and vote liberal Dem. Their dissapproval for Obies policies and particularly the Clinton clan are is far stronger than it is for the GOP. Its why Trump was popular in the first place. Repubs are not happy with the corrupt and worthless bunch of lawmakers we have today. They want leadership that represents them. You will notice this is in sharp contrast to the Dems who behave like little lapdogs and lick up whatever their party tells them to.
  7. It brings me great humor to see Trump owns the heads of liberals to the point of obsession but most GOP I know barely give him a second thought.
  8. Perhaps thats how a rabidly insane liberal interprets what I have said but its nothing at all to do with what I actually said. To those members outside the US, I would be glad to discuss this topic with you but the hyper-partisan Americans on this forum make it impossible to hold reasonable and unemotional discourse.
  9. Many people do not appear capable of understanding many Americans support the GOP and not Trump. Not directed at you Craig.
  10. Thats a good point about the $85,000 being peanuts. Any chance you know what they had originally asked for? And I can’t disagree with your last couple paragraphs describing California.
  11. Please tell me you are having some fun. Even if I could stop laughing I am not sure how I could respond in a manner that someone who authors that statement could understand. Come clean, is this whats called taking a piss? If so its great stuff.
  12. Well...I concede your point. LOS does have its share of unexplained "accidents". Hopefully these two know to stay away from balconies.