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  1. I dont!!! It beats me.
  2. Nobody cares because unpractical. This stupidity needs to stop. 24 h reporting
  3. No foreigner involved this time. That's all between Thais. Good to know!
  4. The case of the stolen body! This country always amazes me with this kind of news.
  5. it's their right to be against this policy. I don't agree with them but let them speak out their opinion. That's democracy! Freedom of expression.
  6. He knows more than he's actually saying. Police should interrogate him.
  7. Never go to Sin city if you wanna be happy. Pattaya is the worst place to live in Thailand. A real man never cries BTW........Stop crying!!!!
  8. there's nothing wrong to appeal if you think they have been unfair to you. In fact it's a good thing to do.
  9. or hiding in issan
  10. judges serve the interests of the army, everybody knows that.
  11. students are taught false history about Thailand for many years now and many historians know that and did nothing to reverse it.
  12. that's an example of a real man running for his life and leaving wifey got killed.
  13. in 2018, he will say 2019,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we know he never lied before . We all love you Pee Tu you are our savior !!!!