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  1. popular among the elites and coup makers yes, definitely . But the rural Thai is still behind her whether you like it or not.
  2. Yellow out Red in.
  3. he was really busy that night. 14 water meters!!!
  4. the winners dictate everything. Everyone knows that. Justice is served.
  5. what's wrong with all these Farang suicide things? I hardly stay 1 day without a news that 1 Farang has killed himself.
  6. they can't even respect our great and loved leader order.
  7. some people took power from legitimate elected leaders but they are still free......
  8. what kind of jobs Thai people do in Malaysia? Let me guess.....barber???
  9. Why do they need to send a directors and head officers to get back a fugitive . Or it's a good way to get for free holiday ????
  10. why the meeting is held in military barracks ? Not happy go to jail policy ?
  11. 6 years ago I was asked to show 20.000 baht in an non o visa at the sadao border. At that time they only asked it to certain nationals. Now it's everyone. Stop whining and get 20k. Remember Farang are WALKING ATMS in Thailand
  12. after reading this article. I believe it's an extra judicial killing. No more than that.
  13. Not only for Thais. Wrong title for this article me think
  14. the commander doesn't have a clue that saying to a reporter that we are targeting" black people" is racist . Most Thais don't know what racism means. This is one of examples showing how poor Thai educational system is.
  15. The commander is not well educated to know that saying we are targeting" black people" is racist. Most Thais don't know what racism means.