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  1. A Thai with balls.....Good to know that Thailand has some people like him
  2. How someone can be stupid enough to let the key in the ignition at night????
  3. Thais are good people . They don't commit crimes . Only foreigners commit crimes in Thailand.
  4. only white dudes are pedophiles in LOS . sorry thats a fact.
  5. most pedophiles living in Thailand are white westerners. If the RTP catches them all Thailand will be safer.
  6. Any proofs of what you just said ???
  7. Yingluck may get special UK treatment

    don't worry there will be no repercussion on UK citizens living in Thailand. Thailand needs their money...
  8. Yingluck may get special UK treatment

    it's so very simple. UK justice doesn't believe its Thai counterpart. Why Thai journalists can't say so????
  9. An activist was killed there not longtime ago.....
  10. An idiot remains an idiot????
  11. No Thais involved means no guns........
  12. The Thai woman didn't look very well on her backyard when she called her prostitute using the foulest Thai language.
  13. mainly Latin American countries produce cocaine. In USA also me think