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  1. No it's not. There is a Catholic church here, but the city is certainly not Catholic.
  2. I live in Chanthaburi, and I see Thais and Africans getting along very well. I have not personally seen any racist episodes, although I'm sure they do occur – as sadly they do everywhere. I think it's wrong to say that Immigration was specifically targeting blacks here, they were simply targeting perhaps the largest group of immigrants in this city at an easy to target location. I'm happy to hear that everybody appeared to have their paperwork in order, as it's always my impression that these gem traders are hard working businessmen with nothing to hide. I have had a few of them as neighbors and friends over the years, and they have always been very nice to both me and my Thai friends/family.
  3. Thanks a lot for that information! I will consider my options and make a decision tomorrow. I could still pay the guy who was supposed to help me to do the paperwork and just get it done without leaving the country, but I'm a little reluctant to pay him the THB 45,000 he is asking to renew my work permit and visa, after he dropped the ball in the first place (and yes, it's ultimately my own responsibility but still).
  4. I'm in Chanthaburi. I think the closest crossing to Cambodia is the one at Phsar Prum (not 100% sure). Would that one be okay? I do have at least one blank page and some partial ones.
  5. I hear you. Thanks for your input!
  6. So Cambodia is seen as bad, but Malaysia less so or what? I have been in Malaysia before (with re-entry stamp for my Non-B) and had no trouble at all, but this is a different scenario I guess?
  7. That's a bit late now. I was planning to get a new passport from my embassy this week, but that plan has been spoiled due to this issue. Am I basically super screwed or what? I don't currently have the budget to visit my home country and wait for a new passport to be issued.
  8. I'm only on a single day overstay at the moment. The work visa I'm referring to I believe is called Non-B. It's tied to my work permit (real company with customers and all), which is why I refer to it as a work visa. I'm fully aware that I'm ultimately responsible for knowing the dates, but I still expect an agent hired to assist in this matter to be aware of the dates, but that's really besides the point here. I acknowledge that I need to take better care going forward, and I'm simply weighing my options at this point. One option is to return to Thailand with a tourist visa, which will buy me a bit of time to get things sorted without having to pay for overstay (and being here illegally). I am under the impression that entering via land only gives me a 15 day tourist visa. Am I incorrect about that? I'm much closer to the Cambodian border than Malaysia, so if I can get 30 days just by taking a trip to Cambodia, I would certainly prefer that option. Also, am I likely to run into issues when the blank page in my passport is not at the back of the passport but in the middle of it?
  9. I need to leave the country briefly, because I'm currently on overstay on my expired work visa and need more time to find a good solution going forward. I want to re-enter on a tourist visa and take a lot more charge of the process myself this time, so I can hopefully avoid these unprofessional clowns that inform you when it's too late. Is there any chance that I could be denied re-entry if I go to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend, considering that my passport is almost completely full (just one blank page in the middle), and I have been in Thailand for the past couple of years on a work visa.