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  1. Wot? Only 9 coppers in the pic? Were the rest in a back room checking the loot? However, no pointing fingers - that's an improvement!
  2. Whoopee! Lots more rubbish and garbage to make mountains of!
  3. That IS the problem - nobody is throwing money at it (Read as "investing in safety regulations and enforcement of the same")
  4. "TV news reported that the case was serious for having a detrimental effect on tourism especially as the Japanese were "quality tourists"." So it was not serious because it was an assault on a 75 year old female tourist? It was serious because of its "detrimental effect on tourism" So, if it wasn't in the press/media, it wouldn't have been serious, because nobody would have heard or read about it?
  5. And from me and one or two others no doubt! Enough's enough! And I defend my democratic right to say so!
  6. Is this the same man who said a few months ago "She's gone - forget about her"?
  7. "However, he said that many people would question how could they start saving because their income was not enough to meet their spending." Give that man a banana!
  8. "I've experienced periods myself when mine has felt a bit heavy". Maybe a more absorbent tampon might help?
  9. Actually, it's not like you to take things personally, but obviously in this case you have - it was not meant, and the "however, if you say so" comment indicates that you think otherwise. My opinion on this matter differs from yours, and as I said in an earlier post, we will have to agree to disagree, but I'm not going to call for a referendum on the matter!
  10. I was being a trifle facetious! And re referendums, I get your/somebody else's drift, but how do you decide when public opinion changes? By having a referendum?
  11. I didn't mean you specifically - maybe I should have said "one"!
  12. So when do you FINALLY accept the will of the people?
  13. Sorry - I was getting it mixed up with an election!