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  1. Erm - No thanks! It looks a bit like "turning the other cheek" to me - a quote from that other well known book of fairy stories!
  2. "What the British Embassy have done wrong is to state that having the required income in a Thai bank account will satisfy the Thai authorities. " That option has always been there - just not a very popular one!
  3. Probably for the same reason - "not verification experts" and therefore unable to verify the income requirement.
  4. Wrong! Australia has nothing like the UK system. In which case I stand corrected!
  5. "OAP is just a nice way of saying "Old persons dole" Garbage! "Dole" is unemployment benefit paid to those out of work either by choice or not, and is definitely not "welfare"! Old Age Pension is something that people pay for all their working lives via compulsory deductions from their wages/salary, and whether you qualify for a full pension depends on how many years you have put into the system, For example if you only pay in for say, 20 years, you will get significantly less than someone who has paid in for 40. "Australia has whole families on it, and the taxpayer foots the bill." I think you are confusing Old Age Pension with Social Security/Social Welfare, and the UK is in a similar position to Australia in that respect. There are many people (residents and immigrants) that abuse the system, but do NOT include people who have worked all their lives - sometimes struggling to get by in order to look after their families and give their children a decent education who have not been able to "save for themselves" as you condescendingly state in your comments. These people are like YOUR parents - the ones who put YOU through school, and possibly University, and if they could afford to do that AND save for themselves, so that they do not need their Old Age Pension, then lucky you and them, but do not for one minute think that it is a "handout" - it has been paid for in contributions over the years.
  6. Yes - you are quite right! "Labour work" could just about cover everything!
  7. I don't really think that it's bitterness or jealousy. I think that a lot of posters on here are "BSL's ("Bar Stool Lawyers" that like to let everybody know how much they know about the Rules and Regs in Thailand - as per one of the first comments that simply said "Work Permit?". It may sound crazy, but you need a work permit in Thailand even for voluntary work. And many jobs are prohibited for foreigners. I don't want to list them all here, but to a foreign eye, the list looks ridiculous - some examples (hopefully without appearing to be a BSL!) 33. Cigarette rolling by hand; 34. Tour guide or sightseeing tour operation; 35. Street vending; 36. Typesetting of Thai characters; 37. Silk reeling and twisting by hand; Can't see anything about car washes, but it is probably covered by:- 6. Shop/Outlet attendance; However, TIT (This Is Thailand) and these are the rules we have to play by!
  8. Despite him making a habit of his "not very nice behaviour", you still feel sorry for him! :- "The Cambodians couldn't handle all that "quality", so they had to arrest and deport him." you still feel sorry for him? Oh. I get it, he needs help!
  9. I may have mentioned this before, but the last 3 times I have been to a pharmacy (all different ones, by the way), the assistant has asked me if I want a plastic bag for my purchases. Up until a few months ago they automatically gave me a bag whether I asked for one or not - so the message is beginning to get through at some levels.
  10. "give away smoking" Interesting! Like a take away but different?
  11. Maybe she should have said "Would you mind repeating that for the camera?"
  12. He was also being a "pisshead" on a short vacation in Cambodia round about 14 August apparently!
  13. Well, apart from the Cockney/Southern accent being a bit of a giveaway:- British chav filmed telling Udon Thani bar owner to “<deleted> off”