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  1. "If negligence could be proven he could be in more serious trouble, said Pol Lt-Col Thongsuk Ratseewor." 2 months in jail?
  2. Which is "peanuts" compared to what the legal costs will be!
  3. Maj-Gen Surachate, who found no evidence of a rape having occurred on a recent trip to the island in Surat Thani province, reiterated that should the accusations prove to be false the Thai authorities would seek the prosecution of the teen. He again said that the administrators of the online group "CSI LA" and The Samui Times are to be prosecuted but that more time is needed to finalize matters. So, "the administrators of the online group "CSI LA" and The Samui Times are to be prosecuted" regardless of whether the claims are false or not?
  4. "Personally I would have................ etc etc" So you would have done a better job than all the experts put together for the task?
  5. But The Sun said he was a cave diver so he must be! But joking apart - does it really matter? I think we know where you're coming from by now!
  6. "No excuses" No license? Also if they are travelling from A to B how do they get the bike back to A?
  7. "Could" being the key word - in most (Western) countries these days it's just too dangerous to risk it.
  8. But not as popular to do now as it once was due to the inherent dangers these days. Also, I bet your "other transportation" to far destinations did not include taxis!
  9. It's not us (farangs) that he is concerned about - we are dumb anyway - it's the Thai people in general (no pun intended!) that he is "convincing"! And I agree with you about Trump, but I'm British, and ours is no better!
  10. Agreed - and if he hasn't he' ll be able to go and buy some!
  11. In that case accept my apologies - your English is that good I thought you were a native speaker - hence the comment about unnecessarily complicating your comments!
  12. And some have the ability to have a surtain (certain?) level of tolerance to comments that are made tongue in cheek about the unnecessary complication of the comment! Politness (Politeness?) or lack of it was not intended - "Phwoar!" is just another way of saying "Wow!"
  13. "I didnt say he is sick as I do not have the basis to to do so, but he might be" "We can assume it is a diagnosis (bipolar and/or MDD) that have been talking and if so it can in a way be excused " OK you didn't actually SAY he was sick, but you assumed the diagnosis - and I hope you don't include me in the "we can assume ...." statement. However, to be honest, this kind of rhetoric reminds me of those liberal do gooders who protect the criminal rather than the victim. For example, in the UK, if a drug addict breaks into someone's house, beats up the owner, and then takes off with the silverware, "it's not their fault, they need help", "and so in a way can be excused". And if the householder should manage to clobber them first - he gets prosecuted for assault! However, that is going a bit off topic, and to get back to your original point, if he is indeed "bi polar" or whatever you care to call it, he should "shut up" and not make statements to the Press or media, because it would appear that any such statements are not to be believed - because he is "bi polar" !