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  1. "Whatever the reason is you all hate Thailand, why the hell you stay there or even visit that country ?" Not at all, we don't "hate Thailand" or we wouldn't be here in the first place. And we are not " putting our shit on Thailand, so you can ignore the misery in our own home country" You are completely missing the reason why so many people are ridiculing the BIB statement. I understand from the way you write that English is not your first language, but let's put the scenario in different way:- If a Thai had been on holiday in Europe, and died suddenly because the temperature had suddenly escalated to an unprecedented, shall we say, 25c (which is almost a heatwave in Europe!) I am sure that the police would not be saying that the Thai died of heatstroke!!! THAT is the reason for most of the comments here! And from ONB News - NOT Thai visa:- "The local cops conjectured that Mr Larsen had died from the cold, reported ONB News" And translated from ONB News":- "ONBnews reporters reported that at Pang Pung Village, Tambon Tha Pla, Tha Pla District, Uttaradit Province. There are people found dead old men are foreigners sleep naked death puzzles. The stiffness is on the bed in the room." Make of that what you will, but don't blame ThaiVisa! And "Good job, one day you all win a Nobel price. (Prize?) Get a life !" - totally unnecessary comment, and not worthy of a reply!
  2. Umm - YES! Have you never heard the expression "dumb farang"?
  3. When is April Fools Day in the Thai calendar? Current temperature in Uttaradit, Thailand:- DAY 37°HIRealFeel® 44°Precipitation 21% Mostly sunny and hot Current temperature in Oslo, Norway:- DAY 1°HIRealFeel® 2°Precipitation 25% Partly sunny of Rain: 0 hrs NIGHT -6°LORealFeel® -6°Precipitation 20% Clear and cold
  4. Wouldn't want to buy a round in your pub then! Once you hit retirement age, the cost of insurance goes through the roof. I am a pensioner who has living here for a few years, and the last time I checked for health insurance cover, the annual premium was into the thousands of pounds! I presume the same weighting goes on to travel insurance.
  5. I wasn't going to comment any further on this thread but really:- "It could well be a Thai school." "Have you not read the thread. It's been shown to be fake news It's not in Thailand, it's in some province of Malaysia." It's make your mind up time, folks - GC has obviously done a U turn
  6. "Instead tourists have been toppling out of the recliners that don't seem to have been tested on sand." I would suggest that you read the posts properly before you make such condescending comments!
  7. I hope you get all the help and support you obviously need, but before the Mods do it:- and and
  8. Unbelievable comment - I can't give you the type of support you need.
  9. "overworked driving timebombs just ready to explodoze off at any minute." Very descriptive word - love it!
  10. He he! "Never let it rest - 'til the good is better, then, the better's best". Best of luck then, but I don't give much for your chances of a conversion!
  11. You might as well call it a day - you'll never get through to this one!'
  12. Couldn't agree more! - see my Post #64
  13. Just love the headline:- "Tough action against transport company following Ayutthaya deadly crash" "The company was also fined 50,000 baht – the maximum amount of fine " "Smoke on Thai beaches this high season and face jail or 100,000 baht fine" Once again the Thai justice system getting its monetary priorities right!
  14. I'm sure YOU can guess - you're the one making the inflammatory comments - again!