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  1. "I hate people who post if they don't read the whole thread" One of my pet hates too!
  2. "Yesterday the father of the bride Bunsuan Wareesri, 51, said it was none of his doing and he felt sorry for his daughter." And the source of the story, The Daily news quotes the bride as being 24 and the bridegroom as being 27.
  3. I think the father of the bride is 51 - not the bride!!!
  4. Sorry - I didn't see that! And I always fly Emirates when I can - I have no complaints at all about the airline or the staff, except once when a check in girl/b***h at Glasgow Airport made me go to the back of the queue like a naughty schoolboy because my check in baggage was slightly overweight and I had to transfer some to my carry on holdall. When I commented that Manchester Airport just added the two together "she said "Aye, well ye're nae in Manchester now, sonny, ye're in Glasgae!" Should've reported the cow! "Sonny" indeed - I was in my 60's at the time!
  5. I see your point, but how much would you pay to fly Emirates Business Class? Surely you should compare "like for like"?
  6. "the state of Britain"? Would you care to be more specific?
  7. Retire to the Philippines where your pension would not be frozen? (That makes me want to spit as well!)
  8. Personally, I can't stand all 3 of your examples, except the occasional footy match! "The British public are apathetic about politics"? Ahem the 2017 General Election figures:- "General election sees highest turnout in 25 years, as nearly 70% of Britons vote" We don't take to the streets to make our anger known, because we believe in law and order and democracy, and the way to change things if you are not happy is not by "taking to the streets" as you put it, but via the Ballot Box. However, the phrase "take our country back" does not make me laugh, as I believe Enoch Powell got it right many, many years ago, and successive Governments are seemingly more content in appearing to be "non - racist" and "not wanting to offend" certain sections of the community than actually addressing the problem head on and doing something about it! So I agree with your post in part, but not with your proposed solution, and I think that "Joe Bloggs" has shown through WW1 and WW2 that we are not putty in anybody's hands!
  9. To be honest, that is the problem! I have paid taxes to the British Government all my life, and in my opinion, the operating costs of the British Embassy should be paid for out of those taxes. I am now retired, and do my fair share of complaining about "frozen pensions" etc, but that is not the Embassy's fault - it is the fault of the British Government.
  10. To be honest, here is one! Never had a problem with the Embassy staff at all - my only complaint is the amount of money you have to pay them for a bit of paper!
  11. "However, he wasn't getting off that lightly - the cops confiscated all the money, the bank books and most of the ATM cards." Now there's a surprise! I wonder if he got a receipt?
  12. "my longtime agent" So what were you in your "previous" life?