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  1. The conflict of opinion? You're right - Bed time 4 me - Goodnight - have a nice evening!
  2. "You what?????? Now put yer teeth in and have another go mush!!!"
  3. I have a sense of humour but calling someone racist is hardly cutting edge humour! P.S. This is all getting too personal and way off topic so can we get back on track please?
  4. As long as your wife keeps you on the right track?
  5. Give him a break! I know it's an English speaking forum, but there are some posters on here whose native language is not English, and with a name like Henrik, I suspect he is from the other side of the Channel!
  6. How do you know it won't work? Have you tried it?
  7. So do you! You are supposed to start a sentence with a capital letter, and in the instance above - the letter 'A"!
  8. Yes, I said:- "It makes a difference to him obviously, but why? No idea! " Obviously you missed the and the intended sarcasm! Actually I think that fanjita is a bit overprotective of women, and thinks that ANY retaliation to ANY "inappropriate behaviour" is justified WHATEVER the circumstances!
  9. It makes a difference to him obviously, but why? No idea!
  10. "Learn to read the signs, sambum." Don't even think about telling me what to do fanjita! (I nearly said it right) I have been here long enough to "read the signs" for myself and I don't need an arrogant berk like you telling me what or what not to do. If you run into problems of your own making, then "som nam na" and it is indeed your own lookout. Actually, I find it very hard to believe that you would be in a the type of location to get into that position in the first place, but somebody, somewhere might take exception to your "holier than thou" attitude, so I suppose it is possible that you need your wife to look after you - grow a pair mate, and stop lecturing me on bar girls rights!
  11. First of all, my wife of 10 years would not be working there and I presume your "educated, modest and decent" wife wouldn't either, so neither of them are going to be in that position. so your question once again is irrelevant. However I have already said that even bar girls should not expect to be groped over zealously, but they are in that job by choice, and with it comes the chance that certain "customers" may get a bit out of line. What's wrong with saying "the next time you do that it will cost you 500 baht" (or something similar?) Neither you nor I know what happened to warrant a bar girl breaking a pool cue over a guy's head, so how can you say that she dealt with the situation "within reason"? And I would also suggest that if they "feel threatened" they are in the wrong job - they should be working in a factory, or 711, but of course that would involve longer hours, and a much poorer hourly rate!
  12. Yes - been together for 10 years but that's irrelevant. All I am saying is calm down - all this talk about "blood up the walls" with your blessing is a bit over the top for me. These women are not "educated modest and decent" paragons of virtue that your wife appears to be. They are "working girls" and as such, as I have said before, they should be capable of handling over zealous customers in a more appropriate way than breaking a pool cue over their heads! And I am not saying that any Tom. Dick or Abdul can grope them to their hearts content, but "feelings of vulnerability" will have gone out with the garbage with the first used condom wrapper!