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  1. I would think that some of your flippant comments were quite amusing if they had anything to do with the topic, but I feel that while you talk about the "popinjays" on ThaiVisa, and "Headman don't pay me to follow 'Rules of Order & Decorum'." this is your arrogant way of saying "I don't give a toss about netiquette, or being civil to people" in your posts? (Unless of course they agree with everything you say, and you might get a "like" or even a "Ha ha"). No need for an answer on that one - you've already made it obvious by your "humourous" comment above, which I suppose we are to take tongue in cheek, while accepting your accusations and insinuations without a murmur? Or should we reply in similar vein and get our posts removed or a suspension?
  2. Unfortunately, others get suspended or their posts deleted, so I guess your money is well spent!
  3. I wouldn't normally jump on this, as "splitting hairs" is more like a certain other poster's style, but from Time magazine July 17 2015:- "Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo, both 22-year-old ethnic Rakhine"
  4. Just 2 quick points for when you get back then:- 1. "you know who said I should talk to people in North Korea" I never denied that. 2. "I take enough crap from the tag team that I don't know I should be lectured on manners" Your replies are rude and arrogant.
  5. Yes, I believe that even threats were issued, but I was unsure as to which family or family member - I think it was Hannah's sister?
  6. Seems to be a "team" of only 3, (possibly 4, having been replenished by the return to the fold of an absentee member!) but to give them their due, quite effective in stirring things up on these pages, even if it is by dubious means!
  7. So now it's all "A hall"'s fault? You never cease to amaze me with your baiting comments! "You do realise all their appeals have been exhausted." "Otherwise there will be an appeal of that verdict" (From one of your earlier posts) Please explain yourself!
  8. I do know that while the TAT give us a rosy picture every month with their facts and figures about the numbers of visiting tourists (that amazingly NEVER go down!), the fact is that I have never seen the streets and bars so deserted, and every bar owner and restaurant owner that I know says the same thing. Of course it may be that all the tourists are travelling to the likes of Esan or the Northern provinces to discover the real Thailand!
  9. The word "if" in your first sentence says it all!
  10. Remember the big cheer when Prayut said that he had invited the UK cops to help in the investigation?(From memory, it was at some International convention in Europe) When he returned to Thailand, it was made quite clear that they were there only to observe, and were not allowed to take part in any way. Hence, IMHO they were only shown what the BIB wanted them to see, which you can bet "your bottom dollar" did not include any evidence that might exonerate the B2!
  11. To be fair, JL was actually referring to another post.
  12. And get the job on merit - they don't buy their way in!
  13. Yawn - still spouting the same old drivel! Thought you'd retired!