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  1. I was being flippant, but thanks for the info!
  2. Why just Phuket - why not everywhere? A friend of mine has had to go to Esan for approximately a month on family matter, and his 90 day report is due while he is away.He has been told that he has to do his 90 day reporting to the Immigration Office that issued his visa/retirement extension. As he lives in the South of Thailand this is very inconvenient to say the least!
  3. Love the use of the word "signature" to describe that point in the road where the rain has stopped/started! When I first came here I was amazed by it!
  4. Yes - as I said in Post #3 :- "It can be lashing down at one side of the island and dry as a bone at the other." And as The Lobster puts it "The people were rescued. Happy Days. Time to move on folks ..................."
  5. The water certainly seems a bit more turbulent in the video! Having said that, I was there a few weeks ago, when the waters were pretty calm, and a girl got into trouble because she slipped off one of the boulders into a deep pool, and banged her head at the same time. Those boulders can be treacherous if they or your feet/shoes/flipflops are wet!
  6. khunPher says:- "There was a heavy (stormy) rain in the morning." There was certainly heavy rain in the Lamai area the previous morning, and when you say "this waterfall" do you mean the Hin Lat waterfall, or was it another one?
  7. "The video looks like it could be Hin Lat waterfall" From the headline:- SAMUI: -- Rescue services managed to save a father and his two children who were trapped by floodwaters at the Hin Lat waterfall on Koh Samui yesterday.
  8. It can be lashing down at one side of the island and dry as a bone at the other. As you can see in the video, it isn't actually raining, but the answer your dilemma seems to be in the line that says "earlier heavy rain". The day before, the rain was absolutely torrential, and the man and his family could possibly have become stranded on a boulder because they got caught unawares by a "flash" flood.
  9. Was that to fight in the first or second Boer War?
  10. "Legally married at 18", and then you say "Cannot celebrate a marriage or baby birth until one is 20!" Sorry - I am confused - what do you mean?
  11. "It seems terrifically unlucky that all eleven CCTV cameras had been removed just at the time the dinner plate size object was removed by “persons unknown”." Wonderful choice of words!
  12. "He was taken to that spot yesterday afternoon to do some pointing." Love it!
  13. "The problem here is that the police only knew of the crime because it was posted online, so the police are not at fault here." So are you saying that the police are in a Catch 22 situation? As a previous poster said, informing the police would probably have cause a shrug of the shoulders and nothing more. After all, the girl was drunk wasn't she, so it was her own fault, wasn't it? Was she wearing a bikini perhaps?
  14. Any less guilty of WHAT? Letting lots of people know what kind of low lifes there are in Pattaya? :- "He said he was shocked to find out that he had been videoed and apologized to society for damaging the image of Pattaya. He said that he was very drunk." What about apologising to the girl? And once again the ages old excuse:- "He said that he was very drunk." Oh, that's all right, then - he obviously doesn't need punishment, he needs help - I'm sure that a few fathers or husbands would like to give him all the help he needs!