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  1. Am not sure which one is similar to Copenhagen. Yes 1 roll is 10 cans, plus a free random can. And every sixth roll is 50% off.
  2. I successfully collected my snus from the post office, I only paid some storage fee. They didn't check or ask what it is. I asked them why this time I had to collect by myself, the answer was : random check.
  3. Low Water Pressure

    After I got the pump properly wired outside my evening problem gone away. Before I used just an extension from the house. Now its plugged in all the time (in a rainproof box) its got an on/off switch and works when it needs to work automatically.
  4. I have a feeling that I will have the same situation like you did. I used many times the Swedish buysnus.com but this time I got a notification that I have to collect it by myself from Laksi post office. I ordered 16 cans with special offer, broken down in 3 250 g envelopes. I will call them on Monday. Let's see.
  5. Low Water Pressure

    It is not possible that its going in circles. As I said before I have a valve after the pump outlet. If I close that valve in the daytime the pump stops, during evening the pump keeps running. However, I observed in the last few days I have a slightly voltage drops in the evenings. Same time when the pump keeps running. During day house has 220 V, in the evening it drops to 210V. Could be this messing with the pump?
  6. Low Water Pressure

    I still don't get it. My water tank full. I have a valve after the pump close by. If I turn off that valve during day the pump stops. In the evening if I turn off the valve the pump doesnt stop. Anyway I unplug the pump most of the time, only time I use when we take shower upstairs.
  7. Low Water Pressure

    No, water tank is full. Anyway, I keep observing for a few days more.
  8. Low Water Pressure

    OK. Now about my pump.Mitsubishi EP155 constant pressure. In the morning works fine, however after 7 pm keeps running non-stop even if I turn off the outlet valve too. I already adjusted the pressure switch but I don't really want to touch it because the Phillips screw head so soft I might damage it. I also drained the pump but it was in the morning. Can be because of the main soi line water pressure increase in the evening? Or should I get a pressure gauge and check the house water pressure and keep adjusting the switch like Pib said earlier an other forum? But as I said that screw is soft. Thanks once again for your answers, first time I have water pump.
  9. Low Water Pressure

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking to apply solvent cement on the PVC side and Teflon the check valve thread. But your recommendation sounds better. And do I need to use Teflon tape with the non-hardening sealant?
  10. Low Water Pressure

    I changed the toilet hose, pump is OK now. I might redo the check valve later, anyway my meter doesn't move if all water outlet closed.
  11. Recommended tv

    My Panasonic working fine, however we just use for the free PSI satellite and sometimes I stick USB to watch movies. Power consumption is 54 watt.
  12. Low Water Pressure

    Yea. Actually I just found one; broken hose that feed our toilet. I will change it tomorrow.
  13. Low Water Pressure

    I installed the system as per this new diagram. However I have a leak around the check valve. Tiny droplets developing slowly from the threads ( I did use Teflon tape). Also my constant pump keep turning on every minute for a few seconds. Should I redo the check valve?
  14. Low Water Pressure

    I will do something like this diagram. The reason is I cant excess the first line after the meter. I have water all the time downstairs, only problem is with upstairs water pressure. Would it work?
  15. Low Water Pressure

    Thanks for the infos. And the pump can stay outside? I mean its waterproof? Can you recommend me a model? I am thinking to buy mitsubishi 100 W. And a 1000 liter stainless steel tank. (4 people in the house, and daily laundry).