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  1. aoneseller

    Kitchen splashback

    I think I will go for the double side tape. There is not much cooking so aluminium wouldn't be needed.
  2. aoneseller

    Kitchen splashback

    I will check. Thanks again.
  3. aoneseller

    Kitchen splashback

    I have a small kitchen and I would like to protect the wall between the sink and upper cabinet. I don't want to tile the area so I bought some feature board to use as a splashback and I don't want to drill it to the wall. Any idea how to stick to the wall or what kind of glue to use? Thanks.
  4. aoneseller

    Low Water Pressure

    Duly noted. Anyway, pump ok now, but in the future if fail happens I will use gauge. I don't have water pressure gauge, but I do have tire gauge. Is it possible to hook up the tire gauge on a faucet?
  5. aoneseller

    Low Water Pressure

    I was talking about leaving the vent hole open in the water tank. Please ignore this. The same problem came back ( pump won't shut off in the evening). Then I adjusted the pressure switch, both screws ( range and shut off screw) and now the pump is OK. However the range screw on the pressure switch kind of soft metal, I am afraid if I have to adjust in the future it will be completly disformed...