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  1. This incident and article are quite revealing ... I have lived in Thailand for 16 years, 13 of which in Jomtien, and here's what I have observed : 1/ Countless times I saw white guys telling Thais off in a very rude manner, and displaying what can only be called a 'post-colonial' attitude, especially when the white tourist or expat decides that he/she is being 'pestered'. Problem is, the 'pestering rules' are very different here, and to realize that we only need to note how Thais react to pestering : they put up with it with a smile - or not - but they do not tell the person off. We might find that strange but it's a typical example of behavioural difference due to a different cultural background. Do many white people look down on Thais ? Yes, unfortunately, many do. We can deny the fact but the fact is stubborn, and Thai Visa is jam-packed with comments that use individual incidents to rant viciously against all Thais, in the stupidest fashion. 2/ Are all Thais innocent victims of the Big Bad White Tourist ? Of course not. There are violent people in this country, there are thugs, there are arrogant a-holes, just like in any country, and to make matters worse there is a great deal of anger that festers within Thai society, made much worse in the past 10 years by the political situation. Turning this kind of anger against foreigners is, unfortunately, a typically human reaction and Western countries are themselves confronted with an orgy of xenophobia, so who are we to tell the locals that it's not the right thing to do ? 3/ There is a growing paranoia among Thais, and their 'traditional' way to react ie passive aggressiveness is quickly turning into active aggressiveness. Absurd stereotyping is blooming, and walking around with a white face around here is a very different experience from what it used to be, until a few years ago, when things started to change rapidly. One fact I notice again and again : until recently, if you smiled at a Thai person, anywhere and any time, that person would immediately reply with a smile too. Now, I cannot count the instances when I smile and get nothing in return. Sometimes it's even worse than that : I see eyes filled with belligerent spite. It's sad and makes me want to leave ...
  2. Time for you to support your claim by posting a selfie, robblok ... with or without the orange robes, no worries.
  3. Do we need to ? Call me names if you want, but I'm pretty sure he's right, because that's just like her, isn't it ? I hate Trump with everything in me, but I wouldn't have voted for that woman if I was American, because she's living proof that the Republican/Democrat so called 'alternative' is a deplorable hoax. Obama had good intentions and was a man with a conscience, I have no doubt about it, but he could not make a single one of his dreams come true, because that's how things work in the United States : there's realpolitik, led by the big corporations and the finance guys, and then there's that Broadway-style cover-up show going on in Washington, financed and written by the real power-guys, where a bunch of actors try to make people believe they are for real. The Truman Show is what comes to my mind when I see this. When Al Gore wrote 'The Assault on Reason' in 2007 after his presidential defeat, he wrote a honorable book because the guy, for all his flaws, is a honorable man. Hillary is not. Honorable, I mean
  4. Oh, they're dragging their feet all right, but dragging them allegedly so everything's fine and dandy. If that word were to be suddenly and brutally removed from common language, the media and justice systems around the world would experience a massive shock, like bees whose hive got burnt while they were out harvesting pollen
  5. Another delusional sycophant slapping himself on the back. And he gets paid to do it too ... my, what a strange and depressing world this is, sometimes.
  6. I would hate to spoil your Thai-bashing pleasure, but you do realize, don't you, that : 1/ Red Bull is #1 in the world, which means that the impact of a boycott in Thailand would not inflict severe losses to the company, 2/ A large majority of Thai people are just as enraged as you are with this situation and a number of Thai media have launched boycott campaigns already, even though the legal context here makes this kind of action difficult. Individually, however, people do react. Among my Thai friends here, there are a few who say mai pen rai but most of them have already, quietly, started buying another brand. So no, they are not all passive, thick in the head and indifferent, no matter how much you'd like to generalize. 3/ Boycott does work when it's massive, and it seldom is because the egocentric impulse is what drives the world. That impulse is not Thai, it's universal, and it's reaching peaks never attained before, due to many factors which originated mostly in the West. Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are quickly turning us into egomaniacs. Regrettably, our ability to empathize with victims (necessary when lauching a boycott campaign) is getting thinner and thinner.
  7. I wonder what the statute of limitations is on this offence ...
  8. What's with the journalists' obsession with play on words ? When they're funny and spot on, great, but most of the time they're weak and far-fetched. This one is beyond lame, and the guy who wrote the 'article' even feels the need to explain it in his last sentence. Pathetic.
  9. Oh ... so they're not just moving him to an inactive Faculty of Medicine ? All jokes aside, good on you Mahidol Uni ! When a person is strongly suspected of wrongdoing, suspending them until the ethical investigation is concluded should be the rule, also (nay, especially) when police officers and/or army big shots are involved. I know ... one can always dream ...
  10. Sadly, the 'after' rendition is in the same spirit as the newly 'renovated' part of Dongtan Beach, ie NO SPIRIT at all. It is cold, ugly, and soulless. An Orwellian world of depressing concrete fit only for hubots (this is a reference to a Swedish series called Real Humans, which features robots that look exactlly like humans, brrrrrr). It gives me the creeps. What on earth is the matter with the Pattaya authorities these days ? Have they lost their senses ? And it's not like they never had any, because there were other projects, in the past, which were okay : what was done on Pratumnak hill several years ago wasn't half bad, and the first remodelling of Dongtan Beach was rather nice too. Of course, in both cases, there never was the least bit of maintenance after completion, so that both places quickly started to disintegrate, due to the extraordinary propensity of Thais to savagely deface public property in record time (a subconscious statement against all the corruption involved, I guess). What these punks don't destroy is quickly ruined by monsoon rains ... the actual construction being done at minimal cost, so that a long string of middlemen can line their pockets. Which, of course, is the first and foremost purpose of all these projects, anyway.
  11. Ah. Human Rights. Good. Why don't they start with the two Burmese guys who are currently rotting in jail (and awaiting capital punishment, no less) as scapegoats, after a totally botched investigation and a grossly inequitable trial, due in no marginal part to the fact that a certain Prime Minister stated, before the investigation even started, that 'no Thai person could do such a thing', and thereafter wholeheartedly supported the police 'findings', all along, even though the media outcry was deafening. Oh, wait, I forgot, he hates the media unconditionally because they don't do and say what they're told to do and say, like good soldiers ... so whatever they claim, on whatever topic, can only be fake.
  12. I wonder why these bikers are most of the time : - Grossly overweight - red in the face - well over 50 years of age - with thinning, greasy, grey (and yellowish) hair bound at the back in a ponytail. Well ... as a friend of mine used to say : "if you observe nature, you will notice that under every ponytail, there is an a*shole".
  13. One thing those two guys have in common : an imperial urge to control the news and the media. The funny thing is that in Prayut's case it's more understandable (I didn't say forgivable), because he's an army guy, and if there's one thing army generals are not used to, it's having their decisions commented or even criticized on the news. Perish the thought ! Which is not to say that the media are mostly good people, because by God, they're not. As a matter of fact, except for a few rare individuals, journalists are more like an irresponsible pack of money and fame-hungry rascals who are more concerned with getting a scoop than with doing a thorough and honest investigation. Their power, which is now immense and is often rightly called the fourth power, is something they cherish and protect the way a dog protects its food. Their favourite argument is always the Freedom of the Press, and there's nothing wrong with that of course, except when said freedom is used to spread half-truths, wild assumptions, opinion disguised as news, or unadulterated lies. Let us always keep in mind that this tremendous power of the media is not the result of any election, so that's one feature they share with the PM here, whether they like it or not. Abuse of power and manipulation are things they know very well and practise all too often.
  14. And you cannot re-educate/re-wire people who are ardent supporters of the death penalty, because, although arguments may reach their ears, they cannot be processed thereafter as that would take a functioning, rational brain.
  15. The rapists threatened to harm the girl's parents if she told. It's in the article. Tsk tsk, Chickenlegs .... Ole Bill was just looking for an appropriate angle to blame the victim, in pure, unadulterated TVF fashion ... and there, you just spoilt his day. Baaad, bad Chicken !