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  1. Apparently this man isn't aware of the fact that most 'bad diseases' - especially cancer - cannot be 'cured immediately'. His comparison is therefore accurate, albeit unwillingly.
  2. I totally agree. Yet, as you can see in the thread (the post right after yours for a start), a lot of people do not see the problem in reporting their fellow human beings for doing something 'wrong'. Europe as a whole is divided on that question, and the division is reflected here. It's interesting to note that the sanctimonious attitude is more common in the Northern part of the continent, probably due to the protestant background, which tends to produce more law abiding citizens. Their stance is "I'm not breaking the rules in any way so why should others feel free to do so?". It makes sense, there's no denying that, but when it leads to reporting other people to the authorities, knowing full well that it will cause them trouble, the attitude becomes contentious, and rather unpalatable. In Southern European countries, on the other hand, everyone is busy bending the law in one way or another, which tends to temper the urge to rat out on other people's wrongdoings. In Thailand (as in most of Asia) we see yet a different pattern. People from all layers of society bend the rules constantly, and the general atttitude seems to be 'if no one catches me doing it, then it's OK to do it'. The tendency to grass up, nevertheless, is also very common, and I see 2 possible causes for that interesting paradox : 1/ Most Asians are fascinated by gambling, and breaking the rules is part of that game. Ratting on others also becomes part of the game. 2/ The very heavy Confucian influence on all South Asian cultures and the way it shapes Asian minds into a rather subservient behaviour towards any form of authority.
  3. Yep, I can think of two Burmese guys who 'received justice' they never asked for, and are still on death row in their capacity as scapegoats. That Burmese nationals still come to Thailand for work only proves that : 1/ They badly need the money, and 2/ Humans always assume that 'it only happens to others, not me'.
  4. Foreigner bashing ... the number one sport in the world nowadays ... In Thailand xenophobia is nothing new, it's just more blatant, and the famous smile that used to cover it up (which Thais themselves ironically call Yim Siam, the Thai smile) is quickly becoming history. By the way, let's not forget that the guy who started the official foreigner bashing stance was ... Thaksin : calling his first party Thai Rak Thai (Thais love Thais) was pretty explicit, I would say, and very much in tune with modern 'communication' (read propaganda) techniques - you say something that looks positive, for the gallery, while everyone understands that the underlying message, the real one, is negative. Xenophobia ... here's one thing that Thaksin&Co and the present government have in common. Who knows, they could even use it as a base for national reconciliation ! Which is roughly what the extreme right parties are trying to do in the West : unite people against.
  5. 45min wait at immigration is back

    Agreed. I do fear, though, what it will be like during the peak of the coming high season ... I've been through immigration at Suwarnabhumi a few times in the past 4/5 months and it took anything from 15 minutes to 1h30'. Each time it was obvious that the bulk of the crowd is from mainland China, so I think it's time to rename this airport Chinabhumi. In terms of strict figures it certainly supports the claims of TAT (numbers of tourists going up up up). As for the true impact of this new model on Thai income (short, middle and long term), that I bet is a very different story.
  6. Trump tells Thailand to buy more from US

    And here I was, thinking the ultra liberal/republican mantra was all about FREE trade ... I guess it means that other countries are free to buy American products, or else. At least with Trump the 'American dream' shows its true colors. When the other guys are at the helm, the US economic policy is basically the same but it comes all festooned with all kinds of humanitarian and democratic sermons.
  7. The rise of extremist hate is not only among Muslims. Your one-sided, bigoted, prejudiced and blind comment bears witness to that, as do most of the comments on this thread, who are only too happy to jump once more on the 'Let's Hate All Muslims Collectively and Blame Them For All Our Problems' wagon. When you start generalizing in such a manner and start considering different cultures as 'the ennemy', you give up your ability to think as a rational and mature human being. You become a mere puppet, caught up in a general phenomenon. The rise of Islamic extremism (which is very real, there's no denying that) and the parallel rise of anti-islamic hysteria are signs that we are in a pre-war social context, where reason is set aside and preconceived ideas become the norm. Wars happen when people become collectively bipolar.
  8. When the hell was that ???
  9. A lot of the comments are quite funny and accurate in their stinging irony. Personnally, though, I have a hard time laughing when I read this article, because fundamentally this man is clamouring, at the highest level of state, a brand of pure, unadulterated hatred and contempt for foreigners. He's aping what the worst demagogues around the planet are constantly doing : pinning all of their country's problems on other people's backs, throwing oil into the xenophobic fire and thereby driving this poor, aching world deeper into insanity. It's not that there are no bad guys, foreign or local, in Pattaya. There is a mafia problem in this city and we (both Thais and foreign expats) all know it. But the angle he chooses makes one thing very clear : the authorities are not interested in solving that problem, all they want is to blame it on someone else. How tragically immature, self-serving ... and downright depressing. The highest irony in all this : by going on and on with this anti-foreigner stance, the present governement will succeed in gradually chasing the normal, law abiding and good people who elected to live here, while the mafias, who don't give a damn and are used to going around the law, will not only stay on but likely prosper even more.
  10. Purrr leeeeease .... 'return' to democracy ? Thailand never was a functioning democracy ! Elections are not what define democracy, anyway, and yes, they are indispensable in such a system but it's just a technical point, and if the other conditions for democracy are not met, elections become a mere farce. Worse, they actually serve to blanket what really goes on, lending a veneer of legitimacy over every possible kind of abuse. What defines democracy is first and foremost the separation of powers (legislative, executive, judicial) as theorized by philosophers of the 18th century, especially Montesquieu, whom Thaksin ironically quoted recently. He (Thaksin) of all people knows full well that the separation of powers never worked in Thailand, which makes his particular form of cynicism quite revolting. Not just a Thai problem, either, as it should be noted that in Western countries which proudly call themselves democracies, the democratic principles are actually becoming less and less real, like labels on an empty bottle, as the system is more and more efficiently hijacked by big and powerful corporations - and behind them, individuals. These cancerous monsters own the economic fabric and the mass-media, who in turn manipulate the public. Interestingly the public's only way to respond is by ceasing to vote, whereby 'ordinary' people show that their gullibility is not fathomless. The level of abstention is a clear indicator of how disfunctional our 'democracies' really are, and not surprisingly, that level is highest in the US, where the political game is rigged beyond recognition.
  11. OMG, the kid-POTUS is not happy .... that's devastating ... he might even break a toy or two in the process ... Let's just hope he doesn't pick the one with the red switch on top ... But hey, cheer up, Donald ! you will soon meet with the Thai PM, who is a expert on happiness issues and will help you fix your problem in no time at all.
  12. Bicycle lanes in Bangkok ??? Sounds like suggesting a vegetarian menu in the tiger's den.
  13. or else ... they will have to be told again (and again) subsequently
  14. Russian cannibal couple sold human meat pies

    'religionists' ... now there's an interesting word ...