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  1. Earl Rodney, thank you. I'm glad someone says that, because I never cease to be amazed at how the West somehow feels entitled to patronize the rest of the world, especially its former colonies, which it raped and pillaged for centuries with the active support of Western religious authorities. Colonization was brutal, immoral, and based on greed, nothing else. It never factored in the slightest concern about human rights (and still doesn't, now that colonization has morphed from political to economical). The process ended up : 1/ creating the massive wealth on which the West now comfortably sits, pretending not to know where it comes from and how it was made, 2/ destroying - blatantly or subtly - most non-Western cultures, 3/ causing a social, economical and political imbalance on the planet which will eventually spell the doom and death of humanity. Much as I admire Voltaire's intelligence, I will never forgive him for having made most of his fortune on the infamous 'triangular trade'. A fact that not many people seem to know, and a mind-boggling paradox which highlights the problem. Did the West (apart from a few powerless individuals) ever truly care about human rights, other than on paper ? Do Western powers (both political and economical) respect human rights nowadays ? If the answer is no, or even 'no, not really' to both these questions, then whence on earth does it get the right to give any form of moral advice to other countries ?
  2. Hum ... who could you possibly be thinking of ... Does his name start with Thak and (so aptly) ends with sin ?
  3. Whereas, those who have been stealing on a grand scale over centuries are called the aristocracy. ... and love to call themselves the 'elite'... such supreme irony, since the word comes from the French élite, which derives from the latin eligere, which means... to elect.... and elected is exactly what they're NOT.
  4. Depends on the crime - some travel by private plane 555! Indeed. I've always believed that a rich person is someone who was either lucky, or born in the right place, or very clever, or very hard-working, or a bit of all this put together, whereas a VERY rich person is a thief who hasn't been caught.
  5. No. He just borrowed them. Now that is a very witty remark ! and I'm talking about Infinity's post, not the one he replied to, if anyone wonders.
  6. a long long holiday - hopefully. Artisi, you're hijacking a thread again - as you so often do. And what's that brownish speckle I see on the end of your nose ? Need a Kleenex to remove it ?
  7. ... and then move on to become the next POTUS ?
  8. Well... knowing what the context is like in Russia towards gays, this guy sure has a pair !!
  9. Or the Dollar, or the Euro, or the Yen, or the Yuan etc... The love for money is indeed destroying this country fast, but let's not forget they're not alone in the club... And the current efforts of the West with regard to environment awareness are paltry when compared with the damage done. Where Koh Larn is concerned I was there very recently during the long Makha Bucha week-end and to say it was overcrowded would be an understatement. The crowds there consist mainly of : 1/ (Mainland) Chinese tourists who come by the bus load and stay mainly on Tawaeng Beach, once the most gorgeous on the island and now an appalling tourist factory. 2/ Small (5 to 12) groups of middle-class students, mostly from Bangkok, who share rooms in the cheaper hotels, and spend 1 or 2 nights drinking and screaming Thai songs at the top of their voices. You don't want to be in the room next door. These young people rent motorbikes (300 baht for 24 hours) and roam around at full speed on the island's roads. These are mostly paved, and in the many places where the paving is loose (cheap work due to too much skimming), driving fast can be deadly. 3/ Russian tourists (couples or small groups) who go mainly to Had Nual (known as Monkey Beach), Had Samae and Had Thian, in that order. They used to be quite obnoxious and loud but it must be acknowledged that they have significantly improved recently, so perhaps that means there is still hope with regard to the Chinese tourists in the years to come ? One more sad observation : the locals on Koh Larn, who've always had a bit of an insular attitude but were on the whole rather welcoming, have now become downright hostile. Most of the staff in hotels, restaurant and beach activities are not Thai. They can be friendly, but it's not a given, as they also tend to mimick the 'local attitude'.
  10. Yann55

    Prayuth Heads To UK, France To Talk Trade

    Quote : "I’m not going for my own good. I’m going for the country’s". Actually - and sadly - I believe that. The man has proved repeatedly that he feels nothing but contempt (which is often a form of envy) and loathing for Western culture and Westerners, whom he regularly blames for anything that goes wrong here. I remember, and that's just one small example, his comments after the Koh Tao murders, about Western women and their sexy bikinis. It was nothing short of appalling.
  11. I make you happy Yohann Michel Tounga Mbouka - a true french name.555 Happy now? Are you ?
  12. This is not a French name and not a French guy. I was reading this thread, thinking "wow, 22 posts already and no one yet has made any vicious hint about the guy's skin color, his name and/or his nationality"... I was beginning to wonder if TVF posters had suddenly become more civilized, educated and broad-minded. And then... your post, Borzandy (btw is that Russian, Hungarian, Turkish, or... ?), reminds me of Einstein's famous quote : "only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former".
  13. No they are not some yes, full of them no. total BS Poor people, yes. Critics of the government , no. So it's only half BS, stanley, not 'total' Much as I disapprove of a military junta seizing power with a coup and then running the country with - to say the least - questionable abilities in the realm of politics, economics, sociology, psychology etc, I am always astounded by the way most Westerners (especially those who know virtually nothing about Thailand) seem to view the situation here, and are so willing to compare it with, say, Chile under Pinochet. YES, it's a military rule, and NO, it has NOTHING in common with Pinochet, or Marcos, or Idi Amin, Mao, Stalin or Fidel Castro's regimes. Thai prisons are NOT full of political opponents, people are NOT kidnapped in the middle of the night and tortured for expressing dissent, Thai citizens are NOT afraid to say what they think to their family and friends because they know it takes a lot more to get arrested. This almost systematic distortion of reality, in most Western media and thus Western minds, says a lot not about Thailand, but about the manipulative power of the media and how easily we can be fooled into confusing opinion with fact. When reality is being so grossly, deliberately and repeatedly distorted, one must question who benefits the most from such manipulation.
  14. Yann55

    Police chiefs plan drug war in Pattaya

    Hahaha... Chivas, you seem to have been on this Forum for quite a while, so you should know better than using irony here... Your post immediately got 3 'confused' reactions and one angry 'reply' that lashes out at you about your alleged alcohol consumption, from someone who obviously doesn't even know the word irony, let alone the concept. I know it's mind boggling, since irony would appear to be a well shared feature in 'Western humour' (whatever that means), but on Thai Visa, for some odd reason, it seems to be on indefinite leave.