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  1. Just a poor-educated, possibly mental-ill person being rude. It doesn't prove anything about the "Thai culture".
  2. I am Brazilian. The jails here are hell on earth. We had a rebellion this year with 56 deaths. They decided to make something "symbolic", so they chopped of inmates' heads and splattered them over the floors. They also did something funny with the inmates limbs. I don't remember all the details but not nice at all.
  3. Who says Vietnam doesn't have thieves? The Vietname are just as prone, or more, than the Thai, to double price you, serve you stale food or take advantage of you in any way they can. In fact, I feel that they are not ashamed of that, due to their culture of "caring for family only", while in Thailand they might at least try to hide that. Their language sound like something that came from hell and their food is too bland. And seriously, Thais can be great. The more you avoid tourist areas, the better. The problem is getting away from those areas nowadays, as they are spread everywhere.
  4. A few years ago I saw a big fat Thai guy trying to choke a very small Thai girl. I had no idea of what was happening, or if they were a couple or if they knew each other. Anyway, I would feel like shit if I did nothing, so I intervened verbally. The guy started cursing me in Thai (I'm pretty sure he was cursing) and almost hit me. Anyway, he stopped choking her for the moment being. Then I got back to the hotel and called the police. I'm sure it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but how would I feel doing nothing?
  5. It is time to really affect Thai tourism. Let's share this and make things bad enough for them, until the authorities decide it's time to actually tackle the safety issues. Don't think this is impossible. Many safe countries were unsafe before, and improved over time.
  6. She looks good. Although I'm sure that all TV members have much better women to show off.
  7. Someone explain my luck

    Replying to OP: Love and happiness don't work like this. We westerns grew up believing that some people are worth more than others. Do you really believe that? Don't think too hard about how much you need a loved one. Just go about your life, be genuinely kind to people and soon you will find someone that will give you a lot of joy, being her Thai or not.
  8. Hero Thai fisherman rescues Norwegian couple from sinking mud

    I'm a westerner and I never tried to take advantage of a Thai. I am sure that many Thais have a good memory of me, my wife and my son. I've also met lots of of westerners volunteering in Thailand. You are painting a bad picture of westerners. We are not all the same.
  9. Regardless of his nationality it's a good thing that he raised awareness to this issue.