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  1. Then we would have one more sad headline to ruin our day. The person should definitely be locked up, but the cycle of violence, anger, etc, should stop. We are responsible to make this stop by not cultivating violence even further.
  2. Just a poor-educated, possibly mental-ill person being rude. It doesn't prove anything about the "Thai culture".
  3. I am Brazilian. The jails here are hell on earth. We had a rebellion this year with 56 deaths. They decided to make something "symbolic", so they chopped of inmates' heads and splattered them over the floors. They also did something funny with the inmates limbs. I don't remember all the details but not nice at all.
  4. Who says Vietnam doesn't have thieves? The Vietname are just as prone, or more, than the Thai, to double price you, serve you stale food or take advantage of you in any way they can. In fact, I feel that they are not ashamed of that, due to their culture of "caring for family only", while in Thailand they might at least try to hide that. Their language sound like something that came from hell and their food is too bland. And seriously, Thais can be great. The more you avoid tourist areas, the better. The problem is getting away from those areas nowadays, as they are spread everywhere.