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    New Site Feedback

    Clearly the second one with the bolder blacker font is more readable....
  2. musiclover

    New Site Feedback

    I can't read it now.......the font is not clear enough and the colour much too faded....please bring back the black!!!!
  3. musiclover

    What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

    Chateau Lafite 1929, all Barolet Burgundies, Latour 1945, Le Montrachet 59 and a few more like that,,,,,,never to be tasted again....from a bygone age!
  4. Surely he means 'look'..... child in Thai ....and apart from strange transliteration. ( leu...instead of ruu) it seems correct to me ...and actually quite funny in its complete disregard for the ugly side of the murder if this unfortunate girl
  5. In the specific case of a Thai spouse dying intestate, Thai law is quite clear as to the legal rights of the other spouse. It is written law and in English too and thus available to everyone
  6. To be clear on this, (unlike other posters, ) I have not offered any advice except to get a knowledgable lawyer to deal with it. I have simply made you aware of Thai probate law as it affects you in this situation Some of my previous comments were indeed acerbic and short and that was because I was baffled as to why some posters WERE offering advice...in complete ignorance of Thai law.. a most dangerous thing to do... The blind leading the blind! i am not sure that posting all this legal stuff on Facebook is a good idea as you haven't got a lawyer yet....
  7. Ok....1.You are married legally (not village stuff) . 2. Your wife died intestate.....no will . 3. You paid for the house which is in your wife's name,. And I assume and hope you have some evidence of this. I also assume (perhaps mistakenly) that your wife did not possess the funds to purchase the house herself.. So......you have the right to 50% of all assets plus a share of the other 50% to be divided equally between you and others lawful heirs (2?) This is Thai probate law and it is of no relevance if you are Thai or a foreigner as long as you are legal spouse. Thai law is clear on this matter and is even obtainable in English!!!! The family and others swarming around is normal I'm afraid but other than the rightful and legal heirs, they have no rights whatsoever.. I have personally been there and experienced all this.... Know your rights....get a lawyer to deal with the matter and make sure the lawyer KNOWS that you know your rights as legal spouse!!!
  8. Indeed.....This is a very serious subject and opinions on Thai law should not be given freely without proper and relevant knowledge.. This seems to happen so often on TV.....especially regarding Thai law about which a remarkable ignorance is usually displayed My point is ..if you don't know then simply shut up... No post at all is better than a wrong or misleading post!! 1000 posts mean nothing in this context
  9. It wasn't arrogance....I was weary of going over the same points over and over again as this very subject has been under discussion before! i found it amazing that posters such as you ..offer advice on matters on which you have no real knowledge!!! Why do you do this? it is clear you know nothing about Thai probate law but it is your presumption and arrogance to offer advice!! You should keep quiet on such matters ....and not show your ignorance Yes I was short in my response but only because I was appalled at so many posters, including you, offering BS advice on a subject of which they know nothing Perhaps in your position you should yourself get acquainted with the law.......and definitely NOT offer advice to others until you do My getting out more is utterly irrelevant......
  10. I have no Western thinking.I have lived and worked here more than 30 years. I have also been in exactly the same situation as the OP. Have you??? Has your Thai wife died with the house being in her sole name?? I think not..and hope not I speak from personal experience of Thai probate law..Do you??? The OP was legally married and has plenty of rights !!! Your personal situation with your wife is irrelevant? Thai law is solely relevant!! i have made no assumptions as you claim.....only from what the OP has stated Most of the comments re this thread are indeed rubbish in their inaccuracies regarding Thai law and the rights of a foreign husband I speak from actual experience of Thai probate law in exactly the same circumstances as the OP....no assumptions or Western thinking ..except by you and many others!
  11. Noooooooo.....the kids do NOT own the house if there is no will and he is legally married. He has full rights the house as spouse 50%PLUS a equal share with the 2 kids....i.e. 66%. The kids had NO rights apart from their legal share (entitlement)as above!!!
  12. All rubbish!!!!!! Pretty much 100% wrong information!!!!
  13. SIgh.....again total misinformation......all been covered in previous threads. Why post stuff when you clearly don't know what you are talking about??????
  14. Is there only one episode available??? It was released last year