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  1. musiclover

    Teatime tv

    Point taken but HDPrime also has catch-up..albeit only 1 day, but I think that 1day would cover most stuff and certainly all the sport
  2. musiclover

    Teatime tv

    No problem paying but 600baht a month is simply too much for the freeview channels available....HDPrime is cheaper and more channels 300/400 a month is OK but I think they've pitched it too high Dont forget Expattv......the same thing will happen to teatime!
  3. musiclover

    teatime tv (2)

    Update!!! Seems to be working now .....hope it stays that way!!
  4. musiclover

    teatime tv (2)

    Not working for me either.....lists but just spinning discs!! whats happening here?
  5. musiclover

    Teatimetv.to not working

    I can only get the programme guide (as before) but not the programme itself...just the spinning load up circle. It never connects This on ipad, phone and computer (Firefox) Any advice???
  6. musiclover

    13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    How can you disagree with this????? It's obvious that the better the meat, the better the dish....the sanitised version in UK Is an irrelevance!
  7. No!! It's you who are wrong...it was Arisman. You must be very forgetful!
  8. Plenty of us expected them to stay as long as this, and even longer, but were shouted down in 2014!