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  1. Oxo.... I am not sure of the point you are trying to make.. Are you saying to my statement regarding division of assets is incorrect ? Of course I have no trouble with the meaning of the word spouse Perhaps we are talking Cross purposes here .... I am simply take issue with you about the matter of the spouse receiving 50% as Sin Somros. Of course I am assuming there is proper marriage and no will, as you state.. Your last paragraph or two which states that you lose half the house (without any will) is simply incorrect !!!! You (assuming you are the foreign husband )will gain MORE than half the house... this is entirely dependent on how many relatives are entitled to make a claim on the estate . Are you disputing this fact ????
  2. You don't miss Palmers M? I certainly don't!!!
  3. Yes ,. I did realise that, but my comment was really a reaction to a point of Thai Probate law concerning property division in general after a spouse death....
  4. Again not quite true, although the point about being a husband is of course correct . However, if there is no will, then 50% of the estate will indeed go to the husband as Sin Somros. However, the other 50% will be divided amongst the relatives (as you state ) but the husband will also be included as a beneficiary !!!!! For example, if there are 2 beneficiaries on the wife's side then the 50% will be divided amongst 3 not 2,. So diving the husband in effect 66% of the total estate . Of course, if there are many more relatives on the wife's side who are entitled to a share of the estate then the husband share will be less than one third .. But it is important to note that the husband IS included in the remaining 50% share of it to be divided amongst the beneficiaries I can assure you that this is Thai law
  5. Not totally true....the husband has rights too
  6. Sophon Cable Fox News Program

    I have Sophon also in East Pattaya and Sky news has gone !!!! Eurosport instead How are you receiving it !
  7. Bangkaew Dog

    I would consider that my two dogs are true pets, in that they sleep in the house .....in fact they sleep in my bedroom and one actually sleeps on my bed with me ! They are house dogs and do not roam.. except in the garden and only go out under supervision . They bark when the gates open whether it's me or somebody else. and in that sense very good guard dogs When I am alone in the house at night I feel perfectly safe knowing that my two Bangkaew dogs will hear everything and will protect me if any dodgy stranger appears !!!
  8. Bangkaew Dog

    Except ...A Bangkeaw would protect the family to their death if they perceived any danger to their owners !!!!!
  9. Bangkaew Dog

    I also own 2 Bangkeaw dogs.....both male and they are wonderful dogs and so faithful.... One of them bit me on the thigh because I was arguing with my wife whom the dog loved more... he does not like loud voices and arguing and showed it by trying to stop the arguing with a nip ! It was not a very hard bite and it served its purpose by stopping the argument immediately ! He wanted to protect my wife !!! They are now both 12 years old and it is certainly showing ..... but as I write this they are both asleep at my feet when I'm watching television ... however, I do live in a one rai walled compound and they do not go outside except on a leash Although they are both brothers they have different personalities. One of them is very placid and loves every visitor ...and the other one is much more difficult and has to be carefully restrained anyway, I love them both and they all my constant companions here in Pattaya.
  10. I met the first 3 but no furthe contacts. However I met and talked with JP many times....and still remember the day when he told me he was starting a group..Led Zeppelin...never saw him again after that...lol. Played with Beck....and Ginger Baker, JP Jones and Bonham....Reg Dwight, Les Charles,Alvin Stardust (Peter SHELLEY singing) Bob Dylan ....stayed at my house 1 night with his new Gf ...and a few others These are all good memories but have bugger all to do with my life here...lol
  11. Met Paul McCartney in Ad Lib club in Leicester Sq, ...Jimmy Hendrix in Speakeasy and John Lennon in Scotch of st James. Um and J.Beck and J.Page....just musos...lol
  12. Buying a car on finance

    No work-permit no finance - it's that simple. NOT true! I had no work permit and am on retirement visa.....and got finance pretty easily though I put down 50% deposit....Since then Ive Toyota phoning me up to buy a new model ...cold calling me, so biz must be down ! Oh and no Guarantor or Thai spouse either !!!!!
  13. Buying a car on finance

    No work-permit no finance - it's that simple. NOT true! I had no work permit and am on retirement visa.....and got finance pretty easily though I put down 50% deposit.... Since then Ive Toyota phoning me up to buy a new model ...cold calling me, so biz must be down !
  14. I agree...not guilty! I think more than hunch though !
  15. I dont know bout you but I have never heard of him and I have been in Thailand for over 30 years Me either after 20+ years.....and I don't think we're alone..... I was worried there as I thought I must have been in a coma all this time and missed a musician that I should have known Im amazed !!!! All you guys who have supposedly lived here more than 20 years have not heard of him ???? You must have been living in a Faranfg cocoon.......he was well known in Thailand as a very talented musician who was deeply involved in Thai music and culture..