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  1. I met the first 3 but no furthe contacts. However I met and talked with JP many times....and still remember the day when he told me he was starting a group..Led Zeppelin...never saw him again after Played with Beck....and Ginger Baker, JP Jones and Bonham....Reg Dwight, Les Charles,Alvin Stardust (Peter SHELLEY singing) Bob Dylan ....stayed at my house 1 night with his new Gf ...and a few others These are all good memories but have bugger all to do with my life
  2. Met Paul McCartney in Ad Lib club in Leicester Sq, ...Jimmy Hendrix in Speakeasy and John Lennon in Scotch of st James. Um and J.Beck and J.Page....just
  3. No work-permit no finance - it's that simple. NOT true! I had no work permit and am on retirement visa.....and got finance pretty easily though I put down 50% deposit....Since then Ive Toyota phoning me up to buy a new model ...cold calling me, so biz must be down ! Oh and no Guarantor or Thai spouse either !!!!!
  4. No work-permit no finance - it's that simple. NOT true! I had no work permit and am on retirement visa.....and got finance pretty easily though I put down 50% deposit.... Since then Ive Toyota phoning me up to buy a new model ...cold calling me, so biz must be down !
  5. I agree...not guilty! I think more than hunch though !
  6. I dont know bout you but I have never heard of him and I have been in Thailand for over 30 years Me either after 20+ years.....and I don't think we're alone..... I was worried there as I thought I must have been in a coma all this time and missed a musician that I should have known Im amazed !!!! All you guys who have supposedly lived here more than 20 years have not heard of him ???? You must have been living in a Faranfg cocoon.......he was well known in Thailand as a very talented musician who was deeply involved in Thai music and culture..
  7. How do you know...........? Perhaps folks with your view thought the same about Elvis, Beatles, even Sinatra. The world remembers their stuff today.. Couple of weeks back I sang Elvis version of My Way, all the Thai folk knew the song and loved it... Assumptions on music OR the vocalist is in the hands of us humans, not just your view on stuff.. Hardly historical yet, anyone remember a popular singer from 1910 or a popular song for that matter. I loved the Beatles in my youth now listening to them is like reading an old newspaper, there is no substance in even the best pop song that could keep it alive more than 20 years. Lucky that yourre sooo wrong (for me.) as songs written over 20 years ago really do have a life! Ironically My grandad DID write number 1 hit in 1910 and I have the sheet music right here.....but of course it's impossible or remember as there are no recordings available .....
  8. You seem to know a lot about artists adding their name to songs not written by them.....not just for the songwriting and publishing royalties , but to give themselves more musical credibility ! You are absolutely correct .....and Prince was NOT one of those.....
  9. Not probably !!!!!!! Quite deliberately . I personally witnessed this in the Thai music industry where teams of writers would comb Western albums for melodies which they could "use" for the Thai market ! When I brought this to their attention they flew into a rage saying it was the Thai way ...another to interfere Sabai Sabai anyone ????? (Copy of Cilla Black hit ) But Led Zeppelin copy? I don't think so chord progression so old and well used previously
  10. That is total nonsense ! 6 basic chords will not enable you to play almost any Beatles songs, unless you don't include key changes etc..... Minor and major keys ? Major 7ths ?? Minor7ths?? Plenty of those in those songs... I agree with you however there is no valid claim ...unless it can be proven that Zepp actually heard this intro's a pretty hackneyed progression anyway and hardly original ..either of them
  11. From my past life, smoking a cigar at the end of a meal was acceptable, the ladies shuffled off somewhere while we smoked and had a little banter.... Hmmm......I hope you passed the Dow '55 or perhaps the '63 (better I think ..from memory of a past life) round the table the correct way
  12. You can't change back !! but I did change from the Premier plan to the 15 MB plan which is marginally cheaper anyway. And can assure you that it IS really better..much faster and fairly consistent for live streaming. This after 11 years of Premier. !!!!
  13. I've been on British TV for 3 programs that were repeated many times. Both daytime and for children. One was Playschool. I had a physically disabled daughter who went to a special school. One of the main presenters on the show used to visit the school regularly and tell stories to the younger classes. She took a shine to my daughter, who was very cheeky and photogenic. She spoke with the school principal, who, in turn contacted my wife and I. It turned out that the producers idea was to do a photo story and asked if we had any days out planned soon. As it was winter, we didn't, but we did attend our local swimming pool every week, so she decided to do that. They ended up making a film. This took around 8 hours, for just a 4 minute slot in the show. They filmed my family getting ready, me pretending to come home from work, then traveling to the pool, and swimming. They then filmed us going to the local fish and chip shop for supper.The other time was a schools program made for the BBC educational programs. Again, my daughter was involved. She was the first child from her school to do proper work experience. She did this at another local swimming pool and leasure centre. They filmed her getting ready to go, me making her breakfast, and then her going by taxi to her placement and doing her days work, which was very varied. Both of these were shown numerous times, but no one has yet asked me to audition for any big movie rolls yet. Ummm..well Ive had a Number 1 song, but that counts for nothing here in Thailand, except for royalties that is lol
  14. What about people who live outside the baht bus routes? No 20 baht fares here!!!! For you it's clear that Pattaya is only Jomtien to Pattaya and back lol !!! Why would one want to use a motorbike ??? Perhaps it's raining or you have heavy shopping ..and that's discounting the discomfort and danger ...... What about a longer distance ? On a motorbike taxi ?? You're joking You're living here 10 years and know only central Pattaya and Jomtien ??? That's your life ...not for everyone!
  15. Ok ..good for keeping it light !!!! But really you need to check this out, perhaps with a Thai lady (!) and you will find out for sure ..........